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Somali Government Says Kills Senior Al-Shabaab Chief: Statement

07 May – Source: Reuters-207 Words

An Al-Shabaab chief, Moalim Osman Abdi Badil, and three fighters were killed in fighting in Lower Shabelle region on Friday, Somalia’s information minister said in a statement on Sunday.A U.S. Navy SEAL was killed and two troops wounded in a raid on Friday on an Al-Shabaab militant compound in what appeared to be the first U.S. combat death in the African country since the 1993 “Black Hawk Down” incident. “On May 5, the Somali national army killed an al Shabaab leader, Moalim Osman Abdi Badil, and three fighters,” a statement from Somalia’s information minister said. “This will weaken the strength of the terrorists in Lower Shabelle region. It is a victory for the Somali forces and peacemaking.”

The government said the death of the al Shabaab leader “strengthens the war on terror – so fighters have a chance to  leave al Shabaab.” A spokesman for al Shabaab was not available for immediate comment. Militants from the al Qaeda-affiliated group al Shabaab have carried out frequent attacks in Mogadishu as they fight to topple Somalia’s Western-backed government and drive out African Union peacekeeping troops. Somalia has been at war since 1991, when clan-based warlords overthrew dictator Siad Barre and then turned on each other.


Key Headlines

  • Somali Government Says Kills Senior Al-Shabaab Chief: Statement (Reuters)
  • Hirshabelle Warns The Federal Government Against Encroachment On Its Territories (Goobjoog News)
  • Senate Heads For Recess After Conclusion of First Session (Goobjoog News)
  • Somalia is well prepared for the forthcoming London Conference (Jowhar)
  • Somalia Holds National Consultation Conference on ICT (Xinhua)
  • Somali FA Concludes Youth Refereeing Course (FIFA)
  • London High Level Forum To Chart Somalia’s Future (Standard Media)


Hirshabelle Warns The Federal Government Against Encroachment On Its Territories

07 May – Source Goobjoog News: 133 words

Somalia’s youngest regional state, Hirshabelle has warned the Federal Government against extending the boundaries of Somalia’s capital city, Mogadishu. Hirshabelle information minister, Mahad Hassan Osman who spoke to Goobjoog News accused the Federal Government of carrying plans to encroach into  territories of Hirshabelle State.“We heard that the federal government is planning to move the control of some areas which currently come under our administration to come under Mogadishu local government,” Osman said.

Osman called on the leaders of the Federal Government to abide by the Constitution.“We urge the leaders to respect articles of constitution on the boundaries,” Osman noted. There has been reports claiming that the federal government plans to move the administration of Isaley Airstrip to the city administration. On the other hand Hirshabelle administration has recently been refurbishing the airstrip.

Senate Heads For Recess After Conclusion of First Session

07 May – Source: Goobjoog News – 171 words

The Senate today concluded its sittings for the first of two sessions in the year after close to five months since the Senators were sworn in December 27 last year. The recess which lasts for two months must also include a 15 days period which the Senators must visit their respective areas of representation.During today’s session, the Independent Constitutional Review and Implementation Commission presented its report to the Senate. The Commission cited financial constraints as a major challenge and lack of goodwill from the government to support its work.

Political instability characterized by removal of Prime Ministers in the previous administration significantly impeded the constitutional review process, the commission said. Since December 27, the Senate has completed the formation of the Senate Committees, debated and endorsed the Senate Standing Orders besides joint sittings with the Lower House in the election of the President. The Senate did not however indicate when the second session will start. The Provisional Constitution stipulates Parliament will have two sessions of four months in a year.

Somalia Is Well Prepared For The Forthcoming London Conference

07 May – Source: Words

Information Minister,Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow) has reported about the preparations for the London conference which is due to take place on the 11th of May 2017 in the UK, in particular at Lancaster House, the capital city of London. Minister Eng. Yarisow talking about the preparation of the conference said “The Federal Government is fully prepared for the London conference which is co-chaired by Somalia, UK and the United Nations, and will be attended by the international community.”

The Federal Government of Somalia spearheaded by the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia,Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed (Farmaajo) will be attending the conference. The agenda of the conference will be issues such as, security, political, economic development in Somalia and the biting drought in the country.Continuing his talk Minister Eng: Yarisow said “The government of Somalia has been in quite long-time engaged on how this conference should be a fruitful one, the assigned committee for the London conference has been having regular meetings with the officials of the government of UK, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations and Somalia’s diplomatic friends. The Federal Government has prepared security plans to enhance the capacity of the Somali National Army, so that in the near future they can take the security role in the county from the AMISOM troops”. “Likewise the government has prepared the Public Financial Management of the country which can give full confidence to the International Community and the plan to prepare for the process of the democratization in the country, so that within these four years there will be one person one vote election in the country” added Eng: Yarisow

Eng. Yarisow has finally thanked UK for its leadership towards Somalia as this is the third of such international conference for Somalia. We cannot forget UK’s leadership on galvanizing international efforts towards Somalia. I therefore appeal to Somali citizens to fully support the conference since it is a conference unlike previous conferences. In this conference the Somali government will table its plans in order for the international community to support us. The conference will be led and owned by Somalis, and will appeal its plans from the international support.


