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Somali Parliament Accuses UAE Of Aggression

12 March – Source: Goobjoog News – 229 Words

The Lower House Monday took its fight to Abu Dhabi accusing the Gulf nation of aggression as it banned its port operating company DP World over what it termed as blatant violation of the constitution and infringement on the Somalia’s sovereignty. In a resolution following a majority a vote, the House instructed the Prime Minister to deliver its position to the government of UAE over what it termed as ‘acts of aggression’.

The “The Prime Minister should convey this resolution banning DP World to the government of United Arab Emirate and inform it of its aggression on the sovereignty of Somalia.” In its response to the ensuing diplomatic row between the countries over the DP World contract with Somaliland, Parliament went direct for the owner of the ports operator accusing the Emirati government of acts of aggression.

The vote reiterated the Federal Government’s earlier position which declared the DP World concession which now includes Ethiopia null and void. But the government did not file a direct response to the UAE government though it petitioned the Arab League over it. “The PM should also urgently table before the House steps and procedures which the government is putting in place to protect the constitution and sovereignty of Somalia,” Parliament said. Out of 170 members of parliament present during the motion, 168 voted in favour, one voted against while another one abstained.

Key Headlines

  • Somali Parliament Accuses UAE Of Aggression (Goobjoog News)
  • Al-Shabaab Leader Ahmed Diriye’s Son & 11 Others Killed By US Forces (Radio Dalsan)
  • Clashes Put Hundreds Of Children Out Of School In Sanag (Radio Ergo)
  • Somalia MPs Reject Somaliland Port Deal (BBC)
  • Huge Measles Campaign In Drought-hit Somalia Aims To Protect Children And Save Lives (Relief web)
  • Time For Unity Against Rogue Investors (Ummada Media Online )


    Al-Shabaab Leader Ahmed Diriye’s Son & 11 Others Killed By US Forces

    12 March – Source: Radio Dalsan – 79 Words

    Somalia’s Danaab Special Forces together with US forces killed 12 militants in Kuntuwarey in Lower Shabelle. Among those killed in the operation is the son of Al-Shabaab Leader Ahmed Diriye Abu Ubeydah. Somalia security sources have identified him as Hassan Ahmed Diriye.

    Others said to have been killed are Al-Shabaab commanders Yussuf Maalim Abdalla and Mohamud Mohamed Nur (Faruur) Somalia Special Forces backed by US forces have recently launched a series of attacks on Al-shabaab bases in Lower Shabelle.

    Clashes Put Hundreds Of Children Out Of School In Sanag

    12 March – Source: Radio Ergo – 341 Words

    Around 650 students have had their education disrupted after the closure of seven schools in Darar-weyne, 125 km south of Erigabo, in conflict-torn Sanag region, where control is disputed between Somaliland and Puntland. There has been a massive exodus of people fleeing Darar-weyne since January, when tensions flared. The education coordinator in Darar-weyne, Farah Adan Hersi, told Radio Ergo that the only secondary school had been turned into a military base for the Somaliland troops deployed there towards the end of last year. Farah said the facilities had been damaged and they would replacement equipment and supplies if they reopened the school.

    Nineteen teachers who taught in the various schools in Darar-weyne have left to seek jobs in other areas. Many families fled to villages between 15-20 Km away, including Garab-Ad, Hamilka, Beerwaafo, Siigoder and Daba-mam’a.  Others joined IDP camps south of Darar-weyne.  Those who could migrated went even further away to the large town of Erigabo and El-Afweyne. Ibrahim Ahmed Yusuf, 25, was a student in first grade at Darar-weyne secondary school. He is now tending the family’s last remaining 20 goats from their original herd of 150 before the drought.  The family fled into the rural area and cannot afford to send Ibrahim elsewhere to study. His four sisters and three brothers, who were in primary schools in Darar-weyne, now spend their time at home. Their parents are worried that the conflict will affect their children’s future.

