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Somali Forces Open Access To Roads of Besieged Town Allowing Trade Flow for 5 Years

23 July – Source: Somali Update – 226 Words

Somali Forces on Sunday opened the route of Hudur town allowing about 20 trucks transporting goods and food to enter this southern Somalia town.  General Bashir Hussein of Somali National Army said the town’s routes were opened after military operation by the army. “The military conducted persistent operation this week. We have successfully removed all roadblocks set up by Al-Shabaab, so far 20 trucks ferrying various types of food arrived since yesterday Saturday,” said General Bashir. Residents in the town said they were relieved now that goods and food have arrived in their town, but appealed for food aid since majority of the residents in the town are unable to buy the expensive food.”

At some point, we are happy that supplies reached Hudur. People cannot afford the inflated price of the food. We want humanitarian food assistance” said a resident, who only gave her first name Abdiyo due to fear of reprisal from militants. Somali Army backed by the African Union Forces have captured many towns in south-central Somalia including Hudur from Al-Shabaab over the last five years, but the militants who still control swathes in the countryside and besieged the towns by blocking roads forcing residents to flee or starve. According to United Nations Food and Agriculture (FAO) cereal prices have quadrupled since 2012 in Hudur and Wajid towns when the joint forces seized from Al-Shabaab.

Key Headlines

  • Somali Forces Open Access To Roads of Besieged Town Allowing Trade Flow for 5 Years (Somali Update)
  • Government Dismisses Claims Prime Minister Met EU Officials Over Frustration On Fighting Graft (Goobjoog News)
  • Interior Minister Farah Threatens To Resign If Prime Minister Khayre Reinstates Sacked Permanent Secretary (Radio Dalsan)
  • Prime Minister Khayre Visits Youth Released From Ethiopian Jails Pledges Government Support (Goobjoog News)
  • Security Forces Foil Landmine Attacks Along Mogadishu Afgoye Highway (Somali Update)
  • Soldiers Killed In Somalia Blast (Aljazeera)
  • Why Raids Are A Cause For Worry As Al-Shabaab Changes Face (Standard Digital)


Government Dismisses Claims Prime Minister Met EU Officials Over Frustration On Fighting Graft

24 July – Source: Goobjoog News – 347 Words

The government has dismissed reports that Prime Minister Hassan Khayre held a secret meeting in Hargeisa with European Union envoys where he expressed his frustration in fighting corruption which is being perpetrated by private companies. In a statement Monday, Information Minister Abdirahman Omar Osman rubbished what he termed as wild allegations by the Indian Ocean Newsletter noting that at no time did the Prime Minister meet with the said officials. “The Federal Government makes it clear that no meeting took place discussing the reputation and honour of the persons mentioned above,” the minister said.

The newsletter published by Indigo Publications under the African Intelligence banner said in its July 21, 2017 edition that the PM held closed door meeting with officials from Norway, Britain and the European Union where the Prime Minister briefed them of his frustrations in dealing with telecommunication companies and banks in the country. “In a meeting in early July with officials from Britain, Norway and the European Union in Hargeisa, Khaire admitted he found it highly complicated to fight against corruption and improve the country’s tax receipts. He pointed the finger at certain local businessmen who included Ahmed Mohamed Yusuf, boss of the Hormuud telecommunications; Mohamed Yusuf Ahmed Alore, chief of Salaam African Bank, and Abdirashid Duale, manager of Dahabshiil,” the publication said.

The Prime Minister, the newsletter said ‘felt they (the businessmen) were applying a brake to moves to beef up the government’s capacity because doing so would make the tax system more efficient.’ But the government has termed the report as misleading and aimed at creating differences between the Federal Government and the private sector which it says has contributed immensely in national development. “The Federal Government is really concerned with this article meant to smear the good relationship between the government and the Somali traders. The Federal Government makes it clear that the Somali traders play a huge role in government efforts to bring back security, safety and progress in the country,” Osman said. The government is committed to promoting free speech, the minister said but ‘warned against spreading baseless information.

Interior Minister Farah Threatens To Resign If Prime Minister Khayre Reinstates Sacked Permanent Secretary

23 July – Source: Radio Dalsan – 166 Words

Somalia Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre on Sunday averted what may have caused a major division in the Cabinet after two ministers publicly conflicted over the sacking of a Permanent Secretary. Interior Minister Abdi Farah and his Cabinet counterpart State Minister of Interior clashed over the former sacking of Permanent Secretary Yahye Ali Ibrahim. Minister Abdi Farah sacked PS Ibrahim for alleged “lack of cooperation” in a letter sent to the top civil servant on Saturday. The Interior Minister immediately appointed a new Permanent Secretary to replace Ibrahim. State Minister in the Ministry of Interior Abdullahi Farah Weheliye said that Parliament and Cabinet were not consulted making the sacking unlawful.

