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Security Forces In Mogadishu Arrest Suspects In Governor’s Killing

30 August – Source: Garowe Online – 172 Words

Somali Security forces in Mogadishu have on Thursday detained suspects in connection with the assassination of Galgaduud governor, Mohamed Sheikh Elmi and his brother. Yaqshiid District , Ahmed Hassan, told local media that the security forces of the Federal government of Somalia managed to arrest the suspects linked to the governor’s killing during an operation. “The Somali Security forces have successfully arrested assailants whom, we believe to have killed the governor and his brother, and they are currently under investigation,” Hassan said.

He added that there are other individuals linked to the Al Qaida-affiliated Al Shabaab group had been rounded up in a similar operation in Mogadishu, on suspicion of the being involved in the murder.

The Governor of central Galgaduud region, Mohamed Sheikh Elmi and his brother Hassan Sheikh and were shot dead in Mogadishu’s Yaaqshid district, August 4th, 2017, while travelling to their father’s house. The Al-Shabaab suspects nabbed in Mogadishu operations, whose numbers were not disclosed not were transferred to the Somali security agencies for further investigations, according to Hassan.

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  • Security Forces In Mogadishu Arrest Suspects In Governor’s Killing (Garowe Online)
  • Tensions Rise In Herale As ASWJ And Local Militia Build Up In The Area Increases (
  • Osoble Asserts Still President Moves Base To Beletweyne As Assembly Set To Elect New Leader (Goobjoog News)
  • Somalia Says No To Saudi Offer Stands By Qatar (The Gulf Times)
  • Al Shabaab Wreck Communication Mast Burn Meeting Hall In Daba City Mandera (The Star Kenya)
  • Al-Shabab Defectors Being Rehabilitated To Re-enter Somali Society (VOA News)


Tensions Rise In Herale As ASWJ And Local Militia Build Up In The Area Increases

30 August – Source: – 160 Words

Reports from the district of Herale in the region of Galgaduud indicate that there is tension in the area as militia and force loyal to the moderate Islamist group, Ahlu Sunna Wal Jamaa (ASWJ) are about to clash. There is a build up of fighters both inside and outside of the town. The forces recently clashed over the control of the town. It is reported that Ahlu Sunna Wal Jamaa has sent heavily armed fighters to wage a new offensive on the town.

The Hereale district commissioner, Bashir Dahir Dhagabadan has confirmed that Ahlu Sunna has sent heavily armed fighters to the outskirts of Herale and they are ready to launch an attack for them to recapture the town.  The recent fighting in Herale has led to deaths and displacement of hundreds of families. The Galmudug administration has called on both parties to cease the hostilities. In the past the federal government has issued similar calls to the parties.

Osoble Asserts Still President, Moves Base To Beletweyne As Assembly Set To Elect New Leader

30 August – Source: Goobjoog News – 331 Words

The embattled former HirShabelle president Abdullahi Ali Osoble who was ousted in a no confidence motion by the state assembly this month has claimed he is moving his office to Beletweyne where he will discharge duties as president even as the assembly in Jowhar is in the final stages of electing a new leader. Addressing the media Monday from Beletweyne, the former president reiterated his earlier claims that he had been illegally removed from office laying blame on the Federal government for his political woes.

‘These coming days, I will be stationed here and the work of the regional state will continue as before. I will be working from Beletweyne town. If Al-Shabaab control of a location, one will go to a safe place to continue with work. If the central government turned to be a rogue one and took over Jowhar town by doing whatever it wants, then the onus is upon us to change the location,” Osoble said.

Despite the dismissal by the state assembly which was also endorsed by the federal government, Osoble has steadfastly maintained he is still legally in office. He told reporters Prime Minister Hassan Khaire engineered his fall through his Cabinet ministers. “Prime Minister Khaire schemed what happened. He was behind it. He utilized his Cabinet ministers by funding them and we can display the required evidences and will not accept a puppet government in Jowhar. Our obligation is to safeguard the constitution,” the former lawmaker said.

Osoble became the first president of HirShabelle last October following a lengthy and often times disputed state formation process that saw Hiiraan and Shabelle regions combined to form one state. Meanwhile HirShabelle state assembly speaker Osman Bare Mohamed  has said all is set for the election of a new president following the appointment of a presidential elections committee Tuesday. “Election will take place on the due date and we are ready to honour the time. We have the responsibility to ensure the process takes place as required.”


