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International Donors Pledge Millions to Rebuild Somalia

08 May – Source: VOA – 485 words

Britain, the United States and other international donors have pledged more than $300 million to help Somalia, as the country rebuilds from two decades of chaos and war.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said his country will commit $15.5 million toward developing the Somali armed forces and $22.5 million to strengthen the police and train judges and lawyers.

He said support for Somalia is both urgent and necessary, warning that a failure to help Somalia will lead to more terrorism.

Key Headlines

  • Somali government planning to prevent the explosion in the capital (Radio Mustaqbal)
  • President Hassan: We cannot afford to miss Somalia’s golden opportunity for peace (Office of the Somali President)
  • International Donors Pledge Millions to Rebuild Somalia (VOA News)
  • US most wanted terrorist killed in Somalia (Bar-kulan)
  • Air Uganda’s new plane to ply Mogadishu route (Daily Monitor)
  • Fighting in Gedo and Lower Juba region (Shabelle)
  • Somaliland is happy with the outcome of London Conference on Somalia (Raxanreeb/BBC Somali Service/Shabelle)
  • British military team will be sent to Somalia to train troops and help combat human rights abuses(Independent Online)
  • Gather in Mogadishu to help Somalia: DavutoÄŸlu (Hurriyet Daily News)
  • UAE pledges Dh183 million in aid for Somalia (National)


President Hassan: We cannot afford to miss Somalia’s golden opportunity for peace

07 May – Source: Office of the Somali President – 382 words

The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia H.E. Hassan Sh. Mohamud asked the world community for its “total and unflinching commitment, partnership and support” as Somalia set out its plans for reform and development.

Co-chairing the second Somalia Conference in London with The Rt Hon David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, President Hassan said “We hope that you will agree how you can support the implementation of our plans and put an end to our dependence on the international community.” During the day the President also met with the Heads of Delegations from UK, USA, UAE, Turkey, Denmark, Qatar, Sweden, AU, UN and many more.

At a joint Press conference with Mr Cameron, President Hassan stated “I want to thank the PM, UK Government and the people of United Kingdom for hosting this second Somalia conference in London. And for the leadership, commitment and dedication in helping Somalia. We are very grateful for the unwavering support of the UK.

“Also I want to thank all the world leaders and delegates who have come to participate and give us their support. The world has gathered in London but it is the people of Somalia who must feel the effect of this conference. “This conference comes at a critical time for Somalia as we emerge from a long period of chaos, instability, extremism and piracy into an era of peace and development. The issues confronted by Somalia are all matters that concern the UK and the world.”

“We came here to present our plans for reform knowing that the international community will support peace and stability in Somalia. The time to help Somalia is now. We cannot allow the immense progress we have made to be wasted. “We are starting to see signs of recovery, and economic revival. If we act now to support the Somali Government, we will see this trend continue and a speedy end to the era of dependence.”

In his press conference President Hassan concluded by saying “since the issues faced by my people are global it requires our collective efforts, commitment and determination to confront them now before it gets too late. We cannot afford to miss this golden opportunity and we hope the world will respond positively and help us with a marshal plan for Somalia.”


Somali government planning to prevent the explosion in the capital

08 May – Source: Radio Mustaqbal – 148 words

Somalia’s Federal Government has said it is carrying plans to avert suicide explosions occuring in the capital Mogadishu. The Prime Minister of Somalia Abdi Farah Shirdon (Sa’id) said the security of the capital and all the regions of the State will be tightened soon.

Speaking at a large demonstration supporting Somali-London Conference, which took place on Tuesday in Mogadishu, Mr. Shirdon told the government is arranging plans to prevent the attacks by al Shabaab.

Opposition group links with al Qaeda. He added the government is committed to maintain of the security for the nation as well as to defend its citizens. The remarks of Somali PM coincides as time suicide bomber killed over 10 people and wounded at least 20 others in this week.

