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Massive Fire Broke Out At Bakara Market In Mogadishu

27 January – Source : Hiiraan Online – 154 Words

A deadly fire broke out in Mogadishu’s Bakara Market on early Sunday morning. Residents of Mogadishu tell Hiiraan Online that the blaze began early Sunday morning around 1 am, firefighters battled the flames until dawn and were finally able to put out the fire at about 5:30 am this morning.

The fire caused extensive damage to properties and completely gutted three sections of the open-air market. It has been reported that two people were killed in the fire. It is not immediately clear what caused the fire.

The exact cost of the damage is not yet known but city officials say it will likely be a seven figure loss. Bakara, the economic hub of Mogadishu has had several fires break out before which is a huge blow to merchants and traders.

Key Headlines

  • Massive Fire Broke Out At Bakara Market In Mogadishu (Hiiraan Online)
  • HirShabelle President Calls For An End To Clan Fighting (Shabelle News)
  • DP World Layoffs Hundreds From Port In Somaliland (All East Africa)
  • UN Relief Chief Visits ‘Hot Spots’ Across Yemen Somalia And Kenya (Xinhua)
  • Traders Stop Miraa Export To Mogadishu Over Tax Dispute (Daily Nation
  • Somali President Seeks Saudi Intervention Over UAE Naval Base Pact With Somaliland (Goobjoog News)


HirShabelle President Calls For An End To Clan Fighting

27 February – Source : Shabelle News – 115 Words

Ali Abdullahi Osoble, the President of the Interim Administration of HirShabelle called for an immediate end to the inter-clan fighting near Adalla town in Middle Shabelle province. HirShabelle President urged both warring clan militias to urgently stop the “unfortunate bloodshed,” and end their differences through a peaceful dialogue, according to a statement.

Mr Osoble has called on local elders, and Islamic clerics to intervene in the tribal conflict, and bring peace back to the environs located on the outskirts of the coastal town of Adalla. Dozens of civilians lost their lives in the clan fighting which has erupted between two clan militiamen battling over grazing land and water wells near Adalle district last week.


DP World Layoffs Hundreds From Port In Somaliland

26 February – Source : All East Africa – 496 Words

The international ports operator, DP World which signed a 30-year contract with the breakaway northern Somalia republic of Somaliland to manage its largest port had laid off 250 local port workers last week, in what officials said heralds the beginning of the port’s workflow streamline, officials said on Saturday.

The controversial UAE firm’s $442 million investment deal which would see the company owned 65% of Joint Venture with Somaliland Government had sparked a strong debate among local population, who largely expressed worries over the impact it could have relations with neighboring states who have opposed the deal along with another deal which allowed UAE to establish a military base in the region.

Berbera port has over 950 workers, according to officials. So the cuts, disclosed in letters, will affect about 25 percent of its workforce. Delivering the layoff notice, the firm’s new managers told workers that ‘their services would no longer be needed’ by the company which is expected to make a new shakeup that could affect a large number of the remaining staffers. Having received the employment terminations notice, more than 200 of the workers vented their anger in the port town of Berbera, protesting against the ‘sudden’ layoffs, deemed by many  as ’unfair’.

No comment could be reached the port’s administration and Somaliland’s government on the development which sent shockwaves among the employees still employed under the new port’s management firm.It is believed the workers were summoned to the port last week where they were addressed by the port authority, which included representatives from DP World, who handed them letters of termination.

UN Relief Chief Visits ‘Hot Spots’ Across Yemen, Somalia And Kenya

27 February – Source : Xinhua – 196 Words

Stephen O’Brien, the UN under-secretary-general for humanitarian affairs, will travel from Oslo to Yemen, Somalia and Kenya between Feb. 26 and March 5 to meet people most affected by humanitarian crises, a UN spokesman said here Friday. “In all three countries, Mr. O’Brien will meet people most affected by humanitarian crises, which are caused chiefly by conflict and drought,” Stephane Dujarric said at a daily news briefing here.

