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Somali Security Forces Launch Massive Operation In Mogadishu

07 March – Source: Shabelle News – 146 Words

Many people have been arrested in Mogadishu in an operation carried out by the Somali government forces, targeting individuals suspected to have links with militants. Local residents said government forces raided homes and shops of suspected militants in the capital’s Hodan district on Tuesday midnight and detained many suspects. During the sweep, the security forces encountered a resistance from men armed with pistols at Siigaale area and engaged with them a heavy exchange of gunfight.

The local administration said the suspects who are being held in custody will be questioned with a view to getting more information from them. Security officials believe armed groups have used residential areas as bases to prepare attacks and then mingled with residents in urban areas to carry them out. Although Al-Shabaab was ousted from its bases in Mogadishu in 2011, militants continue to stage lethal attacks across the seaside city.

Key Headlines

  • Somali Security Forces Launch Massive Operation In Mogadishu (Shabelle News)
  • Jubbaland State Parliament Endorses Restrictive Law (Garowe Online)
  • PM Khaire Addresses Fragility Forum In Washington (Hiiraan Online)
  • Qatar Attends International Conference On Somalia (The Gulf Times)
  • AMISOM Warns of Increased Al-Shabaab Ambushes (VOA)


Jubbaland State Parliament Endorses Restrictive Law

06 March – Source: Garowe Online – 266 Words

The lawmakers of Somalia’s State of Jubbaland have approved a new law that bans them from holding a session outside Kismayo city. During Tuesday’s session, 32 out of the 38 MPs present have voted in favor of the restrictive bill, 4 rejected while 2 abstained, according to Bashir Mohamed Dahay, a member of the Parliament staff.

The new law is said to have been proposed by the State President Ahmed Madobe after a group of regional legislators signed a motion against his Cabinet, citing “incompetence, corruption, and nepotism.” After the vote, the parliamentarians were notified that every MP who organizes an anti-president meeting in and outside the port city will lose his immunity he/she enjoys as a member of Jubbaland Parliament.

Last month, Jubbaland Security forces have arrested Ahmed Abdi Hassan (Ahmed Tajir) and spent five days in jail without charges for allegedly proposing a no-confidence motion against President Madobe and his Cabinet. Hassan’s detention came a day after the assembly stripped him of immunity, accused him of violating the constitution and inciting crisis in the federal member state. With several months left of his term in office, critics expressed doubt of an election in Kismayo, accusing President Madobe, of ‘Systemic Oppression’ and seeking to extend his tenure “unlawfully.”

Since 2017, Jubbaland legislative body stripped 3 MPs of their immunity for being against the President who is blamed for poor leadership and failing the security and liberate state region from Al Shabaab. The Jubbaland State of Somalia faces a mounting political crisis as the regional leader clamps down on dissenting voices challenging the current administration.

PM Khaire Addresses Fragility Forum In Washington

07 March – Source: Hiiraan Online – 185 Words

Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire has addressed the participants of the World Bank’s annual Fragility Forum which began on Monday in Washington D.C. Khaire had shared with the forum Somalia’s long-term experience on managing security and stability “Our experience clearly shows the need to link development, peace and security. We should, therefore, focus on developing solutions for humanitarian problems,” said Prime Minister Khaire. The Prime Minister noted that pursuing sustainable solutions for disasters needs development programs.

“To prevent and mitigate man-made and natural disasters, Somalia seeks an approach which invests in long-term development programs and in new and innovative ways of working. A shift to an approach that aggressively pursues sustainable solutions is critical,” he pointed. Under the theme, Managing Risks for Peace and Stability, the 2018 Fragility Forum brings together policymakers and professionals from humanitarian, development, peace and security sectors. Wednesday is the final day of the summit, Prime Minister Khaire who left the country on Sunday to attend the conference in Washington is expected to meet with the leaders and representatives on the sidelines of the conference during his stay in Washington.


Qatar Attends International Conference On Somalia

07 March – Source:  Gulf Times – 255 Words

Qatar has participated in a high-level international conference on Somalia, hosted in the British capital London. Qatar’s delegation to the meeting was headed by Tariq Ali al-Ansari, director of the International Technical Co-operation Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In his speech at the conference, al-Ansari stressed the political will of Qatar to continue to help the brotherly Somalia through political support and assistance amounting to about $385mn for the period 2011-2018 of which $200mn were pledged by the end of 2017.

