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Challenges Emerge At The National Security Council Meeting

07 July – Source: Jowhar.com – 235 Words

As the National Security Council meeting enters its second day, it’s reported that a rift has emerged between leaders attending the two day meeting. According to some reports, the regional  presidents are in a  deadlock over how to form and establish  a national army.  This is despite their earlier agreement that Somalia’s new army should composed of 18,000 thousand troops  in total (3,000 from each Federal Member State).

The President of Puntland Abdiweli Gaas proposed that the military build-up use the 4.5 formula of power-sharing model and that regional administration be in control. He further stated that those from Galmudug, Hirshabelle and Benadir administrations to be lumped up as one and therefore the force needed to be built based on the 4.5 formula.

However, the presidents of Galmudug and Hirshabelle Ali Abdullahi Osoble and Ahmed Ducale Geele Haaf objected stating that the national security should not be based on clan politics. Furthermore, president of Southwest Hassan Sheikh Aden stated that all national security matters to be dealt with swiftly before it further deteriorates the security of the nation. President Farmaajo is working on establishing a national federal army and the role of regional governments is to advice on how. This meeting has brought out the differences of the Somali leaders in regards to uniform national policies.

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  • Challenges Emerge At The National Security Council Meeting (Jowhar.com)
  • Puntland Condemns Al-Shabaab Over Ban on ‘Counterfeit’ Somali Shilling (Somali Update)
  • Deadly Fights Erupts In Bay Region (Dhacdo.com)
  • ‘We Made It’: Somali Refugees Arrive Before New Rules (VOA)
  • Somalia To Screen Disengaged Ex-Al-Shabaab Militants (Xinhuanet)
  • Somalia’s Vicious Cycle Of Drought And Death (Care Blog)


Puntland Condemns Al-Shabaab Over Ban on ‘Counterfeit’ Somali Shilling

07 July – Source: Somali Update – 331 Words

Somalia’s semi-autonomous state of Puntland has condemned Al-Shabaab militant group which banned the usage of the Somali 1000 banknote from traders in the central and southern regions including parts of Puntland.  Businesses in Beledweyne, Abudwak and Galkayo have been brought to standstill by the ban as locals staged violent demonstrations against the business premises who rejected trading with the shilling. In a statement, Puntland Cabinet of the Ministers said the militant group is aiming to devalue the Somali shilling and destroy the economy. “Al-Shabaab is the enemy of the Somali people. They are attempting to harm the economy by undervaluing Somali shilling and empowering foreign currency.” Said the statement released later on Thursday.

Authorities warned local business community from following Al-Shabaab orders as the ban on the Shilling now affected Galkayo town. “Puntland government warns business owners in Puntland against following the ban on the Somali shillings. Anybody found complying Al-Shabaab ban will be considered as a member of them and will face consequences.” warned the statement. The ban on the Somali Shilling came following huge influx of counterfeit banknotes printed in Puntland affecting the livelihood of people in many parts of the country.

Sources in Puntland said billions of new counterfiet currency printed in Bosasso has been recently released in circulation by Puntland officials floating the exchange rate between dollars and Somali shilling. In a recent interview with local TV station, Puntland’s Deputy Minister of Finance Ahmed Yassin admitted that his administration has a currency printing machines in Bosasso saying that it was needed to fill the currency gap in Somalia. “Money printing is important since there is a shortage of the current Somali banknotes in circulation. We have controlled a lot, but later we have noticed that it caused inflation in the exchange markets.” The Deputy Minister said. In a report in November last year, the United Nations Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea (UNSEMG) slammed Puntland President Abdiweli Ali Gaas for establishing the economy by printing counterfeit currencies.

Deadly Fights Erupts In Bay Region

06 July – Source: Dhacdo.com – 115 Words

A fight between the security forces of Southwest and Al-Shabaab has erupted again at Goofgaduud Burey area in Bay region. This fighting is said to started after explosive devices in the ground targeted a military vehicle with officials from the region. One person is confirmed dead and two others wounded however, officials from Goofgaduud denied any casualties. Siidow Ali Siidow, the district commisioner of Goofgaduud Burey stated that the security forces fought bravely and now the situation is calm again. “The enemy of peace attacked a convoy carrying security forces which then lead to fierce fighting, in which they suffered loses” he said. However, Al-Shabaab has not yet spoken about this new battle in Bay region.


