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Russia Pledges Support For Somalia’s Fight Against Terrorism

26 September – Source : Halbeeg News – 208 Words

The government of Russia has pledged support for the Somali government in its reinforced fight against terrorism in the Horn of African nation. Moscow has said it plans to help Somalia in her efforts against extremism and terrorism perpetuated by rebel groups including Al-Shabaab and ISIS. Moscow made the committment during a meeting with Somali Foreign Minister, Ahmed Awad Issa in New York on the sidelines of the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly.

During the meeting bwtween Awad Issa and his Russian counterpart Mr.Sergey Lavrov on Tuesday, the Russian official  expressed support for the anti-terrorism efforts of Somalia’s federal authorities and the African Union peacekeeping mission in Somalia. “At the meeting with Somalia’s Foreign Minister, Lavrov expressed support for the steps so far taken in the anti-terrorism war by the federal authorities & AfricanUnion Peace Mission in Somalia,” Russian UN Mission said in a statement.

The understanding between the two nations will also facilitate the historical relationship between Somalia and Russia by reiterating the mutual commitment to expand cooperation in the political, trade-and-economic and other areas. Lavrov reaffirmed Russia’s commitment to enhancing political, trade and economic cooperation, the Mission stated.

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RADIO: Galmudug State Announces Speaker’s Election Date

26 September 08:14:48 – Source : Radio Shabelle – 95 Words

The committee organizing the Galmudug state’s election of Assembly Speaker has identified October 3rd as the new election date. According to the head of the organizing committee, Sayid Hashi, aspirants for the seat are expected to submit their papers before the said date.
The poll was initially slated for 25th of this month but was delayed due to the ongoing efforts by the Senate to mediate between the Federal Government and regional states. The Galmudug state assembly recently voted out its Speaker, Ali Ga`al Assir. However, Assir has dismissed the move as an illegality.

Somalia And Somaliland Talks Must Be Restored

26 September – Source : – 251 Words

A former Foreign Affairs Minister, Ismail Hurre Buuba, who is also the chief of Waddani opposition party, has stressed the need for leaders of the Federal Government of Somalia and the northern breakaway Somaliland state to resume talks. He said: “The talks which have been postponed over the past years are a major barrier to the common understanding between both the authorities in Mogadishu and Hargeisa.”

Buuba added that it would have been better to accord members of the Somali community the opportunity to identify themselves with either of the countries as is the case with the neighbouring countries of Ethiopia and Eritrea. The two recently agreed to end their 20-year long border dispute, which has over the time claimed thousands of lives. “Ours is a very unfortunate and serious challenge, and the political process in Somalia and Somaliland needs to be dialogued under a transparent, peaceful and open environment,” said Buuba.

Buuba accused the Somali Federal Government led by President Mohamed Farmajo for not re-establishing its constitutional mandate to define the powers of the Federal Government and its member states. Speaking during the 58th anniversary of Somalia’s independence on 1st July 2018, President Farmajo announced that the government of Somalia was ready to resume the talks with Somaliland. But he never disclosed the exact date of when such talks would start. Somaliland which declared a unilateral independence from the rest of Somalia in 1991 has unsuccessfully been seeking international recognition.


Hospitals Cautioned Against Shabaab Patients

26 September – Source : – 329 Words

Security agencies hunting Al-Shabaab militants who fled on Monday at Taksile in Pandanguo have cautioned hospitals in Lamu, Tana River, and Garissa counties against treating individuals with gunshot wounds. On Monday, the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) soldiers operating in Lamu am-bushed Al-Shabaab militants at Taksile, deep inside Boni Forest, and killed 10 while others fled with gunshot wounds. During the 6.45am attack, seven AK-47 rifles and assorted ammunition were recovered. Three KDF soldiers sustained injuries.

Speaking to Nation on Tuesday, Linda Boni Operation Director Joseph Kanyiri said security personnel in areas earmarked for the multi-agency operation are on high alert. Mr Kanyiri said health facilities, especially those in Lamu, Tana River and Garissa, should report individuals seeking treatment with gunshot wounds to security agencies.

He said some of the terrorists who were wounded during the Monday attack might seek medical assistance from such facilities. “The health facilities should also check on pharmaceuticals and bandages that may end up with the enemy to attend to gunshot wounds sustained in the attack. This goes to both public and private facilities,” said Mr Kanyiri.

