October 29, 2012 | Morning Headlines.

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Al Shabaab issue new terror threats to Kenya

28 Oct- Source: Daily Nation/Radio Risaala/Somalimemo – 326 words

The al Shabaab militia on Sunday scaled-up threats of imminent attack on Kenya for pursuing the terror group in Somalia. The militia’s in their official Twitter account @HSM Press Office, said Kenya will regret having decided to fight the militia. “Kenya will soon regret having embarked on this particular course of action, insha Allaah,’ said the tweet.

Key Headlines

  • Police academy opened in Mogadishu (Radio Risaala)
  • Allied forces carry out security operations in Kismayo (Raxanreeb)
  • Senior military official killed in al Shabaab attack in southern Somalia (Radio Shabelle)
  • Blast in southern Somali port city kills one injures four others (Hiiraan Online)
  • Help us take refugees in Dadaab back to Somalia Kenyan FM tells UN (The Star)
  • Somalia’s al Shabaab weakened (VOA)


Statement on the Charcoal Export at Kismayu Port

28 Oct – Source: Office Of the Somali President/Jowhar Online/Hiiraan Online – 339 words

The Somali government reiterates the ban on charcoal exports in line with the UN Security Council resolution.where all member states were asked to take the necessary measures to prevent the export and import of charcoal from Somalia which the Government of Somalia previously originated the request for the ban on the grounds that the charcoal business is not only hazardous to the environment but also detrimental to the security efforts.

Therefore, we express our deep concerns of any possibility to violate the UN security council resolution that bans charcoal and the government is in the process of forming task force to make sure and prevent any violations of the charcoal ban”.

The Federal Government is pleased by what has been achieved since the takeover of Kismayu by the Somali forces and AMISOM. The local leaders in Kismayu have the responsibility to put the people first, above any political differences and self interests what so ever and to ensure security, stability and restore confidence to the public.

The clear position of the Somali Government is to maintain the seaport and the air port facility solely open for humanitarian assistance, AMISOM and Somali forces are making sure to keep this task until an interim administration is established in due course.

It is the solid belief of the Somali Government that the people of Kismayu are fed up with counter productive politics, worlordism and extresmism and they deserve security, stability, basic serivce delivery and prosperous future. Therefore, the charcoal at the port will be stored for the time being so as the government to come up with the best course of action to deal with it in time.

The Somali Government is committed to comply with the UN Security Council Resolution 2036 and calls for the uphold of the ban and stand ready to continue to assist the people of Kismayu. We are taking full responsibility to mobilize humanatarian assistance and the government is in the process of sending ship of aid from the federal government to the people of Kismayu.


Police academy opened in Mogadishu

28 Oct – Source: Radio Risaala – 114 words

The number of police officers whose training has commenced is 40; they have been selected from different police stations around Mogadishu. The opening was presided by Somali and AMISOM police officers. Somali police spokesman Abdullahi Hassan Barise also talked at the venue and gave advice to the 40 policemen who started their investigative training.

Senior military official killed in al Shabaab attack in southern Somalia

28 Oct- Source: Radio Shabelle/Radio Kulmiye/Jowhar Online- 115 words

A senior Somali military official has died in an attack which occurred in Ceel Wareegow District, Lower Shabeelle Region in southern Somalia.
Government soldiers say the senior official died in an attack by al Shabaab fighters who were waiting for a convoy of military vehicles. The official who is known as Gen Muhammad Ibrahim Farah alias Gordon, was the head of the 5th military brigade. He was killed in an attack in Ceel Wareegow district on the outskirts of Marka town in Lower Shabeelle Region.

Allied forces carry out security operations in Kismayo

28 Oct – Source: Raxanreeb – 299 words

The Kenyan contingent of the African peacekeeping forces in Somalia backed by Raskanboni group on Sunday morning together carried out security operations in Kismayo. The operations targeted all villages of the town including, Allanley, Fia Afmadow and Shaqaalaha district. Residents in the city said, that the forces included those of KDF forces and Raskanboni militias carried out the operations arresting a number of unidentified people.

