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    Mr. Kay presided over a ceremony on Tuesday, 6 October 2015, to recognise winners of an essay competition on women’s political participation which was held early this year as part of the International Women’s day celebrations in 2015. Photo: UNSOM

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    Sports in Somalia is recovering as a result of the relative peace and progress witnessed in the country. The Somalia national soccer team is preparing for the upcoming World Cup Qualifier against Niger on October 9 Photo: AMISOM

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    SRCC Ambassador Maman Sidikou briefed the Atlantic Council on the political and security situation in Somalia, on 5th October 2015, in Washington DC. Photo: AMISOM

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    SRCC Ambassador Maman Sidikou in discussions with Somali community leaders in Minnesota, USA. They discussed matters of mutual interest, especially how Somalis living in the diaspora can contribute to the development of Somalia. Photo: AMISOM

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    SRCC Ambassador Maman Sidikou met with imams from 10 mosques in Minnesota, U.S.A. The SRCC is in Minnesota to meet with Somalis living in the diaspora. Among the mosques represented were Abu-Bakar Islamic Center and Minnesota Da'wa Institute, which are the largest mosques in Minnesota. Photo: AMISOM

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    AU Special Representative for Somalia and Head of AMISOM Ambassador Maman Sidikou is currently meeting with the leadership of the Somali-American Police Association, in Minnesota, U.SA. The meeting with Sgt. Waheid Siraach, Sgt. Abdullahi Mohamed and Officer Abdiwahab Ali is aimed at seeking ways to partner with AMISOM, to support the Somali Police Force.

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    Maj-Gen. Mohamed Sheikh Hassan, the Somali Police Force Commissioner (center) poses for a group photo with senior Somali Police officers from Interim Regional Administrations in Somalia at the end of a workshop on new policing model for Somali police officers held in Mogadishu, Somalia on 29 September 2015. The workshop was supported by United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia. Photo: UNSOM

October 1, 2015 | Daily Monitoring Report

Key Headlines

  • Government Forces Repulse Al-Shabaab After Militants Attacked Their Base In Ali Mire Near Baraawe(Wacaal Media)
  • Puntland Police To Benefit From 1 Million Dollar Agreement With U.S To Fight Terrorism (Goobjoog News)
  • Federal Government Ships Military Gear To Integrated Forces In Kismayo (Wacaal Media)
  • A Former Al-Shabaab Fighter Killed In Baidoa For Rape Case (Radio Dalsan)
  • Soma Oil Lobbies U.K. To Oppose Proposed Moratorium On Somalia (Bloomberg)
  • Canada Approves Refugee Claim Of Man Who Fled Somalia After Death Threat (City News)
  • Britain Meddles In Somalia At Its Peril – Don’t Make Al-Shabaab Stronger (The Guardian)
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October 1, 2015 | Morning Headlines

Key Headlines

  • Al-Shabaab Kills Two Men In Somali National Army Uniform At Roadblock (Goobjoog News)
  • Hargeisa Court Orders Release Of Detained Artists (Wacaal Media)
  • Protests Disputes Overshadow Bossaso Mayoral Election (Garowe Online)
  • Fire Guts Down Properties In Mogadishu’s Hodan District (Goobjoog News)
  • Finland Freezes Asylum Decisions For Iraq Somalia Refugees (Middle East Online)
  • IFJ welcomes UN Independent Expert’s Report Over Press Freedom’s Violations In Somalia (IFJ)
  • Minnesota Leads The Nation In Would-Be ISIL Terrorists From U.S. Report Finds (Star Tribune)
October 1, 2015 | Morning Headlines

September 30, 2015 | Daily Monitoring Report

Key Headlines

  • President Commends Djibouti’s Call To Host A Summit For Troop Contributing Countries To Somalia(Goobjoog News)
  • South-West State Opens Force Training Centers (Radio Muqdisho)
  • Engineer Yasin Omar Elected New Mayor Of Bosaso City
  • Death Toll Rises To 15 In Renewed Clan Fighting In Qoriley (Wacaal Media)
  • Minister: Qatar Will Continue To Support Somali People (The Peninsula)
  • Manitoba To Give Emergency Funds For Refugee Assistance Program (CBC News)
  • Somalia: Beyond Naval Interventions In Somali Piracy (South African Institute Of International Affairs)
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September 30, 2015 | Morning Headlines

Key Headlines

  • Somali Bantu Community In US Protest Over Somalia Power Sharing (Hiiraan Online)
  • Heavy Fighting Renews In Sool Amid Mediations (Garowe Online)
  • Handcuffed Artists Brought To The Dock (Radio Dalsan)
  • Member of Parliament Aabi: We Shall Continue With The Motion (Goobjoog News)
  • Somalia 2015-16 El Niño Contingency Plan September 2015 (Reliefweb)
  • Kenya ‘Will Stand Firm’ In Somalia Kenyatta tells UN (The East African)
  • A Haven For Needy Kids (Sahan Journal)
September 30, 2015 | Morning Headlines

