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Somaliland Invites Foreign Mediators To Somalia-Somaliland Talks

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Somaliland Foreign Minister Sa’ad Ali Shire, has said his government wants Somalia-Somaliland talks to be facilitated by foreign mediators. Mr. Shire, who spoke to the media in Hargeisa, suggested that Somalia-Somaliland talks should be handled as talks between two neighbouring countries.

The authorities of the breakaway state in northern Somalia have been pushing for talks with the rest of Somalia, to enable Somaliland realize full independence. The Foreign minister said a third party has to be invited to any talks between their administration and the Somali government. Mr Shire was reacting to suggestions from the Deputy Prime Minister of federal government, Mahad Mohamed Guled, who stated that talks between President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo and Somaliland leaders, would resume soon.

Mr. Guled noted that the discussion between the leaders was expected to pave the way for further discussions between Somaliland and the Federal Government: “We are committed to accelerate the resumption of talks between Somalia and Somaliland,” “There was a plan to hold the talks between President Farmaajo and President Muse Bihi in March this year and we are ready to resume the talks”, said the deputy PM.

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TV: Galmudug Leaders Snub Farmaajo Meeting

24 September 00:13:54 – Source : Universal TV – 153 Words

Galmudug state leaders have today declined to attend a meeting called by President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo aimed at resolving current political tensions in the region. The meeting was scheduled to take place today — September 24 — at the State House, Mogadishu. In a press statement, Galmudug’s Information Minister Mohamud Adan Osman said they will not attend the meeting because there was no infighting among Galmudug leaders, in the first place.

He also reiterated that they would not go against the stand of regional leaders, who resolved in Kismayo recently, to cut off ties with the Farmaajo administration. “Galmudug state is currently preoccupied with resolving renewed clan infighting and we therefore do not see the need of focusing on non-existent political tussles. We are accordingly calling on the Federal Government to refrain from their divisive agenda and instead focus on uniting the country,” said the Galmudug leaders

RADIO: Puntland President Warns Of Impending Al-Shabaab Attacks

23 September 08:10:04 – Source : Dalsan Radio – 85 Words

Puntland state President, Abdiweli Mohamed Ali, has warned the residents of Puntland of an impending attack orchestrated by the militant groups in Puntland. Speaking at a public gathering, the Puntland leader said the militant groups, Daesh and Al-Shabab, were planning to carry out attacks on Puntland’s major towns and cities and urged the public to work closely with security forces to avert such attacks: “We are urging everyone to play their part so that we can defeat the terrorist groups.”.

Badhan, The Largest Revenue Generating District In Puntland

24 September – Source : – 148 Words

Puntland says that Badhan which lies in east of Sanaag region is the fourth district that generates the most revenues. The leader of Puntland, Abdiweli Gaas paid a three days visit to Badhan and formally opened Makhir university which was funded its revamp by Kuwait. The leader also laid the foundation stones of several other projects and held its cabinet meeting for the first in its history.

This was political message which was addressed to the republic of Somaliland as it claims that Badhan is part and parcel of her territory. Badhan is the fourth largest district in Puntland and generates revenue sources as disclosed by Puntland’s Information Minister, Mr. Abdi Ali Hirsi . There are 18 ministries that have district level offices in Badhan and Puntland’s Central Bank has opened its office in Badhan, the minister added.


State To Increase Security In Ijara To Ward Off Shabaab

24 September – Source : – 239 Words

The government plans to increase security in Ijara constituency due to its proximity to Boni Forest where al Shabaab militants have been hiding. Interior CS Fred Matiang’i on Friday said the government will continue executing its cardinal responsibility of protecting citizens and property. “We will not only supplement police patrols in the area but also encourage constructive participation by the community to increase crime reporting,” the CS said.

Matiang’i said the new measures will go a long way in ensuring an ideal environment for effective response to security challenges in the best interests of the community and the country. Matiang’i spoke after receiving a memo of concerns from a team of Ijara leaders in his Harambee Office. The memo was signed by Garissa senator Yusuf Haji, Ijara MP Sophia Noor, Garissa deputy governor Abdi Dakane and MCAs Irshad Osman (Ijara), Adow Said (Hulugho), Abdullahi Buthul (Sangailu), Abukar Shide (Masalani) and Ayan Mohamed (nominated).