Gov’t says Luq is now safe and secure

28 Oct – Source: Radio Bar-kulan – 136 Words

The government has declared Luq town, Gedo region, and its environ safe and secure and urged aid agencies to open their offices in the area. Area district commissioner Abdullahi Kuredow said security in the district has been bolstered and now reliable. He said Somali forces backed by Ethiopian troops and their allied Ahlu Sunna militias are now in full control of the entire district. Kuredow revealed they have initiated a deal with aid agencies to have their offices open in all secured areas of the region in order to create job opportunities for unemployed local youths.

Puntland president opens Parliament’s 29th session in Garowe

28 Oct- Source: Garowe Online- 249 words

The president of Puntland government in northern Somalia opened the 29th ordinary session of the Puntland Parliament on Sunday in the state capital Garowe. President Abdirahman Mohamed Farole, accompanied by Vice President Gen. Abdisamad Ali Shire and Cabinet ministers, attended the opening among 46 Members of Parliament and addressed a number of issues in his opening speech.

Blast in southern Somali port city kills one, injures four others

27 Oct – Source: Hiiraan Online/ Radio Risaala – 84 words

A powerful land mine explosion in the southern Somali port city of Kismaayo has killed at least one person and injured four others, two of them members of government troops. “The explosion took place at a cafe at the city’s entrance. There were civilians and government forces there at the time of the blast”, the website added. An eyewitness told Hiiraan Online that the explosion “was very powerful and was heard in the city’s different neighbourhoods”. No group has claimed responsibility for the explosion.

Al Shabaab chief’s ID message says “invasion of Somalia meant to loot” country

27 Oct – Source: Jowhar Online – 185 words

The leader of al Shabaab, Shaykh Mukhtar Abu Zubayr, also known as Ahmad Abdi Godane, has issued an Id message touching on many issues in Somalia and elsewhere in the world. Abu Zubayr talked of major changes taking place in the Muslim world and the spread of jihad to many countries. He said the world was in a dire economic situation. “The major changes include the Jews feeling more insecure following the fall of walls surrounding them, the spread of jihadi activities in Syria, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Mali and Nigeria. The mujahidin in Iraq and Afghanistan have also scored major victories”, he added.

Al Shabaab ambush KDF in southern Somalia

28 Oct – Source: Shabelle – 97 words

Al Shabaab fighters have laid an ambush Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) at a rural village between Afmadow and Kismayo towns in southern Somalia, reports said. The attack occurred on Saturday night in the main road linking Afmadow to the southern port city of Kismayo and both sides exchanged heavy gunfire that lasted for several hours, according to the locals. “The Kenyan convoy was en route to Kismayo when the attack happened. People are feared dead (after) the combat,” a witness said, adding he could not confirm the casualties.

Bus carrying civilians hit with mortar; kills 8

25 Oct – Source: Garowe Online – 237 words

At least 8 civilians were killed after a bus carrying passengers was hit with a mortar while en route to Wanlaweyn in Lower Shabelle region. Somali forces backed by AMISOM have been battling al Shabaab in the district of Leego over the past two days. On Wednesday after fierce battles the allied forces captured the district. Clashes erupted again on Thursday in Leego approximately 44 kms north Wanlaweyn where a bus of civilians was headed but sadly didn’t make its destination after being hit with a mortar.

Somali leaders extend Eid-ul-Adha greetings to Somalis and the whole Muslims

26 Oct – Source: Shabelle – 157 words

The newly elected Somali leaders have sent a message of happiness and congratulations to all Somali people wherever they are around the world on celebrating the Eid Ul-Adha on Friday. Somali president H.E Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has sent his congratulatory notes to all Somalis and Muslims around the world on celebrating Eid Ul-Adha as he was performing Eid prayer at a mosque in Mogadishu. On this occasion EID Ul-Adha celebrations the president urged all Somalis to pardon each other and to stand united.


Two terror suspects killed in Mombasa

28 Oct – Source: Daily Nation – 134 words

Two terror suspects were on Sunday killed at Majengo, Mombasa in a shootout with police during the 1am incident. Coast Deputy PCIO John Gachomo said two suspects were arrested during the raid but four more escaped. Police also recovered three grenades, a pistol and 37 rounds of ammunition.