    Among the 650 students affected are 227 girls. Darar-weyne has few residents left in it – the men have all gone, leaving around 350 women and children, with no means of leaving. They are dependent on their remaining livestock. Amina Yusuf Mohamed is still in Darar-weyne with her eight children. Six of them were in local schools. She sent her eldest son to Burao to continue his secondary studies under the care of relatives. But the rest of her children are home without any options. They depend on the small income of her husband, working as a carpenter in El-Abwayn, 60 km away.


    Somalia MPs Reject Somaliland Port Deal

    12 March – Source: – 115 Words

    Members of Parliament in Somalia have voted to reject a controversial deal involving the port of Berbera in Somaliland.  The authorities in the self-declared republic of Somaliland recently entered an agreement to manage the port with a Dubai-based company, as well as the government of landlocked Ethiopia.

    Somalia has asked the Arab League to annul the deal arguing that it violates the unity and constitution of the country.  Somaliland is not recognised internationally and the controversy threatens to sour its relationship with Somalia. Last year Somaliland MPs agreed to allow the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to set up a military base in the port of Berbera to help its fight against Houthi rebels in Yemen.

    Huge Measles Campaign In Drought-hit Somalia Aims To Protect Children And Save Lives

    12 March – Source: Reliefweb – 459 Words

    A nationwide campaign continues in Somalia to protect millions of children against the potentially deadly effects of measles. WHO, UNICEF, national and local health authorities aim to reach more than 4.7 million children aged from 6 months to 10 years during the overall campaign.

    This week, the campaign targets 2.7 million children in the southern and central states, along with 1.1 million children in Somaliland. The vaccinations will be available at health centres and temporary vaccination sites. Puntland implemented its campaign in January when over 933 000 children were vaccinated.

    Over 2800 cases of suspected measles have been reported since the start of the year, with the most affected regions including Bay, Banadir and Mudug. In 2017, there were more than 23 000 suspected cases of measles –6 times as many as in 2016 – with the vast majority (83%) affecting children under 10. In early 2017, WHO, UNICEF and partners, together with national health authorities, vaccinated nearly 600 000 children aged 6 months to 5 years for measles in hard-to-reach and hotspot areas across Somalia.


    “Today’s Parliamentary vote inspires new confidence in the process of rebuilding Somalia’s key governance institutions and their ability to put the national interests first. This vote for the protection of Somalia’s interests by its public representatives sends the clearest message to rogue investors: stay out or respect Somalia’s sovereignty.”

    Time For Unity Against Rogue Investors

    12 March – Source: Ummada Media Online – 531 Words

    The vote by the majority of MPs today to nullify the Berbera deal between DP World, Somaliland and Ethiopia is the best sign of a government and legislature making a common stand in the national interest. This is the first time since the case of the maritime case against Kenya that Somalis have united on the matter of national territorial integrity.

    Where critics were worried that MPs were preparing to destabilise national politics upon their return from recess, they surprised all by prioritising and addressing the illegal Berbera deal. The outcome of the Parliamentary vote must now be followed through and DP World must be expelled from all Somali territories for its absolute irresponsibility and the utterances of their CEOs who has clearly interfered with internal Somali affairs.

    All foreign investors must follow the law and deal with the Federal government which manages and is responsible for all natural resources, assets and their utilization. If they do this, they ought to be welcomed with a red carpet. DP World’s action is unacceptable and its CEOs response to the federal government stand is unforgivable. Both should never be allowed back into Somalia.

    On the other hand, the Somali federal government must expedite the resource sharing discussions and the constitutional review to reassure federal member states that there will be a fair formula for resource sharing and distribution in the future. The upcoming Baidoa conference at the end of this month offers all stakeholders a great opportunity to reach an agreement on the way forward on resource sharing.

    On Somaliland, there have been some criticism from Hargeisa but the federal government should ignore this and continue to encourage dialogue. Somalia is one and in the end, the people of Somalia wherever they live within the country will need to unite to benefit from the abundance of resources that exist while facing common challenges together. Whatever the visible public politics, the majority of the Somali people remain connected in everyway, everywhere.



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