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Al-Shabaab Deploys New Assassins In Mogadishu To Accelerate Killings

12 September – Source: – 174 Words

Al-Shabaab has deployed new Amniyat operators in Mogadishu with the aim to carry out killings against government officials and public figures in Mogadishu. Since July, Al-Shabaab has made changes to its Amniyat operations in the capital Mogadishu following the arrest of their key officer leading the operations, Abdiwahab Khalif Ahmed (Isse Tarabun) who is now in a government jail.

His arrest led to Al-Shabaab’s quick changes of its Amniyat operations in the capital, thus deploying new militants to the capital to continue with the group’s assassinations plans in the capital. This operation is now headed by an unknown militant. Security of the capital was relatively stable in August with limited killing incidents reported. But since after the deployment of the new Amniyat, the group managed to carry out a series of killings since the start of September.
The newly deployed Amniyat assassins are specifically active in Wadajir and Dharkenley districts, and Suqa Holaha Neighborhood in Heliwaa district. Before their deployment, the newly Amniyat members underwent training in Torotorow in Lower Shabelle.

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  • Al-Shabaab Deploys New Assassins In Mogadishu To Accelerate Killings
  • Over 30 Killed On Multiple Al-Shabaab Attacks across South And Central Somalia (Horn Observer)
  • We Are Ready For The Presidential Poll Saturday-HirShabelle Election Committee (Goobjoog News)
  • Three of HirShabelle’s Presidential Candidates Arrive In Mogadishu (
  • Four Burundi Nationals Arrested In Isiolo While Headed For Somalia To Join Al-Shabaab Terror Group (The Standard Kenya)
  • Somalia: Puntland And The Struggle To Contain Al-Shabaab Attacks (Garowe Online)


Over 30 Killed On Multiple Al-Shabaab Attacks across South And Central Somalia

11 September – Source: Horn Observer – 199 Words

Al-Shabaab, a militant group affiliated with Al-Qaeda launched multiple attacks against several towns in South and Central Somalia in a fortnight, casualties exceeding up to 35 deaths as reported by local media.  In two weeks, the group attacked the town of Bulo Gadadud killing at least 17, followed by an attack in Baidoa – a cafeteria killing at least another 4, and in the town of Balad in Middle Shabelle, 5 deaths are reported and the latest attack on the border town of Belet-Hawo killing at least 11.

On Monday morning Al-Shabaab attacked a SNA base in the town of Belet-Hawo briefly taking over the base, while the Somali army reportedly fled to Kenyan town of Mandera. On  separate incident, at least 2 people were killed and several others were wounded on Monday after a car loaded with explosives went off near Wehliye hotel on Maka Mukarama road, the first attack in recent weeks. Meanwhile on Sunday, at least four people were killed and 15 others were wounded after a suicide bomber wearing explosive vest targeted a restaurant in the town of Beled Weyn in Central Somalia. The attack came after similar attacks took place in the town of Baidoa.

We Are Ready For The Presidential Poll Saturday-HirShabelle Election Committee

12 September – Source: Goobjoog News – 343 Words

All plans are in place to ensure a free and fair presidential election on Saturday in HirShabelle state, as stated by the election committee. The committee’s chairperson Mr. Mohamed Hussein Yusuf told Goobjoog News in Jowhar the capital, his team had completed preparations for the elections which were supposed to be held today (Tuesday) but was postponed for another four more days. “The election committee has no shortfall. Even the four days extension came from the public amongst them, civil society groups, elders and women organisations who said they needed more time to get sufficient information about the candidates ahead of the poll,” said Mr. Yusuf.

Mr. Yusuf said the 8 candidates will present their pre-election plans and manifesto to the public on Wednesdayand Thursday. ‘We will ensure the public gets a chance to listen to the candidates before they go to the polls,” added Mr. Yusuf. HirShabelle state assembly is composed of 98 lawmakers who will be casting their vote for the candidates. The chairman dismissed claims the immediate former embattled president Abdullahi Ali Osoble would influence the elections noting, “no MPs are on his side and that issue is not true”. The state MPs are the ones that ousted him from power. Initially they were some, but now they all deserted him. You can recall he went to Beledweyne town accompanied not even by a single MP which is a clear testimony that none is supporting him.”

Osoble moved to Beledweyne last month and announced he was planning the formation of a new state drawing sharp warning from the UN against such a move. Meanwhile security has been tightened in Jowhar ahead of the Saturday poll. Goobjoog News correspondents in the town say security agencies can be seen taking positions in various parts of the town. “State security is jointly monitored by the NISA (intelligence agency), state police, Somali National Army and AMISOM from Burundi stationed in the Middle Shabelle region. Checkpoints located in the outskirts of the town are also heavily manned.”Schools near the polling centre are closed.

