October 22, 2012 | Daily Monitoring Report.

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Somalia: IDPs in Luuq seek humanitarian assistance

22 Oct – Source: IRIN News – 338 words

Thousands of internally displaced people (IDPs) in Luuq, in Somalia’s southern Gedo Region, say their overcrowded settlements are desperately short of basic needs, from shelter to clean water.”The majority of the population here in these camps are women, children and elderly people who fled from recent battles and droughts in Bay, Bakool and lower Juba.

There has been no basic human needs provision for the last months, the condition of the camps is deteriorating as there is no shelter, food or adequate health attention, and it’s the raining period,” said Ali Mohamed, leader of one of the makeshift camps in the area.

According to Mohamed, up to 3,000 families are in need of humanitarian support. He noted that the situation was particularly serious as the ‘Gu’ seasonal rains – which last from September to December – had started and were putting the population at risk of waterborne diseases.

Key Headlines

  • Somali Women demand key ministry position (Radio Dalsan)
  • Bombings Continue to Rock Somalia’s port city Kismayo (Shabelle/Somali Memo)
  • 300 Somali students to receive education in Turkey (Antolia News Agency)
  • Ethiopian forces will pull out of Somalia says AMISOM Spokesman (Radio Mustaqbal)
  • United Nations to construct new camp for Somalis in Ethiopia (Sabahi Online)
  • MMHouse Condemns attack against  Journalist in Mogadishu (Mogadishu Media House)
  • Oman could help Somalia with coast guard judiciary training: UNODC (Muscat Daily)
  • World Sea Piracy Falls to Lowest Level Since 2008 (ABC News/AP)


MMHouse Condemns attack against  Journalist in Mogadishu

22 Oct – Source: Mogadishu Media House – 200 words

Mogadishu Media House (MMHouse) has today strongly condemned the attack against a journalist Mohamed Mohamud Tuuryare who was wounded on Sunday evening 21 October, 2012 by unknown gunmen. Two unknown gunmen opened fire and seriously wounded Mohamed Mohamoud Tuuryare near his home at Wadajir District around 6:30 last night. He is now at Madina Hospital and had successful surgery.

“The continued murder and onslaught on journalists in Somalia should stop. We demand the Somali government to immediately investigate this incident and publicly table reports on all journalists killed or wounded in the last six months”, said Mogadishu Media House Director, Abdullahi Hassan Black while addressing journalists at the centre.

MMHouse also calls for the formation of an independent body that works closely with media associations in protecting journalists both on and off duty. Mr. Tuur yare was a Shabelle Radio’s website editor and program producer. MMHouse hopes fast recovery of the victim.

As an non-profit –non-governmental -organization charged with protection of journalists -by providing accommodation, securing movement and release, news production platform and technical support-we appeal to the Transitional Federal Government, the international community and development partners to promote the efforts and activities of media advocacy programs in Somalia .


Somali Women demand key ministry position

22 Oct – Source: Radio Dalsan – 145 words

During the presidential campaign, the candidates made commitments to honor Somali Women’s rights in the government and the women organization are sending reminder.

The Chairperson of Wadani Women organization, Dahabo Mohamed Barre has appealed to the president to fulfill the commitments that he made while he was in the campaign trail which was to give a key ministry to the Somali Women.

Dahabo expressed concerns that the 30% quota was not in the parliament selection and that the president should not offer the Women Affairs docket but also give a key ministry.

Bombings Continue to Rock Somalia’s port city Kismayo

22 Oct – Source: Shabelle/Somali Memo – 106 words

Witnesses say at least two bomb explosions have rocked strategic Somalia’s southern port city of Kismayo, the latest in series of attacks and explosions in the city since Somali and Kenyan forces moved in.

Unidentified attackers hurled hand grenades into at the regional administration offices in the city, causing unknown casualties. Kenyan troops from the African Union force and their Somali allies entered the former Islamist bastion early this month.

“It was a huge explosion at the administration office, where Somali military command is located,” said resident who asked anonymity. Witnesses and government officials reported no casualties.

Ethiopian forces will pull out of Somalia, says AMISOM Spokesman

21 Oct – Source: Radio Mustaqbal – 140 words

The Spokesman of African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) Col. Ali Aden Humed speaking to journalists in Mogadishu on Saturday said that Ethiopian forces present in parts of the regions of Somalia will soon pull out from the country.

The spokesman said AMISOM troops will take over the areas where Ethiopian forces are holding at the moment. “The plan by AMISOM is to take over the positions held by Ethiopian forces in parts of the regions of the country, Ethiopian troops will soon retreat back to their position along Somalia border” said Col. Ali Aden Humed.