He stressed that the Qatari support is being coordinated with the Somali government, the UN Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) and the UN specialised agencies operating in Somalia. He noted that there is coordination between the two countries to provide Qatari support to Somalia in the field of security sector reform, referring to the provision of 30 buses to support the transport sector.He also stressed the importance of the UN support for the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), which provides services for peacekeeping, protection of development and donor projects, in response to numerous appeals from the African Union and international resolutions.

Al-Ansari called on countries to start investing in Somalia to help the country be self-reliant and support its institutions. He noted the importance of the commitment of all parties to supporting the unity and territorial integrity of Somalia and respect for its sovereignty in accordance with the resolutions of the UN General Assembly, the Security Council, the Arab League, the African Union and the support of the federal government.


“AMISOM currently has over 20,000 peacekeepers in Somalia. Last year, the mission announced plans to gradually reduce its troop strength. The Mission says eventual withdrawal will be “conditions-based,” but has made it clear to Somali leaders it wants to see concrete progress in building a national force to take over security responsibilities,”

AMISOM Warns of Increased Al-Shabaab Ambushes

06 March – Source: VOA – 600 Words

Al-Shabaab attacks against African Union peacekeepers and Somali government forces could worsen as troops try to reopen Somalia’s main supply roads, currently cut off by the militants, a spokesman for the peacekeepers warns. Lieutenant Colonel Wilson Rono said the African Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) troops and Somali National Army forces are trying to reopen the highway linking the capital, Mogadishu, to Baidoa, 240 kilometers (150 miles) to the west. It’s one of three main roads linking Mogadishu the south, southwest and central regions.

Rono spoke to VOA’s Somali service this week after Al-Shabaab militants ambushed an AMISOM supply convoy about 40 kilometers (25 miles) north of Mogadishu on Friday, killing at least 10 soldiers and destroying most of the 20 trucks. It was the latest of many deadly attacks the militant group has waged against the AU forces. Al-Shabaab was pushed out of Mogadishu in 2011 and in following years lost control of almost all the country’s major towns. It had to resort to “difficult” guerrilla tactics, Rono said. Rono said AMISOM soldiers repulsed another al-Shabab ambush Friday near the town of Fafahdhun in Somalia’s Gedo region. He said the soldiers killed 23 Al-Shabab fighters. Mohamed Hussein al-Qadi, the district’s deputy governor, put the Shabaab death toll at five. “We learn from each incident,” Rono said. “But the nature of the asymmetrical warfare and fighting of insurgency makes you certain that this kind of thing will happen” again.

The deadly attack Friday occurred near the town of Bal’ad. At least five armored AMISOM vehicles were escorting a convoy transporting supplies to Jowhar, the main headquarters of the Burundian peacekeepers operating in the Middle Shabelle region. Rono said the militants were hiding in thick vegetation along the road when they detonated explosives then attacked the convoy with machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades and gunfire. Just three weeks ago after an attack on a military checkpoint killed several Somali soldiers, AMISOM and Somali troops cleared vegetation along the road to improve visibility and remove possible militant hiding spots.



@FarahMaalimM: The Somali Government /businessmen&International financiers want to construct at least two state of the art free ports on the East coast of Somalia. Somalia is on the busiest sea lanes of the world and crossroads. Such investment will take from Dubai at least 80% of it’s traffic.

@HarunMaruf: UAE accused of supporting Al-Shabab through illicit charcoal trade. AS reportedly receives $10m/yr from illicit charcoal trade. UAE’s Dubai continues to be the primary export destination as well as a hub for criminal networks, per @rswrdn

@radiogarowe#Kenya says to help #Somalia build strong judicial system. …

@AbdirahmanCumar: Ideally, if at all there was to be a port development deal between #Somaliland & any other party(s) it should own a minimum of 51% stake just for the sake of the waters as well as the existing infrastructure in#Berbeera#Somalia @DP_World but? now its the other way round

@adancabdulle: Al Shabab has ordered the closure of over 20 football grounds in Mogadishu. Per reports Al Shabab met with owners of the football ground in Lower Shabelle. Number of grounds closed to comply with the order

@MoPIED_Somalia: UNICEF and WFP will work closely with the Federal & State levels. Key Ministries include Ministry of Health & Human Services, the Ministry of Education & the Ministry of Energy & Water Resources. Coordination & oversight of this programme will be conducted by@MoPIED_Somalia

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Image of the daySomali Prime Minister, Hassan Ali Khaire meets World Bank Africa Vice President, Makhtar Diop.

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