November 29, 2012 | Daily Monitoring Report.

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Military commander accuse Marka governor of alleged ties with al Shabaab

29 Nov – Source: Radio Mustaqbal/Gedo Online – 139 words

The Commander of the Brigade three of the Somali military accused the governor of Marka city of Lower Shabelle Ahmed Moalim Abdirahman of having alleged links with the al Qaeda linked group of al Shabaab which were ousted from the city.

Commander Liiban Mohamed Yusuf said that the governor supports al Shabaab and provides them with intelligence reports and material support. “He is part of the insecurity in the city, he even tried to fight with the government forces,” said the commander when contacted by Mustaqbal Radio.

This is not the first time that Somali government officials are accused of working with al Shabaab. Recently, the police chief of Waberi district was jailed due to suspicion that he assists al Shabaab to carry out insecurity acts in the city.

Key Headlines

  • Somali president holds talks with Ethiopian Prime Minister (Shabelle/Hiiraan Online)
  • Somali Interior Minister promise to pay salary of soldiers (Radio Mustaqbal/Horn Cable TV/Radio Mogadishu)
  • Military commander accuse Marka governor of alleged ties with al Shabaab (Radio Mustaqbal/Gedo Online)
  • Hostages should not be abandoned experts at Dubai conference say (National)
  • Operations to remove illegal checkpoints enters second day in Mogadishu (Shabelle/Radio Mogadishu)
  • Somali Refugees Struggle in South Africa (VOA News)
  • Al Shabaab militants ‘on the run’ (Reuters)


Somali Interior Minister promise to pay salary of soldiers

29 Nov – Source: Radio Mustaqbal/Horn Cable TV/Radio Mogadishu -103 words

The Somali Interior Minister and National Security Mr. Abdikareem Hassan Guled promised that all the soldiers in the Somali military forces will soon get their Salary.

Speaking to military officials in Beledweyn city of Hiiraan Region, the minister said that the government understands the circumstances in which the Somali forces are working at this tough time and that the government will consider them.

This is the first time that the interior minister and national security visits Beledweyn City since he was appointed to the position month ago. Beledweyn was one of the strongholds of al Shabaab before they were ousted nearly a year ago.

Somali president holds talks with Ethiopian Prime Minister

29 Nov – Source: Shabelle/Hiiraan Online – 131 word

Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud on Wednesday held talks with Prime Minister Hailemariam’s that focused on ways to strengthen bilateral ties between the two countries, and the two leaders agreed to continue the cooperation previously carried out during the now defunct Transitional Federal Government.

In addition, the two sides agreed to establish a Joint Ministerial Commission and that its first session would be held in Mogadishu. President Mahmoud thanked the Ethiopian government for its efforts to bring lasting peace and stability in Somalia in various bilateral and multilateral fora including the African Union, IGAD and the UN.

The two sides agreed to extend cooperation in the areas of capacity building, institutional building, and the civil service. President Mahmoud particularly expressed Somalia’s desire to cooperate with Ethiopia in agriculture and infrastructural development.

Military commander accuse Marka governor of alleged ties with al Shabaab

29 Nov – Source: Radio Mustaqbal/Gedo Online – 139 words

The Commander of the Brigade three of the Somali military accused the governor of Marka city of Lower Shabelle Ahmed Moalim Abdirahman of having alleged links with the al Qaeda linked group of al Shabaab which were ousted from the city.

Commander Liiban Mohamed Yusuf said that the governor supports al Shabaab and provides them with intelligence reports and material support. “He is part of the insecurity in the city, he even tried to fight with the government forces,” said the commander when contacted by Mustaqbal Radio.

This is not the first time that Somali government officials are accused of working with al Shabaab. Recently, the police chief of Waberi district was jailed due to suspicion that he assists al Shabaab to carry out insecurity acts in the city.

