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President Sharif Hassan Position Is In Critical Situation

02 October – Source: Garowe Online – 224 Words

Parliamentarians in the South West State of Somalia are busy organizing a motion of no-confidence to oust President Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan, according to a report obtained by Garowe Online. The process to start the motion have already begun including here in Mogadishu, and nearly 82 MPs have signed. MPs from Baidoa, who would like to remain anonymous have told Garowe Online that some MPs were threatened to be removed from office if they go ahead with the motion. There are 149 MPs in South West state parliament, and more than 67 of the MPs are currently in Mogadishu while the rest are in overseas and happen to be the supporters of President Sharif Hassan Sheikh.

The Speaker of the Transitional Federal Parliament (TFP), Abdikadir Sheikh Sharif Maye, who returned from the country overnight, is in Mogadishu and is expected to receive the motion. The MPs are also most likely to discuss in this motion a recent conference in Afgoye in Lower Shabelle which is part of South Central Somalia. Further reports stated that ministers from Southwest would like to step down during the debate on this motion. The issues up for debate in this motion include insecurity as a result of Al-Shabaab, and the conflict in some areas in Lower Shabelle which has resulted in lack of movement for those living in the areas.

Key Headlines

  • President Sharif Hassan Position Is In Critical Situation (Garowe Online)
  • South West State Bans Private Meetings In The Capital Baidoa (Goobjoog News)
  • Somali Security Forces Launch Sweep In Mogadishu Dozens Arrested (Shabelle News)
  • Fisherwoman Says New Boat Engine Will Help Her Haul (ICRC)
  • The Curse Of Blades And Powders: FGM In Somaliland  (The Guardian)
  • Somalia: A Search Of New Course (Wardheer News)


Southwest State Bans Private Meetings In The Capital, Baidoa

02 October – Source: Goobjoog News – 175 Words

Southwest administration has banned private meetings in Baidoa town unless cleared by the authorities. Speaking to Goobjoog News, the spokesperson of the state Nurdin Abukar Ga’ma noted the need for anyone organizing a meeting to get a permit from the state authority and to explain in detail the agenda for the gathering. He appealed specifically to the politicians in Baidoa town to seek permission to hold meetings. “They have to get license from the state internal ministry. Let us perceive this move from a positive perspective” he added.

Ga’ama brushed aside allegations that they are pressing hard the local politicians adding that if this was the case, no one could have been allowed to speak to the media. “We are not suppressing all the politicians in the state but to maintain peace and if this is true, they could not have been communicating with the media” Spokesperson Ga’ama said. This latest development comes amid accusations by the state against the federal government over what it termed as attempts to remove state leaders from power.

Somali Security Forces Launch Sweep In Mogadishu, Dozens Arrested

02 October – Source: Shabelle News – 129 Words

Dozens of people were arrested in Mogadishu in a joint operation carried out by the Somali police and Intelligence officers, targeting individuals suspected to have links with militants. government forces and African Union Troops raided homes of suspected militants in the capital’s Wardhigley, Yaqshiid and Heliwa districts last night, nabbing over 50 people.

A local resident, speaking to Radio Shabelle via phone, said the massive security sweep began in the evening and continued until the midnight. He said the detained suspects who are being held in custody will be questioned with a view to getting more information from them. Although Al-Shabaab was ousted from its bases in Mogadishu in 2011, the Al Qaeda-linked militant group continue to stage lethal attacks in the seaside city and elsewhere in the country.