September 29, 2015 | Daily Monitoring Report

Key Headlines

  • President Hassan Sheikh Meets With Heads of States Of Troop Contributing Countries (Radio Kulmiye)
  • Two Clans In Hawaadley Urged To Stop Clashes (Goobjoog News)
  • El-Adde District Commissioner Survives Attempt On His Life (Wacaal Media)
  • Internal Security Ministry Working On Plans To Improve Security (Radio Muqdisho)
  • Uhuru Calls For Global Participation In Stabilising Somalia S. Sudan (The Star)
  • Five Thousand People Benefit From ERC’s Sacrificial Meat Programme In Somalia (Emirates New Agency)
  • UN Chief Calls On Somalia To Continue Moving Forward In Building Federal Democratic State (Xinhua)
  • How Ethiopian Intelligence Infiltrated And Took Control Of Al-Shabaab (RBC Radio)
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September 29, 2015 | Morning Headlines

Key Headlines

  • City Council Officer Gunned Down In Mogadishu (Radio Dalsan)
  • Security Guards Of 2 Turkish Companies Fought In Somalia (Radio Dalsan)
  • Detained Musician Alleges Torture Robbery In Somaliland Jail (Hiiraan Online)
  • Speaker Erred In Ruling Over Impeachment Says Lawyer (Goobjoog News)
  • 70 Teachers Who Fled North Eastern Terror Moved To Kilifi Schools (Standard Digital)
  • Untamed Borders Takes Tourists To Mogadishu Somalia (Daily Mail)
  • Interview With Ambassador David Shinn (Hiiraan Online)
September 29, 2015 | Morning Headlines

September 28, 2015 | Daily Monitoring Report

Key Headlines

  • Prime Minister Calls For Immediate Ceasefire And Reconciliation Among The Warring Clans (Horseed Media)
  • Galmudug President: We Call Ahlu-Sunna Clerics To Attend Peace Talks (Goobjoog News)
  • Federal Government Forces Up To The Task And Will Clear Al-Shabaab From Lower Shabelle Region Says New Armed Forces Boss. (Wacaal Media)
  • Puntland Army Chief Threatens To Resign If The Forces Are Not Paid (Goobjoog News)
  • British Troops For Somalia Peacekeeping Mission (BBC News)
  • Raped on Nauru: Video Captures Moment Somali Refugee Pleads For Help From Police After Alleged Sexual Assault (ABC Online)
  • Community Policing Launched In Mogadishu’s Yaqshid District (AMISOM)
  • Mental Health Issues In The Somali Spoken Territories And In The Somali Diaspora (Hiiraan Online)

September 28, 2015 | Morning Headlines

Key Headlines

  • Somalia Wants Repatriation Of ‘Pirate’ Prisoners in Kenya Jails (Horseed Media)
  • Somaliland Detains Musicians After Mogadishu Show (Hiiraan Online)
  • Puntland: “We call On Those Fuelling The Fighting In Qoriley To Stop” (Goobjoog News)
  • Somaliland Parliament Speakers Shake Hands After Punch-Ups (Garowe Online)
  • Four Killed In South Somalia Blast (The Punch)
  • Somalia Parliament Speaker Drops Impeachment Motion Against President (Reuters)
  • New Somalia Chief of Defence Force Takes Over In Mogadishu (AMISOM)
  • I Can Tell You How The Normal Somalis Are Feeling (Hiiraan Online)
September 28, 2015 | Morning Headlines

September 25, 2015 | Daily Monitoring Report

Key Headlines

  • AMISOM Troops Kill 20 Al-Shabaab Militants (The Star Kenya)
  • Chief Of Somali Armed Forces Sworn Into Office (Goobjoog News)
  • Deputy Head Of Somaliland Immigration Police Detained (Wargane News)
  • 7 Somalis Confirmed Dead In Hajj Stampede (Wacaal Media)
  • Puntland Former President Speaks On 2016 Election Clan Clashes (Garowe Online)
  • Terrorism Charges Laid Against Somali-Canadian ISIS Fighter (Global News)
  • No Room For Big Families At Women’s Shelters Say Advocates (CBC News)
  • Why We Reject Federal And Imposition Of Western Democracy In Somalia (RBC Radio)

September 25, 2015 | Morning Headlines

Key Headlines

  • New Report Debunks Link Between Al-Shabaab And Ivory Trade (Associated Press)
  • President Asks Somalis To Forgive Each Other As He Marks Eid In Mogadishu (Wacaal Media)
  • 717 Dead In Crush Near Mecca During Hajj Pilgrimage (Goobjoog News )
  • Uganda Warns Of Possible Attack By Somali Militants (Shabelle News )
  • Family Pleads For Life Of Mentally Ill Man Sentenced To Death By Firing Squad (The Guardian)
  • Why Al Shabaab Is Still A Formidable Threat To The Region  (The Star Kenya)
September 25, 2015 | Morning Headlines