The spokesman also indicated that AMISOM and government forces will open the roads linking to the regions of the country. Ethiopian troops have invaded the country and ousted al Shabaab fighters in Hiran, Gedo and Bay regions.

Puntland starts rehabilitating Bosaso-Qardo Highway

22 Oct – Source: Radio Bar-kulan – 112 words

Puntland’s Highway Authority (NESHA) on Sunday started construction work along the road between the port city of Bosaso and the Qardo town. Speaking to Bar-kulan on the line from Qardo, NESHA director, Eng. Hassan Osman Ali said move is aimed at tackling increasing cases of road carnage due to poor condition of the road and improving the quality of the region’s road network as well as reducing travel time and transport costs.

He said NESHA has already completed similar projects in some parts of the region and rehabilitated the road between Garowe and Galkayo as well as construction of the road between Jalam and Kala-bayr which has been in badly condition.

Somaliland arrests two officials for visiting Mogadishu

21 Oct – Source: Somaliland Press – 147 words

Authorities in Somaliland this week detained two officials in the seaport town of Berbera after their return from the Somali capital, Mogadishu where they held talks. Ahmed Dhego and Mohamed Hussein Dhabeye, from the Somaliland Football Association and Ministry of Civil Aviation respectively, were arrested at the airport by security forces.

The two officials visited Mogadishu for key talks with Somali officials and institutions. According to reports in Hargeisa, Mr. Dhego was detained for holding alleged talks with the Somali Football Federation (SFF) in Mogadishu, who are currently organizing a regional tournament in the capital for the first time in many years.

The SFF president Ali Said Guled Rooble recently asked the African Union peacekeepers in Somalia (AMISOM) to relocate from the country’s largest football Stadium for the tournament. Themed “peace and development”, Mogadishu will host the event in December and plans to invite all Somali football clubs.

Puntland President Farole meets EU Special envoy to Somalia

21 Oct – Source: Bar-kulan/ Universal TV/Garowe Online – 75 words

Puntland president Abdirahman Farole on Sunday received an EU delegation led by its special envoy to Somalia Michele Cervone d’Urso. Although the media was not invited to the meeting room, reports say the two sides discussed EU role in the fight against piracy and other EU funded developmental projects in Somalia. Speaking to the press after the meeting, president Farole said they agreed to cooperate in the fight against piracy off the coast of Somalia.

Somali Journalist wounded in Mogadishu

21 Oct – Source: Shabelle/Garowe Online/Raxanreeb – 119 words

A Shabelle Media journalist was wounded by gunmen in the capital Mogadishu on Sunday evening, Witnesses said. Mohamed Mohamud Tuuryare was approached by two unknown men on Sunday night in the district of Wadajir. The men encircled the journalist and pulled out pistols and began firing on him. Mr.Tuuryare was shot five times on the chest but his injuries are not severe, according to the Doctors at Madina hospital.

“Two gunmen approached the journalist near a mosque at Hawo Tako village in Mogadishu’s Wadajir district, one of the assailants came from behind and the other stood in front of him, both pulled out pistols and began firing,” said a witness who spoke to Shabelle from the hospital.

UN officials visit Galkayo

21 Oct – Source: Bar-kulan – 97 words

A delegation of UN officials on Sunday visited central Somali town of Galkayo where they held talks with Galmudug president Abdi Qeybdid to discuss humanitarian situation in the region.

The officials from the UN OCHA, WFP, UNICEF, WHO and UNHCR held closed door meeting with the area top regional administration led by president Qeybdid but later told the press that delivery of humanitarian aid to locals dominated the talks.

Galmudug’s International Cooperation Minister Mohamed Ali Noor told Bar-kulan that all issues raised during the talks including responding to the needs of the local population were agreed upon.

Al Shabaab fighters battle government forces in Mogadishu outskirts

21 Oct – Source: Radio Mustaqbal – 98 words

Somalia’s government forces and armed men believed to be al Shabaab fighters have clashed on Sunday night at Hawo Abdi area on the road links that the capital, Mogadishu to Afgoye.

The clash reportedly erupted after the armed men attacked the base of government forces at area. Residents say sound of heavy gunfire exchanged between the sides was heard overnight. There was no immediate report of any damage caused by the clash. No group has yet to claim the attack.

20 wounded in Mogadishu wedding bombing

20 Oct – Source: Garowe Online – 120 words

Unidentified attackers hurled hand grenades into a crowded wedding ceremony in Mogadishu on Saturday, Garowe Online reports. Local witnesses said there was sudden explosion in a crowded room full of  women and children in Mogadishu’s Hodan district, wounding 20 persons. Three persons were in critical condition, including a four-year old boy and a pregnant woman, local sources reported.

