December 31, 2012 | Daily Monitoring Report.

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Somali government to begin tax collection in 2013

31 Dec – Source: Midnimo Online/Radio Mustaqbal – 145 words

Somalia’s finance minister has announced that tax collection by the government will begin in 2013 in all regions of the country. The minister who was addressing parliament on Sunday, after the unanimous approval of the government budget, announced that the government plans on initiating tax collection in Mogadishu and all regions of Somalia.

“We request that all organizations work with the Finance Ministry so that we can implement the tax collection plan” the minister was quoted in the report.
He added that the government will first establish tax collection laws.

The Somali government currently depends on aid from foreign countries. During a meeting held recently in Mogadishu, the Somali cabinet outlawed illegal tax collection by other persons or entities aside from the Finance Ministry.

Key Headlines

  • Somali president meets delegation after Kismayo visit (Radio Risaala)
  • Somali government to begin tax collection in 2013 (Midnimo Online)
  • Al Shabaab threatens to recapture lost areas (Radio Dalsan)
  • Somali minister appeals for humanitarian aid for Kismayo town (Radio Bar-kulan)
  • No time for Power scrambling says Somali military commander (Radio Mustaqbal)
  • Regional body team visits southwestern Somali region over formation of authority (Radio Gaalkacyo)
  • Somalia foreign minister visits British counterpart in London (Horn Cable TV/Universal TV)
  • Saudi Relief Campaign OIC sign cooperation accord for victims of famine in Somalia  (SAPA)
  • Political parties launched in Puntland (Radio Bar-kulan)
  • UP sailor freed by Somali pirates gets his ‘second life’ (indian express)


Somali government to begin tax collection in 2013

31 Dec – Source: Midnimo Online/Radio Mustaqbal – 145 words

Somalia’s finance minister has announced that tax collection by the government will begin in 2013 in all regions of the country. The minister who was addressing parliament on Sunday, after the unanimous approval of the government budget, announced that the government plans on initiating tax collection in Mogadishu and all regions of Somalia.

“We request that all organizations work with the Finance Ministry so that we can implement the tax collection plan” the minister was quoted in the report.
He added that the government will first establish tax collection laws.

The Somali government currently depends on aid from foreign countries. During a meeting held recently in Mogadishu, the Somali cabinet outlawed illegal tax collection by other persons or entities aside from the Finance Ministry.

Somali president meets delegation after Kismayo visit

31 Dec- Source: Radio Risaala- 114 words

The president of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud met with the delegation that visited southern Somali port city of Kismayo. The purpose of the meeting was to brief the president of their meetings with the interim administration in Kismayo.

Present in the meeting were the prime minister of Somalia, minister for internal affairs and security, minister for justice and faith and other government officers.

Minister for internal affairs Abdikariim Hussein Guuleed told the president that they met with the current Kismayo leaders and different sections of the community and their visit to Lower Juba area was successful one.

Lastly the president thanked the delegates and mentioned that his government is undertaking plans to build a new administration in those areas.

Deadly protest in Borama town

31 Dec- Source: Radio Bar-kulan/Universal TV- 93 words

One person died and four others injured on Sunday following clashes between protesters and guards of Somaliland Vice president Abdirahman Sayla’i in Borama district.

The protesters were angry about what they called interference by the Hargeisa authority with newly elected administration in Seyla’, a neighboring district.
The clash erupted after the rowdy protesters stoned the motorcade of the VP, who was heading to Rays hotel. Hospital sources confirmed to Bar-kulan that the injured are receiving treatments.

Somaliland recently held local elections which was marred with claims of rigging and at times violent protests.

Al Shabaab threatens to recapture lost areas

31 Dec- Source: Radio Dalsan- 160 words

Al Shabaab representative of Middle shabelle have threatened to recapture the region soon from the allied forces who took over the control of most parts of the region.

Sheikh Yusuf Isseh ‘Kabakutukade’ has appealed to the people of Middle Shebelle region to take part in restoring the region in Al Shabaab’s hands.
Sheikh Yusuf has boasted that al Shabaab fighters are still conducting operations in the government’s controlled areas of the region, citing the explosions and ambushes they conducted in the region’s capital of Jowhar recently.