He added that the security men were also processing details relating to the Monday incident, and called on citizens to cooperate with them. “We must commend our security men for the good work. The community should as well collaborate with our security officers by reporting any suspicious persons with gunshot wounds as well as those they suspect are a threat to security,” said Mr Kanyiri.

The Linda Boni boss’ sentiments come a month after he cautioned locals, particularly those in counties covered by the multi-agency security operation, against harbouring Al-Shabaab militants and giving them information that has to some extent enabled the terrorists to launch attacks in the region. He said the move has affected the officers’ efforts of wiping out the Somalia-based Al-Qaeda linked group from the dense forest.

11 Arrested Over Al-Shabaab Links

26 September – Source : – 205 Words

Police in Nanyuki, Laikipia County, have arrested 11 men on suspicion that they are linked to terror group Al-Shabaab. Laikipia East Police Commander Kizito Mutoro said the suspects were handed over to the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) after they were interrogated at Nanyuki Police Station for two days. “We received information that 40 suspicious people were being taken through Madrassa classes in Kabiru, which neighbours Nanyuki military barracks, last weekend,” he said. “The suspects were being taken through sessions so as to convert to Islam. After questioning them, we eliminated 11 adults and handed 29 children to their parents.”

The 11, who included the mosque’s Imam, were first taken to Isiolo town by the ATPU officers as police widened their scope on clergymen who could be involved in radicalisation programmes. Mr Mutoro said those found at the Kabiru Mosque were from 14 communities and that none of those arrested hails from Laikipia. “We have to be keen since we cannot tell the reason for gathering individuals from across the country to undergo religious teachings here, “said the police boss. He added that the arrested Imam is not registered with the Council of Imams, the body that registers Madrassa teachers.


“”These projects are supported by resources from the International Development Association*, channelled through the government for the first time since 1991. As such, they represent a milestone in Somalia’s development and reconstruction.””

World Bank Group’s First Strategy For Somalia To Support Inclusive Growth And Resilience

26 September – Source : – 410 Words

The World Bank Group’s (WBG) Board of Directors endorsed the first four-year Country Partnership Framework (CPF) for Somalia and approved two investment programs worth $80 million. The CPF outlines the Bank’s strategy to support the government’s goal to expand service delivery, build resilience to climatic shocks, and boost economic opportunities in Somalia. As the country’s first development strategy since the early 1990s, the CPF FY19-22 reflects the progress of economic reform and institution building since 2013, when the Bank reengaged with Somalia through the Multi-Donor? Partner Fund (MPF).

The two focus areas of the CPF—institutions and services and economic inclusion and sustainable growth—aim to translate political and institutional gains into tangible improvements in the lives of people. Across both areas, the CPF aims to ensure gender equality and equity, the inclusion of marginalized groups, and will seek to address fragility by building resilience across all sectors. “Our role since reengaging has been to help Somalia rebuild core institutions that can restore citizens’ trust and redistribute resources to address extreme poverty and begin to create opportunities for those who have been excluded,” said Bella Bird, Country Director for Tanzania, Burundi, Malawi and Somalia.

“For this CPF, our focus is to support Somalia’s institutions to extend their reach in providing services to citizens and to scale up our interventions that will open up economic opportunities.” Since the WBG’s reengagement in Somalia, the federal government, along with the federal member states, has made progress in building institutions and improving economic performance through legislation, revenue mobilization, and engagement with the private sector. Political, economic and security reforms achieved over the last five years have led to an opportunity to address structural drivers of fragility.

“Somalia provides a global example for how the Bank can operate in the most challenging contexts where our help is needed most,” said Hafez Ghanem, Vice President of the World Bank for Africa. “Somalia’s stability and prosperity are key to the stability of the region as a whole. We applaud the government for their commitment to reform and the steps taken towards building a better future for the country.” With continued MPF funding, the CPF will help increase revenue, build capacity of municipalities for urban resilience and improve delivery systems for more inclusive social services.


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@HassanIstiila: #BREAKING: A military court in #Somalia sentences three terrorists to death for belonging to ISIS.

@trtworld: Somalia’s government are trying to reopen the once thriving Port of Mogadishu with foreign investment. The port was shut down in 1991 after war broke out in the region.

The cycle of clannism in #Somalia continues. Unfortunately, there is injustice in every region of #Somalia, mainly perpetrated against minority communities. Most only see injustice when done by another clan. Faux outrage is part of the problem.


Foreign Affairs Minister Ahmed Isse Awad met with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov on the sidelines of the 73rd session of UNGA in NewYork.
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