Somalia Holds National Consultation Conference On ICT

07 May – Source: Xinhua – 210 words

Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire on Saturday opened a three-day national consultation conference on ICT to seek ways for the country to reap benefits from the sector. The conference brought over 70 delegates from the ICT stakeholders, including the Parliamentary Committee on ICT, ministers from federal states, telecom operators, ISPs, and university associations, are attending the conference.In his opening remarks, Khaire stressed the significance of the sector and highlighted the contributions of the ICT sector to the local economy. “ICT is an integral part of every economy. I urge the delegates to discuss sector priorities in the future, focusing on cooperation among the sector to ensure that all citizens have better access to quality and cost-effective ICT solutions to bring socio-economic development,” he said.

The Minister of Posts, Telecommunications, and Technology, Engineer Abdi Ashur Hassan said this consultation was chosen as part of ministry’s keenness to build confidence, exchange information and ideas through direct communication, and share ministry’s annual plans for the sector.
“In line with the government’s vision for new Somalia, we want to draw a new path for the sector because we want to achieve more and better results. And this starts with building the confidence of the stakeholders and everything else will follow,” Hassan said.

Somali FA Concludes Youth Refereeing Course

07 May – Source: – 323 words

The Somali Football Federation (SFF) recently concluded a successful youth refereeing course conducted under FIFA’s guidance. In total, 24 young referees passed in all sessions of the training course and were awarded with their certificates. The officials will now prepare for the 2017 edition of the domestic youth football league which is scheduled to kick off later this month.This was the second course of its kind that FIFA has overseen in the country in the past six months, with significant progress made at the initial session in November 2016.  “FIFA is very  pleased with the youth development in Somalia and that is why Somalia has been awarded with the second course for youth referees,” Ali Mohamed Ahmed, FIFA instructor, told the closing ceremony. “To participate in a course makes no difference, but the most important thing is that [the referees] accordingly practice what [they] have learned in the field of play during competitions. Every one of [them] is an ambassador and we want [them] to pass your knowledge to other colleagues in [their] home states.” The course was well received by participants, including Warsame Ahmed Gaabshe, a referee from the Puntland state of Somalia.

“First I would like to thank Somali Football Federation for the organisation of such courses every year,” Gaabshe said. “I am delighted to have attended such a high level course and I promise to exercise what I have learned back in my region.”The FIFA youth refereeing course for Somalia was conducted by International technical instructor, Ali Mohamed Ahmed, and was assisted by local fitness instructor, Abdi Abdulla Ahmed (Baasaale). This was only the second time that Somali nationals have been able to conduct a FIFA level course, with foreign instructors previously sent to teach in Somalia.


“At the end of the London Conference, it is expected that a Partnership for Development will be reached whose objective will set Somali commitments to progress in key areas against sustained international support. The Conference comes at a critical time for the new government in Mogadishu”.

London High Level Forum To Chart Somalia’s Future

07 May – Source: Standardmedia – 705 Words

Thursday, May 12, will be an important day in the history and future of Somalia. A high-level partnership meeting will take place in London to discuss the country’s future. The London Conference, will be hosted by the United Kingdom government, the United Nations and the Federal Government of Somalia. Among those expected is the UK Prime Minister Theresa May and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. Somalia’s President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo will also be present.

The meeting will attract lots of interest from partners and donors if the roundtable summit in Mogadishu on drought in Somalia is anything to go by. At that meeting more than 50 countries and donors came together to pledge more than $450 million in March 2017. Last year, a similar meeting was held in Istanbul, Turkey building upon the New Deal Compact document produced in 2013. The deal provided for political, security and development architecture framing for relations between Somalia, its people and the international community.

The High-Level Partnership Forum attracted representatives from more than 50 countries and 11 international organisations. At the end of the London Conference, it is expected that a Partnership for Development will be reached whose objective will set Somali commitments to progress in key areas against sustained international support. The Conference comes at a critical time for the new government in Mogadishu. Elected on February 8, President Farmaajo has just completed the process of putting together a cabinet led by Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire. Farmaajo came to power on the platform of anti-corruption and restoration of security in the war-torn country that has not had a stable government since the collapse of the Siad Barre regime in 1991. He has been strategic in the manner in which he has handled the thorny issue of security. Farmaajo together with regional states leaders, has come up with the security architecture that spells out the number of soldiers and police that Somalia will have and the composition in various units.

On Tuesday last week, parliament approved the document with minor amendments. The country will have a defense force of 22,000 troops, 4,000 of them will be special forces. The federal police will be made up of 32,000 officers. The document also spells out the composition of the National Security Council to be chaired by the President with Federal States presidents as members. This document will be part of the presentations to be shared with the country’s donors and partners at the Thursday meeting.
Besides security, there will also be a session on more inclusive and stable politics as well as tackling Somalia’s economic recovery. However, it will be the session on politics that will be of most interest to the country’s western partners. Somalia has set itself a deadline of 2020 to have one-person one-vote. The last time the country held such an election was 40 years ago. In 2012, the 175 clan elders picked 275 Members of Parliament while in the recent election, 14,000 people picked by the same elders elected 275 MPs and 54 Senators. The reason behind this has been Al-Shabaab and insecurity in the country. Also, to feature prominently at the London conference, will be the agreement on the transition of the 22,000-strong African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom). The force which has been securing the Federal Government in Mogadishu since 2007 plans to exit in 2018. However, the structures for setting up Somali security institutions remain weak and at best nascent.

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