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Al-Shabaab Militants Attack Mukhtar Robow Positions In Abal

09 August – Source: Hiiraan Online – 323 Words

The Deputy Minister of Security for the South West State of Somalia, Abdirizak Abdi Adan has confirmed that Al-Shabaab militants launched an attack on Wednesday morning against their ex-deputy leader Mukhtar Robow Abu Mansur in Yabaal village in the Bay and Bakool region  “The fighting was between Mukhtar Roboow Abu Mansoor  and Al-Shabaab fighters. The fighting took place until early  this morning, “said the minister.

No casualties are reported as of yet. According to local residents, Mukhtar Robow is rumoured to be surrounded by 400 of his loyal and battle hardened fighters. The Somali government confirmed they were in communication with Mukhtar Robow and hinted that they were open to the idea of providing reinforcements to the former Al-Shabaab leader. “There was and is, a negotiation going on between Mukhtar Robow and the Somali federal government but still there is no guarantee that he will defect,” Colonel Aden Ahmed, an officer in the national military, told Reuters on June 30 in southwestern Hudur town, near Robow’s stronghold. “Those troops are now on the outskirts of the town. We cannot send them directly for many reasons. Al-Shabaab may ambush us or even Robow himself may ambush our forces. We shall give reinforcement to Robow only after we confirm that fighting between Al-Shabaab and Robow breaks out.”

The former rebel commander was allegedly demanded by Al-Shabaab to rejoin their group or face their wrath but rejected the ultimatum, according to the Mayor of Hudur, Mohamed Mollie Mohamed. His refusal to rejoin Al-Shabaab raised hopes that he may work with the Somali government and reduce Al-Shabaab’s operational capacity in the region. One of the original founders of Al-Shabaab, Sheikh Mukhtar Robow fell out with the late emir Ahmed Abdi Godane (Mukhtar Abu Zubair) over the use of foreign fighters. The ensuing row split Al-Shabaab into two factions and eventually led to the death of American fighter Omar Hammami and the defection of Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys.

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  • Al-Shabaab Militants Attack Mukhtar Robow Positions In Abal (Hiiraan Online)
  • Somali Prime Minister Says Tribalism Biggest Challenge For Somalia (Goobjoog News)
  • Galmudug And Puntland Form Joint Peace Security Force (Goobjoog News)
  • Somalia Denounces Economic Impact Of Piracy At Regional Meeting (Presna Latina)
  • International Aid Arrives Just In Time – But The Hunger Crisis Is Far From Over (


Somali Prime Minister Says Tribalism Biggest Challenge For Somalia

09 August – Source: Goobjoog News – 196 Words

Somalia Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre cited the biggest hurdle facing Somalia today is tribalism, a notion shared by many in the country that was a product from the Somali anarchy in the past 25 years of civil war. Discarding tribalism will lead to achieving many things hence the hallmark of good governance according to Premier Kheyre. The civil war has bequeathed us many things among them assuming informal things to be normal in our lives.  For example, like projecting tribalism to be in the forefront even before our Islamic faith, a tool for recognition, and being regarded a measurable device for someone’s achievement and replacing patriotism.

The only way to destroy this mentality is to know that tribalism has limits, has no ambition, just an arena for recognition for few people. Now the world is a global village and as Somalis we need to open our eyes well” said Premier Kheyre. The civil war was a fertile ground for tribalism to thrive and the current Somali government is based on tribal formula but the government is engaged now on how to form the next administration in the year 2021 through one person one vote system.

Galmudug And Puntland Form Joint Peace Security Force

09 August – Source: Goobjoog News – 275 Words

The two neighbouring states of Galmudug and Puntland created joint security officers aimed to keep security in their volatile regions according to the state leaders. Addressing a forum for the closing ceremony  for the combined security personnel from each state, the Deputy President of Puntland Abdihakim Haji Omar Amey cited the residents of Mudug region especially Galkayo town are now ready for peace and as leaders are determined to fulfill the dreams of their people. “I am telling Galmudug and Puntland to continue firmly with the same spirit that to keep maintaining the peace and, fraternity like in the past few days. Speaking on behalf of Puntland administration, we are sincere in our peace efforts and I am making clear for you that people are now ripe for peace” said Puntland Deputy President Amey.

On the side of Galmudug, his counterpart Deputy President Mohamed Hashi Abdi narrated how the leaders from the two states have been engaged maintaining peace in the region which culminated in the formation of peace security force that will lead the locals to live in harmony. “The logic behind this training for the combined force is to take a lion’s share in the security of Galkayo town where this town has experienced a lot of skirmishes. To overcome this menace, we decided to create a joint force to maintain peace” said Galmudug, Deputy President Abdi. This move sets a good ambience for lasting peace solution in the near future according to the local people but historically Mudug region is naturally regarded as a hot-spot, and most of its peace agreements in past have been violated leading to perpetual circle of violence.