The bride and groom of the wedding, identified as Ms. Farhiya Egal and Mr. Mohamed Mohamud, survived the bombing although the groom’s mother suffered wounds from the blast. No group has claimed responsibility for the bombing, but al Shabaab group has claimed responsibility for previous attacks on public gatherings, as the extremist group opposes music and sports events.

Unidentified assailants assassinate technician in Marka town

21 Oct – Source: Raxanreeb – 105 words

Reports from Marka town of Lower Shabelle region of Somalia say that unidentified gunmen have shot and killed a local technician on Saturday night. Witnesses told RBC Radio that at least three masked men armed with pistols shot Mikaa’il Ahmed on the head and the chest and escaped from the crime scene. The motive of the killing was unclear.

Somali government forces reached the scene after the assassination searching for the assailants but no one was arrested. Ahmed Omar Mudane, the deputy governor of Lower Shabelle region administration has blamed the killing on al Shabaab militant group.

Terror suspects arrested in Somaliland lose UK appeal

20 Oct – Source: Somaliland Press – 118 words

Two men accused of being part of a “prolific extremist network” have lost their appeal against control orders. The men, referred to at the High Court as CC and CF, are accused of fighting in Somalia alongside the al Qaeda-linked insurgent group al Shabaab.

They were arrested in January 2011 in Somaliland, a breakaway Somali state. The judge said the national security case against CC was “overwhelming” while CF had “played a substantial role” in the jihadist network.

The judgement reveals the men claim UK agencies colluded in their alleged mistreatment before their return home. The Home Office neither confirmed nor denied publicly during the case whether the UK authorities had been involved in an overseas operation against the men.


Oman could help Somalia with coast guard, judiciary training: UNODC

22 Oct – Source: Muscat Daily – 319 words

Talks have taken place between Oman and the United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to provide assistance in the development of the Somali Coast Guard and train its judiciary, in a move to prevent acts of piracy in regional waters, according to UNODC officials.

However, there hasn’t been any agreement between Oman and Somalia on the transfer of suspects convicted here on accounts of piracy against Omani vessels or inside territorial waters, added officials.

Known as the Piracy Prisoner Transfer Programme (PPTP), it was launched on January 1 this year after being endorsed by UN Security Council Resolution 2015.

The Battle for Hosingo town

22 Oct – Source: Daily Nation – 458 words

On January 22, 2012, Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) soldiers were sent to liberate Hosingo, a town in south Somalia. The force was expected to link up with Somalia’s Transitional Federation Forces (TFG) for the task. At 2200 hours, the officer commanding the team radioed that his men had run into an al Shabaab ambush. A two-hour battle ensued.

Lt Col Jeff Nyaga expected the worst.“I was told that we had lost two officers,” he recalls. That day was the saddest for the troops since rolling into Somalia in October 2011. The slain officers, Lt Edward Juma Okoto and Lt Kevin Anamunyi Webi, were popular with the troops.

United Nations to construct new camp for Somalis in Ethiopia

21 Oct – Source: Sabahi Online – 123 words

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) will construct a new camp in Ethiopia to accommodate increasing numbers of Somali refugees in the country, the agency’s spokesperson Andrej Mahecic announced in Geneva Friday (October 19th).

“With people still arriving at Dollo Ado, the Ethiopian government has authorised the opening of a sixth site and land has been designated for this between the town of Kole and Kobe camp, some 54 kilometres north of Dollo Ado town,” Mahecic said.

The camp will cost an estimated $5 million to open, according to Mahecic, and UNHCR has requested $1.5 million from donors to fund initial construction. This year, UNHCR has received $44 million of the more than $112 million it requested for refugee-related activities.

Somalia stability renews Kenya push for US direct flights

21 Oct – Source: Business Daily Africa – 391 words

Kenya has stepped up its push for direct flights to the United States following the return of normalcy in Somalia. Barely three years after the US Homeland Security Department cited security concerns to deny Delta Airlines permission to start flying directly to Nairobi, Trade minister Moses Wetang’ula says a new deal is in the offing.

“At the bilateral level, Kenya and US have broadly agreed to improve the business climate, upgrade infrastructure and introduce direct flights to boost trade and investment,” Mr. Wetang’ula said after meeting a US trade delegation on Friday.

Kenya shares an 880km-long border with the Horn of Africa nation which has had no central government since 1991. Government officials say the capture of many parts of Somalia, including the capital Mogadishu and Kismayo Port city by Kenya Defence Forces and African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM has provided a fresh impetus to push for direct flight to America.