“Millions of people in Yemen and Somalia face the very real risk of famine over the coming six months if aid efforts are not rapidly scaled up,” the spokesman said. In Yemen, more than SEVEN million people are severely food insecure and 460,000 children are suffering severe acute malnutrition, while in Somalia nearly 3 million people urgently need food assistance, he said.

Kenya declared a drought emergency on Feb. 10, with at least 23 counties affected, he said, adding that the number of food insecure people in Kenya has more than doubled to 2.7 million in the past six months. O’Brien will meet with stakeholders on the humanitarian crises in all three countries, he added.

Traders Stop Khat Export To Mogadishu Over Tax Dispute

26 February – Source : Daily Nation – 378 Words

Miraa traders in Kenya have boycotted exporting miraa to Mogadishu, Somalia, over tax dispute. The traders are protesting a move by the Mogadishu local government to increase tax on miraa. The three-day boycott is now threatening to take its toll on miraa farmers as traders are forced to ship all the produce to other parts of Somalia. Nyambene Miraa Traders Association (Nyamita) spokesman Kimathi Munjuri said the Mogadishu authorities had increased the tax from Sh309 ($3) to Sh360.5 ($3.5) per kilo of khat.

He said Mogadishu, the largest miraa export market, takes in about 50 tonnes of miraa daily, valued at more than Sh100 million. “We cannot export miraa to Mogadishu because we cannot transfer the extra cost to the consumers. The final price of miraa in Mogadishu is fixed by the traders meaning the new tax burden will be taken in by the traders,” Mr Munjuri said. He said the prices for miraa were already high due to low supply from farmers.

“The new taxes are applicable at Mogadishu airport. Most of the miraa is now going to Galkayo and Bosaso where the taxes have not changed. Traders will not export to Mogadishu until the authorities back down,” he said. Mr Munjuri lamented that the Somalia authorities have been giving hasty directives that have hurt the business severally. “Miraa traders do not get prior communication on changes that have significant impact on the business. We learn of new directives once the cargo planes land in Mogadishu or while we are preparing to transport,” he said.


“The President’s decision also signals a resetting of relations between Somalia and the Gulf states as the new administration seeks a relationship based on respect for sovereignty.”

Somali President Seeks Saudi Intervention Over UAE Naval Base Pact With Somaliland

27 February – Source: Goobjoog News – 372 Words

It has emerged Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo sought the support of the Saudi government during his three day visit to the Kingdom to quash the naval base deal endorsed by the breakaway region of Somaliland this month. The Riyadh Post quoting sources from the meeting said Farmaajo asked the Saudis to intervene and convince the United Arab Emirates to drop the deal which if implemented would effectively grant UAE military an operating base for the next 25 years in the port of Berbera.

In a meeting with Saudi’s second deputy premier Mohamed bin Salman Al Saud and foreign minister Adel Ahgmed al-Jubeir, the paper notes the Somali leader warned the deal would be tantamount to relations between Somalia and the UAE. Somaliland parliament early this month passed an almost unanimous vote to grant the UAE the deal but a section of the opposition including the Lower House speaker Abdirahman Mohamed Irro objected to the agreement terming it an affront to the region’s sovereignty.

The move by the president could be seen as clear protest by Somalia over UAE’s dealings with a province of the country without the involvement of the Federal Government. UAE’s DP World signed a 30 year deal with Somaliland last year to manage the port of Berbera and the addition of a military base is further seen by the Farmaajo administration as underhand dealings by a foreign government.

Both the UAE and Saudi Arabia are actively involved in the same front against the Houthi rebel force in Yemen and the setting up of a military base in Berbera port Somaliland is reported to have been among other strategies to bolster efforts to contain the Iranian supported Houthis. Saudi’s intervention on the matter is therefore likely to cause some diplomatic friction given the interlarded relations between the two gulf powers in the fight against extremism in the Arabian Peninsula.


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@Abdullahi_Kh: Traders stop miraa export to #Mogadishu over tax dispute – Daily Nation

http://www.nation.co.ke/news/Traders-stop-miraa-export-to-Mogadishu-over-tax-dispute/1056-3828680-le7k5xz/ … via @dailynation

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