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Somali PM Hails Djibouti’s Role In Somalia

08 June – Source: Mareeg News – 123 Words

Somalia’s Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire has welcomed Djibouti’s leadership role in its efforts to stabilize Somalia and fighting against Al-Shabaab. Prime Minister Khaire says the efforts of Djibouti and other African peacekeepers have made possible for the people of Somalia to enjoy relative stability and prosperity after decades of civil war.

PM Khaire urged Djibouti President Ismail Omar Guelleh to continue his country’s support to Somalia in a bid to defeat Al-Shabaab. Meanwhile, PM Khaire updated the President on the latest security and humanitarian situation in the country especially in areas liberated from the militant group Al-Shabaab. On his part President Guelleh has assured Somalia and its people that Djibouti government would maintain its support to Somalia until the country is fully pacified.

Key Headlines

  • Somali PM Hails Djibouti’s Role In Somalia (Mareeg News)
  • Former President Hassan Sheikh Hails The Outcome Of The National Security Meeting In Baidoa (Jowhar.com)
  • Somaliland: Cabinet Approves 20% Quota For Women In The Upcoming Parliament And Local Councils (Horn Diplomat)
  • UN Appeals For ‘Unhindered’ Access For Somalia Aid (Arab Press)
  • Kenyan Police Say Al-Shabab Planning Attacks In Border Region (Xinhua)
  • Charities From Qatar To Raise QR60m To Help Somalis (The Peninsula)


Former President Hassan Sheikh Hails The Outcome Of The National Security Meeting In Baidoa

08 June – Source: Jowhar.com – 104 Words

The former Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has hailed the outcome of the recently concluded National Security Council meeting held in Baidoa as successful, wherein all Somali leaders agreed on new formula for the 2020 elections, resource sharing and other important issues.

Mr. Hassan Sheikh noted that the agreement was a step forward by the Somali leaders and called on the implementation of the agreed points to be historic. Such remarks were yesterday made by other Somali leaders including Puntland’s President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas, who termed the agreement as a successful deal that seeks to strengthen governance and the federal system in the country.

Somaliland: Cabinet Approves 20% Quota For Women In The Upcoming Parliament And Local Councils

07 June – Source: Horn Diplomat – 279 Words

Somaliland Cabinet of Ministers today during their normal weekly meeting chaired by the President Muse Bihi Abdi and vice president Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail, approved 20% quota for Women and minority clans in the upcoming Parliament and Local Councils Elections.

The cabinet has approved a comprehensive electoral law including a quota for women and minority clans in the House of Representatives. The quota for women is 18 seats out of the 82 House Members.  Somaliland members of Quota Task Force speaking to the local media applauded the approval of women’s quota by Somaliland Cabinet of Ministers “We congratulates Somaliland women for this milestone achieved, and thanked Somaliland President Muse Bihi and his cabinet for approving ,” said Asmahan, chairperson of Nagaad Network

“As a Quota Task Force, we are appreciate the Somaliland cabinet for their approval of a women’s quota, and requested the Somaliland parliament to pass it” said Mustafe Sacad, SONSAF chairperson. “This is a historical day for Somaliland women, but there is a long way to go to get the Quota, our message to the parliament is clear, and we are requesting from you to approve the bill”  Sa’dia Abdi, Member of Quota Task Force. “As a Quota Task Force, we are very happy to hear that the women’s quota is approved by the Somaliland cabinet, We are also demanding the parliament and other stakeholders to work with us the rest” said Omer Migane, SONYO chairperson.

Somaliland declared its independence nearly three decades ago from Somalia, but despite having its own currency, parliament, military and legal system The territory has been experiencing stability and economic prosperity and has been influential in the fight against piracy and terrorism in the Horn of Africa.


UN Appeals For ‘Unhindered’ Access For Somalia Aid

08 June – Source: Arab News – 162 Words

The United Nations Security Council on Thursday called for “unhindered humanitarian access” in Somalia, expressing concern about the risk of famine in the conflict-racked country. “The Security Council expresses deep concern about the humanitarian situation in Somalia, including the continued risk of famine and the impact of recent flooding,” the council said in a statement adopted Thursday.

“The Security Council notes with concern that the fighting has exacerbated the humanitarian situation and calls on all parties to allow and facilitate full, safe, rapid and unhindered humanitarian access,” it said. On the security situation, the council expressed “serious concern at the ongoing threat posed by A1-Shabab,” the armed group that has been trying since 2007 to overthrow successive internationally-backed Somali governments.

