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Galmudug State Initiates Head-Counting On The State Police Force

10 January – Source: Goobjoog News – 143 Words

Galmudug state security administration office in collaboration with top police officers yesterday started head count on the police personnel in the state. State Security Chairperson, Maslah Ali Hussein who spoke to Goobjoog News noted that they have already counted all the police staff in Galgaduud region and will soon start the ones in Mudug region in order to appraise their numbers, qualities and needs. “Top officers have started monitoring trips on police stations and camps to confirm the quantity and quality of Galmudug forces. Similarly, their delicate needs will be disclosed” said Chairperson Hussein.

In mid-November 2016, a strike carried out by US drones in Somalia’s Galkayo area killed ten fighters and wounded three soldiers sparking demonstrations and accusations between Puntland and Galmudug. Galmudug appealed to the US government for compensation which killed Galmudug forces amid confirmation by US that it killed friendly forces.

Key Headlines

  • Galmudug State Initiates Head-Counting On The State Police Force (Goobjoog News)
  • Bosasso Security Is Tightened As President Farmajo Is Set To Visit (Dhacdo.com)
  • Federal Aviation Ministry To Enhance Airports Across The Country (Goobjoog News)
  • Roadside Blast Injures 2 In Mogadishu (Xinhuanet)
  • For Small Businesses In Somalia This Firm Could Be An Ethical Boon (Mysalaam.com)
  • The Secrets Behind The Turkey’s Success in Somalia (Wardheere News)


Bosaso Security Is Tightened, As President Farmajo Is Set To Visit

10 January – Source: Dhacdo.com – 117 Words

Security of Bosaso town, the capital of Bari region, has been tightened following the expected visit of the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmaajo. Bari region Police Commander Colonel Abdullahi Yusuf Hussein said that they have tightened security in Bosaso town as some main road blocked and deployed security forces.

Speaking to media in Bosaso he said that they are fully prepared for the expected Presidential visit to Bosaso town urging locals to collaborate with the security forces and report any suspects. Meanwhile, Colonel Abdullahi Yusuf Hussein, Bari Regional Police Commander, announced today that Police has banned vehicles with black stickers in the mirror to operate in the town. President Farmajo is visiting Puntland towns including Bosaso, Garowe, Qardho and Galkayo.

Federal Aviation Ministry To Enhance Airports Across The Country

09 January – Source: Goobjoog News – 159 Words

Somali federal ministry of transport and civil aviation yesterday announced having plans to develop and enhance 8 airports across the country. Speaking during the inauguration ceremony of Garowe airport, Puntland state, minister Mohamed Salad Omaar made public the schemes his ministry has in place to revive regional airports in Somalia. “Somali government has plans to enhance 8 airports in the country. 3 of these airports are located in Puntland” said Minister Omaar.

He reminded the attendants the foremost objective of the federal government is to boost economic achievement. “First priority for the federal government is economic growth, airport infrastructures and air navigation.” Minister Omaar noted the immense efforts the government employed to win back its airspace. “Somali government made great efforts to regain the airspace which we succeeded and now it is controlled inside the country.” Late December 2017 Somali regained its airspace after 25 years of absence following the collapse of the central government in the early 1990s.


Roadside Blast Injures 2 In Mogadishu

10 January – Source: Xinhuanet – 113 Words

A roadside explosion injured two people in Somali capital of Mogadishu’s Hodan district early on Wednesdaymorning in the latest attack by suspected Al-Shabaab militants. Police and eye witnesses said the explosion targeted a vehicle carrying Somali security forces around the industrial road of Mogadishu. “The two people who were injured in the explosion at Taleh area in Hodan district were rushed to the hospital.

One person was seriously injured,” said a police officer who declined to be named. No group claimed responsibility for the last attack. However, Al-Shabaab militants are often behind such attacks in the capital and across the Horn of Africa nation

For Small Businesses In Somalia, This Firm Could Be An Ethical Boon

10 January – Source: Mysalaam.com – 558 Words

When you’ve beaten hundreds of other businesses to win a coveted award, you can be reasonably certain that you’ve done something right. Now that Kaah International Microfinance Services (KIMS) has walked away with the top prize at the 2017 Ethical Finance Innovation Challenge and Awards (EFICA) held in November, it has a strong reason to feel good about the work it has done.

The annual event, which is co-organised by Thomson Reuters and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, offers a cash prize of $100,000 for the top innovative solution that promotes ethical practice in the financial services industry. Somalia-based KIMS beat the remaining two finalists, British asset management firm Arabesque and Malaysia’s Employees Provident Fund, after winning over the audience with its final public pitch.