Somalia Says No To Saudi Offer, Stands By Qatar

30 August -Source: Gulf Times- 437 Words

The Gulf crisis is now affecting Africa after Saudi Arabia called on a number of countries, including Somalia, to join its boycott of Qatar. However, not every country is prepared to obey orders from Riyadh. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have offered the government in Mogadishu an additional 68mn euros ($81mn) to join the boycott of Qatar. Nonetheless, the Somali president has sided with Qatar. Somalia has maintained good relations with Qatar despite Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, and Bahrain continuing to demand that  Mogadishu break off relations with Doha. Still, Somalia won’t give in to pressure.

Instead, Somalia’s President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed has called on all countries involved to engage in a dialogue. Much to the annoyance of Qatar’s neighbours, he is also allowing Qatari planes to pass through Somali airspace. In doing so, Somalia is weakening the boycott imposed by the four countries, which closed their borders to Qatar in June, cut off diplomatic relations and imposed a blockade.

They have accused the Qatari government of supporting terrorist organisations and demanded that they sever all ties with the Muslim Brotherhood. However, His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani has insisted on maintaining Qatar’s sovereignty. Tensions also remain high because the UAE is exerting more influence in the regions of Somaliland and Puntland. Both regions have declared their independence. However, the government in Mogadishu still considers them part of Somalia. The UAE is building ports there and wants to establish a military base.

Al Shabaab Wreck Communication Mast, Burn Meeting Hall In Daba City, Mandera

30 August – Source: The Star – 189 Words

Suspected al-Shabaab militants on Tuesday night attacked and destroyed a communication mast before burning a meeting hall in Dabacity area, Mandera County. No one was injured during the attack. Police said the terrorists escaped soon after. The raid comes two days after the militant’s killed two military personnel in an IED attack in Damasa area. The terrorists also engaged the KDF personnel in a shootout before escaping. On August 4, more than 50 terrorists made daring simultaneous attacks on two police camps and a mobile telecommunication mast in Lafey, Mandera county.

One officer was killed and another seriously injured. A woman whose house is near the police station was injured in her head with a stray bullet. The 2.30am attack led to a fierce gunfight that lasted several hours and police killed one militant and injured another. The attackers destroyed four police cars.

Northeastern regional commissioner Mohamud Saleh said the attackers were in three groups when they launched the attack. Those who attacked the telecommunication mast were repulsed by security officers manning the facility, he said. The mast had just been upgraded to 3G for the election purposes.


“Mukhtar Robow is a founder of Al-Shabaab and the group’s former deputy emir. He defected to the government last month, five years after he became inactive with Al-Shabaab, because of ideological differences with the group’s then-supreme leader, Ahmed Abdi Godane,”

Al-Shabab Defectors Being Rehabilitated To Re-enter Somali Society

29 August – Source: VOA News – 829 Words

Last June, Al-Shabaab militants attacked an Ethiopian base in the Somali town of Halgan, one of several raids on African Union military camps. The Ethiopian troops repelled the attack, causing massive casualties. One of the Al-Shabaab fighters, Mohamed Daud Mohamed, known as Mohamed Dhere, said his unit lost 45 men.”It was a difficult fight; we left behind the wounded as we didn’t have a chance to evacuate them. … Everyone ran for their lives,” he told VOA’s Somali service.

For Dhere, 20, it was a lesson. He decided to desert al-Shabab, but said his commanders were suspicious. After eight months, he found his opportunity in February when his commander sent him to attend a seminar. Instead, he contacted relatives, who handed him over to the government. He is living at a rehabilitation center for militants in Mogadishu, one of 70 former al-Shabab members recently granted amnesty by the Somali government.

Abdirashid Ibrahim Mohamed directs the program to reintegrate former al-Shabab foot soldiers and low-risk individuals into society. He saod defectors receive food, exercise, health checkups, education and vocational training. They also get religious lessons, aimed at guiding them away from the al-Shabab’s radical views of Islam.”There are clerics who give awareness lectures, hold debates about the position of Islam, about extremism,” Mohamed said. “Normally when these youngsters defect from Al-Shabaab, they already know that what they were involved in is wrong, and they came to us to save themselves.”



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