Al-Shabab frequently carries out car and truck bombings against military, government and civilian targets in the country. Somalia has not had an effective central government since the 1991 overthrow of president Siad Barre’s military regime which ushered in decades of anarchy and conflict.

Kenyan Police Say Al-Shabab Planning Attacks In Border Region

08 June – Source: Xinhua – 194 Words

The Kenyan police warned on Thursday that Somalia-based extremist group al-Shabab is planning to carry out terror attacks on key infrastructure in northeast Kenya including coast regions during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Police spokesman Charles Owino said they have received credible intelligence that the terrorists who have waged increased attacks in Somalia were targeting key infrastructure in Mandera, Wajir, Garissa and the Coast counties. “They are particularly targeting installations that are far flung along the border,” Owino said in a statement issued in Nairobi.

Owino also clarified that the five paramilitary police officers who were killed on Wednesday were attacked on Somali soil and not in Kenya. The five security officers were killed and three others seriously injured after their vehicle ran over a landmine in Liboi near the Kenya-Somalia border.

The early morning explosion happened when the police officers were on normal border patrol a few kilometres from the Somali border. “We wish to assure members of the public that we have deployed our resources appropriately to counter any such actions by these criminals. Our officers are on high alert and will continue monitoring their movements at all times,” Owino said.


“She said that Silatech, which has been operating in Somalia since 2012, had helped providing 33,400 jobs for young men and women in Somalia by facilitating the access of young entrepreneurs to finance and labor markets and training them to contribute to the development of promising sectors in that country.”

Charities From Qatar To Raise QR60m To Help Somalis

08 June – Source: The Peninsula – 993 Words

Qatari charity organisations joined hands to raise over QR60m to support people fighting for survival in Somalia due to humanitarian crises caused by famine which has affected nearly half of the population of the country.

A joint campaign to support Somalia will be launched in Qatar on Sunday by four Qatari humanitarian organisations including Qatar Red Crescent Society, Qatar Charity, Silatech and Education Above All Foundation under the supervision of Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities and supported by Qatar Fund for Development.

The campaign aims to raise more than QR60m to meet the humanitarian and development needs of the Somali people and provide water, health, education and economic empowerment services, as well as humanitarian intervention in flood-affected areas to provide shelter, food and medical supplies, QNA reported.

The money will be spent on drilling and rehabilitation of wells and water systems, establishment of income generation projects, support to the agricultural sector, creating educational opportunities, building and renovation of schools and health centers, treatment of patients, distribution of food baskets, establishment of social centers, and road development.

Somalia is suffering from acute crises, perhaps the most serious of which is the famine that threatens 6.2 million people, nearly half of the population, because of water shortages, according to statistics from international organizations and United Nations institutions. There are up to 2.5 million displaced persons, and more than 400,000 who need urgent medical assistance, these statistics indicated. Somalia has low enrollment rates in education, where the rate of enrollment in primary and secondary schools 30 percent and 26 percent respectively.

Speaking at the press conference, representatives of the Qatari humanitarian organizations stressed that this campaign is a reflection of the spirit of solidarity between the Qatari and Somali peoples and the official and popular stance of the State of Qatar in support of Somalia in all circumstances and in response to the humanitarian situation in this brotherly country, as a result of recurrent drought and unstable situations due to conflicts.


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@engyarisow: Today I received Italian CIMIC team as they donated Equipment for Emergency Services that is vital to our citizens

@Hamza_Africa: “I received a phone call. I was told in a calm voice to close the football field and not hold any football tournament” Al-Shabab shuts down more than 30 football pitches in #Mogadishu, #Somalia – My latest for @AJEnglishhttp://aje.io/m3m3y

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@GuledWiliq #Jowhar & #Qalimow near #Mogadishu – impacted by #Shabelle River flooding, but are resilient cuz of@PowerOffGrid #smartfarming #innovation We’ve partnered 6 farmers in #Hirshabelle total of 300 Hectares to provide #equityfinancing & #Hybrid #energy solutions #NoHandOut

@M_H_Ingiriis: At the National Archives of Ethiopia, I found the full version of a speech delivered in 1963 by President Aden Abdulle Osman in the formation of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU). He noted that the post-colonial Somali State was incomplete without the other 3 Somali lands.

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