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Somali President Asks Khartoum To Help Fight Al-Shabaab

05 October – Source: The East African – 277 Words

Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has asked the Sudanese government to help his country combat the Al-Shabaab terrorist group. Addressing the media in Khartoum on Wednesday night, President Farmajo said the Somali government needed Khartoum’s technical support to fight the terrorists and restore peace.

He disclosed that he had discussed with President Omar Bashir, the security and numerous other challenges his country was facing. “We discussed the many challenges that Somalia is facing, especially with regards to peace and security,” he said. “We discussed the security situation, political reconciliation and peacemaking in our country and the daily threats from the Al-Shabaab,” he added.

The Somali president further stressed that his government had adopted a comprehensive reform programme in order to restore stability in the Horn of Africa state. “We need to correct our previous mistakes and adopt strategies that can take us forward,” he said. President Bashir expressed his commitment to supporting the stabilisation of Somalia and congratulated his guest for winning the democratic elections and ascending to power.

“We are keen to support Somalia in the different sectors and we are happy that Somalia is going forward with peace and stability,” President Bashir said. President Bashir disclosed that Sudan was finalising the printing of the Somali national currency. “The national currency is part of any country’s sovereignty, so we are happy that we responded to the Somali government’s request to undertake the exercise in our national printing house,” he added.

Key Headlines

  • Somali President Asks Khartoum To Help Fight Al-Shabaab
  • Somali: International Delegation Visits Hargeisa Somaliland (Garowe Online)
  • Southwest State Confirms Its Earlier Stand Over Kismayo Meeting (Goobjoog News)
  • Sudanese President Vows Peace Stability In Somalia (Xinhuanet)
  • Communities In Marka Are Using Football To Engage In Mediation And Promote Reconciliation (AMISOM)
  • Time Somalis To Quit False Flattery For Their Leaders (Wardheer News)


Somali: International Delegation Visits Hargeisa, Somaliland

06 October – Source: Garowe Online – 335 Words
A high-level delegation of international partners visited Hargeisa, Somaliland, on 4 October. The delegation was composed of the Ambassador of Denmark, the Ambassador of the European Union, as well as representatives of Finland, France, the Netherlands, and the UK. During the visit, the delegation met His Excellency, the President of Somaliland, the National Electoral Commission (NEC) and the three presidential candidates. The visitors made clear their support for transparent and inclusive elections on 13 November 2017 and encouraged all candidates to accept the outcome of a credible process.

International partners noted that election preparations led by the NEC were progressing well. The compilation of a voter register and distribution of voter cards, certification of Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates and the Presidential decrees of 30 September 2017, are critical milestones that have been achieved. Implementation of these decrees and of the agreed Code of Conduct for Political Parties is essential, including equal access for all political parties to the media. Five weeks ahead of the election, the delegation encouraged the political parties, the NEC, and civil society to continue working towards peaceful, inclusive and transparent Presidential elections.

Today, we called on our Somaliland friends to respect the established legal frameworks and procedures, abide by decisions made by the legally mandated institutions and adhere to commitments undertaken. The delegation welcomed the steps taken to ensure a smooth election and encouraged all Somalilanders to pursue any grievances through legally established electoral complaints mechanisms. It is essential that political parties campaign responsibly and on a level playing field, without intimidation or harassment and with equal access to state media.

The role of civil society and the media in enabling voters to make an informed choice, scrutinizing the policies of presidential candidates and holding political parties and Somaliland’s institutions accountable for commitments made is important. In particular, accredited by the NEC, election observers can help reinforce confidence in the integrity of the process. The civil society will mobilize some 620 domestic observers alongside 60 independent and experienced international monitors.

Southwest State Confirms Its Earlier Stand Over Kismayo Meeting

06 October – Source: Goobjoog News – Words

Southwest state has confirmed their earlier stand of support towards the upcoming Kismayo meeting in Jubbaland between the federal government and regional heads of state after Puntland’s Deputy President Abdihakin Omar Amey has rejected vehemently two days ago the reconciliation meeting that being is organized by the Jubbaland state.

State minister for information Hassan Abdi Mohamed noted their optimistic view on the meeting concerning widening rift between the federal government and regional states. The minister also reiterated their controversial stand of supporting the Saudi-led coalition. “We have to stress once more the decision taken by the state president towards supporting the Saudi-led coalition. Our state cabinet ministers also declared support for the meeting called upon by Jubbaland State President Ahmed Madobe and a delegate led by state president will attend the Kismayo meeting” Minister Mohamed said.

State presidents are expected in the coming days to converge in Kismayu to deliberate on the relations between the Federal Government and the states following a fall out on the ongoing Galmudug political crisis and the Gulf Feud which has occasioned a sharp rift between the two levels of government. The meeting was announced by the Jubbaland State President Ahmed Mohamed Islan.

On the other hand, Southwest State Administration is said to have put in place regiment of an army who are having stipend problems. Speaking to Goobjoog News, state minister for security Abdirahman Baraf insinuated having prepared a troop of an army personnel that are geared towards maintaining peace in the region, but have not been extended a helping hand by the federal government. “Southwest State is clearly ignored by the federal government in terms of economic help among others. We prepared over 4,000 soldiers and the federal government has never assisted them in the slightest way” he said.


