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Somali Forces Capture Villages From Al-Shabaab

02 November – Source: Xinhuanet – 156 Words

Somalia security forces have captured several villages in southern Somalia from Al-Shabaab, an official said Wednesday. “The government captured Mukay Dumis, Digta Gosarow and Idow Gudow villages in Lower Shabelle and is now in full control,” Abdifitah Haji Abdulle, a local administrator in Lower Shabelle region, told journalists. Abdulle said the capture followed an operation by the security forces, noting there was no resistance as Al-Shabaab militants vacated the area following reports of troops’ movement.

The move came amid a security meeting in Mogadishu chaired by President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed ahead of an expected offensive against Al-Shabaab. The president who has also sought increased support from neighboring countries pledged to avenge the Oct. 14 truck bombing, which killed over 350 lives. Mohamed said Tuesday he would be pushing for the quick integration of federal and state security forces to wage a common front against Al-Shabaab. The group still controls large swathes of the Lower Shabelle region.

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  • Somali Forces Capture Villages From Al-Shabaab (Xinhuanet)
  • Differences Threaten Leaders Forum In Mogadishu (Garowe Online)
  • 50 MPs Sign Motion Against Southwest President (
  • Egypt’s Sisi Stresses Unity Sovereignty Of Somalia (Xinhuanet)
  • Somaliland Launches Flagship Job Creation Programme (Africa Business Communities)
  • Muqdisho Blasts: Tears Were Our Only Hope (Wardheer News)


Differences Threaten Leaders Forum In Mogadishu

02 November – Source: Garowe Online – 285 Words

Differences emerge as the leaders of the country’s Federal member states and the central government are meeting in Mogadishu for the 2nd consecutive day. Garowe Online learned that the leaders are at loggerheads over the sort of the final draft. The technical committee of the regional states wanted to be called an agreement, while the government pushes for a communiqué.  The political crises in Southwest dominated Wednesday’smeeting, with reports that the committee representing the state has called on Somali Federal Government to get their hands-off the rift in the regions.

The federal government has been blamed for supporting one of the sides in the wrangle, in a bid to oust the current Southwest State President Sharif Hassan as the talks close in on the conclusion. The Federal State’s team with the support of the other regional administrations said the central government has sent politicians hailing from Southwest to Baidoa on a mission to create political turmoil.

In the previous preliminary meeting held at Villa Somalia, the Presidential Palace before the conference has formally opened, the sides agreed to stop the reckless politics based on getting rid of “One Another”. Before the forum began, President of the Federal Government of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and his PM, Hassan Ali Khaire promised to summon the spoilers they sent to Baidoa and Adado cities.

The talks are expected to be wrapped up on Thursday, November 2 despite reports that it could continue until next Saturday due to the current standoff over the type of the final decision, deal or communiqué. The Federal Government wants the outcome to focus on security while the regional leaders are seeking an agreement on the issues related to the current political row.

50 MPs Sign Motion Against Southwest President

02 November – Source: – 150 Words

Reports from Baidoa indicate that 50 MPs from the Southwest assembly have signed a motion against their President, Shariff Hassan Sheikh Adan. The MPs who brought the motion against the Southwest leader are accusing him of failing to perform his duties and violating both Southwest constitution and the provisional constitution of the Federal Republic of Somalia. They are also saying there is no working relationship between the President and the regional assembly and therefore are blaming  the bad relationship on his inefficiency.

In the past few days, the Southwest MPs were sharply divided over the motion and it seems MPs opposed to the President have achieved their first objective.  The city of Baidoa has seen significant political movement as some Federal Minister are said to be the ones behind the motion to oust President Shariff Hassan, and it is not yet clear how the stalemate will end.


Egypt’s Sisi Stresses Unity, Sovereignty Of Somalia

02 November – Source: Xinhuanet – 173 Words

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi stressed on Wednesday his country’s firm stance towards the unity and sovereignty of the Somalia. Sisi’s remarks came during a phone call with his Somali counterpart Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, state-run MENA News Agency reported. During the phone conversation, the two leaders discussed means of enhancing joint ties besides promoting bilateral cooperation in the field of fighting terrorism and extremism.

They also reviewed the latest developments in Somalia and the efforts of the Somali government to restore security and stability so as to fulfill the aspirations of the Somali people in achieving development. For his part, Farmajo lauded the Egyptian stance backing his country and the support it offers in attaining stability.