Three of HirShabelle’s Presidential Candidates Arrive In Mogadishu

12 September – Source: – 221 Words

Three of HirShabelle’s presidential candidates on Monday arrived in Mogadishu on a chartered plane that took them from Jowhar. The candidates Dahir Abdulle Awale, Abdi Farah Laqanyo and Abdinasir Haji Shirwa’ were reportedly invited by top Federal Government officials in a bid to convince them to back anyone of the candidates who qualifies for the final round of the presidential elections.The three are respectively supported by the office of the president, office of the prime minister and Banadir regional administration. Presidential candidate Abdi Farah Laqanyo is particularly supported by Villa Somalia. He was on Monday night slated to meet with President Farmaajo. Presidential Candidate Dahir Abdulle Awale, who is said to be the most influential candidate presently enjoys the support of a number of Ministers and MPs close to the Prime Minister.

They are expected to return to Jowhar today in a bid to resume their campaign programs. Some of the presidential candidates in Jowhar accused the federal government of supporting the campaigns of specific candidates over others, saying that some candidates have been accorded presidential reception when arriving in the city and were given security protection. HirShabelle’s presidential election is scheduled to be held Saturday in Jowhar which has become a beehive of activities with presidential candidates holding various meetings with regional assembly MPs aimed at wooing support for their campaigns.


Four Burundi Nationals Arrested In Isiolo While Headed For Somalia To Join Al-Shabaab Terror Group

12 September – Source: The Standard Kenya – 291 Words

Four Burundi nationals were Tuesday morning arrested at Merile area along Isiolo-Marsabit Highway, Isiolo County while headed to Somalia to join Al-Shabaab militia. Police say the men had traveled from Bujumbura to Kenya as tourists. They then embarked on a journey that would take them through Isiolo, Mandera and later cross to Somalia. ALSO READ: Mandera on high alert after Al Shabaab attack in neighbouring Somalia They were stopped at a roadblock at about 4 am Tuesday and on being grilled they allegedly said they were headed for Somalia to join the terror group.

Those arrested were identified as Ntakarutimana Benerd, 41, Niyongere Yusuf, 32, Nshimirimana Fulgnce Shadady, 31 and Bizoza Abderauf, 20. Police involved in the operation said they had intelligence to show the group’s mission and that some of them had confessed on the same. They were taken into custody for grilling, a senior officer said in Nairobi. In June, five Kenyan youths were arrested in the same area while headed for Somalia to join the same group. This comes as reports show a number of Kenyans who went to Somalia to fight with Al-Shabaab militia want to come back to Kenya over a fallout.

A confidential police report shows the Kenyans include Ahmed Iman Ali aka Abu Zinira, together with at least five other senior Kenyan Al-Shabaab fighters. According to the report, some of his loyal followers likely to accompany him in his defection include: Juma Ayub Otit Were aka KB, Erick Achayo Ogada aka Nabhan, Ramadhan Kioko aka Pinji aka Abu Nuseiba, Suleiman Irungu Mwangi aka Karongo aka Maalim Zakariya aka Idriss and Mohamed Tajir Ali aka Wahome. The five have been on Kenya’s police watch list and have a Sh2 million bounty each on their heads.


“Developing a comprehensive strategy with clear guidelines and protocols is a necessary remedy and a starting point, if Al-Shabaab is to be eradicated from Puntland.”

Somalia: Puntland And The Struggle To Contain Al-Shabaab Attacks

12 September – Source: Garowe Online – 951 Words

Failed political leadership and lack of experience within the ranks of Puntland security services have contributed to resurgent of Al-Shabaab in consolidating power to carry out daring attacks against government forces without fear of retaliation. Al-Shabaab group maintains bases in northern Somalia, particularly Golis Mountains. The area is considered favourable because of its inhospitable and harsh environment. It offers bunkers suitable for purpose of hiding from drone attacks and, it is convenient location to launch attacks against government forces without fear of jeopardizing supply roots or retaliation.

Events in the last five months bare the whole marks of resurgent of Al-Shabaab, for example, September 1, 2017, around mid-day, Al-Shabaab carried out simultaneous bombs at Khat market in the heart of Af Urur village located in Golis Mountains, resulting the deaths of over 35 people, including civilians and soldiers. Based on reliable Intelligence information, the operation was conducted via sleeper cells associated with Al-Shabaab that infiltrated the village without the knowledge of the Puntland forces. On June 8, 2017, Al-Shabaab carried out one of the most heinous acts of terrorism in Puntland soil since the establishment of Somalia’s northeastern semi-autonomous state in 1998, overrunning major military base in Af Urur within the vicinity of Golis Mountains, killing and maiming over 45 soldiers and officers.

The government has declined to acknowledge the serious nature of attack but, when Al-Shabaab released the footages of the operation from beginning to the end, claiming massive victory of propaganda, the government helplessly tried to contain the political failure and initiated a fact-finding mission to ascertain what happened? How did it happened? who knew what? and why the base that was created to eradicate Al Shabaab from the region was itself a victim of the threat posed highly motivated Al-Shabaab fighters? From the outset, the fact-finding committee that composed of ministerial level members who never had the experience nor the ability to thoroughly research all facts pertaining to the ability and threat level posed by Al-Shabaab terrorist organization and publicly report their finding for fear of tarnishing the reputation of the government.


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