Sudanese President Vows Peace, Stability In Somalia

05 October – Source: Xinhuanet – 175 Words

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir said on Thursday that his country would exert utmost efforts for peace and stability in Somalia. “We have conducted comprehensive talks, the ultimate goal of which is to employ Sudan’s potentialities to achieve peace, stability and unity in Somalia,” said al-Bashir at a joint press conference after a meeting with his Somali counterpart Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed in the capital Khartoum. “Our concern has been to restore stability in Somalia which has suffered instability and insecurity,” he added.

The meeting focused on the security and economic situations in Somalia, its external relations with neighboring countries, Sudan’s contribution to fighting drought in Somalia, and Sudan’s role in restoring security and stability there, according to the Sudanese president. Meanwhile, Somali President Mohamed hailed Sudan’s supports to his country. “Somalia and Sudan have enjoyed historical ties over centuries which are based on brotherhood and blood relations,” he said.

On Wednesday, the Somali president leading a high-level delegation, including ministers of foreign affairs, finance, agriculture and youth and sports, arrived in Khartoum for a two-day visit.

Communities In Marka Are Using Football To Engage In Mediation And Promote Reconciliation.

06 October – Source: AMISOM – 298 Words

Members of two rival clans from Marka, in Lower Shabelle region of Somalia, who have fought each other for years, recently set aside their differences and unified in a game of football. The Bimal and Habirigidir clansmen held a game at a football pitch in Ceeljale on 28th September. The pitch was constructed by locals, with the help of the Civil Military Coordination Team of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), who worked with the community to clear and level an open field, donated by an elder.

Rival clans agreed to have their first football match pitting Marka Ayub football team against Ceeljaale football team. The game ended in a nil-nil draw. The match followed mediation and negotiation meetings spearheaded by the AMISOM Civil-Military Coordination team and Colonel Bonny Ogwal, the Commander of the Ugandan Battle Group XXII in charge of the area.

“We undertake such community initiatives as part of our continuous effort to build and sustain relations with the local population that we work with in ensuring security. The football match was made possible because of the relative peace attained in Somalia today, allowing the population to engage in social activities and sports,” Major Robert Kamara, the AMISOM Ugandan Contingent Spokesperson.


“Flattery is just for the fools. The custom of flattering the leaders must come to end. Somali public must at least hold their tongues and know which way the wind is blowing before singing praises for the leaders. Often we [Somalis] rushed hailing neophyte, first-time-in-office, as a hero to our disappointment. However, the leaders who desire a sincere praise (not a flattery) from the Somali public should lead an exemplary leadership which should be imitated as role model–for imitation is said to be the most sincere praise.”

Time Somalis To Quit False Flattery For Their Leaders

05 October – Source: Wardheer News – 1020 Words

Leaders should, according to their deeds, deserve their praises or blames. And men should be critically sorted out from boys. In lieu Somalis notwithstanding their old proverb which says: ‘Hubsiimo hal baa la siistaa’ (Looking before leaping is worth a she-camel)–despicably heap praises on their leaders before acquainting with them. Instead of promoting the improvement of the statecraft by encouraging their leaders’ successes and admonishing them for going astray the path by offering constructive criticisms, they promptly and blindly flatter them.

However, disappointment after disappointment the latest of which was the disillusionment with President Farmaajo’s patriotisms after he handed over a pinioned fellow Somali citizen named Abdikarim Sh. Muse to Ethiopia, Somalia’s avowed enemy–it is about time Somalis realize that flattery won’t take us nowhere; and thus they should outgrow the culture of promptly singing undeserved praise songs for their leaders.

As a child growing up in Somalia in the 1970s at the height of the Siyad Barre’s regime, I was force-fed, like any other child in the country, to memorize ‘Guulwadoow Siyaad’ (the victorious Siyad), one of the myriads of Siyad Barre’s praise songs, even before I heard my, Somali, national anthem. This song was a must to sing, in chorus, in morning school parades (from nursery to high school) and all public assemblies.

Besides, whoever dared–adult or child– thinking of not singing it, languished in prison. That really disgusts me to this day, and I could not understand what kind of pleasure a national leader could draw from empty flattery words out of children‘s mouths, or for that matter adults’ mouths.

In essence, a primacy was given to teach pupils the Siyad Barre‘s praise songs over their national anthem. Consequently, singing of the leader’s praise songs was rammed Somali throats down in that time; and I think, that is the reason today Somalis still mistake leaders’ praise songs for patriotism.

The leader’s love of flattery was not one that neither started with Siyad Barre nor ended with him; but Somali leaders practiced it long before him, did it after him and still do it to this day. Sayyid Mohamed Abdulle Hassan who led the Dervishes freedom fighters in the early twentieth century (1900-1921) against European/Ethiopian Colonizers–allegedly had at least one praise song: ‘Sayyidka hooyadiis baa nin dhashey’ (the Sayyid’s mom bore a man) is said to have been sung for him at his headquarters. Richard Francis Burton–an English explorer, who traversed the northern part of Somalia in 1854, in his book ‘First Footsteps in East Africa’, wrote: “The country teems with poets, poetasters…every chief in the country must have a panegyric to be sung by his clan and…” Though, it is worth to note that Mr. Burton, at the time, was talking about Somali poetry.


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