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Southwest MPs To File Impeachment Motion Against President Shariif

05 November – Source: Hiiraan Online – 177 Words

Members of Southwest State Assembly are planning to file impeachment motion against Southwest State president, Shariif Hassan, accusing him of incompetence. Following deliberations in Baidoa , the lawmakers formed anti-president caucus to implement the no-confidence motion. Mohamed Farah, a Southwest member of parliament said that close to hundred MPs signed the motion and it will be lodged to the parliament leadership soon.

According to reliable sources who spoke to Hiiraan Online, over 90 legislators have signed the impeachment motion. “The MPs have been preparing this motion for months and this is the second time, the MPs are trying to relieve the President of  his duties,” said a source privy to the development. The move comes at a time when President Hassan is attending security conference in Mogadishu.

Shariif Hassan is yet comment on the impeachment motion against him which is to be submitted to the regional  parliament. Impeachment motions hit several regional states in the recent months. Hirshabelle President, Ali Abdullahi Osoble was relieved of his duties following a successful impeachment motion passed by the lawmakers this year.

Key Headlines

  • Southwest MPs To File Impeachment Motion Against President Shariif (Hiiraan Online)
  • Somali President Says Deal With Federal States Signals Unity (Shabelle News)
  • Somali National Army Kills 5 Capture 7 Terrorist Militants (SONNA)
  • Somali Pro-IS Group Chief Survives US Strike Says Regional Leader (VOA)
  • The Enemies Of Somalia: An Obstacle To Peace And Stability (Hiiraan Online)


Somali President Says Deal With Federal States Signals Unity

06 November – Source: Shabelle News – 106 Words

Somali President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has lauded the agreement between his government and the Federal Member states, saying it shows unity and solidarity. President Farmajo speaking at the conclusion of a week-long consultative meeting in Mogadishu with the regional leaders said the deal will lead the country to a lasting peace.

On the other hand, Farmajo has urged the public to collaborate with the Federal government to move Somalia out of the current crisis ravaged the country. This call comes as Somali government is mobilizing united front against Al-Shabaab as part of the President’s plan to restore law and order to the horn of Africa nation.

Somali National Army Kills 5, Capture 7 Terrorist Militants

06 November – Source: SONNA – 124 Words

Somali National Army has killed five Al-Shabaab fighters and captured seven others in an on-going military operations in Middle and Lower Shabelle region, SONNA reported. Gen. Omar Dhere, SNA Commander of 12 April Section told Somali National News Agency that the forces captured Basra in middle Shabelle region and Jambalul in lower Shabelle region and several areas during the operations.

“Five terrorist fighters killed, seven others were captured during the operation, the militants are escaping from those areas, but we will pursue and finish them soon,” Mr. Dhere said. Such military development comes as Somali President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo announced a war against Al-Shabaab militants after the deadliest terrorist attack at Zoope junction in Mogadishu that left 358 people dead on 14th October, 2017


Somali Pro-IS Group Chief Survives US Strike, Says Regional Leader

06 November – Source: VOA – 505 Words

The leader of the Pro-Islamic State group in Somalia has survived U.S. airstrikes which targeted caves in a remote mountainous area in Puntland, the region’s president told VOA Somali. Abdiweli Mohamed Ali said the leader of the group, Sheikh Abdulkadir Mumin, was the target of Friday’s U.S. strike. “They [US] were targeting those troublemakers and their biggest leader Abdulkadir Mumin, they were looking for them,” he said. “Based on the information I’m getting he is still alive and is not dead.”

Ali said the U.S. did not share intelligence with his region but assessment is based on information from his region’s intelligence agencies. On Friday, the United States Africa Command confirmed carrying out two strikes against IS militants in Somalia. The first attack occurred at around midnight and the second attack took place the following morning at 11:00.

The U.S. Africa Command says several militants were killed in the strikes in Buqo Valley, 160 kilometers east of the city of Bosaso. The strikes were the first against the group by the United States. On Sunday a senior Somali intelligence official told VOA Somali that they believe up to 20 militants were killed in the two strikes. He said some of the caves the militants were sheltering in collapsed on them as a result of the bombing.

The official who asked not to be named, told VOA Somali that it’s “likely” the leader of the group Sheikh Abdulkadir Mumin survived the attack. “Either he was not in those caves or he was missed, it is likely that he is alive,” he said. The official said he believes two foreign figures including a Sudanese militant were also in the targeted area. Intelligence sources say at least four missiles hit the caves in Buqo Valley in the first of two rounds of strikes.


“The position taken by the Government in regards to Arab dispute is legally, politically sound, and is in line with international law. It’s a sensible neutral position that invites dialogue and reconciliation – an extension of our Islamic values to promote peace and dialogue between our Muslims brothers/sisters.”

The Enemies Of Somalia: An Obstacle To Peace And Stability

05 November – Source: Hiiraan Online – 1348 Words

Somalia has gone through a tumultuous period from civil war to a complete state failure, impacting on our sovereignty, peace, harmony and dignity as people.  Despite many challenges ahead, we are beginning to see a gradual recovery through the help of the international community and our current leaders who are dealing with local and international challenges/threats facing Somalia. To fully comprehend where we are today, you just have to refer back to the political turmoil and traumas Somalia has gone through in the last 27 years. We come so far, but there is much more to do.

The election of Hon Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo brought back a period of optimism, political hopes and sense of dignity for the Somali people. The new government face many challenges internally and externally, and with that, mistakes are inevitable under the pressure of governing.

When mistakes are made and governments lose focus, it helps to show a degree of contrition and commitment to reform and delivery. The Government must re-focus and work towards their political promises of security and stability and good governance. This is what the Somali public expects from their Government and I hope our leaders take heed to this much needed and timely advice.

While saying that, what is clear to me is that we have young leaders who have their heart in the right place for Somalia. They champion a much needed care and compassion for the vulnerable in our society and see their role beyond a salvaging mission for Somalia, but the restoration of Somalia’s dignity locally and internationally. For them is about the people of Somalia rather the bureaucracy they control. Under enormous political challenges, their central message is about the tomato seller, to the innocent child growing up and learning with an empty stomach.

They see the huge potential Somalia has and what that could mean for these vulnerable citizens, if the right political stability and peace is finally achieved in Somalia. This is a sea change for Somalia’s politics, but only if we all help this vision to materialise for our common good and future prospects.

When the political and security challenges are huge, the last thing Somalia needs is the emergence of state sponsored political spoilers and opportunist to derail the journey of the ongoing gradual progress. These are disgruntled political opportunist who emphatically lost the Presidential elections because they lacked the leadership and ideas to take Somalia Forward. When this happens to politicians, you would think they would go to the political wilderness and re- think or re-focus. Not these politicians – they are a breed of unashamed political spies on hire for other states.

After Alshabaab, our second enemy of Somalia has become some our own politicians who are working to further the strategic interest of other countries rather than their own people. They have allegedly looted (open secret) Somalia to the teeth and are now in the process of dismantling the little progress we are making to further their own pockets again.


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Image of the dayPresident, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo address the National consultative forum that was concluded yesterday in Mogadishu.

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