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Somalia Says Ready To Send Troops To South Sudan For Security

20 September – Source : – 239 Words

The Somali government said this week that it was ready to send troops to help with security and enhance peace in South Sudan, where officials and opposition groups recently signed an agreement to end a five-year civil war. The statement came days after the Intergovernmental Authority on Development, a regional bloc, proposed that Somalia and several other nations be allowed to contribute to a South Sudan joint peace force.

Speaking in Mogadishu, Somalia’s deputy education minister, Abdirahman Jabir, said his country would not hesitate to contribute soldiers to South Sudan. “Some may ask how is it possible a country like Somalia, that is coming out of conflict and enmity, can contribute to a peacekeeping force. What is stopping us from contributing?” he said, noting that Burundi had sent troops and assistance to Somalia while it was at war itself. “What is stopping us from taking part in peace building in other parts of Africa where there is conflict?”

The U.N. mission in South Sudan has 17,000 troops charged with protecting civilians, creating a safe corridor for delivering humanitarian assistance, and monitoring and investigating human rights violations. But Amnesty International has accused South Sudanese forces and militia groups of committing widespread abuses against civilians. IGAD proposed that Sudan, Somalia, Uganda and Djibouti forces be included in the peacekeeping force in South Sudan to help build peace and improve security.

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  • Somalia Says Ready To Send Troops To South Sudan For Security (
  • Radio: Galmudug State Forces Clash Causes Death (Dalsan Radio)
  • Radio: Banadir Appeal Court Chief Warns People Not To Seek Justice At Al-Shabaab Courts (Dalsan Radio)
  • Pesident Farmaajo Condoles With Family Of 9-year Old School Girl Killed In Mogadishu (radioshabelle )
  • Somali Delegation Given Explanation On QNV 2030 (The Peninsula )
  • Women Graduates Overlooked For Top Jobs In IT Industry In Somaliland (Radio Ergo)


Radio: Galmudug State Forces Clash Causes Death

20 September 06:36:15 – Source : Dalsan Radio – 117 Words

Troops belonging to the Galmudug state forces fired at each other in the outskirts of Adado city. The clash started after the forces from Galkacyo city was heading towards Dhusamareb. The clashes killed one soldier and injured two others. Galmudug security officials speaking to VOA said, they are investigating the causes of the clash between the armies, but could not comment on what happened.

It was August 13 when armed forces with vehicles from Galkacyo city were refused to enter Adado city, due to disputes between the political leaders of Galmudug state. Although the situation is now calm, it is reported that tension is still high and no one has commented on the clashes.

Radio: Banadir Appeal Court Chief Warns People Not To Seek Justice At Al-Shabaab Courts

20 September 08:07:25 – Source : Dalsan Radio – 187 Words

Banadir regional Appeal Court chief Abshir Omar Abdullahi warned the residents of Mogadishu of seeking justice at Al-Shabaab court, to settle judicial matters. Speaking to Dalsan Radio, chief Abshir Abdullahi denied the existence of any case settled by Al-Shabaab through their court system. “ I can tell you for a fact there are no cases within Mogadishu jurisdiction involving houses or other properties issues, that was settled by Al-Shabaab courts.

Only the government courts can settle judicial matters and, only after can the police  execute court orders. The only areas that our courts cannot settle are the areas that are currently controlled by the militant group. He acknowledged the complaints raised by the people against the courts however, he said the judiciary is working on improving the judicial system in the country. Recentaly we appointed a new judges in certain parts of the Mogadishu and, we are also in process of appointing more, particularly in the areas where district courts are dysfunctional or non–existent.

Pesident Farmaajo Condoles With Family Of 9-year Old School Girl Killed In Mogadishu

19 September – Source : radioshabelle – 186 Words

Somali President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo has send condolences to the family of the nine-year-old schoolgirl killed in Mogadishu on Tuesday afternoon. According to Abdinur Mohamed, the Director of Communications of the Office of the President, stated that the president met with the family members of the late Deka Dahir Ali in Mogadishu.

The president extended his condolences to the bereaved family, describing the news of the young girl’s death as “tragic and shocking”. President Farmaajo prayed to Allah to grant her family the fortitude to bear the loss. The beautiful girl lost her precious life full of bright future, after soldiers said to be the bodyguards of an army officer fired at a School bus at Digfeer junction. Several other students also sustained wounds in the shooting, according to the principal of their school. The police said a number of soldiers were detained in connection with the said incident which led to public outrage on the social media since the news of Deka’s death.


Somali Delegation Given Explanation On QNV 2030

20 September – Source : The Peninsula – 193 Words

Minister of Development Planning and Statistics H E Dr Saleh bin Mohammad Al Nabit met with a delegation from the Ministry of Planning, Investment and Economic Development of the Federal Republic of Somalia. During the meeting, they discussed means of cooperation in the development and implementation of the vision of the Federal Republic of Somalia (2040) and benefiting from Qatar’s experience in activating the participation of all governmental, private and civil society forces in the development of Qatar National Vision (QNV) 2030.

The Somali delegation was given a detailed explanation of the functions and methodology of development planning adopted by the State of Qatar since the issuance of QNV 2030, the first national development strategy 2011-2016 and the second 2018-2022, in addition to the role of the Ministry in supporting the preparation and implementation of national sustainable development strategies and plans for ministries and the institutions implementing strategy, follow-up efforts, reporting and overcoming obstacles and challenges in this way. The delegation listened to an explanation about the process of collecting and analyzing statistical data and information in Qatar and providing it for the purposes and needs of sustainable development.


“”Raqiya Yusuf Ibrahim, who handles complaints at the commission, said they have heard the concerns expressed by women. She said they contacted companies at the centre of the complaints, and all of them said they prefer not to employ women as they are “not as diligent as men” and they cannot afford to provide maternity leave.””

Women Graduates Overlooked For Top Jobs In IT Industry In Somaliland

20 September – Source : Radio Ergo – 339 Words

Muna Mahdi Ahmed has applied for several jobs with the big Somaliland-based telecommunications firms, but despite her good qualifications she remains unemployed because of a traditional reluctance to accept women in high positions. Muna, 27, completed her degree in Information and Telecommunications Engineering at the China University of Geo Science in Beijing in 2015.

Since then she has spent much of her time making job applications. However, she believes the ingrained patriarchal system in Hargeisa is responsible for frustrating her ambitions, and those of many other qualified women. “When companies advertise job vacancies, I apply for the post, then they start making excuses to discourage me. When I get ready for the interview they tell me that women have not been included in the selected for this position,” Muna told Radio Ergo.

Telecommunications companies, who are among the major employers in Somaliland, do not employ women in any posts in IT management and maintenance that require high levels of technical expertise. The women they do employ are in jobs such as sales, cleaning, or on front desks. Muna told Radio Ergo that she feels extremely demoralised by her experience. She noted that very few women study in the field she chose and that she had been confident of getting a good job at home after graduating. “There is no bigger pain than being rejected by employers just because you are a woman! My abilities are disregarded, it is really unfortunate that I am unemployed,” she said.

Many other qualified women are in a similar situation. Some of them remain determined to fight the unfairness and keep trying, whilst others resign themselves to the inevitability of having to get on with life. Nimo Mohamed Ali, 30, graduated from the faculty of Information Technology (IT) at Golis University in Hargeisa. She applied for six different posts requiring IT expertise, but each time during the recruitment process she was told that they did not need women for such technical posts.



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Mogadishu Mayor Abdirahman Omar Osman and other Federal Ministers attended a dinner event for “is-xilqan” (self-reliance) initiative, in Mogadishu last night.

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