US most wanted terrorist killed in Somalia

08 May – Source: Bar-kulan – 129 words

A senior member of al Shabaab militant Fuad Mohamed Shangole said that Omar Hamami ( better known as Abu Mansoor al Amriki), one of the most wanted terrorist fighting alongside al Qaeda-linked Somali militants in Somalia has been killed in by armed men loyal to the top al Shabaab leader Ahmed Godane on Tuesday in Rama-cadey area.

Preaching at a mosque in Bula-Barde town of Hiiraan region in central Somalia, Shangole said that Abu Mansoor al Amriki was killed after men he dubbed to be “apostates” ambushed him. Confirming the killing, Shangole said after Omar Hamami was killed, a fight between extremist militias erupted where a number of al Shabaab fighters were killed.

Shangole added that al Shabaab insurgent has been organizing an attempt to assassinate the American-born jihadist who has strongly been against Ahmed Godane’s leadership.

Fighting in Gedo and Lower Juba region

08 May – Source: Shabelle – 91 words

Reports from Kismayo, the capital of the lower Juba region say that fighting erupted between the pro-government Raskamboni Brigade and members of al Shabaab militant in the suburbs of the city. The fighting started when al Shabaab fighters launched attacks on a pro-government force base.

It is reported that the two groups exchanged heavy artilleries on each other which caused serious damages on buildings. The engagement claimed lives and dozens are reported to have been injured. Both sides have not released any statements about last night’s fighting.

Somaliland is happy with the outcome of London Conference on Somalia

08 May – Source: Raxanreeb/BBC Somali Service/Shabelle – 123 words

The Foreign Minister of Somaliland, a breakaway region in northern Somalia said that they are happy with the outcome of the international conference on Somalia that took place in London yesterday, RBC Radio reports.

Mohamed Abdullahi Omar said the fourth paragraph of the joint communique from the London conference highlighted the importance of ongoing talks between Somali federal government and Somaliland, which were mediated by the Turkish government.

“We welcome the outcome as the fourth paragraph of the communique clearly supports the ongoing talks between Somaliland and Somalia.” he told the BBC Somali. “We are independent state and we believe the London Conference were to Somalia. But we fully support peace and stability returns back to our brothers in Somalia.” the minister added.

UDAD political association to partake in Puntland local elections

07 May – Source: Garowe Online – 105 words

A political association in Somalia’s northern Puntland region has declared that it will compete in upcoming local elections, Garowe Online reports. Mr. Said Farah Sanweyne, the chairman of UDAD political association, told Radio Garowe during a Tuesday interview that their association will compete in local elections, slated forJune 30, 2013.

“Since our condition that the Puntland Constitutional Court be established has been accepte, we [UDAD political association] are ready to compete in local elections next month,” said Mr. Sanweyne.

Puntland officials announced last week that the Constitutional Court will be established, to mediate any constitutional issues that potentially arise out of the upcoming elections.

Al Shabaab claims victory in the battle of Lower Juba

07 May – Source: Somali Memo Online/ Somalia Today – 150 words

Military spokesman of al Shabaab militia Abdulaziz Abu Musab said  that elements of Shabaab fighters foughton Monday battles planned targeted in a number of locations and military bases of the Allied forces in Dhobley  adding, “We have launched an attack on Dhobley area,  and killed 7 soldiers and wounded 10 others.”

Abu Musab said that there are other battles took place in the outskirts of the Qansaxdheere in Bay region and killed more than 4 soldiers and wounding several others – according to him – after ambushing Somali forces on their way to Qansaxdheere.

On the other hand, One of the government officials in Qansaxdheere Aden Abdi Ali denied the claims of al Shabaab spokesman, adding that military patrol  in the area clashed with elements of  al Shabaab militia, and  they killed a number of al Shabaab.


Air Uganda’s new plane to ply Mogadishu route

08 May – Source: Daily Monitor – 301 words

In a bid to expand its network routes and offer better connectivity, Air Uganda has acquired a new aircraft to ply the Entebbe Mogadishu route. The move is yet another indication of the improving security situation in Somalia. The new 50—seater CRJ-200 acquired on a long term lease from GECAS USA, will be the third CRJ-200 50—seater craft to serve Air Uganda’s existing routes and the new planned routes.

