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Somali Cabinet First Meeting Discusses Drought And Security

30 March – Source: Hiiraan Online – 98 Words

Somalia’s new cabinet had held its first meeting on Thursday a day after it was overwhelmingly approved by the parliament The meeting chaired by PM Hassan Kheyre focused on drought response mechanism and improve the security mainly in the capital Mogadishu. Mr. Kheyre also submitted forms to the members of his new cabinet that require them to declare their wealth among others for integrity and accountability purpose as per the promise following his appointment and approval. Seven people were wounded following mortar shells that hit surrounding neighborhoods near the Presidential Palace where the meeting was taking place.

Key Headlines

  • Somali Cabinet First Meeting Discusses Drought And Security (Hiiraan Online)
  • Hirshabelle Claims Parts Of Mogadishu As Its Territory  (Radio Dalsan)
  • Puntland Ministers Held Cabinet Meeting Endorse Deal With Chinese Company (Garowe Online)
  • Suspected Al-Shabaab Hijack A Vehicle In Mandera (Goobjoog News)
  • Somali School Paves Way For Students To Get Into Harvard MIT (CBC Radio)
  • Minorities In Somalia Urge Government To Implement Laws Barring Social Discrimination (AMISOM)
  • Somalia And Kenya Must Grow Their Promising Partnership (Daily Nation)


Hirshabelle Claims Parts Of Mogadishu As Its Territory

30 March – Source : Radio Dalsan – 87 Words

Hirshabelle President Ali Abdullahi Osoble has claimed that Karan and Huriwaa Districts in Mogadishu are legally parts of his regional administration. Speaking at a Press conference in Baladweyne Osoble said that the two districts were illegally niched out of Hirshabelle state. Osoble also recently announced that he would launch the reconstruction of the El Maan Port which has in the past been taken as a satellite town for Mogadishu. The Benadir administration  and the  Central government are yet to issue a statement in reaction to Hirshabelle’s stand.

Puntland Ministers Held Cabinet Meeting, Endorse Deal With Chinese Company

31 March – Source : Garowe Online – 242 Words

The cabinet ministers of Somalia’s northeastern region of Puntland held their scheduled meeting on Thursday in the state capital of Garowe city. Puntland President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali “Gaas” has chaired the meeting, whereby the agenda focused on security situation, anti-piracy, drought, assets protection and endorsement of the deal between Puntland government and Chinese-based company China Civil Engineering and Construction Company (CCECC).

The cabinet raised concerns towards fresh mobilization of the militant group Al Shabaab in south of Mudug and Galgadud regions of Galmudug, and urged security enforcement to remain vigilant to deter attacks from the militant group. The ministers unanimously approved the recent agreement between Puntland government and CCECC to build the road connecting Eyl to Garowe and reconstruction of Galkayo Airport. During the meeting, the cabinet reiterated their commitment to fight piracy and stated that government has deployed troops to several coastal villages and arrested suspected pirates without detailing further information about the suspects.

Moreover, Puntland President has called state officials to preserve government’s assets, more importantly the vehicles, and indicated that all government vehicles must be listed in the Ministry of Labor works and transportation. However, the reason behind the statement is unclear, but public has previously raised concerns to the weak policy of current administration to protect region’s assets. President Ali also highlighted about the current drought situation in the region and appealed to the public and international organizations to extends efforts to help drought victims in the region.

Suspected Al-Shabaab Hijack A Vehicle In Mandera

31 March – Source : Goobjoog News – 240 Words

Al-Shabaab fighters on Thursday evening hijacked a vehicle belonging to Kenya Power in Elwak town near Kenya’s border with Somalia. Confirming the 5pm incident, Mandera South Deputy County Commissioner Peter Karanja said Security agencies are pursuing the terrorists who drove the vehicle towards Somalia after they stole it on Thursday at around 6.20pm as its driver was coming from a solar electricity plant. “Two armed men emerged from the thickets and waved down the vehicle before pulling out the driver who was the only occupant as they took control,” he said on phone.

Mr Karanja said the two carjackers drove through Elwak town without anyone noticing the unfamiliar faces behind the wheel but in less than ten minutes alarm was raised. “They had to come through town to head to Somalia which looked normal until alarm was raised and our security team of KDF, both regular and Administration Police are pursuing them,” Mr Karanja added. Mr Karanja said Kenyan authorities have alerted Somalia National Army (SNA) inside Somalia to help in the operation.

He said the incident had caused panic in Elwak town as businesses closed. He said the attackers were sighted some 40 kilometres into Somalia far away from Elwak. The incident comes barely a day after the State extended dusk to dawn curfew only reviewing timings. The three month-curfew extension now will be starting at 7pm and end at 5am to allow time for prayers in Mosques.


