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January 26, 2015 | Morning Headlines.

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Key Headlines

  • Turkish President opens refurbished Mogadishu airport (Radio Bar-Kulan)
  • Pistol wielding men murder a student in Mogadishu (Radio Goobjoog)
  • Somaliland administration seizes ship carrying military hardware at the Berbera port (Radio Dalsan)
  • Somali President meets with Saudi Arabia’s new King (Somali Current)
  • Puntland Democratization Minister resigns (Garowe Online)
  • QC projects benefit 680000 in Somalia (Peninsula Qatar)
  • Turkish president inaugurates hospital in Somalia (Anadolu Agency)
  • IGAD says terror attacks won’t deter efforts to stabilize Somalia (Xinhua News/Hiiraan Online)
  • Turkish president in Somalia to launch development projects (AP/Townhall)

January 23, 2015 | Morning Headlines.

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Key Headlines

  • Al Shabaab claims Mogadishu attack (Radio Bar-Kulan)
  • Middle Shabelle administration sent police forces to intervene between clan militias
  • (Radio Goobjoog)
  • New UN Deputy Special Representative for Somalia arrives in Mogadishu to support peace and state-building  (Somali Current)
  • Huge inferno in refugee camp destroys property (Radio Bar-kulan)
  • The mayor of Buulo-Burde denies accusations of mismanaging food aid (Radio Goobjoog)
  • Mogadishu attack: Erdogan to go ahead with Somalia visit (Anadolu News Agency)
  • At least 23 killed in Somalia clan violence (AFP/Hiraan Online)
  • Germany supports strengthening of Somali language (German Embassy/Hiraan Online)

January 22, 2015 | Morning Headlines.

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Key Headlines

  • Anniversary of scripting of  Somali language marked in Mogadishu (Radio Bar-Kulan)
  • Roadside bomb in Kismayo (Radio RBC)
  • Puntland security agencies thwart armed road blockers(Radio Bar-kulan)
  • National Security Agency warns Mogadishu residents of blocking suburban roads(Radio Goobjoog)
  • Puntland Govt blacklists Garowe Online amid media censorship (Garowe Online)
  • Kenya’s role in hosting refugees not appreciated says Swiss envoy( Daily Nation)
  • Somalia’s Shebab urge more jihadi attacks in Europe (AFP/Yahoo News)
  • Reflecting a changing community Columbia Heights police hire Somali Ethiopian officers
  • (Star Tribune)
  • The Antidote To Minn. terror recruitment seeks funding (CBS Local)

January 21, 2015 | Morning Headlines.

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Key Headlines

  • Media Association of Puntland condemns Telecom Company’s blocking of 5 Websites (Garowe Online)
  • Somali elders caution parliament not to block new cabinet (Radio Bar-Kulan)
  • MP Sandhere urges the PM not to re-appoint the previous ministers into his cabinet (Radio Goobjoog)
  • SNA troops occupy school in Marka (Radio Danan)
  • Ten killed in tribal clashes in Hiran (Radio Bar-Kulan /Radio Goobjoog)
  • Measles outbreak in parts of Gedo region being handled effectively (Radio Goobjoog)
  • Senators tour Mandera crime hotspots (Daily Nation)
  • Millions in UN Somalia aid diverted; hints that some went to terrorists (Fox News)
  • US sending MRAPS to Somalia for African Union mission (Stars & Stripes)

January 20, 2015 | Morning Headlines.

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Key Headlines

  • Southwest security forces launched operations to tighten the security in Baidoa (Radio Goobjoog)
  • Security operation conducted in Mogadishu (Radio Bar-Kulan)
  • Puntland forces beef up security in Bossaso ( Radio Danan)
  • Somali PM meets UAE ambassador (Radio Bar-Kulan)
  • Water Shortage in El Dher District Galgadud Region (Radio Goobjoog)
  • 1000 teachers in boycott threat over insecurity (Daily Nation)
  • Two Kisenyi women terror suspects set free (Daily Monitor)
  • Somali official killed in Mogadishu landmine blast (Worldbulletin)

January 19, 2015 | Morning Headlines.