This acquisition is part of Air airline’s growth plan to increase capacity and widen its network. “This will be the first airline company to make direct routes from Entebbe to Mogadishu to help passengers easily reach their destinations,” Mr Comwell Muleya, the Air Uganda chief executive officer, said upon commissioning the new plane on Sunday.

UAE pledges Dh183 million in aid for Somalia

08 May – Source: National – 156 words

In a speech before the Somalia Conference 2013 held in London, Sheikha Lubna Bint Khalid Al Qasimi, UAE Minister of Development and International Co-operation, emphasized the country’s strong support for the African Union’s ongoing peacekeeping mission in the country, reported Wam, the state news agency.

She praised the progress made by Somalia’s elected government led by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud to improve security in partnership with the international community. A high-level UAE delegation had recently visited Somalia to discuss cooperation to develop the country’s infrastructure.

Uhuru’s verbatim speech at the London Conference

08 May – Source: Standard Media – 397 words

Here is President Uhuru Kenyatta’s speech during the Somalia conference held at Lancaster house, Londonon Tuesday: The Rt. Hon. Prime Minister, Mr. David Cameron, Excellencies Heads of State and Government gathered here today, Ladies and Gentlemen. First and foremost, I wish to thank the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister and Her Majesty’s Government for making it possible for us to meet here today.

At the outset, let me reaffirm my Government support for a secure and stable Somalia.  This Conference comes up at a unique and critical period in our efforts to realize this common objective.  It marks the beginning of a new partnership between Somalia and its neighbours and friends.

Since I took office, just four weeks ago, I have on two occasions held extremely useful discussions with President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud aimed at seeking to advance our shared goals. In particular, I invited President Hassan to Mombasa during which we agreed on a number of important steps that will safeguard our common interest during the post conflict, peace-building and stabilization process.

Uhuru: Security key to relocation of refugees

07 May – Source: Daily Nation – 505 words

Securing peace in Somalia will ensure speedy relocation of refugees back to their home, President Uhuru Kenyatta has said. He said once the refugees return home, they must find an environment that can support their livelihoods.

The Kenyan President also emphasised the importance of support for the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM). “In this regard, we urge the international community, in particular the United Nations, the World Bank and the African Development Bank, to work in concert to help create this environment,” he said on Tuesday.


International Donors Pledge Millions to Rebuild Somalia

08 May – Source: VOA – 485 words

Britain, the United States and other international donors have pledged more than $300 million to help Somalia, as the country rebuilds from two decades of chaos and war.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said his country will commit $15.5 million toward developing the Somali armed forces and $22.5 million to strengthen the police and train judges and lawyers. He said support for Somalia is both urgent and necessary, warning that a failure to help Somalia will lead to more terrorism.

British military team will be sent to Somalia to train troops and help combat human rights abuses

08 May – Source: Independent  Online – 125 words

Britain will play a key part in building up the armed forces of Somalia and help combat human rights abuses which have accompanied the conflict in the country, the Government has announced.

A military team will be sent to the region to train Somali troops and the UK will contribute to a £50 million international fund for the state in the Horn of Africa. Ten million pounds would be allocated to help it operate beyond the capital, Mogadishu. Another one and half million pounds has been committed to building up an anti-piracy naval force.

Another £14.5 million will be spent on addressing the issue of abuse, including sexual violence, and counter-terrorism. Some of the money will be spent refurbishing and expanding Mogadishu’s central prison.

World powers hail Somalia’s progress but warn of dangers

08 May – Source: Channel Newsasia/AFP – 598 words

Strife-torn Somalia has made “significant  progress” and its economy is starting to revive, an international conference said on Tuesday, while warning that big challenges remain in stopping it sliding back into lawlessness.

British Prime Minister David Cameron, co-hosting the meeting of more than 50 countries and organisations, described the progress made since London’s first international conference on Somalia 15 months ago as “remarkable”.