The sacked Permanent Secretary had served in the Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s administration where he had been instrumental in the establishment of new regional states. The Minister has earlier threatened to resign if the sacked Permanent Secretary is reinstated, Radio Dalsan has learnt. Sources told Radio Dalsan that Prime Minister Khayre had contacted the two Ministers to resolve the issue.

Prime Minister Khayre Visits Youth Released From Ethiopian Jails, Pledges Government Support

24 July – Source: Goobjoog News – 290 Words

Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre escorted by some MPs and the Somali Ambassador to Ethiopia visited Sundaythe 114 Somali prisoners released from Jigjiga jails in Ethiopia who arrived in the country Saturday. Prime Minister Khayre expressed his delight to see the youth and shared their happiness with them after reuniting with their families. The Premier pointed out there are other Somali youth who are still languishing in foreign prisons and the need for engagement to bring them back to their motherland. There was an emotional distress on the face of the Premier towards the youth that are supposed to be the future leaders of the country but are suffering in jails.

“I feel sorry about the problems affecting the Somali youth after the collapse of the central government [in 1991] which made the youth to disperse to foreign countries where they face problems. Some are in prisons where no one knows of their circumstances but the Somali government will work on getting them back to restore a good future for the youth,” said Prime Minister. The youth were released following talks by Prime Minister Khayre with his Ethiopian counterpart Hailemariam Desalegn in the sidelines of the AU summit in Addis Ababa early this month. The Prime Minister said the government will support the youth to find earn a living and integrate into the society. Some of the prisoners who spoke expressed their joy and admitted that Somalis can reach their interest through unity. They requested to be provided with education and work opportunities since some of them are educated. In the same juncture, some of the families and relatives of the prisoners expressed their gratitude to the government and other stakeholders who played a role in the emancipation of the children.

Security Forces Foil Landmine Attacks Along Mogadishu Afgoye Highway

24 July – Source: Goobjoog News – 256 Words

Somali security forces on Monday morning dismantled landmines buried on road side along Mogadishu-Afgoye highway following tips off by the public. The forces launched an operation to remove landmines buried in KM13 locality by suspected Al-Shabaab members barely two days after suicide car bomb was thwarted in Mogadishu. Security officials who spoke to outlet media confirmed the operation saying the forces were alerted by the local residents. “We got a call from one of the local residents in KM13 village informing the forces the landmines, our bomb experts immediately responded and eventually removed landmines buried on the road side by the terror group,” said a security officer identified as Mohamed Issack.

The move comes a day after Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre paid visit to the military bases of the recently established city stabilizing forces in Somali capital. Khayre commended the forces for their commitment to restore peace in a city once referred as ghost city for its three decades of anarchy and deadly clan militia clashes. “The government and Somali people applauded your operations against the attacks of the enemy, the work you did saved the lives of the public. I appreciate your work as you are doing your task of the nation through difficulties,” Khayre told the forces during his speech at one of their bases in Mogadishu. Somali government has formed these Special Forces for the city following heinous attacks by Al-Shabaab. Al-Shabaab which attempts to overthrow the internationally recognized Federal Government carries out deadly attacks including suicide bombs, raiding military bases.


Soldiers Killed In Somalia Blast

23 July – Source: Aljazeera – 145 Words

Armed group al-Shabab claims responsibility for attack on security convoy near Baidoa in country’s southwest. At least four soldiers were killed and several others wounded when a roadside blast targeted a security convoy in southwestern Somalia, police said.  The attack took place near the town of Baidoa, some 250 kilometres (155 miles) south-west of the capital Mogadishu, on Sunday.

Somali-based armed group al-Shabab claimed responsibility for the attack. Four soldiers from the southwestern state forces were killed in the blast, Mowlid Mohamed, a police officer in Baidoa, told Turkey’s Anadolu news agency.  “Four soldiers were killed, and more than two others were wounded after a security convoy was targeted,” he said. The wounded soldiers were rushed to Bay regional hospital for treatment as they sustained life-threatening injuries, he added. The convoy was travelling from the village of Daynunay to Baidoa, capital of the Bay region.