Rwandan youth contribute Rwf30 million to Somalia

28 Oct – Source:the Times –  408 words

Rwandan youth, through their campaign dubbed Rwanda Youth Campaign for Somalia, on Friday handed over a cheque worth over Rwf 30 million to Cabdullahi Sheikh Maxamed, Somalia`s Ambassador to Rwanda. During the event that attracted members of the National Youth Council and Ministry of Youth and Information and Communication Technology, Maxamed praised the youth for the initiative, saying the gesture will promote and strengthen the relationship between Rwanda and Somalia.

Al Shabaab issue new terror threats to Kenya

28 Oct- Source: Daily Nation – 326 words

The al Shabaab militia on Sunday scaled-up threats of imminent attack on Kenya for pursuing the terror group in Somalia. The militia’s in their official Twitter account @HSM Press Office, said Kenya will regret having decided to fight the militia. “Kenya will soon regret having embarked on this particular course of action, insha Allaah,’ said the tweet.

Kenyan police officer shot dead in refugee camp mosque

26 Oct – Source: Standard – 319 words

A CID officer was shot dead as he read a Koran inside a mosque in the Hagadera refugee camp in the larger Dadaab area near the Kenya-Somalia border. Constable Yusuf Yerro was among about five people who were praying in the mosque Friday at about noon when a gunman walked in and shot him once in the head killing him on the spot. Witnesses and police said the officer was holding a Koran when he was shot. He died instantly as the gunman escaped outside.

Help us take refugees in Dadaab back to Somalia, Kenyan FM tells UN

25 Oct – Source: Star – 244 words

Foreign Affairs minister Sam Ongeri is urging the United Nations to help in the relocation of Somalis back to their country.  Ongeri said Kenya has accommodated refugees at the Dadaab camp for 22 years. He was speaking during the commemoration of United Nations Day in Nairobi.  “Dadaab camp has the highest settlement amounting to 640,000 foreigners most of them originating from Somalia,”  Ongeri said. He said since Somalia has been liberated,  the refugees should go back to their home land.

Kenyan police officer probed for al Shabaab link

27 Oct – Source: Star – 88 words

A police officer at the Nanyuki police station is being questioned over a syndicate bringing in al Shabaab militia from Somalia. Laikipia East police boss Joshua Lutukai said on Friday the constable is said to be collaborating with a soldier at the Laikipia Airbase. “The officer was arrested on Monday and spent the night at the cells before being escorted to the CID headquarters in Nairobi on Tuesday,’’ said Lutakai. He said the man was arrested in Nanyuki town with five suspected al Shabaab members in his vehicle.

Kenyan soldier killed in Kismayu

25 Oct – Source: Standard/Daily Nation – 338 words

A Kenya Defence Forces soldier has been killed in a clash with Al-Shabaab militants in Kismayu as pacification of the port continues. Five militants were killed in the clash along the Kismayu-Bulahaji Road where they were trying to set up an observation point. The militants were driven out of the town last month in a bloodless raid by the KDF and Amisom allies that received praises. On Thursday, Department of Defence headquarters said the soldier was killed on Wednesday night in the clash with the militants and added the Chief of the Defence Forces Gen Julius Karangi had paid tribute to him.


Woman stoned to death for adultery

28 Oct – Source: indepth Africa – 469 words

Victim of extremism Stoning adulterers is not “extremist”; it is Islamic law. The caliph Umar, one of Muhammad’s closest companions, even maintained that it was originally in the Qur’an: ‘Umar said, “I am afraid that after a long time has passed, people may say, “We do not find the Verses of the Rajam (stoning to death) in the Holy Book,” and consequently they may go astray by leaving an obligation that Allah has revealed. Lo! I confirm that the penalty of Rajam be inflicted on him who commits illegal sexual intercourse, if he is already married and the crime is proved by witnesses or pregnancy or confession.”