300 Somali students to receive education in Turkey

22 Oct – Source: Anatolia News Agency – 99 words

200 of 300 students have left Mogadishu on Sunday to come to Turkish capital Ankara.Turkish Ambassador in Mogadishu Cemalettin Kani Torun stated that remaining 100 students will be heading to Turkey later on.

Torun informed AA that all in different fields, 10 doctorate degree students, 150 postgraduate and 140 undergraduate students entitled to receive scholarship.

One of the students Ruveyda Hasan told AA that previously she studied in England however she had to go back to her country because of financial problems. She added that she is happy to get a chance to continue her education in Turkey.

World Sea Piracy Falls to Lowest Level Since 2008

22 Oct – Source: ABC News/AP –  128 words

A maritime watchdog says global sea piracy has fallen to its lowest level since 2008 as threats from Somalia ease. The International Maritime Bureau said Monday that 233 attacks were recorded worldwide in the first nine months of this year, down from 352 in the same period last year. The numbers fell because attacks off Somalia’s coast plummeted during that same period, from 199 last year to 70 this year.

Only one Somali attack was reported in the entire third quarter of 2012. The bureau said Monday that pirates have been deterred by international navies, and by ships taking their own measures, such as hiring armed guards.

Somalia: IDPs in Luuq seek humanitarian assistance

22 Oct – Source: IRIN News – 338 words

Thousands of internally displaced people (IDPs) in Luuq, in Somalia’s southern Gedo Region, say their overcrowded settlements are desperately short of basic needs, from shelter to clean water.

“The majority of the population here in these camps are women, children and elderly people who fled from recent battles and droughts in Bay, Bakool and lower Juba. There has been no basic human needs provision for the last months, the condition of the camps is deteriorating as there is no shelter, food or adequate health attention, and it’s the raining period,” said Ali Mohamed, leader of one of the makeshift camps in the area.

According to Mohamed, up to 3,000 families are in need of humanitarian support. He noted that the situation was particularly serious as the ‘Gu’ seasonal rains – which last from September to December – had started and were putting the population at risk of waterborne diseases.

Somalia edges towards peace, with football part of the endgame

19 Oct – Source: Guardian – 559 words

Hotels and restaurants are open for business, families are back on the beach and the first launderette for 20 years is welcoming dirty linen. Now comes further evidence that life in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, is approaching something like normality: the national stadium will be used for playing football instead of war. The African Union peacekeeping force, AMISOM, has said it hopes to leave its base at the stadium in time for a football tournament in December.

The move followed a call by the Somali Football Federation (SFF) for the bullet-scarred venue to return to its original calling after two decades of occupation by various soldiers, warlords and rebels.



“Jihad is the constant motivation that you and I need to gain knowledge, to seek and create opportunities for ourselves, to cultivate good families and good communities, to spiritually develop and purify ourselves, to find The Sublime Creator, to understand the purpose of our respective lives, and to find a common ground in which coexistence is possible.”

The Counter intuitive Jihad

21 Oct – Source: Foreign Policy Blog – 1816 Words

Gone are the days when avoidance of religious and political discussions was essential to retaining friendships. Today, discussing these two topics in the public and private squares is essential to peace, coexistence, development and progress!

At hand is the most misunderstood and indeed most abused moral concept of the 21st century: the doctrine of Jihad. Of course, jihad was not prescribed for humanity in the 21st century; it was merely shoved into the limelight by the events of 9/11 onto a dichotomous stage of political theater designed to keep Islam and the West apart.

The script was written and the actors played their roles. To some the “Clash of Civilizations” was unavoidable, and the “’good” must prevent “evil”, preemptively in order to minimize risk. For over a decade now ‘the Clashists’ and their propaganda engines have been operating in full force to demonize Islam and Muslims by misinforming the average person (Western or Eastern, Muslim or non-Muslim). So, what is Jihad?

“Now that a businessman has become premier, what remains in the Isbeddel-doon (change-oriented) jigsaw is the formation of a quality cabinet and the implementation of the promised ambitious social and economic pledges.”

For new Somali PM Shirdon, security and economy top priorities

21 Oct – Source: African Review – 690 Words

While seeking the endorsement of the Federal Parliament in Mogadishu last Wednesday, new premier Abdi Farah Shirdon vowed to focus on improving security particularly in the troubled southern and central regions of Somalia, with resuscitation of the economy also a top priority.

For many Somalis, violent deaths from terrorism remain freshly etched in their minds, making the prime minister’s guarantee of fixing security welcome.
“I will also direct my government’s attention to the resettlement of internally displaced people,” said Mr Shirdon, saying that he was fully aware of the hardships that residents have had to endure.

He told the attentive legislators that another priority in his government’s agenda was to facilitate the return of the Somali refugees that are scattered in many parts of the world.

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