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President Farmajo Vows To Support The National Army

09 July – Source: Garowe Online – 290 Words

The President of Somalia’s Federal government has participated in a fund raising event for the Somali national army in the capital Mogadishu on Saturday night. President, Mohamed Abdulahi Mohamed Farmajo, Prime Minister Hasan Ali Kheyre, Cabinet Ministers, religious scholars, prominent elders and members of the civil society took part in the event aimed to tackle challenges faced by the Somali national army in their fight to secure the country.

During the ceremony, Somali President Faramajo appointed General Jama Mohamed Qalib and Sheikh Nur Baarud Gurhan to head the committee overseeing the funds collected for the army. President Farmajo also urged the public to support the government in its effort to reform the security and army services. He vowed to fulfill his campaign promises and build strong government institutions that will bring much-awaited stability, social services and development in the country.

Farmaajo swore to faithfully utilize the funds collected from the public and international community to cover the needs of the national army.On his side, Prime Minister Kheyre asked the public to put their trust in the current administration and noted that the Federal government will clarify any concerns raised by the citizens.The event comes following recent high-level meeting between leaders of the Somali Federal government and regional administrations, who deliberated plans to reform the security sector of Somalia last week in Mogadishu.

Key Headlines

  • President Farmajo Vows To Support The National Army (Garowe Online)
  • Al-Shabab Kills Three People In Central Somalia (Horn Observer)
  • AMISOM Donates Food And Non-food Items To Drought-affected Displaced Families Living Near Mogadishu (Shabelle News)
  • UN Urges Parliament To Help Meet Expectations Of Somalis (Xinhua)
  • Somali Forces Say They Killed 18 Insurgents In Northern Puntland Region (Reuters)
  • Infrastructure and Resources: China in Somalia (Hiiraan Online)


Al-Shabab Kills Three People In Central Somalia

10 July – Source: Horn Observer – 113 Words

Members of the militant group Al Shabaab on Sunday killed three people in Maxaas area in Hiiraan region, among them a soldier and his wife, Somali police said. The three people, a soldier, his wife and their driver, were killed while traveling in areas under Maxaas district in Hiiraan region on Sunday, according to the police.”We have received reports that the Al-Shabaab reportedly took the car and the wounded woman to Moqokori – referring to an area controlled by the Al-Shabaab in Hiiraan region.” Bashiir Daran Doori, Police commissioner of Maxaas police station told the local media.The incident comes days after the Shabab claimed to have killed four soldiers in the region.

AMISOM Donates Food And Non-food Items To Drought-affected, Displaced Families Living Near Mogadishu

09 July, Source: Shabelle News – 365 Words

The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) has donated to the Somali Federal Government, an assortment of food and non-food items to assist drought-affected, internally displaced communities. Ambassador Francisco Caetano Madeira, the Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission (SRCC) for Somalia, said the donation will benefit about 200 households living in a camp for internally displaced persons at Kilometre 13, in the outskirts of the capital Mogadishu.

The items include rice, pasta, sugar, vegetable cooking oil, beans, mosquito nets, blankets, bed sheets, jerricans, cooking pans, solar lanterns, plastic buckets, detergent, water purification tablets, and scrubbing brushes. “What counts is the gesture. We don’t want the people of Somalia to suffer. We don’t want them to die out of hunger. So, the little we have, we share,” Ambassador Madeira said as he handed over the donation to the Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management Mr. Mohamed Moallim.

The AU Special Representative for Somalia explained that the donation was in response to an appeal made by government authorities and Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed ‘Farmaajo’, aimed at averting a looming humanitarian crisis. “We are desperately trying to avert a situation that leads us to famine. And luckily now we have received rains in some parts of the country,” Permanent Secretary Mohamed Moallim stated, but added that the situation was still dire. “We have, as a ministry, already made a plan for this (donation). And reason being that we want to be able to dispatch this humanitarian aid as soon as we can,” Mr. Moallim added.

Mr. Vincent Lelei, the Deputy UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia lauded efforts by the federal government of Somalia, Somali public and the humanitarian community in averting a humanitarian disaster. “The community is in KM13, a group of families, overwhelmingly women and children who have fled from the drought-affected areas, particularly in south-central Jubba Valley and many other places. They have come here looking for protection, looking for services and looking for food, medicine, shelter, household items to cook and to survive. Our work has been to support them. As long as they are there, the support will be required,” Mr. Lelei reiterated.


UN Urges Parliament To Help Meet Expectations Of Somalis

09 July – Source: Xinhua – 256 Words

The UN top envoy in Somalia on Sunday called on lawmakers to meet numerous expectations of the Somalis by passing key legislations to strengthen the rule of law and promote democracy. The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General (SRSG) for Somalia, Michael Keating, who welcomed the opening of the Somali Parliament said the real sovereignty for Somalia depends upon the country reducing its dependency upon others.”The Somali parliament can make a decisive contribution to progress by passing key legislation, including the electoral law, legislation enabling a constitutional review and revenue generating laws,” Keating said in a statement issued in Mogadishu.

He said the current parliament has stronger credentials than its predecessors and is fundamentally important to Somalia’s future success.He added that real sovereignty for Somalia depends upon the country its ability to raise revenues and shapes its own agenda, particularly to strengthen security and the rule of law, advance peace and reconciliation and engage Somalia’s amazing entrepreneurial spirit and private sector to create jobs.”The expectations of it by the Somali people are high. This is a unique moment. The big question is whether this parliament will be able to seize the political opportunity Somalia now faces, whether in terms of the legitimacy of the Federal Government, its own credibility including 25 percent women, and in terms of high levels of international support for Somalia,” said Keating.