The leaders identified community mistrust of the police as one of the major challenges contributing to insecurity in the area. They proposed more collaboration between security officers and the Kenya Police Reservists. The leaders also recommended the upgrading of major roads to ease movements of security personnel. Matiang’i said the government will continue sealing all the security loopholes, especially infiltration of the militants along the Southern Somalia border.

KDF Kills 10 Al-Shabaab, Three Soldiers Injured In Lamu Attack

24 September – Source : – 199 Words

Ten al Shaabab militants have been killed and three KDF soldiers injured after an attack in Taksile, North Pandaguo on Monday. “Today at around 6:45 am KDF soldiers operating in Lamu launched an attack on al Shabaab militants,” KDF Public Affairs officer Colonel Paul Njuguna said. In a statement, Njuguna said the soldiers recovered seven AK 47 rifles and assorted ammunition.

“The soldiers are in pursuit of other militants who fled with injuries. Locals are requested to share information with the security officials in the areas,” he said. The injured soldiers are receiving treatment at a medical facility. “The locals are urged to participate in weeding lurking terror elements in their midst,” he added. On August 29, five soldiers died on the spot after a vehicle they were travelling in ran over an explosive on the Kiunga-Sankuri road, Lamu East.

Ten others suffered serious injuries. The soldiers were on a humanitarian civil assignment to fetch and distribute water to residents. KDF and other security agencies are conducting the Linda Boni security operation in Lamu to flush out al Shabaab members from the Forest and environs. The crackdown was launched in 2015.


“Despite all these difficulties, Mr. Farmajo and his government are doing their best by dealing with one issue at a time. The government revenue has increased, investors are showing interest in the country, donors are satisfied with government performances which may lead to debt reduction and/or forgiveness.”

Save The Federal Government

24 September – Source : Wardheernews – 450 Words

WardheerNews has recently published a piece by one Guled Haji Hersi. Mr. Hersi attempted to share in his piece the bad news that the Federal Government in Somalia was in eminent danger of disintegration. To highlight his point, Mr. Hersi stated that the leaders of the Federal Member States severed ties and decided not to co-operate with the Federal Government. He also mentioned that the Upper House refused to join the Lower House where President Farmajo was to address members of the two houses.

This is a sad and serious political setup. And his moment of truth arrived when he started cheering for the incompetent state leaders. Abdiweli Gaas, Sharif Sakin, and Ahmed Madobe have not achieved any progress. Their respective states have regressed since they came to power. No economic, political or social progress attained. Mismanagement, nepotism, corruption and insecurity are the order of the day in their states. Donors have begun withdrawing their support for projects in Puntland. They have realized that there is no remedy to this rampant and shameless corruption, other than to suspend their involvement in these projects.

These are vile issues dominant and obvious in their jurisdictions. Their claim that they need an agreement on how to share natural resource revenue is baseless and misguided. One may wonder what natural resource is at issue here. We have not been able to utilize our natural resources, notably minerals and petroleum. We can have discussion on these resources, and also study how other jurisdictions that have a similar form of governance have tackled these matters.

This can be an on-going, long term engagement that has to be deliberated on thoroughly and honestly. Mr. Hersi has never been able to come up with useful ideas necessary for rebuilding our country. As an economist, he could have advised the government on sound economic policies by publishing essays that would highlight on ways to improve collecting taxes, to broaden the tax base and also to put in place prudent fiscal management strategies. Mr. Hersi could have done that either in private or public. He could have approached the government and offered his opinion on economic matters, or else could have gotten published, and in that way his written materials would have been available, useful to anyone interested.

I would like to note that Mr. Hersi could understand neither his role as a citizen nor the role of the leader.As a citizen, he has a duty to contribute to rebuilding his country in honest and meaningful ways. I have already mentioned what Mr. Hersi’s duties, as a citizen, might have been, so no need to revisit that.


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Former Member of Parliament Dr. Khadija Osoble Ali, discussing gender inclusion in Somali politics, at a session hosted by Heritage Institute in Mogadishu.

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