Fisherwoman Says New Boat Engine Will Help Her Haul

02 October – Source: ICRC – 529 Words

It’s an uncommon site to see women in fishing boats at sea in Somalia, making a living by hauling in the region’s bountiful seafood. But in the coastal town of Eyl, one prominent fisherman is actually a fisherwoman. Asha Abdikarim stands on the sandy beach of Eyl among the town’s fishermen, dressed in a black robe and brown scarf. She is in her element, standing on the golden sand here: she has been fishing for nearly two decades. Being in a traditionally male-dominated career has not stopped the 45-year-old from pursuing what she enjoys most – fishing, a career she began in 1999. Her knowledge and skills of the sea and passion for the art of fishing shine through as she talks about professional fundamentals such as the best times and locations to snare a good catch

“During the monsoon season it is difficult working in the ocean. The boats can’t enter. The sea is furious and winds are very strong,” said Asha, a mother of three. Somalia’s coastal areas see a six-month rotation between the low and high fishing season, which is determined by monsoon winds. In the low season, from May to September, high waves and strong winds pose a risk to small- and medium-size commercial boats. Artisanal fisheries are the most affected by the low season, leading them to perform limited trips to sea. Eyl is an isolated coastal town that empties out during the low season, when many of the fishermen leave to find work elsewhere. Asha is one of the remaining fisher folk in the town, and she is looking forward to the upcoming fishing season in October.

Asha didn’t set out to be a fisherwoman in her younger years. She started out as a housewife, but then her marriage fell apart and she struggled to find a way to care for her three children. Because her ex-husband had been a fisherman, she already knew how to store and prepare fish for the market. Those are skills she would put into practice after she built a hotel to cater to tourists who visit the historic town of Eyl. “There was no guest house in this town before. People came only for one day and left before dusk. But now they have a decent place to rest where I cook fresh seafood delicacies for them,” she said.

The Curse Of Blades And Powders: FGM In Somaliland

02 October – Source: The Guardian – Pictures

Almost all women aged 15 to 49 in the east African breakaway state of Somaliland have suffered female genital mutilation. But a campaign to highlight the physical and psychological damage caused by the practice is starting to have an impact


“Certainly, the problem of the Somali political elites lies with their predatory political culture widely developed through years of postcolonial era. The concept of state, which is based on citizenship and institutions, including political parties and civic organizations, is not well entrenched in the Somali political culture. Obviously, it would be expected that formation of civic organizations would consequently face challenges that include organizational frailty, the fluidity of ideology, and traditional alignments.”

Somalia: A Search Of New Course

30 September – Source: Wardheer News – 1127 Words

Somalia is in a very precarious condition which demands a search of a new course and rethinking outside of traditional box. Our state is far beyond to stand on its feet and use of its potential material and human resources after 27 years of collapse. In spite of that, our people demonstrate success stories in the globalized and competitive world as well in different regions in the Horn of Africa. Somalis are known for their resilience and business entrepreneurship. They have survived in the prolonged stateless condition and brutal civil wars with high coping mechanism; and established functioning social institutions and competitive business companies. Thus, we can comfortably acknowledge that Somalis are in general successful in all aspects except in governance and state-building ventures. In this part, we have scored inexcusable failure which requires to be boldly recognized and addressed prudently and professionally.

Indeed, we must acknowledge that we did not master yet the art of governance, seemingly a difficult subject matter for us without which our societal successes will not reach their potential. Thus, at this junction, we must have courage to take bold steps and change our political discourse. We have to change our way of thinking and question our direction, review our vision and national aspirations. Briefly describing our current affairs, our national leadership continues to recycle failed approaches to governance, and national institutions remain toothless and dysfunctional. On top of this, most of our political elites are predatory, divided, and self-centered.

Addressing common interest of the nation and concerns of the citizens is rhetorical and occasional, let alone coherent programs. Political class lacks conception of the modern state and capacity, plus the culture required to administer the state. Moreover, most federal member states have been formed haphazardly and remain shaky in conflict with the center in violation of the core constitutional principles of federalism. Our security apparatus is weak, under trained, under-equipped, and underpaid. Our economy is unstable and depends on foreign donations and handouts. This is only a sketchy description of our catastrophic condition which is unbearable and demands astute understanding and practical action from organic intelligentsia and genuine nationalists. To establish common understanding of the Somali enigma, it is essential to come to an agreement that the core problem of Somalia is located in its organizational deficiency and inability to synthesize tradition and modernity.


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Image of the daySomali Federal Parliament Speaker Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari meets with the Secretary general of the Arab league Ahmed Abuu Geyd in Cairo Egypt on his official visit to the country.

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