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Security Operations Underway In Bosaso And Garowe

28 September – Source: Hiiraan Online – 168 Words

Puntland security forces have launched security operations in Bosaso and Garowe. A big security operation is underway in the city of Bosaso, which has in the past few days witnessed several incidents of killings and armed clashes between various security forces. Besides several militant-related assassinations, an armed confrontation on Thursday in the town resulted in the death of three people, two civilians and a prisoner following clashes between disgruntled prison guards of the area’s main police station and Puntland security forces.

The security forces later managed to take over the facility from prison guards who were complaining of lack of pay. Commenting on the latest security incidents in the town, Bosaso security committee told the press that about 20 suspects linked to the latest killings in the town were arrested, and will soon be arraigned in court. In Garowe, security forces also began a crackdown on youthful gangs who are allegedly behind a spate of insecurity acts in the town. Security officials sent a stern warning to them.

Key Headlines

  • Security Operations Underway In Bosaso And Garowe (Hiiraan Online)
  • Minister Beyle “Somalia Owes 4.5 Billion US dollars” (
  • Somaliland Government To Build Hospital For The Armed Forces (Somaliland Standard)
  • Al-Shabaab Youths Get State Amnesty (The Star)
  • Calls For Greater Support To Somalia Voiced At UN General Assembly (The National)


Minister Beyle “Somalia Owes 4.5 Billion US dollars”

28 September – Source: – 243 Words

Somalia’s Finance Minister Abdirahman Duale Beyle has stated that Somalia still owes 4.5 billion dollars. Speaking to reporters on the progress on Somalia’s financial sector, Minister Beyle said, several governments claimed to be owed by Somalia and had provided undersigned documents from previous governments.

Minister Beyle added that other governments had failed to provide pieces of evidence to substantiate their claims, and as a result reduced the debt Somali owes from 5 to 4.5 billion US dollars. However, the minister stated that the Somali government had succeeded in meeting the prerequisite conditions for its debt relief before the due date set by international monetary agencies.

The Minister said that Somalia has met the terms set by the world’s first donors, the World Bank and the European Union, by paying $427 million to fulfil the requirements for debt relief program.  However, the World Bank announced yesterday that $80 million was donated to the Somali government, while the European Union reported contributing $116 million.

Beyle explained that the funds provided by the World Bank to Somalia are not loans as published by some media houses yesterday. “We are here to state that the money provided to Somalia has been donated to us, we cannot accept a loan,” said the Minister. The Minister further observed that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) monitoring Somalia’s debt had found out that the Ministry of Finance department is unable to provide the documents on the missing one billion US dollars.

Somaliland Government To Build Hospital For The Armed Forces

27 September – Source: Somaliland Standard – 94 Words

The Defense Ministry is in the process of setting up a military hospital for its armed forces. The institution will care for soldiers injured while carrying out their military duties. The ministry on Thursday laid the foundation stone for hospital in the capital city of Hargeisa.

The Chief of Somaliland’s Armed Forces and the Finance Minister were in attendance. The decision for the Ministry is geared towards providing vital healthcare for uniformed men and women. The Defense Minister explained the move was part of a larger plan to expand medical services in the country.


Al-Shabaab Youths Get State Amnesty

28 September – Source: The Star – 314 Words

The government has offered a three-month amnesty to youths in Northeastern County who have joined al Shabaab to surrender. Regional commissioner Mohamed Birik said yesterday those who desert the group will be pardoned. He toured the border towns of Holugho and Masalani in Ijara constituency where suspected militants killed two non-locals two weeks ago.

Birik was accompanied by top regional security officers and area MP Sophia Abdinoor. He said the government was aware of a few Kenyan youths working with al Shabaab. Garissa senator Yussuf Haji said one of the seven attackers was a resident believed to have been guiding the militants. “I want to assure those who will surrender within the three months period will be pardoned. This message should reach everybody. We will also ensure their safety,” Birik said.

The administrator directed chiefs and their assistants operating from urban centers to immediately go back to their duty stations, saying their absence was partly to blame for insecurity in parts of the region. “It has come to our attention as government that some chiefs are permanently out of their duty stations and have settled in urban areas while drawing a salary. We will not hesitate to terminate their employment,” Birik said.

He said police reservists have been placed under their command and there is no reason for the chiefs to operate from outside their duty stations. Birik noted that although the government has put measures to restore and sustain security in the region, the residents have even a bigger role to play.

Criminals live within communities and it is necessary that residents volunteer relevant information to security officers, he said.  Last week, leaders from Ijara presented a memo to Interior CS Fred Matiangi during a meeting at Harambee House, Nairobi.  The leaders identified community mistrust of the police as one of the major challenges to curbing insecurity in the area. They urged  closer collaboration.