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Key Headlines

  • IGAD delegation due to reach Kismayo (Radio Goobjoog)
  • International renewable energy conference opens in Dubai (Radio Bar-kulan)
  • Prominent cleric gunned down in Baidoa (Garowe Online)
  • Elders concerned about the arrest of Hamar-Weyne district commissioner (Radio Goobjoog)
  • Somali musicians console family of Kuluc (Radio Bar-kulan)
  • Food and water shortage threatens the lives of Raage-Elle residents (Radio Goobjoog)
  • KDF kills Shabaab attackers in Lamu (Star Kenya)
  • Terrorists are now more blood-thirsty and indiscriminate (Daily Nation)
  • Somali PM dissolves Cabinet (VOA)
  • Toronto Police team with other forces to help Somali community (Torontosun)
  • Health worker’s journey fuels work with Somali families (saint cloud times)
  • Foreign shipping vessels foil pirate attacks off Somalia coast: IMB (

January 16, 2015 | Morning Headlines.

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Key Headlines

  • Al Shabaab senior official surrenders to Somali government (Dalsan Radio)
  • Himan & Heb state announces the official opening of state formation conference next week (Radio Goobjoog)
  • Thousands welcome Puntland Vice President in Buuhoodle today (Radio RBC)
  • Puntland forces launch security operations in Bosaso (Radio Bar-Kulan)
  • The first round of Kadis Inter-School Competition concludes in Mogadishu (Radio Goobjoog)
  • Somalia readies for fresh attack on Al-Shabaab (Daily Nation)
  • Regional MPs to meet over Great Lakes security (Capital FM)
  • Islamist rebels kill two police officers in north Somalia attack (Reuters)
  • Saudi Arabia provides medical aid to Somalia (International Islamic News Agency)

January 14, 2015 | Morning Headlines.

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Key Headlines

  • Minnesota Chamber of Commerce’s Bill Blazer: African immigrant entrepreneurs key to state’s future (Hiiraan Online)
  • MP calls on Puntland government to pay delayed salaries (Garowe Online)
  • Eight children die of diarrhoea in Badade (Radio Ergo)
  • Two children killed by land mine in Bula-Burte (Radio Bar-kulan)
  • ION planning to conduct 2D seismic Survey in Puntland – Update (Garowe Online )
  • Elders who hail from Central Somalia call for reconciliation meeting (Radio Goobjoog)
  • KDF soldiers kill 5 Al Shabaab militants in Lamu (
  • New Somalia PM retains majority of his predecessor’s cabinet ministers (
  • Somali killed for two entjies (Hiraan Online/Daily Voice SA)

January 13, 2015 | Morning Headlines.

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Key Headlines

  • Puntland court sentences 3 alleged traitors to life in prison (Garowe Online)
  • Anti-deforestation campaign set to kick off in Talex (Radio Bar-Kulan)
  • US travel advisory urges citizens to avoid port of Mogadishu (Radio Dalsan)
  • Somali president welcomes new cabinet (Radio Bar-Kulan/Radio Goobjoog)
  • Puntland police arrest terror suspects in Bossaso security sweep (Radio Garowe)
  • Somali diaspora gather in Rwanda for policy development (AMISOM News)
  • Timeline: recent attacks on Somali media (BBC)
  • Learning exchanges strengthen local administrations (UNDP)
  • Somalia’s rural literacy campaign (BBC)

January 13, 2015 | Morning Headlines.

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Key Headlines

  • AU envoy to Somalia: Rwanda’s past challenges can be experience for Somalia (Radio Goobjoog)
  • Two dead bodies found in Kismayo (Radio Bar-Kulan)
  • Burundi’s Defence Forces Chief Visited in Mogadishu (Radio Mustaqbal)
  • Measles claims 10 in besieged Burdubo (Radio Ergo)
  • Hiran region administration welcomes new government (Radio Bar-Kulan)
  • New Somalia PM retains majority of his predecessor’s cabinet ministers (Daily Nation/AFP)
  • Fighting piracy off the coast of Somalia: Lessons learned from the contact group (EU Bulletin)
  • Somalia prime minister keeps finance minister in cabinet change (Bloomberg News)