Somalia wins cash, military aid at London donor summit

08 May – Source: Reuters – 198 words

Somalia won international pledges of extra cash and military assistance on Tuesday at a major conference convened to help the East African country cope with the twin threats of militancy and piracy. Somalia’s government is seeking to impose stability in a country ravaged by two decades of civil war, lawlessness and famine, and by its own admission it needs help from outside to rebuild decimated infrastructure and institutions.

At the end of the London summit Britain committed around 180 million pounds, including funding for a planned doubling of the police force, and the United States donated $40 million (25.8 million pounds) on top of the $1.5 billion it has given since 2009. Britain, which recently opened a makeshift embassy in the Somali capital Mogadishu protected by two blast walls, also said it would supply military experts to bolster security forces seeking to stamp out Islamic insurgents.

The country is enjoying a delicate recovery but relies heavily on others for its security. An African Union military offensive weakened the al Qaeda-linked Islamist rebel group al Shabaab and piracy in key sea lanes off Somalia is at an all-time low thanks largely to a foreign naval presence.

Gather in Mogadishu to help Somalia: DavutoÄŸlu

08 May – Source: Hurriyet Daily News – 272 words

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet DavutoÄŸlu called yesterday on the international community to organize the next aid conference on Somalia in the capital of the war-torn country as representatives gathered in London to help end more than 20 years of conflict.

“Not in London, New York or Istanbul – the Somalia conferences should be held in Mogadishu,” DavutoÄŸlu said. The foreign minister was applauded by participants of the meeting when he repeated the Somali capital, Mogadishu, three times in his speech. London hosted the first Somalia conference in February 2012. A second conference was held in Istanbul four months later.

U.S. Commits $40 Million More to Support Somalia

07 May – Source: US Policy – 434 Words

The U.S. government is committing nearly $40 million in additional funds to support development, stabilization and security-sector reform in Somalia, according to Deputy Secretary of State William Burns. Since 2009, the United States has provided more than $1.5 billion in assistance to Somalia, according to a State Department fact sheet.

“The initial transition has come to an end, a newly elected government is firmly in place, and dialogue about the future of Somalia is underway,” Burns said an international conference on Somalia in London May 7.

In January, the United States restored diplomatic recognition of Somalia after a rupture of more than 20 years. In February, the administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), Rajiv Shah, visited Somalia for consultations on ramping up U.S. assistance to the new Somali government under President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

In London, Burns warned that al Shabaab militants remain a threat, despite Somalia’s progress. He said al Shabaab blocked relief workers and food assistance from reaching famine-stricken Somalis in 2011, leading to the unnecessary deaths of tens of thousands of people. He recalled that al Shabaab suicide bombers blew up a Somali judicial center in Mogadishu in April, killing 29.

The British Somalis drawn home to fix a broken nation

08 May – Source: BBC – 752 words

It may seem an unlikely travel destination, but some of the UK’s 100,000 Somalis are hoping to head back and help rebuild their strife-torn homeland. In Acton, west London, a few miles from where David Cameron played host to the Somali president on Tuesday, two young Somalis discuss returning to the country they left as children.

“I feel like everyone’s gone back apart from me,” says Bishara Mohamud. “I’ve got about 20 Somali friends who’ve gone back and I’m the only one left.” Bishara left the capital, Mogadishu, when she was seven. And now, after living in London for 21 years, she wants to go back and, one day, open an orphanage.

Int’l Donors Pledge $300 Million-Plus for Somalia

07 May –  Source: ABC News/AP – 518 words

International donors heeded warnings about the need for increased support for Somalia by pledging more than $300 million Tuesday toward bolstering security, justice and financial institutions in the conflict-scarred east African nation. Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and British Prime Minister David Cameron co-hosted a one-day conference in London to bolster the beleaguered government in Mogadishu, the capital.

Mohamud called the level of support at the conference “very, very encouraging,” after stressing that there is a “huge amount” at stake in Somalia and for broader regional security. “We have been given a chance and we will prove in the eyes of the world that we will deliver,” he said. “We cannot afford to miss this golden opportunity and we hope the world’s support and commitment will be materialized soon.”

International talks eye peaceful future for Somalia

07 May – Source: CNN – 1043 words

Somalia’s president appealed for support for his struggling country Tuesday, comparing it to a young sapling that needs help to get started.

