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March 26, 2015 | Morning Headlines.

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Key Headlines

  • Former Ceelbuur Governor Kidnapped By Al Shabaab (Radio Bar-Kulan)
  • Thousands Of Somali Refugees Trapped In Yemen Violence (Horseed Media)
  • EU Promises To Double Military Training For Somalia (Somali Current)
  • Germany Supports Voluntary Return Of Refugees To Somalia (Radio Goobjoog)
  • Somalia Attends International Youth Conference In Kuala Lumpur (Radio Dalsan)
  • MPs Approve Nominee For Somalia Envoy (Daily Nation)
  • Remittance Cuts A Threat to Somalia’s Food Security (VOA)
  • Members Of Congress Urge Congressional Leadership To Support Somalia (US Congress/Hiiraan Online)
  • Couple Spends Millions To Save Migrants In The Mediterranean (NPR)
  • How Do You Stop Rape In A Broken State? Somalia Is Giving It A Try (Women’s Media Center)
  • Somalia: Civil Society And Human Rights Meeting (UNSOM/AMISOM)

March 25, 2015 | Morning Headlines.

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Key Headlines

  • Somalia President In Dhusamareb For Central State Formation Conference (Garowe Online)
  • Somalia ‘Not Aware’ Of Kenya’s Wall Construction On The Border (Horseed Media)
  • Former Parliament Speaker Claims Food Aid For Bakool Diverted (Radio Goobjoog)
  • SNA & AU Forces Launch Operation In Jowhar Town (Radio Bar-Kulan)
  • Economic Secretary Meets London’s Somali Community To Discuss Remittances (Hiiraan Online)
  • Somali Foreign Minister Visits Injured Somalis At UAE Hospitals (Emirates News Agency)
  • Somalis After 2 Famines Still Face Food Insecurity (VOA)
  • Navy Foils Attack On Iranian Tanker Near Bab-El-Mandeb Strait (Neptune Maritime Security)
  • Somalia: 113000 Patients Cured From Tuberculosis In 10 Years
  • In Somalia Hunger Isn’t All About The Rains (VOA)

March 24, 2015 | Morning Headlines.

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Key Headlines

  • Heavy Downpour Kills 600 Goats In Bari Region (Radio Goobjoog)
  • Two Illegal Iran Fishing Vessels Seized In Mudug Region (Somali Current)
  • Somaliland Detains Sports Officials Over Mogadishu Relocation Plans (Hiiraan Online)
  • Dubai Meeting Reviews Garowe Airport’s Construction Award Tenders (Garowe Online)
  • Shabelle Journalist To Be Arraigned In Mogadishu Court (Shabelle Media Network)
  • Former Somalia Leader Liable In US For Human Rights Violations (The East African)
  • Kenya Says To Beef Up Security On Somali Border To Block Militants (Reuters)
  • Mo Farah’s Half-Marathon Record Is Not European Claims Former Athlete (The Guardian)
  • Rasna Warah On War Crimes And Misdemeanors (Warscapes)
  • Recruitment For The National Independent Electoral Commission & Boundaries & Federal Commission Kicks Off (AMISOM)

March 23, 2015 | Morning Headlines.

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Key Headlines

  • At Least Ten Many Of Them Children Die Of Thirst In Southern Somalia (RBC Radio)
  • Somali Pirates Shifting Location Towards India: Manohar Parrikar (Goobjoog News)
  • Bulla Burte Residents Welcome Military Operations (Radio Bar-Kulan)
  • Deadly Clan Violence Leaves Over 10 Dead In Somalia (Horseed Media)
  • Somali Militants Execute ‘Ethiopia Spy’ (Hiiraan Online)
  • Kenya Begins To Construct Wall Along Her Border With Somalia Over Terror Attacks (Standard Digital)
  • Mo Farah Breaks European Half Marathon Record In Lisbon Win (BBC Sports)
  • Somali Families Gather For Vaccination Education (SC Times)
  • Somalia Auditor General’s Report To Detail Corruption In Ministries (Reuters)
  • AMISOM Head Engages With EU Partners And Somali Diaspora (AMISOM)
  • Somalis use Poetry to Build Peace and Combat Violence (UNSOM)

March 20, 2015 | Morning Headlines.

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Key Headlines

  • Seychelles Court Convicts Nine Somali Pirates (Somali Current)
  • Many Families Displaced Due To Water Shortages In Bur-Dubo (Radio Goobjoog)
  • Somalia And Qatar Ink Co-operation Agreements On Education And Aviation (Garowe Online)
  • UN Envoy Dismisses Current Somali Leaders’ Term Extension Bid (Hiiraan Online)
  • Second Deputy Speaker Of The Federal Parliament Visits New Villages In Mudug (Radio Dalsan)
  • Wajid Blockade Causes Suffering (Radio Ergo)
  • Police Reveal How Al-Shabaab Men Planned Executed Westgate Attack (Standard Digital)
  • Glimmer of Hope: US Appoints Ambassador To Somalia After Two Decades (AFK Insider)
  • EU And UN Habitat Highlight Impact Of SECIL Project In Mogadishu (European Union/Hiiraan Online)
  • Somalia PM Interview: We Are Ready For Business (Al Jazeera)

March 19, 2015 | Morning Headlines.