‘We Made It’: Somali Refugees Arrive Before New Rules

07 June – Source: VOA – 155 Words

A Somali man whose leg was blown off by a grenade says he feels unbelievably lucky to be among the last refugees allowed into the United States before stricter rules kick in as part of the Trump administration’s travel ban. Ali Said talked with The Associated Press Thursday after he and his family arrived in San Diego. He says they would have likely been denied entry to the United States under the new rules that require refugees have ties to a U.S. person or entity.

The U.S. refugee program will be suspended July 12 when a cap of 50,000 refugee admissions for the current fiscal year is expected to be reached. The State Department says most refugees after that will only be exempted if they have a U.S. tie. Said plans to get medical help as he settles in San Diego with his wife and children, ranging from 2 to 15.

Somalia To Screen Disengaged Ex-Al-Shabaab Militants

07 July – Source: Xinhuanet – 290 Words

Somalia’s security agencies have kicked off plans to screen disengaged Al-Shabaab combatants who want to be reintegrated into communities. The UN mission in Somalia (UNSOM)-backed two-day conference that ended in Mogadishu on Thursday reviewed standard operating procedures and building the capacity of the National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) for screening ex Al-Shabaab militants. UNSOM Police Commissioner Christoph Buik said security agencies like NISA were the pillar of the program as they deal directly with ex-combatants who decide to defect. “You are doing the screening. You will decide about the future of the ex-combatants coming from Al-Shabaab, what they will do and how they can be integrated into the society in Somalia again. This is a huge responsibility,” Buik said in a statement from UNSOM.

The screening process is a key part of the National Programme for the Treatment and Handling of Disengaged Combatants in Somalia. The conference discussed ways of combating terrorism and ensuring that disengaged Al-Shabaab combatants who want to be reintegrated into communities receive necessary support. NISA Commander for the Disengaged Combatants, Abdifatah Sayid Ahmed, said the training involved harmonizing of the screening process with the risk assessment of Al-Shabaab disengaged combatants to identify those who pose minimal risks.


“But Asha is one of the luckier ones. Together with many other women, she is participating in CARE’s cash-for-work project in Ainabo. Participants receive $100 for flexible hours per 18 days cleaning a waterhole so that rainwater can be preserved. CARE has helped more than 100,000 drought-affected people with its cash program,”

Somalia’s Vicious Cycle Of Drought And Death

06 July – Source: Care Blogs – 484 Words

“This is the worst drought I’ve ever experienced in my entire lifetime”, says 50-year-old Asha, who left her home three months ago. Back in her village in Wadamagoo up in the mountains of Somaliland, she used to live happily with her husband, six children, 200 sheep and goats and 10 camels. But after losing 90 percent of her livestock due to the drought and using up all available food stocks and water resources, she was forced to leave her children behind in the hopes of finding a job closer to the city. Asha is among the one in every two Somalis currently in need of humanitarian assistance and one of the 2,000 displaced people who ended up Somalia’s Ainabo camp for internally displaced people. Their situation is dire. Although humanitarian agencies provide an initial supply of water, food is scarce and people are still hungry.

The provisional huts hardly provide any shelter in the blazing afternoon sun.“We also have a major problem with the unavailability of latrines,” says Ainabo mayor Ahmedkhani Abdi Au-Mohamud. “Women especially are suffering as they condition themselves to wait until after dark to relieve themselves.” Open defecation puts women’s dignity and security at risk, and poses a serious health hazard. Almost 50,000 suspected cholera cases (acute watery diarrhea) have been reported since the beginning of the year. More than 600 people have died.

The death of livestock, the main source of income for most of the country, affects people in every aspect of their lives. The drought-related loss of Asha’s livelihood meant not only that she had to leave her house and family behind, but that her children also cannot go to school anymore since she cannot afford to pay the fees. More than 40,000 children in Somalia are currently out of school.

Life in a displacement camp puts Asha’s health and safety considerably at risk. “We are in the midst of a vicious cycle in which people move closer to urban centers, forming a new peri-urban poor, as they lose their livelihoods due to the drought, in search of food and water. Over 700,000 have ended up in displacement camps with very poor hygiene standards and contaminated water sources, reinforcing the existing risk of contracting acute watery diarrhea or cholera,” says Raheel Chaudhary, CARE Somalia Country Director.


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technical experts on short term capacity building assignments in#Somalia

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