October 4, 2018 | Morning Headlines

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Somali Federal Government To Back Self-organised Militias To Fight Al-Shabaab

03 October – Source: Halbeeg News – 236 Words

The Somali government has resolved to provide military support to self-organised militia groups, otherwise known as “Ma’awisley”, to fight off Al-Shabaab militants, the Somali National Army (SNA) chief, Dahir Adan Elmi has said.

“We are ready to provide military support to locals communities who voluntarily opt to liberate their villages from the Al-Shabaab attacks. We will boost their efforts to dismantle Al-Shabaab,” Mr. Elmi said. The development comes a day after fierce fighting broke out between the Al-Shabaab militia and local clan militias in Hirshabelle state

Over seven people from both sides have been killed in the intermittent clashes in several villages since Sunday. Among those killed is the leader of the local militia, identified as Hibad Ali Dasar. Speaking to the media, the SNA chief reiterated the Somali military’s resolve to support local militia groups.

The fighting between Al-Shabaab and the local militias in Hirshabelle state was triggered by alleged Al-Shabaab conscription of teenagers into their ranks. According to residents, the clashes kicked off on Sunday when self-organized clan militias in Middle Shabelle region turned down Al-Shabaab’s order to take their children to them.

Key Headlines

  • Somali Federal Government To Back Self-organised Militias To Fight Al-Shabaab (Halbeeg News)
  • The Newly Appointed UN Envoy Haysom Arrives In Mogadishu (Goobjoog News)
  • Hassan Sheikh-led Political Party Forced To Amend Name (Jowhar News)
  • Somali Air Traffic Controllers Strike Amid Dispute With Turkish Company (Hiiraan Online)
  • AMISOM Sends Congratulatory Message To Nigeria On Its 58th Independence Anniversary (AMISOM)
  • Soccer: Golden Club Score A Breakthrough For Gender Equality In Somalia (Reuters)


The Newly Appointed UN Envoy Haysom Arrives In Mogadishu

03 October – Source: Goobjoog News – 174 Words

New Secretary-General’s Special Representative and head of the UN peacekeeping mission in Somalia, Nicholas Haysom arrived on Wednesday in the capital of Mogadishu. Haysom and his delegates were warmly welcomed by UN staff members and government officials at Aden Adde airport in the capital Mogadishu.

South African Nicholas Haysom will replace Michael Keating of Britain. Haysom, an international lawyer with a long career focusing on democratic governance, constitutional and electoral reforms, reconciliation and peace processes, has previously served as special envoy to Afghanistan from 2014 to 2016 and also in UN office in Iraq from 2005 to 2017.

Last month, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has appointed Nicholas Haysom of South Africa as his special representative for Somalia and head of the UN peacekeeping mission in the country. Just like his predecessor, Haysom is taking charge of the UN in Somalia at a time the country is gearing for another election slated for 2020. Prior to that are two key state elections in South West set for November this year and Puntland January next year.

Hassan Sheikh-led Political Party Forced To Amend Name

03 October – Source: Jowhar.com – 248 Words

The former President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud-led political party, which was launched recently, has been met with the first hurdle following a protest by another political entity registered under a similar name.

Owing to the legal protest, the Union for Peace and Democracy (UPD), comprising two political parties, Daljir and Horusocod, has been forced to change its name to “Union for Peace and Development”. In a press statement, members of the party resolved to amend the name of the party “to be expressed as Union for Peace and Development, but retained the same UPD acronym.”

“As a national political party driven by the overarching need to set the bar on dispute resolution in Somalia, we believe a case involving a party name should not stand in our way of addressing and delivering to the aspirations of millions of Somalis both home and abroad,” read part of the statement.

It, however, assured its supporters and the general public that the name change doesn’t in any way affect all other operations and party’s plan. The change in name was informed by Abdullahi Sheikh Hassan, who lodged a formal complaint accusing the new political party of “stealing the name” of his party, which was formed in 2011. He had vowed to take the former President and his team to court.

The new party is expected to host a big ceremony in Mogadishu on Thursday to officially launch the political outfit. Former President, Hassan Sheikh, is expected to be installed as party leader.

Somali Air Traffic Controllers Strike Amid Dispute With Turkish Company

03 October – Source: Hiiraan Online – 185 Words

Air-traffic controllers at Mogadishu’s international airport announced a new work strike on Wednesday owing to a number of unresolved disputes including the dismissal of fellow aviation staffers by Favori LLC, a Turkish company running the airport’s operations. The strike by over 30 workers reportedly affected several scheduled flights before officials from Favori LLC moved in to help restore the airport’s routine operations.

Nonetheless, there are concerns over the long term impact of such strikes to the airport services. Following Wednesday’s standoff, the traffic controllers warned their strike would be extended if their terms were not met. Some of the airport’s workers accused the Turkish company of unfair dismissals of air traffic controllers and other airport staffers.