Operations to remove illegal checkpoints enters second day in Mogadishu

29 Nov – Source: Shabelle/Radio Mogadishu – 102 words

Somali forces are continuing with operation to get rid of illegal checkpoints in the capital, Mogadishu, days after Somali president issued order to secure the city.

On Thursday, at least 60 roadblocks were eradicated in Mogadishu’s Wadajir district and surrounding neighborhoods as part of the ongoing campaign by the Somali national army (SNA).

Local residents in Mogadishu and car drivers have warmly welcomed the move to remove the unlawful barriers erected by armed groups. This week Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud issued warning over the illegal checkpoints in the capital and said the government will not tolerate the matter.

Bay, Bakol elders condemn killing of Marya-Adde

29 Nov – Source: Bar-kulan – 161 words

Bay and Bakol Council of elders have strongly condemned the Tuesday killing of the chairman of Hiiraan council of elders Sheikh Muhumed Sheikh Hussein (Marya-Adda) in Beledweyne. The elders termed the killing as saddening and sent their heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family and the regional elders.

Mohamed Maalin Barre, the vice chairman of the regional elders has urged the government to do something about the killings of traditional elders in the country. He said the government should take responsibility of the safety of traditional elders in the country especially those who participated in the formation of the new government.

Three men armed with pistols on Tuesday shot dead the deceased, Mr. Marya-Adde, just a day after he was appointed elders’ chairman in a ceremony in the same town. The area regional police boss Col. Issack Ali Abdulle has told Bar-kulan that one of the gunmen who killed the elder was arrested while the other two are still being hunted for.

Himan & Heb raising awareness among former pirates

28 Nov – Source: Bar-kulan – 106 words

Top officials from Himan and Heb administration in central Somalia are sensitizing former pirates now turned-fishermen in a visit to parts of the region. Area president Mohamed Adan Ti’ey is among these officials and he told Bar-kulan they are visiting coastal areas under his administration.

Ti’ey said they met more than a hundred youths who were former pirates who are now engaged in ways to benefit themselves from the resources in the sea.

He said the move is aimed at encouraging youths to abandon piracy activities, adding that their visit was to assess humanitarian situation in coastal areas of the region.

Welcoming rallies for Puntland leader in Waiye and Armo districts

28 Nov – Source: Garowe Online – 99 words

A delegation led by the president of Somalia’s Puntland government received big welcoming rallies in Waiye and Armo districts on Wednesday, Garowe Online reports.

Since Friday, Puntland President Abdirahman Mohamed Farole has been traveling by road towards the port city of Bossaso with stopovers in Qardo, Waiye and Armo, where the President’s delegation spent Wednesday night.

The Puntland leader’s delegation includes Finance Minister Farah Ali Shire, Security Minister Khalif Issa Mudan, Ports and Counter-Piracy Minister Said Mohamed Rage, Puntland Darawiishta Force commander Gen. Said Mohamed Hersi (Said Dheere), Puntland Police Commissioner Mohamed Said Jaqanaf, Deputy Ministers, and presidential staffers.

Gedo administration vows to fight al Shabaab

29 Nov – Source: Radio Mustaqbal – 108 words

Momahud Said adan who is one of the top officials of the Somali government’s Gedo Administration said that the administration is committed to fight al Shabab in the region. Mohamud also said that the people of Gedo can no longer tolerate the acts of al Shabaab and are no longer allowed them to stay in Gedo.

“Very soon there will be no al Shabaab soldier in this region,” said the official who spoke to radio Mustaqbal on phone. The local  residents in the Gedo region had expressed concern over the incessant clashes there that often cause civilian casualties.

Polls open in Somaliland local government election

28 Nov – Source: Bar-kulan/Somaliland Press – 115 words

People in Somaliland are casting their votes to choose their local government officials. Polling stations opened as early as 7am local time in areas like Hargeisa, Burao, Borame, Berbera and Las Anod.

Voters were seen travelling to far areas in order to take part in the election. There are no reports of any violence at any of the polling stations. Somaliland president Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud (Silanyo) who cast his vote in Hargeisa said they will accept the outcome of this election.

