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Galmudug, ASWJ Leaders Sign Power-Sharing Deal

06 December – Source: Garowe Online – 200 Words

The leaders of Galmudug state and Ahlu Sunna Waljama’a (ASWJ) have ended the political deadlock by signing a power-sharing agreement in Mogadishu on Wednesday. The new deal that paves the way for leader of ASWJ Sheikh Mohamed Shakir installed as the new Chief Minister. Also, the group gets Chief Justice of the region’s high court, amongst other positions.

The two leaders inked the 14 point agreement during a ceremony at Villa Somalia that was hosted by Somali President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, and attended by cabinet members, and other high-level government officials. PM Hassan Ali Khaire, Interior Minister Abdi Farah Sa’eed Juha, Foreign Affairs Minister, Yusuf Garad Omar, Federal lawmakers were also in attendance and welcomed the move aimed to unite Federal Member State, Galmudug.

After years of defiance, the armed moderate islamist group has officially recognized Galmudug as the legitimate regional administration in central Somalia, in accordance with the new pact and will hand-over its strongholds, including Dhusamareb, the administrative capital of Galmudug. Galmudug and ASWJ reached the historic agreement following IGAD-brokered talks held in Nairobi and Djibouti. This came after current and previous Somali Federal government’s failed to mediate the two sides and bring an end to their conflict.

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  • Galmudug ASWJ Leaders Sign Power-Sharing Deal (Garowe Online)
  • President Farmaajo Chairs Meeting On Constitutional Review Status (
  • Al-Shabaab Top Leader Ahmed Dirie Hides In Gedo Region Source Say (SONNA)
  • President Farmaajo Makes Second Trip To Egypt (
  • On The Eve Of Congressional Hearings New Evidence About Alleged U.S. Massacre In Somalia (The Daily Beast)
  • New Market Means Increased Economic Opportunities For One Somali Town (Reliefweb)


President Farmaajo Chairs Meeting On Constitutional Review Status

07 December – Source: – 154 Words

President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed ‘Farmaajo’ last night chaired a meeting on the review process of the provisional federal constitution. The meeting at Villa Somalia was attended by the speakers of the two houses of the parliament, Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire, Banadir Regional Administration Governor, Thabit Mohamed, leaders of the federal state members and the commissions tasked with the finalization of the constitution.

The constitutional review commissions briefed the top officials about the status of the review process and the upcoming national constitutional review conference to be held in January 2018. All the meeting participants underscored the importance to fast-track and finalize the review process so that a referendum on the document can be held. The constitutional review process is one of the key tasks yet to be completed by the current government. Regional state leaders many times in the past criticized the constitutional review commissions for not consulting with them about the process.

Al-Shabaab Top Leader Ahmed Dirie Hides In Gedo Region, Source Say

06 December – Source: SONNA – 237 Words

Somali terrorist group Al-shabaab along with their top leaders are believed to be on run from their hideouts in southern Somalia, as large military operations against the militants continue across the country, by Somalia National Army backed by AMISOM and international partners. Mr. Ahmed Dirie, the leader of Al-Shabaab is said to be hiding in part of Gedo region Southern Somalia, after he fled from Al-Shabaab controlling district of Jilib in Lower Jubba, whereby Somalia’s international partners bombarded several times, killing scores of militants.

Gen. Ismail Sahardiid, the commander of Sector 43 of the the Somalia National Armed Forces in Gedo region told SONNA News Agency, that Al-Shabaab top leader and militias loyal to him fled to Gedo region, where Somalia Military Forces are currently searching for them. Sources say, that there is a new conflict between Mr. Ahmed Dirie, the leader of Al-Shabaab and his deputy  Mr. Fidow, who is in charge of financial and administration for the group.

Mr. Fidow has influential power in the militant, that is the reason behind the attempt to eliminate Mr. Ahmed Dirie, who is reported to have fled to Gedo Region,” Gen. Ismail Added. The increasing air strikes against Al-Shabaab hideouts caused fear and suspicion between the group’s top officers, ever since many officials of Al-Shabaab defected to the Federal Government of Somalia, while some others have been beheaded by the group as the result of mistrust between them.

President Farmaajo Makes Second Trip To Egypt

07 December – Source: – 109 Words

President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed ‘Farmaajo’ this morning traveled to Egypt making his second trip to the Arab country since August. President Farmaajo is attending the Africa Economic Forum which is taking place in Sherm El Sheikh. Though he will not be addressing the forum, he is among the special guests invited by President Abdel Fatah Al Sisi.