On the other hand, the administration of Middle Shabelle for the Somali government termed the threats of the al Shabaab’s official as meaningless.
Ali Osman Ibrahin, the deputy governor of Middle Shebelle region noted that Sheikh Kabakutukade is dreaming , he also added that he is hiding and shelters under the trees.

Relation between Somalia and Turkey

31 Dec- Source: Radio Mustaqbal- 60 words

Somali defense minister Abdihakim Haji Fiqi outlined the relation and the agreement that was reached between the Somali government and Turke.
In an interview with Radio Mustaqbal, Fiqi said Turkey government has accepted to train Somali military and also pay any cost to the military training and assist Somalia in the warfare.

Somali minister appeals for humanitarian aid for Kismayo town

30 Dec – Source: Radio Bar-Kulan – 154 words

Somalia’s Interior and National Security Minister, Abdihakin Husayn Guled has called on aid organizations to urgently provide humanitarian assistance to residents in the southern port town of Kismayo who are in difficult living conditions, UN-backed Radio Bar-Kulan website reported on 30 December.
The minister said that they have seen starving people in the town following a two-day visit according to the source.

“The minister said that the leaders of the town’s administration are in a good position to ensure security of the aid organizations”, the website added.
He further added that government, local and international organization should establish offices in the town in order to provide public services including health, education and security, reported the website.

A ministerial delegation led by the interior and national security visited Kismayo town to assess security the situation in the previous al Shabaab stronghold.

No time for Power scrambling, says Somali military commander

31 Dec- Source: Radio Mustaqbal- 107 words

The military chief of Gedo region Colonel Mohamed Sid Adam said they are ready and prepared to fight and remove al Shabaab from the region of Gedo.
Speaking to Radio Mustaqbal, Colonel Adam stated that there are people who are fighting to become the leaders in the region and yet the security is not guaranteed in the region and its outskirt. “We as the government military, we are fighting out there to destroy our enemies and people are here fighting for power. I urge them that this is not the right time for power scrambling let us unite and defeat our enemies who are destroying our country.”

Somali PM inspects information ministry

30 Dec- Source: Radio Mogadishu/SONNA- 124 words

Somali prime minister Abdi Farah Shidon inspected the ministry of information, posts and telecommunication on Sunday, observing state media departments and offices of several other ministers in the ministry, SONNA reported.

The premier then held meeting with the information minister, Abdullahi Elmoge Hirsi and other ministers such minister of national resources, Abdirisak Omar Mohamed, observed ministries of trade and social development.

After the meetings, Prime Minister Shirdon addressed the public through the state media, Radio Mogadishu and national T.V calling on them to unite and take part in rebuilding of their country.

Elders accuse Kenyan military of “killing civilians” in southern Somalia

29 Dec – Radio Dalsan – 145 words

A group of Somali elders accused Kenyan soldiers who are part of an African Union peacekeeping force in the country of killing and torturing civilians in southern Jubba regions, privately-owned Radio Dalsan reported.

The radio quoted one of the elders, Abdirahman Abdullahi, as saying Kenyan soldiers “killed two passengers, arrested seven others and tortured them in the regions”.

Abdullahi called on the Somali government to address the “harassment of Somalis by the Kenyan military” in the Jubba regions.

In November, A Somali lawmaker accused the Kenyan military serving under AU peacekeeping force and the pro-government Ras Kamboni militias of “committing crimes against humanity” in the southern port city of Kismayo.

There have been no reports of any Kenyan military officials denying the allegations.

Somali government forces arrest suspected militants wearing suicide vest

29 Dec -Source: Dhacdo Online- 168 words

A young man wearing a suicide vest was caught in Kismayo, the capital of Lower Jubba Region [southern Somalia]. The man was passing by a place where coalition troops were conducting a security operation when he was arrested. After being frisked, he was found to be wearing a suicide vest filled with explosives. They then took him to prison.

Kenyan troops stationed in Kismayo took custody of the man, said to be a member of al Shabaab, which is at war with the coalition forces.

Kismayo security chief Ahmad Dini, in a brief statement, said the man was captured wearing a suicide vest rigged with explosives. Other Kismayo-based Somali military officers also told the media that the man’s attempt to carry out a suicide attack in the city was foiled.

A number of men armed with pistols were seized in Kismayo as a delegation of ministers visited the city.