“We need support; we need assistance and investment; and we need protection from those who try to knock us over,” President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud told delegates at a donor conference in London.

The goal, he said, is for Somalia eventually to stand strong and tall on its own, a country “at peace with itself and its neighbors and which poses no threat to the world,” with a thriving economy, strong values and a good education system.

‘Hands Off Somalia’ protest held in London

07 May – Source: Press TV – 242 words

Hundreds of Somalis have joined “Hands Off Somalia” (HOS) protest outside the Lancaster House in London, where Somali Federal Government President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud co-chaired with British Prime Minister David Cameron.

The demonstrators, gathered in central London on May 7, believe the conference is to further the interests of British imperialism in the region, including controlling the shipping lanes and natural resources in the African country.

According to the HOS’s official website, “Britain, through the UN, is enforcing a new sectarian federal government model on to Somalia, to ensure it can divide and exploit the nation.”



“Somalia’s journey of reconstruction has begun. It could be the most complex African journey in fifty years, but it can prove to be the most rewarding if we get it right.”

Somalia: From Fear to Hope – Getting It Right in Somalia

07 May – Source: All Africa – 1009 Words

It has been two decades of mayhem, chaos and bloodletting in Somalia. A child born at the onset of the Somali crisis is now twenty one. Somalia has still a long way to go: the al Shabaab are defeated, but they are not yet fully eliminated, and they still have the capacity to kill and to maim.

The risks of reversal – and of humanitarian crisis – are always there, and we are not yet done with the effects of disaster. News agency reports last week remind us of the delicate humanitarian and fragile political situation.

But while Somalia has a long way to go, it is clear that it has also come a long way. The country now – with its new Government, Parliament, President, Prime Minister and 6-point reconstruction plan – is getting to its feet.

This week’s Lancaster House Conference, convened by the UK and the Somali Government, marked a significant step on a long journey. This is the first time in a long time that there has been such optimism, even if it is tempered by the unfinished business on the security and humanitarian front.

“…Hanks explains how director Paul Greengrass took steps to ensure that his actors truly experienced every emotion that ran through Phillips and his crew as they watched the Somali pirates close in on the ship.”

Tom Hanks ‘Petrified’ by ‘Scary’ Somali Pirate Actors

07 May – Source: Eurweb – 210 Words

The April 2009 hijacking of container ship MV Maersk Alabama by four Somali pirates has been made into a film starring Tom Hanks as the vessel’s kidnapped captain Richard Phillips.

Due this fall, Columbia’s “Captain Phillips” will detail how the Massachusetts native and his crew of 20 became the first American cargo ship to be hijacked in two hundred years, and how Phillips ended up on a lifeboat with three of the gunmen when he was rescued by US Navy Seals – who shot all three pirates dead during a standoff.

“It’s a very particular skill set that Richard Phillips has,” Hanks told us during a Skyped press conference with reporters. “It’s a world unknown to all of us because we just assume that containers full of goods easily make it from one place to another as part of regular commerce. But the juggling act that a guy like Captain Phillips has to do in the course of getting from Abu Dhabi to Djibouti, down to Mombasa is actually a very impressive amount of work.”

Instagramming Somalia

07 May – Source: Al Jazeera English – 53 Words

One man is presenting a different view of Somalia, through Instagram. Abdi Latif Dahir, a journalist based in Mogadishu, has spent the last year snapping pictures, more frequently on his iPhone than his professional camera. His striking images provide alternative visual narratives of a country which has undergone twenty years of civil conflict.

In pictures: Surviving camp life in Mogadishu

07 May – Source: BBC – 82 Words

“After more than two decades of civil war, Somalia’s capital is enjoying a sense of relative calm. But Mogadishu is still struggling to recover from the fighting. Compounding the challenge are the tens of thousands of people who have fled south-central Somalia to live in squalid camps in the city. They face insecurity, a lack of clean water and sanitation and inadequate food. How to humanely help them is one of the topics at the conference on Somalia being held in London.”

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