Polling stations are set to close by 6pm local time. Two parties and five political groups are participating in this election which is the first of its kind ever to be held in Somaliland.


Army to recall former soldiers

29 Nov – Source: Daily Monitor – 317 words

The army is recalling former service men and women and members of the auxiliary militias to beef up the force, according to a statement from the Ministry of Defence.

Those targeted in northern and eastern Uganda, include former UPDF soldiers, Amuka militia members in Lango sub-region, the Arrow Boys in Teso, and former Local Defence Unit members in Acholi and West Nile regions, who were demobilised after the LRA rebels were defeated and fled the country.

The Ministry of Defence said the aim was to strengthen the UPDF peacekeeping missions, especially in Somalia where Ugandan soldiers are serving under the African Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).

Hostages should not be abandoned, experts at Dubai conference say

29 Nov – Source: National – 626 words

Governments and the shipping community must not abandon hostages being held captive by Somali pirates and should take on the challenge of bringing them home, experts urged at a piracy conference yesterday.

“These men are tortured and face unacceptable abuse by young Somali pirates,” said Pottendal Mukundan, the director of the International Maritime Bureau (IMB). “We owe it to them to get these people back. It would be a terrible indictment on us if we didn’t do everything in our power to get them back.”

To date, there are nine ships and 154 seamen being held by pirates, according to IMB statistics. Of these, the MV Iceberg 1, with 23 crew, has been held for 31 months and four other vessels, with 62 crew, have been held captive for more than one year.

PM Dessalegn expresses Ethiopia’s readiness to support Somalia

28 Nov – Source: Ethiopian News Agency – 308 words

Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn expressed his country’s readiness to support the ongoing efforts to maintain peace and also reconstruction of different institutions in Somalia. Hailemariam here Wednesday discussed with a delegation led by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud of Somalia on bilateral issues. The Premier said at a joint press conference that the current situation in Somalia is hopeful towards stability since the new elections were held.

Hailemariam said formation of the parliament and cabinet in Somalia indicate that the situation is getting improved. He said Ethiopia is willing to provide the necessary assistance to Somalia in its efforts to reconstruct institutions beyond helping it to maintain peace and security.

Ethiopia will also send agricultural experts to Somalia to support the agriculture sector as the situation is getting improved in that country. Hailemariam said Ethiopia will provide support to Somalia in civil service reform, training professionals and reconstruct institutions.

He also expressed Ethiopia’s readiness to further strengthen overall assistance to Somalia to maintain sustainable peace and stability. President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud on his part lauded Ethiopia’s support to Somalia since the 1990s.


Al Shabaab militants ‘on the run’

29 Nov – Source: Reuters – 1:14 min

Al Shabaab rebels are on the run in Somalia, says the African Union mission in Somalia (AMISOM), alongside members of the Somali National Army. Sarah Charlton reports.

Somaliland Voters Go to the Polls

28 Nov – Source: VOA News – 602 words

Somaliland held municipal elections Wednesday. Seven political parties took part in the first poll for local councils since 2002. Although Somaliland has declared itself an independent state, it has not received full international recognition since breaking away from Somalia in 1991.

The IEO — International Election Observers — has a team of more than 50 people in Somaliland. Dr. Steve Kibble, joint coordinator of the mission. From the capital Hargeisa, he said that Somaliland’s municipal elections are “important in several ways.”

“Somaliland has proved that it’s on the road to some form of democracy of its own making. We saw pretty free and fair elections, which contrast with some of the neighbors, it must be said.”

Somali Refugees Struggle in South Africa

28 Nov – Source: VOA News – 154 words

South Africa attracts more asylum seekers than any other country in the world.  There are 58,000 refugees in the country and more than 200,000 pending cases for asylum seekers. Somalis are among the most visible of the refugee communities as they usually are traders who operate in the most destitute places. But this leaves them vulnerable to very high levels of crime.