Regional body team visits southwestern Somali region over formation of authority

30 Dec – Source: Radio Gaalkacyo – 158 words

A delegation from the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development, IGAD, has visited parts of Gedo Region, southwestern Somalia, “amid consultations over the formation of Jubbaland Regional administration”, privately-owned Radio Gaalkacyo reported on 30 December.

Source from the region say that the delegation is expected to “hold broad consultative meeting with prominent traditional leaders and politicians in the region to hear from them how the new regional administration would be formed”. The delegation will also travel to Kismayo on 31 December to hold talks with elders and politicians in that area.

The Somali government has in the recent past welcomed the formation of Jubbaland Regional administration and has said that the will and the criteria to use in setting up the authority should come from the local residents.

Somalia foreign minister visits British counterpart in London

30 Dec – Source: Horn Cable TV/Universal TV – 118words

The Foreign Affairs Minister of Somalia’s Federal Government Fowziyo Haji Aden is in London for official visit. Fowziyo, who spoke to the media at the airport said that the purpose of her visit to London is to hold talks with British Foreign Secretary William Hague and discuss issues related to security, preparation for a planned conference on Somalia to be held in London in May 2013. The minister added that she will proceed to Italy to hold talks with her counterpart over strengthening bilateral relations of the two states.

Political parties launched in Puntland

31 Dec- Source: Radio Bar-kulan- 189 words

Two new political parties were on Sunday launched in Garowe, headquarter of Puntland state, making the number of political parties nine.
Puntland semi-autonomous state of Somalia has last month adopted a multi-party system.

Puntland People’s Party (PPP) launching ceremony was attended by officials in the current administration and other members of the society.
Sa’id Yussuf Nur, the interim leader of the party said its main objectives are peace and development in Puntland.

Sa’id added that their party stands for peace, development, equity and justice. He promised to reform the economy and security of Puntland if they win the upcoming election. The other political party launched is called Wadajir.

The coordinator of the party, Abdirashid Abdi Hassan said their party stands for the unity of Puntland people and the adoption of Islamic Sharia as the state’s constitution.

The interim leader of the party, Abdullahi Hassan Mohamud alias Spanish participated the launching ceremony via the phone while in Spain. He said they well will work hard to make Puntland people prosperous.

So far the nine registered parties are Horseed, Democratic Party of Puntland, UGUB, HOR-CAD, MIDNIMO, Talo-wadaag, Gahayr, PPP and Wadajir.


Abducted Yemeni sailors return home

31 Dec- Source: Yemen Times- 269 words

Abducted by Somali pirates three years ago, eight Yemeni sailors demanded compensation from the owner of the Iceberg, a ship the sailors spent three years on. The sailors returned to Yemen on Friday.

The attorney for the former captives, Murad Al-Zaydi, said the fight isn’t over. “We will submit a request to the owner of the ship so that he grants the sailors their financial rights,” he said. “They suffered much over the course of three years.”

For his part, Yasser Al-Zamani, the head of General Authority of Marine Affairs, said the state tried to negotiate for the sailors release many times.  The most recent negotiation was held in September  between merchants from Somalia operating in Al-Makkala and the former Yemen ambassador to Somalia, Ahmed Omer.

Al-Zamani said the sailors were finally released after international anti-piracy forces and the Somalian government were able to liberate the ship.

Saudi Relief Campaign, OIC sign cooperation accord for victims of famine in Somalia

30 Dec- Source: Saudi Press Agency- 82 words

Prince Mohammad bin Naif bin Abdul-Aziz, Minister of Interior and General Supervisor of The Saudi National Campaign for The Relief of The Somali People, has directed the implementation of emergency relief programs for the victims of famine in Somalia to alleviate their suffering and provide their necessary requirements with a total cost of SR 271,875,000. The relief will be provided under a joint cooperation agreement which was signed here yesterday between the campaign and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Migrants from the Horn being cheated

29 Dec- Source: EastAfrican- 206 words
More people from the Horn of Africa, especially Ethiopia and Somalia, are crossing international borders as irregular migrants — lacking official documentation or approval — drawn by the promise of a better life in the Arabian Peninsula.

“A growing number of Ethiopians opt to undergo a perilous journey through the Gulf of Aden, hoping to get to the Middle East via Yemen,” said Demissew Bizuwerk, a communication officer for the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) in Ethiopia.

