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Eritrean President Arrives For First Visit To Somalia, Minister Says

13 December – Source: Reuters – 178 Words

Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki arrived on Thursday for his first-ever visit to Somalia, Eritrea’s information minister said, in another sign of rapidly changing relations in the region following Eritrea’s rapprochement with one-time foe Ethiopia.

Isaias landed in Mogadishu and headed to the Somali president’s office, Reuters witnesses. Security was tight in the capital, they said.  “President Isaias’s historic visit is part and parcel of the consultative Tripartite Summits of the Heads of State and Government of Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia,” Yemane Meskel said on Twitter.

The three countries have been mending their sometimes fraught relations since Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed took office in April.  In July, Somalia and Eritrea said they planned to establish diplomatic relations as ties improved across the Horn of Africa following Eritrea’s rapprochement with Ethiopia.

Past Somali administrations had accused Eritrea of supplying weapons to anti-government Islamist insurgents. Asmara has repeatedly denied this, saying the accusations were concocted by its enemy, Ethiopia. In 2007, Eritrea walked out of the East African bloc IGAD in protest as Ethiopian forces entered Somalia to fight militants.

Key Headlines

  • Eritrean President Arrives For First Visit To Somalia Minister Says (Reuters)
  • Tension In Baidoa As Ethiopian Troops Detain Presidential Candidate (Halbeeg News)
  • President Farmaajo Credits Upper House For Approving Disability Bill (252 Politics)
  • 690 Police Reservists To Be Deployed Along Kenya-Somalia Border (KBC News)
  • Free Fistula Treatment Restores Hope And Dignity For Women In Kismayu (Radio Ergo)


Tension In Baidoa As Ethiopian Troops Detain Presidential Candidate

13 December – Source: Halbeeg News – 100 Words

Tension is high in Baidoa the capital of Southwest state after Ethiopian troops in the town allegedly arrested former Al-Shabaab deputy leader, Mukhtar Robow Abu Mansur. Abu Mansour was said to have been detained on Thursday morning, though it is not immediately clear the reason behind his detention.

Sources close to the former Al-Shabaab leader who is also a presidential candidates running for the elections slated for 19th of this month, said he was tortured before the arrest. Communication lines are cut off as sounds of gunfire and violent demonstration is reportedly staged by residents to demanding for his release.

President Farmaajo Credits Upper House For Approving Disability Bill

12 December – Source: 252 Politics – 193 Words

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo thanked and congratulated the Upper House for unanimously approving a bill to establish a National Disability Agency on Wednesday. “I want to  applaud the members of the upper house for passing the bill to establish the agency,” the president said in a statement.  “The bill is crucial for improving the welfare of our disability citizens,” he added. Th bill was submitted by the Ministry of Women and Human Rights,  and the 31 members of the house who were present all voted for the bill.

Minister Deeqo Yasin thanked the house for the speeding up the process. “Special thanks to goes to both the members of the Upper and Lower House of the People for  the approval of this crucial bill,” she said. She said, her ministry will now focus the final step for presidential assent before full implementation. “We will now move forward to present the bill to the head of state for presidential assent,” the minister added. The National Independent Disability agency will safeguard the interest of people with disabilities in the country to access government services such as education, health and other supporting programs at regional offices.


690 Police Reservists To Be Deployed Along Kenya-Somalia Border

13 December – Source: KBC News – 253 Words

The government has recruited an additional 690 National Police Reservists (NPR) to enhance security along the Kenya-Somalia border. Speaking during the 55th Jamhuri Day celebrations held at Garissa Primary on Wednesday, County Commissioner Joshua Chepchieng’ said affected areas will receive 30 police reservist who will be stationed within the villages.

The recruitment follows request from area leadership that retired locals who have served in the disciplined forces with good records be recruited. Chepchieng’ said the reservists will work closely with chiefs, elders, wananchi and the security agencies in eliminating the Al-Shabaab menace in the area. “With the 690 recruits, we believe that very soon Al-Shabaab will be a thing of the past,” Chepchieng’ said.