In the dry heat of the austral summer, 103th Street in Johannesburg recalls images from the other side of the continent. A veiled woman listens to Quran readings in her shop and Amin Salat, chairman of the Somali Association of South Africa, stops every two steps to shake hands with tall, lean man with the unmistakable bearing of people from the Horn of Africa.

“We are in… we call it here “Mogadishu”, the street of Mogadishu and the suburb of Mogadishu, but in fact it’s Mayfair, in Johannesburg,” said Salat.



“The government of Kenya is just pushing Somalis to the wall. They should not create a situation that will lead the youth who have turned away from Al – Shabab to go back and join a worthy cause.  Al Shabaab are like cancer that is not curable. With this kind of activities from Kenya government, they are just getting strong and putting propaganda war in the media.”

The Impact of KDF Action in Garissa

28 Nov – Source: Hiiraan Online – 856 Words

Garissa town was the provisional headquarters of North Eastern Province during Moi Regime. Since Narc came to power, it has be destabilizes by officials from ODM who were from Wajir Town. Politicians from Wajir among the late Ahmed Khalif, Mohamed Abdi and Elmi have been advocating to up-grade Wajir Town to Commercial City and reusing the Military Air base as commercial airport.

The political flag moved to Wajir. Never mind, Garissa , Wajir and Mandera share the same problem when it comes to resource sharing, infrastructure, education, employment and other social amenities with the central government. Even though Northern Kenya is dominated by one ethnic community who are Somalis. Other non Somali Kenya belief that Somalis are homogeneous people who have the same culture, religion, same physical appearance among other attributes.

Somalis inter-marry and live together as one community regardless of f the clan factor. But when it comes to politics, the political classes misuse the mass by inflicting hater among the communities. I still have our memories of Garissa massacre, Wagalla and Mandera. This region has faced many challenges in the previous government. We had hoped that Kibaki administration will better. Of which he did, but four month to his legacy, things are turning hey wire.

The passing of the New Constitution was a blessing and a curse in Kenya. I voted for the New Constitution as it has many provisions that the old constitution never had. But one of my worries in the New Constitutions was the Chapter on Devolve Government. I believed this chapter is a recipe of inter clan fighting.

I thought the New Constitution will curtail the rogue government soldiers, the unilateral, collateral damage to the people of Northern Kenya and the rest of the country particularly areas were Muslim live. But this is not the case. Mombasa people have faced the most bizarre action from government soldiers under the name of fight terror. Clerics were killed broad day light, women and youth arrested and transferred to jails that are not accessible to the relatives. There is out right violation of Human Rights.

“Piracy is not simply an issue of criminality or security. Its roots lie in Somalia’s social and economic malaises and any efforts to combat piracy must take account of these complex, long-term dynamics.”

Understanding Somali Piracy on Land and Sea

28 Nov – Source: Think Africa – 1165 Words

Since its explosion in 2007, piracy has become one more reason for the negative news coverage Somalia has been receiving the past two decades. However this year has been a turning point in the fight against piracy and many are celebrating the decline in the number of attacks as the end of the phenomenon.

But while the militarised responses of international navies and private security solutions have been praised, piracy’s root causes and broader consequences are largely lost to powerful policy makers and the mainstream media. Yet without understanding important, wider dynamics and the decisive role of domestic initiatives, maintaining this slowed rate of attacks and reinforcing these gains will be difficult.

The root cause of Somali piracy lies in the threat that illegal fishing posed to the livelihoods of subsistence and commercial fishermen along the coastline. During the early 1990s, Somali subsistence fishing and the fishing industry coexisted with illegally-placed foreign fishermen in the vast Somali waters.

The former used traditional, less advanced fishing methods while the latter tended to fish on an industrial scale. Some of the illegally acquired catch of the industrial fishers was packaged in the Middle East and sold overseas for large profits, none of which were seen by Somalis.

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