Somali Forces Say They Killed 18 Insurgents In Northern Puntland Region

09 July – Source: Reuters – 163 Words

Somali security forces said on Sunday they had killed 18 Islamist insurgents during an operation in the northern region of Puntland, although the militants denied sustaining any casualties.”We killed 18 militants and burnt six of their bases in Galgala hills in an operation over four days to eliminate al Shabaab,” said Colonel Mohamed Ismail, a senior officer in the Puntland Security Force.”We also took their weapons. We burned their food and medicine stores.”

Puntland’s security forces are trained and supported by a small number of U.S. operatives based in the semi-autonomous northern region. It was not clear whether the United States had any involvement in the operation.Al Shabaab, an al-Qaeda-linked insurgent group that wants to impose strict Islamic law, confirmed there was a raid but denied there were any casualties. “Puntland attacked us today but we repulsed and chased them away. No casualties at all,” Sheikh Abdiasis Abu Musab, the spokesman for al Shabaab’s military wing, said by phone.


“On March 30, Puntland Cabinet passed deal with China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC). It is yet unclear how the federal government in Mogadishu would react to the agreement signed between Puntland and CCECC, though discomfort at federal level has been swirling around since then. CCECC’s business scope mainly covers civil engineering design and consultancy”

Infrastructure and Resources: China in Somalia

08 July – Source: Hiiraan Online – 958 Words

Chinese delegation visited Somalia’s northeastern state of Puntland in March, 2015 in quest for close partnership as giant Chinese firms could be exploring new opportunities in Africa, and to be precise in East Africa more particularly. The Chinese officials discussed — expanding China’s infrastructure footprint, barely a year before then Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud presided over the grand opening of China-revamped Bossaso international airport — with the President of semi-autonomous Puntland region, Abdiweli Mohamed Ali.  The President of Puntland who is bent on leaving a mark on the region’s infrastructure asked for China to construct Garowe-Eyl Road,Galkayo airport and Garacad sea port, the latter being a strategic Indian Ocean village which back in 2012 became notoriously popular with piracy scourge. According to friends with whom I have conversed over the course of the draft, the Chinese delegates and Puntland raised the looming prospect of forging partnership in offshore explorations.

Though, China is believed to be keen on a stake in the vast hydrocarbon harbored in the waters off the coast of Somalia, the Somali officials have been too reluctant about disclosing China’s rekindled interest in hydrocarbon ventures for years hamstrung by disputes between the federal government in Mogadishu and federal member states. Chinese engineers conducted a pre-feasibility for a new seaport project in the coastal village of Garacad between January and March this year. Somali business leaders are said to have bankrolled Garacad seaport blueprint, merely something murky, and as of now independent of Chinese investment clout. Puntland dubbed the port project ‘Central Somalia Economic Growth Corridor’ to turn economic tide, with natural resources at its disposal. Conceived by the government, the project is aimed at tarmacking 269 km road, construction of quay and crane facilities equipped with standard and bonded warehouses, cooling and freezing facilities as well as container yard at Garacad and improvement of Galkayo airport with 3 km paved road.

If constructed, Garacad port will provide neighboring Ethiopia, which laments about congested services at Djibouti port, with an additional gateway. On his return from a visit to Ethiopia on March 22, Puntland President Dr. Ali announced that there are plans to construct Garowe-Eyl road and Galkayo airport. The President’s remarks may have sounded tacit acknowledgement of China’s fresh charm offensive to keep plugging at Somalia’s thirst for infrastructure. The feasibility study and the detailed engineering design of the would-be paved road between Dangorayo and Eyl were carried out in 2016 with financing provided by the Somali Relief Network of North America (SRNNA) under the auspices of Puntland Highway Authority (PHA), a viable entity in charge of urban and rural roads in Puntland. The government officially laid foundation stone for the road on August 19, 2016 in the presence of respected elders and local community representatives. Clearance operations started off afterwards, and 80km alignment expected to be upgraded to national standard road with 7 km dual carriageway was connected to the existing 40 km gravel road of Eyl coastal town.

Puntland Government touted Eyl road project a ‘flagship one’ which will benefit tourism, thanks to the pristine beach and historic sites in Eyl, fisheries sector, livestock exports, and overall Somalia’s booming construction industry.  For instance, Locals in Eyl coastal town derive the most major part of their livelihood from fishing, and Eyl was a home to 705 fishing fleet that comprises canoes, sailboats and motor boats, seasonal and full time fishermen estimated to be 1330 (UNDP Report, 2005) and nearly 20 refrigerator trucks. Fishermen in Eyl and a string of Indian Ocean villages used to export lobster tails and shark fins to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Kenya, meaning a new paved road will greatly enhance rapid access to renovated airports in Garowe and Bossaso, thus reducing cost for road users and artisan fishers engaged in lobster fishing during peak seasons (October to March).

Moreover, many believe, once a road linking Eyl into the trunk road network is completed, Puntland will be able to revive dry fish meat exports to potential and long-lost international markets such as France, Italy, Saudi Arabia and East African markets in Tanzania. China officially reopened its embassy in Mogadishu in August, 2014. It has been lending a helping hand to Somalia ever since. The pledge amounting USD 10 million in aid earlier last month once more demonstrated China’s evolving role in an era of reconstruction which was more recently overshadowed by the devastating drought nationwide.


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@HarunMaruf: Somalia announces creating the national army trust fund, ex-police Cmdr Gen Jama Mohamed Qalib appointed to chair; Sh. Nur Barud is deputy.

@GuleidJ: The arrest of journalist Omar Serbia is unconstitutional & against the #UDHR. We call on the govt to release the journalist & stop harassment.

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