“Al-Shabaab has forced our officers along the border to spend sleepless nights so that we can enjoy the peace we are witnessing in Garissa and several other parts of the country,” he added. The county commissioner urged the citizens to cooperate and volunteer relevant information to the security agencies to enable them to effectively deal with Al-Shabaab threat once and for all. On the upcoming population and household census to be held on the night of 24th and 25th August next year, Chepchieng’ said that there are a lot of false information making round on the exercise.

The County Commissioner said that the census is purely meant for planning by the both the National and County government and those in doubt should be patient as from early next year all the concerns will be answered during public participation forums.


“Faduma travelled a long way from her village in eastern Ethiopia to access the services in Kismayo. When she heard about the surgery camp, she contacted the hospital and became one of 20 women to receive surgery this month.”

Free Fistula Treatment Restores Hope And Dignity For Women In Kismayu

13 December – Source: Radio Ergo – 457 Words

Yurub Ali Hassan, 28, can see a new future opening up in front of her after undergoing successful fistula surgery in Kismayo town, southern Somalia. She had been leading a normal life until six years ago when she was attended by a traditional birth attendant. The labour was horrendous and long, and she gave birth to a baby boy.

Following delivery, Yurub suffered obstetric fistula, a stigmatizing injury that leaves a woman unable to control her urine or faeces. “This was a thorn to my life, I had little information about any corrective measures. After staying at home for a while not knowing what the problem was, I visited a doctor who examined me and diagnosed me with fistula,”Yurub told Radio Ergo.

Early this month, Yurub, a mother of two, heard an announcement from a vehicle loudspeaker for free fistula operations being performed at Daryel hospital in Kismayo. Days later, she underwent the reconstructive surgery at the hospital. “I was registered along with several other patients at the hospital. I underwent operation last Monday [3 December]. I thank God, I am fine now. To me this was a golden opportunity from heaven, I pray for quick recovery,” she said.

The free surgery camp treated 20 women, with support from the diaspora community in Australia. According to Dr Ahmed Mohamed Hussein, the director of Daryel Hospital, the campaign aimed to restore the dignity of women and girls with fistula and to enable them to return to their normal lives in the community.

“In the first phase, we planned to treat 20 patients with fistula-related complications caused by prolonged, obstructed labour without access to timely, high-quality medical treatment. We completed the operations successfully,” Dr Ahmed told Radio Ergo. Faduma Abdikadir Hassan, a 25-year-old mother, developed fistula four years ago after she gave birth to twin girls in a rural area in Ethiopia.


@DalsanFM: BREAKING Ethiopian forces in Baidoa arrest former#Alshabab deputy leader Mukhtar Robow and presidential candidate of south west regional state in raid #Somalia.

@M_Farmaajo: It is a great honour to welcome President Isaias Afwerki to #Mogadishu today on this historic visit. #Somalia and#Eritrea have a historic bond of friendship which we will transform into modern opportunities for our two brotherly peoples. Soo Dhawoow Mudane Madaxweyne!

@Goobjoognews#BREAKING: SOUTH West state presidential candidate and ex-Alshabaab deputy Mukhtar Robow arrested by#Ethiopian forces in Baidoa amid heavy fighting. Telecommunications lines also suspected to be cut off

@AbdulBillowAli: Saudi Arabia seeks new political bloc in strategic Red Sea region. Egypt, Djibouti, #Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and Jordan.

@IOM_Somalia: IOM is providing life-saving nutritional therapy to severely malnourished children at its primary healthcare clinic in Garowe and expect to serve nearly 20,000 people living in Jowle IDP settlement. This is done with funding from @JapanGov and with Puntland’s Ministry of Health.

@MwomenHRD: Breaking News: Senators of the upper house passed the Disability Agency Bill. The #Disability Agency Bill will lay the foundation for the formation of National Disability Agency in #Somalia @DeqaYasin @SomaliPM@TheVillaSomalia.

@Halbeeg_News: Somali PM meets with Qatari Foreign Minister …

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Image of the dayPresident Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo welcomed Eritrea President Isaias Afwerki and his delegations, at Mogadishu International Airport today.

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