Reports say that President Farmaajo will hold a side meeting with his Egyptian counterpart to discuss ongoing efforts to bring Somalia and United Arab Emirates closer. Earlier, Egypt succeeded to bring President Farmaajo and Saudi Arabia closer. His visit to Egypt comes a week after he returned from Kenya and Ivory Coast.


On The Eve Of Congressional Hearings, New Evidence About Alleged U.S. Massacre In Somalia

06 December – Source: The Daily Beast – 4159 Words

New evidence in The Daily Beast investigation of a U.S.-led ground operation in Somalia last August further implicates U.S. Special Operations Forces directly in the death of 10 civilians. Among the new elements is an interview with a Somali National Army soldier who says he saw the Americans firing on unarmed victims. The Pentagon has said all those killed were “armed enemy combatants.”

The operation was one of three major incidents involving U.S. forces in Africa this year that have raised questions surrounding U.S. military engagement across the continent and prompted the House Committee on Foreign Affairs to hold a hearing, scheduled for Thursday morning, to discuss U.S. counterterrorism efforts in Africa.

According to the Somali National Army (SNA) soldier who was with the American special operators during the incident, the team approached the farm where the incident occurred with eight U.S. soldiers in front of the 20 Somali National Army soldiers and four U.S. operators behind them. The Americans in the lead then fired on two unarmed people who were preparing tea, after which Somali National Army soldiers rushed forward and fired on three farmers in a nearby shed. The U.S. soldiers began firing at others in the farming village who came out of their homes.


She participated in a training session on microfinancing. “One day, I hope I will become a lender,” Asiya said. “So that I can give loans to Somali women who need help starting up small businesses to feed their families.”

New Market Means Increased Economic Opportunities For One Somali Town

06 December – Source: Reliefweb – 546 Words

In Somalia’s Puntland region, Bossaso’s local market provides a source of income for local traders. For women, however, the market is especially important. After years of conflict, many households are reliant on money generated by women to survive. In some households, women contribute more than 70 percent to their families’ income. And the majority of women in Somalia earn money from informal sectors – including working in local markets.

Unfortunately for traders in Bossaso, selling their goods in the city’s main market was no longer an option. In 2012, a fire severely damaged Bossaso Market – a place many women traders depended on for their livelihoods. With funding from the Government of Japan, UNOPS oversaw the construction of a new market with improved facilities to support women entrepreneurs in Bossaso. “We’re grateful for the support of the Government of Japan and UNOPS, who worked closely with us to implement the project,” said Engineer Yazin Mire, Bossaso’s mayor. “Many businesses will benefit from this market, which will help several different communities, including Yemeni refugees and returnees who fled from the conflict in Yemen.”

Before the construction of the new Bossaso Market began, information was collected from female traders during an extensive consultation process. This allowed them to be actively involved in the design and planning of the new site, ensuring their needs were taken into account from the beginning. In all, nearly 2,000 market traders, both male and female, participated in the data collection process. That data was used to define the scope of the construction of the new market.

An extensive community needs assessment was also conducted to encourage a sense of community ownership of the project, as well as to contribute to the long-term sustainability of the new market. The new Bossaso Market will enable traders, particularly women, to become economically self-sufficient. In addition to the new market, local entrepreneurs also received training – carried out by the Japan Center for Conflict Prevention – aimed at teaching them new skills to help their businesses thrive. More than 200 traders – nearly 90 percent of them women – either received business skills training or business start-up kits.

“The Government of Japan is delighted with the success of this project, which contributed to stabilization of the region through the empowerment of women, in collaboration with the Japan Center for Conflict Prevention,” said the Embassy of Japan. “The Government of Japan is confident that those who got vocational training will play an important role in leading the local economy and society.” Asiya Ali Farah owns a kiosk in Bossaso. She participated in a training session on microfinancing.


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@HarunMaruf: BREAKING: Leaders of Galmudug regional admin and Ahlu Sunna Wal Jama’a sign a political power-sharing deal aimed at ending conflict. ASWJ recognises Galmudug admin; in return it gets  Chief of Ministers (a new post), Chief Justice of the region’s high court, among other posts.

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Image of the dayPresident Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, Galmudug President Ahmed Geele Duala (Haafa) and Ahlu Sunna Waal Jama (ASWJ) leader Sheikh Mohamed Shakir with other officials during the signing of the power-sharing agreement event in Mogadishu.

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