““Somalia has a real chance for a better future – one that allows its people to flourish, provides no space for terrorist groups and contributes to regional stability,” said Britain’s Africa Minister, Harriett Baldwin.”

Calls For Greater Support To Somalia Voiced At UN General Assembly

28 September – Source: The National – 430 Words

There was support for a renewal of democratic reforms in Somalia and calls for extra funding for the African Union’s peacekeeping operation there at the UN General Assembly on Thursday. While Somalia has been restored to eligibility for funds from the World Bank for the first time in 30 years, it has seen a series of setbacks in recent months.

The country remains a patchwork of clan and regional rivalries, and a UN report last month warned that the overall security situation remained volatile and unpredictable. Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary General, joined representatives of the UK and Swedish governments to urge the Somalian government, represented by Foreign Minister Ahmed Isse Awad, to deepen reforms and pursue more co-operative policies with its neighbours.

The EU announced it would provide another €100 million (Dh427.5m) for stabilisation efforts including a new political reform programme. Meanwhile, the World Bank’s $80m (Dh293.8m) in grants will underpin bureaucratic reforms. A recurrent cost and reform financing project will account for $60m, while the rest will go towards a project to strengthen domestic revenue and public financial management.

Among the neighbouring countries also taking part at the UN was Ethiopia, which has tried to overcome tension with Somalia in recent months. Abiy Ahmed Ali, the prime minister of Ethiopia, made a first official visit to Mogadishu in June and Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, the Somali President, made his first trip to Eritrea. At a meeting in Moscow this week, Russia also announced its intention to return to the country and is looking at a strategic ports investment.

With a revival of Al Qaeda-linked Al Shabab in several areas of Somalia and reports of ISIS affiliates on the rise, western countries are keen to protect the UN Somalia peace keeping mission as the African Union moves to obtain a quarter of its peacekeeping funds from its members. “Somalia has a real chance for a better future – one that allows its people to flourish, provides no space for terrorist groups and contributes to regional stability,” said Britain’s Africa Minister, Harriett Baldwin. “Helping to build that future must be a truly international effort. Today I am calling on Somalia’s friends to contribute to ensure sustainable funding for Amisom.”

Mr. Awad said the federal government was also keen to take on more of the burden. “The support of the international community has been vital to Somalia thus far,” he said. “We look forward to continued engagement and support with our international partners as we advance our reform agenda and the transfer of responsibility for Somalia’s security to Somali forces.”


@RadioErgo: – Early marriage is one of the main factors leading to girls dropping out of school in Baidoa. – Abdalla Deerow School, which offers free education to girls, has seen 50 girls from one single class dropping out since 2016.

@mpfsomalia: The @WorldBank Country Partnership Framework (CPF) for #Somalia has been approved! It means: 1. First IDA financing for Govt in over 30 years 2. Somali authorities at the centre of public service delivery 3. Additional $80m for#governance & econ growth.

@Cantoobo: Mogadishu Municipality Fire and Rescue Service Team showcased the very best of their skills this morning at their training centre in Boondheere District. #Guuleeysta.

@HarunMaruf: “My name is Abubakar Ahmed Hussein, I’m a graduate, I studied IT and Computing. I’m a job seeker. Please hire me” – that is the iconic message on a roadside billboard in Mogadishu.  Over 70% of Somali population is under 35, unemployment among youth is almost 70% – Reports.

@AmbDoualeh: The High-Level Meeting on Somalia co-chaired by #Ethiopia, #Italy, #Somalia, and #UnitedKingdom is a crucial opportunity to take stock of progress on all fronts and examine ways of strengthening support to Somalia. #UNGA

@newwaysorg: More than 400 Pregnant and lactating women received Cereals ,Pulses and oil on 4th week of sept in Barawe and Marka districts . Thanks to @WFPSomalia @USAIDSomalia@Nutrition_Som @AmorAlmagro.

@AbdulBillowAli: Financially, things are looking promising for EU_in_Somalia⁩ announces its first ever budget support to#Somalia amounting to a total of €100 Million. On Wednesday, ⁦@WorldBank⁩ approved $80 mln in grants to #Mogadishu, a first in 30 yrs.

@taakulosom: 430 households lost their livestock and had no access to food due to drought, SHF allocated Integrated Response (Round 2) | to increase access to food through cash transfers in Cali Cawad and Jamecada Caynanshe IDPs settlements In Togdheer . Funded by the SHF @shf_somalia@DM_AID.

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Image of the dayPresident Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo and other high ranking officials at public ceremony on education held in Mogadishu, last night.

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