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Key Headlines

  • Qatar Airways To Resume Flights To Somalia (Radio Dalsan)
  • New Norway Ambassador Appointed (Garowe Online)
  • Al-Shabaab Claims Responsibility For The Latest Wajir Attack (Somali Current)
  • Somaliland Decides Not To Hold Talks With Somalia Anymore Without International Community’s Mediation (RBC Radio)
  • Puntland Fines Illegal Foreign Fishing Vessel (Horseed Media)
  • Five Terror Suspects Charged Over Mandera Quarry Attacks (Standard Digital)
  • Deploy The Army In Mandera (The Star)
  • SRSG Kay Encouraged By Firm Commitment To Somalia’s Vision 2016 Timetable (Bloomberg Business)
  • Somalia’s President Hints At New Capital City To Emulate Egypt (Afkinsider)
  • Somalia: Reject ‘Indirect Elections’ Somalis Should Settle Only For The Real Thing (African Arguments)

March 18, 2015 | Morning Headlines.

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Key Headlines

  • Awdal Regional Administration To Build Offices (Radio Bar-kulan)
  • Ethiopian Troops Invade Northern Somalia Town One Wounded (Horseed Media)
  • Sanitation Worker Gunned Down In Mogadishu (Radio Goobjoog)
  • EUTM – Somalia’s  Calendar Gets Extension (
  • Security Operation Starts In The Outskirts Of Dhusamareeb (Radio Bar-kulan)
  • EU And World Vision Support Livelihoods In Puntland (Hiiraan Online)
  • Police Detonate Two IEDs After Blast Targeting Police At Mandera Border Post (Daily Nation)
  • Kenyan Governor Demands Greater Security After Al-Shabab Attack(VOA News)
  • Smoke Free Ealing Khat Project Wins Two Awards And Recognition From Somali Community(Getwest London)
  • March 16 1994: Edmonton Paratrooper Guilty In Beating Death Of Somali Teenager (Edmonton Journal)
  • Rib To Rib With Al- Shabaab (Dasheg journal)

March 17, 2015 | Morning Headlines.

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Key Headlines

  • Somalia Egypt Leaders Meet On Economic Forum Sideline – Update (Garowe Online)
  • Somalia Minister Of Women And Human Rights To Attend World Summit To End Violation of Women’s Rights (Somali Current)
  • Somalia Outlines New Government’s Impending 100 Days Work (Hiiraan Online)
  • Three Alleged Al-Shabaab Members Executed In Puntland (Horseed Media)
  • Mogadishu Mayor Carrying Road And Other Development (
  • US Donates Aircrafts To Uganda’s Mission In Somalia (NTV Uganda)
  • Contraband Sugar And Cosmetics Seized At Kenya-Somalia Border (Coastweek/Xinhua)
  • Kenyan Jets Hit Shabaab Targets In Somalia (Anadolu Agency)
  • Change Of Her Majesty’s Ambassador To Somalia (Source: Gov.UK)
  • Corruption: A Failure Of Leadership (Hiiraan Online)
  • UN Envoy in Somalia in Solidarity Visit to Baidoa (AMISOM)

March 16, 2015 | Morning Headlines.

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Key Headlines

  • Ahlu Sunna Sends Stern Warning To Somali Government (Somali Current)
  • Puntland Reviews Education Policy (Garowe Online)
  • Ambassador Kay Arrives In Baidoa (Radio Bar-kulan)
  • IJA Forces Launch Security Sweep In Kismayo (Radio Goobjoog)
  • Somalia Lauds Saudi Arabia Decision To Ban Import of Charcoal (Somali Current/Horseed Media)
  • SNA Commanders In Jalalaqsi Claim Victory Over Clashes With Al-Shabaab (Radio Goobjoog)
  • Attacks Raise Concerns On Who Wants Mandera Governor Ali Roba Dead (Daily Nation)
  • Three Dead In Attack On Mandera Governor Ali Roba’s Convoy (Daily Nation)
  • Inspector General Joseph Boinnet Visits Mandera County Following Attack (Standard Media)
  • Senior US Security Official Sarah Sewall Tours East Africa In Bid To Counter Terrorism (Daily Nation)
  • Al-Shabaab Attacks Somalia Town; 2 Troops Killed (World Bulletin)
  • Somalia Reports Capture Of 4 Suspected Militants (VOA News)
  • Midwives In China-Built Hospital Bring Solace To Somali Women (Global Post/Xinhua)
  • The Love For Basketball Thrives On In Mogadishu. (AMISOM)
  • Somaliland: Independent Journalists Are Endangered Species (Hiraan Online)

March 13, 2015 | Morning Headlines.

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Key Headlines

  • Al-Shabab Launches Ambush Attack On Somali And AMISOM Convoy In Central Somalia (Radio RBC)
  • Death Toll Rises To 10 In Militants Attacks In Baidoa – Update (Hiiraan Online)
  • SNA And AMISOM To Advance On Bardhere Town (Radio Goobjoog)
  • Gas And Kay Open Puntland Human Right’s Offices (Radio Bar-Kulan)
  • US Government Funding To Combat Al-Shabaab Terrorist Recruitment (Midnimo)
  • Somali Chairman Clarifies On ID Registration For Somalis (New Vision)
  • Sources: US Drone Strike Targets Somali Militant Commander (Voice of America English)
  • Somalia: People With Disabilities Exploited Raped And Abused (
  • Somaliland Boasts 528 Miles Beach Yet It’s Not Booming (Daily Mail UK)