Somalia Denounces Economic Impact Of Piracy At Regional Meeting

08 August – Source: Prensa Latina – 222 Words

The Somali Government denounced today at a regional meeting in this capital city the economic damage caused by piracy and other related scourges such as illegal fishing and human trafficking along the country”s 3,000 kilometer coast. Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources Abdirahman Mohamed Abdi Hashi said at the meeting, called by the Maritime Security Coordination Committee (MSCC) of Somalia and the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) in Eastern Africa, that such scourges are a great concern to Somali people.

Abdi Hashi told the delegates from Somalia and other regional countries as Uganda that the recent massacre of women, children and security forces by Al-Shabab is a reminder of the importance of strengthening maritime security in all areas. MSCC coordinator Abdi Ali Raghe reiterated that to fight piracy there must be an alternative program for livelihood and initiatives to develop vocation and defense, coordinated by IGAD, which is made up of Uganda, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya, Djibouti and Eritrea.

Somalia fights maritime crime actions such as illegal fishing, drug trafficking, dumping of toxic waste, human trafficking, illicit trafficking in arms and wildlife, while MSCC is the means for cooperation and development of maritime security amid member countries. Meanwhile, IGAD guides national and regional institutions at the legal, judicial and police levels for the prosecution, arrest and transfer of pirates.


After the enormous generosity of the UK public who responded to the DEC appeal earlier this year, some of that £53 million raised is now getting through to vulnerable communities in eastern Somaliland in the form of flour, water, cooking oil, sugar and dates.”

International Aid Arrives Just In Time – But The Hunger Crisis Is Far From Over

08 August – Source: ITV – 590 Words

The drought that has gripped the self-declared Republic of Somaliland has been felt across the whole of the internationally unrecognised country. But nowhere has it been more acute in the east of Somaliland in the Toogdhere, Sool & Sanaag regions. Three years of failed rains and 90% of livestock lost in a country where 70% of the economy is dependent on the export of livestock. The plight of Somaliland is just one part of a global struggle to avert famine.

Four countries are at risk – Somalia and Somaliland, Northern Nigeria, Yemen and South Sudan. This has been my third trip to Somaliland this year, reporting on the effects of the crisis. The UK has taken a lead on raising money and attention on what is happening across all of the countries affected by the threat of famine. In particular, UK Aid – the humanitarian arm of the British government – has put considerable resources into Somalia.

Part of this aid goes to Somaliland – but this figure is not officially broken down so it’s still very difficult to know how much of total UK aid for Somalia goes to alleviate the drought and humanitarian crisis there. Until now, I have seen very little international aid, from the UK or anywhere else to be honest, getting through to the hardest hit areas in the east. What I’ve seen on my previous visits have been from Gulf countries and donations by Somaliland businesses and the Somaliland diaspora in the West.

But that is now beginning to change. After the enormous generosity of the UK public who responded to the DEC appeal earlier this year, some of that £53 million raised is now getting through to vulnerable communities in eastern Somaliland in the form of flour, water, cooking oil, sugar and dates. And it’s arrived just in time. With the earth having been scorched dry by three years of failed rains – the barren earth that should be growing crops has been turned to dust.

Whilst I was there, displaced families began to gather as the UK charity, ActionAid delivered water by truck. As we waited a huge dust storm lashed those waiting – as the fertile soil that these communities once farmed to feed themselves, but which was now turned into sand – was blown into their eyes. Ahmed Adam Mohamed, head of operations for ActionAid’s UK branch, told me the aid has kept many alive – but there’s still a long way to go, saying the crisis was very far from being over. Asha Haji Farah’s family is one of five hundred in a settlement for displaced people. They get 25 kilos of supplies every month.

The reality however is that it doesn’t just feed them. There are others arriving all the time so the supplies she carries to her home meant for them are in reality shared with several other families. It’s the same for everyone here. “My message to people in Britain is; thanks to you this food has helped us so much,” she said. “But still there are many who are in need – we need your help.” The assistance – bought with British public donations and now beginning to be delivered in these remote regions of Somaliland is a lifeline that arrived just in time to avert famine.


@Goobjoognews: Telecommunication Bill passed by Somali Federal Lower House. 158 MPs voted for the motion. Federal Telecom Minister passed his gratitude.

@MAST_Security: Somalia Denounces Economic Impact of Piracy at Regional Meeting  #Somalia#pirates #illegalfishing #IndianOcean

@HarunMaruf:   Harun Maruf Retweeted Harun Maruf Two Al-Shabab shadow governors Hassan Yaqub (Galgudud) and Moallim Gedow (Bay & Bakool) are reportedly leading the attack on Robow: source Harun Maruf added,

@HassanIstiila: Govt confirmed they were in communicated with Mukhtar Robow and hinted that they were open at the idea of providing reinforcements to him.

@fiidow08: A tried-looking face of Mayor of Mogadishu@ThabitMhd after he participated in putting out fire at Bakara Market last night. Full respect.

@MohamedHaji: Now that Robow is n trouble, could it possible Sharif Hassan 2 side with him or give him a hand, after all he recently called him gentleman!

@SahraCabdi: A Well known Former BBC report from Somalia, Ahmed M Ali Kismayo, died in India last night in India, where he was 4 medical issues. R I P.

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