“A significant proportion travel with little or no information about what they will be encountering, and they are, in one way or the other, misled, mistreated and often abused.”

Between January 1 and November 30, some 99, 620 migrants arrived in Yemen, according to the UN refugee agency (UNHCR). By comparison over 103,000 arrived in 2011, more than 53,000 in 2010, and over 77,800 in 2009.


UP sailor freed by Somali pirates gets his ‘second life’

31 Dec- Source: .indian express-288 words

Santosh Yadav of UP’s Ballia district is among five Indians who have been freed from the captivity of Somali pirates after 33 months. Yadav, who reached Delhi on Saturday evening, spent Sunday meeting relatives in the capital city. On Monday, he will leave for home, where wife Reena and other family members are eagerly waiting.

“I had never thought that I would ever return home. This is my second life,” said Yadav over the phone from Delhi. Yadav said he would never forget the torture he and his colleagues underwent at the hands of the pirates.

Somalia Gets 3G Mobile Service

30 Dec – AllAfrica –  146 words

Mogadishu — Hormud telecommunications, one of the leading telecom companies in Somalia has added its telecom services, 3G mobile services which gives users a secure and fast connection to both the mobile internet usage.

Abdi Hakin, a head of Hormud sales department, said that users and clients in Somalia could get this service with very low rates. Chairman of Hormud telecommunications or Hortel, Ahmed Mohamed Yusuf who spoke at the launch of this new service , said that it is first time that such mobile service reached Somalia and it would benefit the Somali people.

3G, short for third Generation, is a term used to represent the 3rd generation of mobile telecommunications technology. It is lso called Tri-Band 3G.
3G Finds application in wireless voice telephony, mobile Internet access, fixed wireless Internet access, video calls and mobile TV.



“It is time Somalis recognize those who made indelible marks on their national history. Certainly Omar Arte Ghalib, whose towering contribution to Somalia’s foreign policy and international diplomacy makes his a rare and unparalleled great in our lives.”

Omar Arte Ghalib: The man I hold in high esteem

30 Dec- Source: Wardheernews-744 Words

As the year of 2012 and its traumatic experience close its dark blanket on us, I could not resist but to go back in history when a few good men epitomized Somalia and the Somali people. To do so, I reached out far into the distant past of 1978, when the Somali nation state was transitioning from one of reputable nation to its current dismal existence on the globe, where it is today nothing but, in the words of a great British historian, a “geographic expression” on the map.

In 1978, right after the withdrawal of Somali forces from Western Somalia, I was sent to Khartoum, Sudan, by the Western Somali Liberation Front (WSLF) to participate in talks sponsored by the Organization of African Unity (OAU).  The OAU Summit was attended by prominent African Heads of State including Egypt’s President Sadat, Angola’s new leader, Augostino Neto, Gen. Olesegun Obasanjo of Nigeria, and Somali President, Gen. Mohamed Siyad Barre, etc. I went there to lobby for Western Somali cause attempting to encounter, as much as possible, the delegates at the conference Hall distributing printed materials relating to the root cause of the problem and our vision for a durable solution.
Omar Arte, at that time, was the Minister of State at the President’s office.

How Is Canada’s Somali Population Faring?

29 Dec- Source: Huffington Post Blog-1101 Words

The Somali Canadian population is “undergoing the growing pains of integration into the larger Canadian mainstream” according to the head of the influential Somali Canadian Congress. Ahmed Hussen, a noted activist and newly minted Ottawa University lawyer, reflects on mentorship, influence and integration for Canada’s large Somali population and also looks ahead to his home country. I sat down with him to ask few questions.

Ahmed, you have been the head of the Canadian Somali Congress for a number of years. What are some of the immediate challenges the community faces.

Well, the community is going through the growing pains of integrating into the Canadian mainstream. This is a process that all new Canadians have gone through in the past. The main issues that we face are youth crime, poverty and access to jobs and professions.
Tell us about the Canadian Somali Congress.

The Canadian Somali Congress is the national advocacy body for Canadians of Somali heritage. The Canadian Somali Congress works to foster a Canada where Canadian Somalis, as part of the multicultural fabric of this country, live in and contribute fully into Canadian Society with the eventual goal of full integration.

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