“Additionally, with a high quality implementation strategy, the two assisting projects being implemented together, totally opposite technique from the traditional donors only deliver Humanitarian aid occasionally. Furthermore, with the integration of local communities, delivering assistance to them in speedy and time efficient based priority and visibility of their projects, putting all those pieces into context, we can come to comprehend why Turkey became successful in helping Somalia.”

The Secrets Behind The Turkey’s Success in Somalia

10 January – Source: Wardheere News – 1003 Words

Turkey’s unprecedented engagement in Somalia started from 2011 when, as a response to the catastrophic famine which ravaged Somalia at the time, the former Turkish Prime Minister and current President Erdoğan visited the country. Since then, Turkish-Somali relationship has been praised locally, regionally and caught the attention of the major Global Powers. In a short period of time, Turkey became one of the closest allies that Somalia has in the international political arena. The unparalleled success of Turkish assistance and aid projects in Somalia has yielded many responses and results. The most significant has been a direct review and renewed approach by other international donors who have been present in Somalia far longer than Turkey.

Instinctively, the curiosity and inquisitiveness about the Turkish Assistance Model in Somalia has become global subject, not only by western donors, but even the other Muslim donors. Most importantly, two questions every global donor asked themselves were, how Turkey’s assistance model has become more effective and valuable? What are the factors helping Turkey to accomplish all those projects to accelerate Somali state recovery? All these questions and more had been presented to the international political arena, which led to discussions and research directives at global research centers, as well as into multi-national political discourse. I am of the opinion that Turkey’s ability to accomplish this unprecedented success was as a result of two intertwined reasons.

It’s said that once history is more than a path left by the past; it influences the present and can shape the future. Perhaps, what’s undeniable is that history vitally influences any relationship; nations structure their relationship with the historical connections alongside their mutual interests. Moreover, for the past two decades the world has witnessed a global socio-political shift, new emerging powers are entering into the international political arena with a unique foreign policy as compared to the elite powers.

Turkey encompasses this shift; the Ottoman Empire’s immaculate history has become a significant tool for Turkey’s Foreign Policy, an ultraclean civilization, which was left by their Turkish ancestors in a wide range of former Ottoman Empire territory, without any record of colonization, exploitation, and so on. The strategic advantage is over and above the colonial history of their Western counterparts and the negative connotations that is associated with Western colonization. Of course, that allows Turkey to initiate close relationships with the majority of the developing countries.

Moreover, this is not only influenced by the Ottoman empirical history but also by modern day foreign policy decisions, Turkey’s leading party is deploying a unique foreign policy and strategy, with key principles, such as a non-political interference role and perhaps more significantly, provision of aid without special conditions, which in turn mutually inclusively shaped an era of Aid diplomacy.  This has assisted Turkey in engaging and establishing more responsible and realistic relationships with global partners and allies. Somalia remains a good example of this.

Despite historic connections an additional significant secret of Turkey’s success in Somalia, dramatically, is the assistance model which Turkey deploys in Somalia and doing so at the right time, while the opportunity of structuring a new relationship was there, and internally the economic and political matters was settled.



@HarunMaruf: Explosion from #IED device fitted to a car injuries two in Hodan district of Mogadishu, identity of the individuals targeted not yet known. Explosion occurred early Wednesdaymorning. #Somalia

@HassanIstiila#BREAKING: A roadside blast targets a vehicle carrying Somali Police forces around the industrial road of Mogadishu City. #Somalia

@DalsoorOnline:#Somaliland will pay heavy price for aggressive attack on #Puntland territory, says President Abdiweli Gaas.#Somali.

@Goobjoognews: Somali civil umbrella appeals for reconciliation meeting within this month. http://bit.ly/2ANELrO .

@DalsanFM 2m2: Relief As Mayor @ThabitMhd Resettles 1000 Homeless IDPS #Mogadishu #Somaliahttp://radiodalsan.com/en/relief-as-mayor-thabit-resettles-1000-homeless-idps/ …

@DalsoorOnline: A bomb under Car seat wounds two people, 1 critically in#Mogadishu, #Somali capital – Witness.

@Goobjoognews#Somali president @M_Farmaajo is expected today to travel to Qardho town, @Puntland_State .

@engyarisow: In #Somalia 2017 we achieved elections, public finance management and improvement of security. In 2018 we have plans to hold elections in 2020, review of constitution, federalism, reconciliation and political stability.

@Goobjoognews: Fire breaks out early this morning in@Yaqshid District,@Mogadishu, @Banadir state destroying properties.

@HarunMaruf: Photos: Armoured vehicles donated by the U.S.@StateDept to the Somali defense ministry. Mogadishu, Jan 9, 2018. #Somali  @madmursal

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Image of the dayMogadishu Mayor, Thabit Abdi Mohamed donate essential items to IDP evicted from K13 who were resettled in  Kahda district of Benadir region.

Photo: Radio Dalsan

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