• Foreign Affairs Minister Ahmed Isse Awad meet with Chinese Ambassador to Somalia Qin Jian today in Mogadishu. Photo: @MofaSomalia

  • Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire welcomed a delegation led by Eritrean Foreign Minister Osman Saleh today in Mogadishu. Photo: @SomaliPM 

  • Mogadishu citizens participating in a clean-up campaign organized by Banadir regional administration. Photo: @engyarisow

  • Mayor of Mogadishu, Abdirahman Osman Omar met with the Aamin Ambulance team to discuss Mogadishu emergency delivery service on Wednesday. Photo: @AaminAmbulance

  • Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire met with the President of Sudan Omar al-Bashir in Khartoum, Sudan during his visit. Photo: @SomaliOpm

  • The newly appointed ministers taking the oath of office on Monday in Mogadishu, Somalia. Photo: @Halbeeg News

  • Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire with regional leaders in Sudan, Khartoum, attending the signing of South Sudan peace agreement. Photo: @DalsanFM

July 24, 2018 | Daily Monitoring Report

Key Headlines

  • Military Movement Underway In Lower Jubba Region (Shabelle Media)
  • Puntland Business Women Forum Kicks Off In Garowe (Garowe Online)
  • UN Special Envoy Michael Keating Joins NUSOJ-led Discussion On Role Of Media In Somalia (Jowhar News)
  • Somalia Says 87 Al-Shabab Fighters Killed In Foiled Military Base Attack (Xinhua)
  • Book Fair Turns The Page For Literature In Somaliland (Daily Mail)

July 24, 2018 | Morning Headlines

Key Headlines

  • AMISOM Hits Al-Shabaab In Air Strikes Hours After Bar-Sanguni Attack (Halbeeg News)
  • Mayor Of Beledweyne Calls On Residents To Pay Taxes (Goobjoog News)
  • UNHCR Says It Assisted Over 800 Somalis To Voluntarily Return Home (Halbeeg News)
  • Shabaab Attacks Cripple Phone Services In Parts Of Garissa (Daily Nation)
  • Gulf States In Dangerous Scramble For Africa (Middle East Eye)
July 24, 2018 | Morning Headlines

July 23, 2018 | Daily Monitoring Report

Key Headlines

  • Somali Army Destroy Al-Shabaab’s Networks In Southern Region (Xinhua)
  • President Moves To Military Base After Attack Outside Presidential Palace (Garowe Online)
  • Al-Shabaab Militants Attack Somali Military Base Near Kismayo Town (Hiiraan Online)
  • Somali Father Defends FGM After Daughter 10 Dies (BBC)
  • Author Tells Of Kidnapping By Somali Pirates He’d Gone To Interview (9News.com)

July 23, 2018 | Morning Headlines

Key Headlines

  • Jubbaland Forces Kill Six Al-Shabab Fighters In Southern Somalia (Halbeeg News)
  • ISIS Suspect Arraigned In Mogadishu Court (Radio Dalsan)
  • UN Envoy Arrives In Galkayo Town To Assess Security (Halbeeg News)
  • Somali Forces Nab Suspects After Mogadishu Car Blast (Xinhua)
  • Somalia On Stability Path As Donors Pledge Support (The East Africa)
  • Irish Behind New Campaign Against FGM In Somalia (The Irish Times)
July 23, 2018 | Morning Headlines

July 20, 2018 | Daily Monitoring Report

Key Headlines

  • Somali National Security Council Orders Reopening Mogadishu Roads (Halbeeg News)
  • Traditional Elders And Al-Shabaab Meet In Hiiraan Region (Radio Kulmiye)
  • Inter-Clan Battle Erupts In Galgadud Region Central Somalia (Goobjoog News)
  • Al-Shabaab Launches ‘Aggressive’ Child Jihadi Recruitment In Somalia (Breitbart.com)
  • Homeland Security Extends Legal Protections For 500 Somalis In US (Voice of America)
  • When Is A Nation Not A Nation? Somaliland’s Dream Of Independence (The Guardian)

July 20, 2018 | Morning Headlines

Key Headlines

  • Somali President Returns Back To Mogadishu (Mareeg News)
  • Somaliland Hopes To Get Share Of Funding Declared In Brussels (Goobjoog News)
  • Somali Military Court sentences 18 Soldiers To Five Years In Jail For Insubordination (Halbeeg News)
  • Somalia And Tunisia Join Comesa (Daily Monitor)
  • U.S. Amends Designation Of Al-Shabaab To Include Al-Hijra Other Aliases (Kuwait News Agency)
  • Lessons Learned In Somalia: AMISOM And Contemporary Peace Enforcement (Council On Foreign Relations)
July 20, 2018 | Morning Headlines

July 19, 2018 | Daily Monitoring Report

Key Headlines

  • Somali President Meets With Somaliland Officials In Brussels (Shabelle Media)
  • Two Al-Shabaab Fighters Killed In Qoryooley Town After Gun Battle With SNA (Halbeeg News)
  • Al-Shabaab Kidnap Elderly Men From Gedo Region (Hiiraan Online)
  • Qatar Calls For Radical Solutions To Somalia’s Crisis (The Peninsula)
  • UAE Reiterates Commitment To Somalia’s Unity Security And Stability (Emirates News Agency)
  • Ali Haji Warsame: An Interview (Wardheere News)

July 19, 2018 | Morning Headlines

Key Headlines

  • EU Provides €200 Million Support To Strengthen Somalia’s Stabilization Process (Halbeeg News)
  • Constitutional Affairs Minister Announces Plans For The Commencement Of Voter Registration (Radio Kulmiye)
  • Parliament Speaker Receives Qatari Envoy For Somalia (SONNA)
  • Uganda Dispatches More UPDF Troops To Somalia (PML Daily)
  • Trump Administration To Rule On Special Immigration Status For Somalis (Star Tribune)
July 19, 2018 | Morning Headlines

July 18, 2018 | Daily Monitoring Report

Key Headlines

  • Hundreds Of Locals Flee Their Homes In Middle Shabelle After Al-Shabaab Starts Massive Child Recruitment (Halbeeg News)
  • Several Countries Pledge To Invest In Somalia (Goobjoog News)
  • Southwest Authorities Caution Politicians Critical Of The Administration And President (Radio Dalsan)
  • Somalia Is Opening A ‘New Chapter Of Its History’ Declares UN Political Affairs Chief As Forum Ends With Renewed Commitments (UN News)
  • Ambassador Al-Budaiwi: Kuwait To Host Donor’s Conference To Promote Education In Somalia (Kuwait)
  • Are Somaliland Puntland Ready For War Over Land? (The East African)

July 18, 2018 | Morning Headlines

Key Headlines

  • Local Authorities In Hiiraan Region Form Forces To Stabilise Beledweyne Town (Halbeeg News)
  • Somali Partnership Forum Calls For Passage Of Electoral Law Ahead Of 2020 Election (Halbeeg News)
  • Government Requests Religious Scholars To Join The Fight Against Al-Shabaab (Hiiraan Online)
  • International Community Strengthens Support For Somalia’s Plans For Stability And Development (EU)
  • Q&A: Somalia Charts Security Transition (Africa Center for Strategic Study)
July 18, 2018 | Morning Headlines