“After the AMISOM onslaught, Godane’s strategy was to turn Al-Shabaab into a leaner, more ideologically unified outfit, that would launch a war of asymmetry and encourage spoiler insurgencies in Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya.”

Why Raids Are A Cause For Worry As Al-Shabaab Changes Face

23 July – Source: Standard Digital – 1,136 Words

At 8pm, June 15, 2014, a group of 50 Al-Shabaab militants walked into the dusty town of Mpeketoni and killed 48 people. A few weeks later, the group descended on Hindi, and killed more people, all of whom were non-Muslim. Emboldened by the little resistance they had faced from Kenyan security officers during the attacks in Mpeketoni and Hindi, the militants moved to Pandanguo, a few days later. In Pandanguo, a predominantly Muslim village, the militants did not kill anyone. Rather, they preached about ‘militant jihad’ at the local mosque, and looted drugs, nets and mattresses from the local dispensary. As Kenyan politicians began trading accusations over the events in Lamu, the militants collected their loot at Mpeketoni, Hindi and Pandanguo, and set up a new camp inside the vast Boni forest.

Since, members of this new Al-Shabaab force, dubbed ‘Jeysh Ayman’, or ‘Jeshi la Imani’, believed to be about 300, have engaged the Kenyan military in a cat and mouse game, in the Operation Linda Boni Forest, a joint-military operation aided by US special forces. Along the Kenya-Somalia border, from Mandera to Lamu, and in particular, along the dusty Bargoni-Kiunga road that cuts through the Boni forest, Improvised Explosives Devices (IEDs) have claimed many lives – of civilians and soldiers alike. The Aweer, a community of predominantly hunters and gatherers, and one of the oldest inhabitants of Boni forest, have been caught in the crossfire of the operation. When she was kidnapped along the Mokowe-Mpeketoni road – and later rescued by the KDF – Public Works Principal Secretary Mariam El-Maawy, was on her way to Witu town to see members of the Aweer community who have been displaced from their settlements by the operation, which now includes airstrikes.

Al-Shabaab’s latest offensive The story of ‘Jeysh Ayman’ began on night of June 20, 2013, at the ancient Somali coastal town of Barawe, which had become Al-Shabaab’s operational headquarters after the group escaped Kismayu, their wealthy capital since 2006. During that night, militants attached to Al-Shabaab’s feared secret-police, the Amniyaat, executed Ibrahim Al-Afghani, a member of Al-Shabaab’s executive council, the Shura, on orders issued by the then Al-Shabaab leader, the late Ahmed Abdi Godane. Others, Mukhtar Robow and Sheikh Dahir Aweys, managed to escape, and later defected from Al-Shabaab. While Godane had accused his colleagues of attempting to split Al-Shabaab and form rival organisations, his critics, such as Al-Afghani, Robow and Aweys, had accused him of dictatorial tendencies, and of unnecessarily shedding civilian blood.


@Goobjoognews: PM Khaire visits youth released from Ethiopian jails, pledges government support http://goobjoog.com/english/pm-khaire-visits-youth-released-from-ethiopian-jails-pledges-government-support/ …

@NBellaa: One thing I’m starting to realize more and more is how ppl actually on the ground are more appreciative and supportive of the government.

@AhmedMuhaajir: Ahmed Muhaajir Retweeted Villa Somalia. Free university education for 1000 students at Gaheyr campus of SNU. Really heartwarming gesture to boost educations sector.@ahmedvision1@Fatumaabdulahi: Record 30 days without major blast in #Mogadishu since #Farmaajo took office! Milestone for security forces working under tough conditions.

@Goobjoognews: Government rubbishes claims PM met EU officials over frustration on fighting graft –@Vatescorp#Somalia: Govt imposes 7 new orders on businesses paying extortion to#alShabaab

@engyarisow#Somalia intensifies the implementation of the Security Stabilization Plan in #Mogadishu as more troops recruited

@US2SOMALIA:US military officials helped deliver generators to power refurbished #Somalia Defense Ministry office. Support part of institution building

@MoradNews:BREAKING: A plane ferrying 114 Somali prisoners released from #Ethiopia jails land at #Mogadishu airport after agreement with #Somaliagovt

@IlwadElman: You can watch the full video of@ElmanPeaceHRC in action NOW onhttp://www.elmanpeace.org

@HarunMaruf: BREAKING: Al-Shabab collects $150 million in extortion money per year: Intel Chief tells me. (Full interview on@voasomali in 10 min)

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Image of the dayPrime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre speaks to dozens of Mogadishu security stabilization forces on Sunday.

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