Somalia’s al Shabaab weakened

26 Oct – Source: VOA – 881 words

The militant group al-Shabab is losing ground rapidly to Somali government troops and allied Kenyan and African Union soldiers.  Most recently, the group lost the key port town of Kismayo, which served as a strategic base and an important source of revenue.   But despite the military setbacks, al-Shabab’s top leadership is holding together at least for the time being and the group is promising a long war. The capture of Kismayo is sweet revenge for Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed Islam, also known as “Ahmed Madobe,” whose militia fought alongside Kenyan and Somali government forces.  He is a former deputy leader of al-Shabab but was kicked out of Kismayo in November 2009 after his militia, Raskamboni, had a falling out with al-Shabab. Madobe, a native of Kismayo, wanted an inclusive administration for the town, with representation for local clans.  Al-Shabab insisted on a totalitarian style of governance – which Madobe says was the group’s downfall.

Progress on cracking piracy but for others horror continues, by John Steed, UNPOS Chief Maritime Security and Counter Piracy

23 Oct – Source: UNPOS – 599 words

Over the last two weeks we have seen the release of two ships held by Somali pirates [one for over two years]. For the crews and their families a terrible ordeal has ended. Somali pirates continue to this date to hold five ships and four Dhows and 112 crews at sea. However, this story is not a happy ending as it masks a hidden tragedy that is often untold and ignored not just by the world at large but even by employers of crews kidnapped.

HRW: Kenyan Police Abusing Ethnic Somalis

25 Oct – Source: VOA – 530 words

Human Rights Watch (HRW) says Kenyan security officers have subjected dozens of ethnic Somalis to beatings and other abuses.  The alleged abuses were in apparent response to grenade and gun attacks carried out by militants with suspected links to the Somali armed group al-Shabab, against police in northeastern Kenya. Kenyan security forces have come under attack inside the country, particularly in the north, by suspected al-Shabab sympathizers in that region.



“The new government in Somalia has identified restoring security as a priority and it is clear from security perspective in its broad concept, it includes both state and human security.  This means that the new government must consider the internal and external threats that are drivers of insecurity.  There are key security concerns that demand concurrent attention which includes not only the political and institutional transformation, curbing the violence but also focusing on the economic and development needs of the country.”


26 Oct- Source: Hiran Online-2495 Words

Filled with euphoria, Somalia is emerging from over twenty years of state collapse and some even say that Somalis are determined to rebuild the country this time. However, there are persisting security challenges despite recent military gains against Al-Shabaab, the extremist militant group that has been waging bombing campaigns against the Somali authorities. Speaking in his inauguration as the newly elected president of Somalia, Mr. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has outlined his vision for Somalia for the next four years, underlining security as his number one priority in a country that is suffering from multiple malaises including environmental, economic, social and political –  a daring venture indeed.

“Awareness campaigns on the environmental danger of plastic bags should be conducted countrywide. It should be spearheaded by religious and clan leaders. Lectures on plastic sanitation could be held at mosques across the country as part of the Friday Sermons to remind the members of the congregation of their religious duty to live in a clean environment. Teachers should hold regular debates among their students to inform them of the negative impact of plastic bags and how they should never use them.”

Use of Plastic Bags Wreaking Havoc on Somali Soil

27 Oct- Source: Wardheernews-1150 Words

The greatest environmental pollution of all is that which people do gradually as part of their day to day activities. Plastic bags for domestic use fall under this category since they are not widely seen as more harmful to the environment in contrast to the benefits we derive from them. The impact of this profanation of Somali soil looks gloomier than acknowledged and the repercussions loom large. Therefore, it becomes ever more incumbent on those against the contamination of our habitat to make a clarion call for a concerted effort to curb the polythene menace in Somali territories.

“If the new Somali government or any other future one is able to offer them better services and support, they would most likely opt to join with them again in a referendum. Waiting for Somalia to fail to become noticed by the international community is also not a good strategy as this shows political immaturity and ill will in your brother’s hour of most need.”

What next for Somaliland?

28 Oct- Source: SomalilandPress-1299 Words

Somalilanders abroad feel cheated by the international community. By successfully attending the London conference on Somalia many of them thought that their unrecognised nation was finally taking the diplomatic steps needed to be politically visible after more than two decades of unofficial dealings with the world in dark corners. The hope always was, by taking the mature step of attending and engaging in the conference, their cause would also be advanced as their progress would be obvious when compared with war ravaged Somalia’s.

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