Somali School Paves Way For Students To Get Into Harvard, MIT

30 March – Source : CBC Radio  – 379 Words

Abdisamad Adan is the first Somali undergraduate in decades to be accepted to Harvard. One of 19 siblings who grew up without electricity or indoor plumbing, he is one of the growing number of success stories to come from a unique African high school that is working on getting its students into top colleges on full scholarships. “I didn’t picture my life leading me to Harvard or anything like it,” Adan said.

Adan is a former student of the Abaarso School of Science and Technology in Somaliland a self-declared republic still internationally considered to be part of Somalia. Adan, now studying economics at Harvard, gives a lot of credit to Jonathan Starr for his success. Starr is a former hedge fund manager an American with an uncle from Somaliland who wanted to do something different and “fun” after success in the financial world. He opened the Abaarso school, which has both male and female students, in 2008. Aden is one of many to move from there to elite international institutions after graduation.

He tells The Current’s Anna Maria Tremonti that getting girls to come to school at the start was extremely difficult but now there are tons of female applicants. “Ultimately, the boys actually became terrific supporters of the girls it just took time. I think it was very foreign to them. And for me, I felt like they had to see that these girls were their equals.”

Minorities In Somalia Urge Government To Implement Laws Barring Social Discrimination

30 March – Source : AMISOM – 594 Words

A high-level conference organized to discuss ways of promoting participation of minorities in the affairs of the country has proposed a raft of recommendations aimed at fostering peace and stability.Top on the list is the proposal to include provisions in the constitution to help protect the rights of minorities and bar any form of discrimination. Others are changing  the electoral system from the 4.5 clan based system to 5 to pave way for universal suffrage;  establishing a social development fund for minorities; setting aside a date to annually honour minority groups; incorporating the history and civilization of the minorities in the education syllabus and setting aside resources for the economic empowerment of minorities.

The recommendations were read by a former deputy minister, Engineer Nadifo Mohamed Osman, at the end of a three-day meeting, held in Mogadishu, Thursday, that brought together Somali scholars, politicians, government officials and local residents. “The government should make provisions in the constitution to safeguard minority groups by empowering them both politically and economically,” Ms. Osman said. She added that the recommendations if implemented would go a long way in strengthening social cohesion and promoting peace and security.

Participants at the conference funded by the Danish government and organized by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs with the support of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) also adopted a draft National Action Plan, which will be incorporated in the National Development Plan, once finalized. Speaking at the function, the Director of Training in the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Ismail Moallim Abdullahi, hailed the participants for their contribution in the conference, noting that the government has already launched initiatives, namely vocational training and sensitization campaigns, to address some of the issues raised.


“What the continued commitment on both sides and at the highest level illustrates is the firm understanding that tackling terrorism together is paramount, because it does not respect borders as it is driven by a violent, hateful and fraudulent interpretation of the beautiful Islamic religion that Somalis and many Kenyans follow. The security partnership that Somalia and Kenya enjoy is important but can only be strengthened by further cooperation in cross-border investment and trade.”

Somalia And Kenya Must Grow Their Promising Partnership

30 March – Source : Daily Nation  – 676 Words

Many media commentators wrote with a surprised tone about the successful official state visit of Somalia’s President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed to Kenya on Thursday last week. In fact, President Uhuru Kenyatta’s warm welcome of the Somalia president was not the main story, as this was given, but how quickly the two leaders moved to agree strategic action on all matters of common concern and opportunity in this single face-to-face encounter. All the agreed policies at this fruitful meeting from security, trade and investment to direct flights between Mogadishu and Nairobi are not new either.

They were negotiated, agreed and renewed as part of the Joint Commission of Cooperation, which was signed between the two governments in February 2016. However, what is distinctly different and diplomatically noticeable is the energy and speed with which both leaders want to achieve these enabling goals to advance bilateral relations. Kenya and Somalia’s relations are deep and strong, as they must be in order to navigate a common path to development as neighbours in a new age of insecurity and competing global economic interests. However, this relationship has been challenged by the violence of terrorism, which both nations have painfully suffered from, and which they are jointly courageously fighting in Somalia, in support of the people and government of Somalia and for wider regional stability.

Tragedy and loss: Prior to the war on terror and the fight against Al-Shabaab in Somalia, many Somalis settled in Kenya and are now citizens, contributing to the success of the Kenyan economy and society. Many more are refugees and will have to be returned home safely and with dignity under the Tripartite Agreement at the earliest opportunity. This continuous support of Somalia and its citizens on the part of Kenya is something that must be noted and is fully recognised and appreciated by both the Somali people and the government.


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