He further voiced his keenness on continuing the high-level coordination and consultations with Egypt pertaining to various issues of common interest topped by combating terrorism and bolstering joint cooperation in various domains. Egypt and Somalia have been facing rising waves of terror acts carried out by Islamist groups that left hundreds of civilians, army personnel and policemen dead.

Somaliland Launches Flagship Job Creation Programme

02 November – Source: Africa Business Communities – 503 Words

Authorities in Somaliland, along with the World Bank, have launched the first round of funding in the Bank’s flagship job creation program, the Somali Business Catalytic Fund (SBCF). The fund will support 150 to 200 businesses, with one third of grants to businesses in Somaliland.

The first round will provide grants to 35 enterprises in Somaliland, creating 946 jobs. Approximately 3,500 jobs (of which 30% will be dedicated to women) will be created through the SBCF across the Somali peninsula by June 2018. The SBCF operates on the basis of strict eligibility conditions and careful appraisal. It is built on the lessons of a similar fund established in Somaliland by the World Bank called the Somaliland Business Fund in 2012-2015.

“Increasing employment opportunities is at the heart of the World Bank’s work,” said Hugh Riddell, Country representative for Somalia. “Access to finance has proved to be an effective way of creating employment, increasing revenue, encouraging equity and promoting innovation”. The purpose of the SBCF is to fund Somali businesses to support growth, increase employment and diversify in certain key sectors.


“This is not the first tragedy that had afflicted the country and it will not be the last. It is unfortunate, however, that Somalia, at this critical juncture is in short supply of capable and competent leaders who are up to the persistent challenge the country faces. Our leaders are unable to mobilize the country to lead it to a safe, secure and better future.”

Muqdisho Blasts: Tears Were Our Only Hope

01 November – Source: Wardheer News – 1151 Words

When a tragedy befalls a nation, the fear and devastation cause the nation to bond together and become one with a course of action. It’s the time where good leaders lead the way out of the devastation to ensure security and a sense of safety for the public. The national tragedy and the heinous criminal act that had befallen Somalia on October 14, 2017, was the most devastating for a country where tragedy and daily ruin have become the norm. There were senseless death and casualties of many beautiful, purposeful innocent lives. This single blast had sent shock waves throughout the nation in a way that still rings with chills.

What was different for this tragic murderous rampage was the number of lives lost in seconds and the amount of damage and loss. People wailed and mourned in public and private and their only way out of the fear and mayhem of collapse was to look to their leaders for assurances. So far, Somalia’s leaders have not made any tangible progress in securing peace and stability in Mogadishu nor have they conducted the much needed meticulous, exhaustive and vigorous investigation of the recent blasts—which have increased in frequency and potency assuring deadlier much targeted tactics that seem precise and daring.

It took more than two weeks and the death and injuries of close to 1,000 innocent people to fire Somalia’s head of the National Intelligence Services (NISA) and the Police Commissioner. Though too little too late, it is however a commendable step forward by Farmajo’s government, which is known for its slow and plodding actions. The question that many are asking today is: how many more innocent Somali lives need to be lost before holding accountable the government’s top security officials such as the Minister of Security? And why hasn’t the government carried out a complete overhaul of the country’s Security Sector?

It’s important to note that, soon after assuming the office of the presidency, President Farmajo called on April 2017 for a massive national campaign to combat Al-Shabaab, stating while in a military uniform, that he would take the fight to Al-Shabaab.  That strong and needed message was followed by non-action where not a single step worthy of the famous promise was taken to combat the deadly extremists and their scrupulous deadly attacks. On the contrary, Al-Shabaab radicals have become emboldened by capturing new territories, such as Bariire in Lower Shabelle, and even attacking areas in Jubbaland and the South West regions since President Farmajo assumed office.

This is not the first tragedy that had afflicted the country and it will not be the last. It is unfortunate, however, that Somalia, at this critical juncture is in short supply of capable and competent leaders who are up to the persistent challenge the country faces. Our leaders are unable to mobilize the country to lead it to a safe, secure and better future. Case in point, when the October 14 tragedy took place in Mogadishu, most of the heads of the government were busy attending to the injured victims thereby jamming the relief work and hindering the smooth operations of emergency services, which are the sole responsibilities of the Ministry of Humanitarian and Disaster Management and the Ministry of Health as well as other agencies that have experience on how to handle tragedies.



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