Officials at the company were not immediately available for comment. In 2013, the Somali government awarded the Turkish based company, Favori L.L.C, a multimillion dollar contract to take over the Mogadishu airport’s management for 15 years. Somalia, ‎a leading livestock and ‎bananas‎ exporter, largely relies on its ports and airports as main domestic revenue sources for the government, which is currently dependent on donor largesse to operate.


AMISOM Sends Congratulatory Message To Nigeria On Its 58th Independence Anniversary

03 October – Source: AMISOM – 399 Words

The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), sent a congratulatory message to Nigeria on its 58th Independence anniversary, which was marked in the Somali capital of Mogadishu on Monday. The deputy Head of AMISOM, Mr. Simon Mulongo, hailed Nigeria for its contribution to global peace support operations. Mulongo officiated the country’s Independence day celebrations, held last evening.

“As a police contributing country, Nigeria is one of those that have made impeccable contributions and have one of the strongest contingents of police, the Formed Police Units, here in Somalia,” said the deputy AU Special Representative for Somalia.

The Independence Day celebrations was attended by senior AMISOM and UN officials, among them, the Head of UNSOS Ms. Lisa Filipetto, the AMISOM Force Commander Lt. Gen. Jim Beesigye Owoyesigire, and the AU Mission’s Head Mission Support Maj. Gen. (Rtd) Fidza Dludlu. Nigeria’s contribution to peace support operations in Somalia dates back to 1992 when the country contributed troops to the United Task Force in Somalia (UNITAF).

In her remarks, Head of UNSOS Ms. Lisa Filipetto recognized the efforts and achievements of Nigeria, in the furtherance of global peace, and at the same time paid tribute to the Nigerian Armed Forces, the police and other security and law enforcement agencies, who are making supreme sacrifices by “working under such difficult conditions in various parts of the world, including Somalia”, to foster peace.

“I would like to pay homage to the Nigerian Formed Police Unit, the Individual Police Officers and the civilians of both AMISOM and UN, for their efforts to find peace in Somalia,” said the Head of UNSOS. Ms. Filipetto assured AMISOM and the Troop Contributing Countries, of the UN’s unwavering support. “We, in the UN, will do our best, to ensure we provide AMISOM and all the TCCs and PCCs, the most effective and efficient logistical support to enable the Mission achieve its mandate. We are really guided by the fact that the success of AMISOM is the success of us all,” she stated.

Nigeria has been a major contributor of troops and police to UN peacekeeping operations since 1960. “We solely believe and share a common goal of making Nigeria a great nation,” noted Lt. Col. Ogbonnaya Igwe, the lead organizer of the Independence celebrations.


“Another player, Nimco Cali Osman, said her family supports her decision to play football, but others don’t. “I face challenges. People insult me. They say to me: ‘You are a woman, why do you play football?”

Soccer: Golden Club Score A Breakthrough For Gender Equality In Somalia

03 October – Source: Reuters – 424 Words

On a tired artificial pitch near a Mogadishu street that has been hit with a series of explosions, Shaima Sallal Mohamed is tackling the stereotype that soccer in Somalia is only for men. The football fan is player and coach of the all-female Golden Club, which she founded after spending a fruitless year trying to find a place to play when she returned home from Kenya in 2015.

“In Somali culture, women are not allowed to play football,” the 24-year-old Mohamed told Reuters. “The society does not believe that women can participate in general sports. There is only one or two basketball women teams. Same with handball. Women are not encouraged to play.”

Mogadishu has over one hundred private soccer fields that are hired out day and night to amateur male teams. Mohamed said many were off limits for her two teams of mainly 16-18-year-olds, who play for two hours every day at a cost of $14.

Their venue, located behind hotels on the main Maka al Mukaram street, has rusting goal posts, tangled nets, paint peeling off the walls around the pitch and an uninviting iron sheeting roof. “We could not get fields to play because women are discriminated (against),” Mohamed said. “We have a very small field. In the future we want to represent Somalia as a national team,” she said, adding that neither the government not the football federation has offered support.

Mohamed, who played football at high school in Kenya, also helps her team by providing basic kit, balls and cones. She organises fund raising events to help cover the costs. “Families do not support the girls team. So I give them sports clothes. This makes them happy. Some families cannot afford to help them,” she said.

However, her efforts aren’t always appreciated. “My parents do not allow me to play football but I love playing football,” said Hodan Mohamud Ali, who joined one of Golden Clubs’ two teams in January despite her family objecting.

Another player, Nimco Cali Osman, said her family supports her decision to play football, but others don’t. “I face challenges. People insult me. They say to me: ‘You are a woman, why do you play football?’.

“But a woman should not stay at home only, it depends on the ambition of the person. My parents support me.” Mohamed’s next aim is to take the Golden Club international. “We want to go to Nairobi, Kenya and see how we can play. And in December, we want play with international teams on women’s rights day,” she said.


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