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Hirshabelle Presidential Election Will Be Free And Fair Say, State Justice Minister

25 August – Source: Goobjoog News – 350 Words

Hirshabelle State Minister for Justice Abdulkadir Osman cited their high hopes for the presidential election to be fair and free and preparations are in process towards this exercise. “As you know we have passed the political deadlock in Hirshabelle state. We now embarking on the presidential election and there is a vacuum of power and constitutionally we have to fill the presidency slot within 30 days according to article 52, clause 2” said State Minister Osman.

He insinuated state presidential election committee “are made up of 9 members selected from the state assembly and already ratified by the parliament but waiting only for the endorsement of the parliamentary committee.” Currently there are few challenges are experienced including the hajj pilgrimage where some state MPs are away in Mecca but generally there no major obstacles that will hinder the state presidential to take place according to State Minister Osman. The announcement of the state presidential election date will be made by the electoral committee after their endorsement.

The Speaker of Hirshabelle parliament told news agencies,  the possibility of the presidential election to take place despite the few existing challenges and expressed his expectation of attendance by officials from the central government including both houses of the federal parliament, local and international observers. On the other hand, the traditional elders from Middle Shabelle in Hirshabelle state appealed for the immediate release of old men from the area. The old men were arrested and are in behind bars in Jowhar town, the state capital following their preparation to meet with Hirshabelle government to arbitrate and abate communal fighting in Adale location, a coastal town in the Middle Shabelle.

Speaking to Goobjoog News, Mohamed Jimale and Mohamud Ali Ahmed who are among the traditional elders wants the unconditional release of the old men. “The elders are delegates called by the acting president of Hirshabelle state and unfortunately due to disagreement between them, they were arrested through his orders” said one of the elders. They expressed their dismay and appealed to higher authorities in the country to look into this matter and solve it amicably.

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  • Hirshabelle Presidential Election Will Be Free And Fair Say State Justice Minister (Goobjoog News)
  • Garowe Police Deny Rape Report Release Warnings (Sahal News)
  • Al-Shabaab Official Surrenders In Gedo Region (Hiiraan Online)
  • Reinforcement Troops Arrive In Adaado (
  • UNHCR Repatriates Over 70000 Somalis Refugees From Kenya (Xinhuanet)
  • UN Under-Secretary-General Expresses Support For Progress In Somalia (UNSOM)


Garowe Police Deny Rape Report, Release Warnings

24 August – Source: Sahal News – 142 Words

Puntland’s Nugaal police deputy commander Ibrahim Mohamed Abdi on Thursday denied a rape case which allegedly occurred in an IDP camp in the outskirts of Garowe town. The police chief who has massively denounced local agencies working in the area said that there was no any rape case and the news over  the matter is baseless , presenting evidences at a press conference held in the capital.

“The CID unit along expert doctors have officially confirmed that there is no woman who was raped in the camp and the report is fabricated” Mr. Ibrahim said. Some media outlets in the region reported that a gang of three men have kidnapped a seven month pregnant women and forcibly raped her outside the town. He said police will follow and arrest those who spreading false report which the donor community are expressing as a concern.

Al-Shabaab Official Surrenders In Gedo Region

25 August – Source: Hiiraan Online- 103 Words

The Deputy Commissioner incharge of security in the Gedo region, Osman Nur Haji has revealed that one of the commanders of Al-Shabaab operation in the region has surrendered to government forces in the area. The defected Al-Shabaab officials has been named as Ali Hussein. The commissioner added:  “ There is an ongoing operation to keep law and order by government forces. The operation is also aimed to prevent attacks that happen in Gedo region sometimes,” The Al-Shabaab group which carries out attacks in Gedo region has met stiff resistance as aerial bombardments from Kenyan and US air force have dealt them a huge blow.

Reinforcement Troops Arrive In Adaado

25 August – Source: – 105 Words

A second batch of reinforcement troops have left the city of Galkayo heading to Adaado, the interim capital of Galmudug as the conflict between the Ahlu Sunna Wal Jamaa (ASWJ) enters a critical phase. The first batch of reinforcement troops arrived in Adaado on Tuesday. The forces are said to be numbering hundreds and are heavily armed, this is according to reporters in Adaado.  Reports indicate that the troops are on their way to Godinlabe where already militia loyal to Galmudug are based and it is suggested that the Galmudug forces might lodge an offensive on Dhusamareb city which is currently controlled by ASWJ forces.


UNHCR Repatriates Over 70,000 Somalis Refugees From Kenya

25 August – Source: Xinhuanet – 246 Words

The UN refugee agency said Thursday it has repatriated some 70,516 Somali refugees from Kenya since the voluntary return exercise begun in December 2014. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said in its bi-weekly update released in Nairobi that a total of 68,697 individuals from Dadaab refugee camp in northeast Kenya were assisted in the framework of voluntary return to Somalia.

The UN refugee agency said some 29,383 refugees returned in 2017 alone, noting that currently there are 18,274 registered refugees willing to return to Somalia. “During the Kenyan election, the Return Help Desks (RHDs) have recorded reduced number of refugees willing to return. Arrangement has been put in place during the election period to ensure continuation of voluntary return by air without stoppage,” UNHCR said. The UN agency expressed its readiness to receive refugees returning home by road, adding that security assessment on road safety between Dadaab and Dhobley will be carried out after the Kenyan election prior to resumption of the road movements.

More than 2 million Somalis have been displaced in one of the world’s most protracted humanitarian crises that have now entered its third decade. An estimated 1.1 million people are displaced within Somalia and nearly 900,000 have become refugees in the region. Experts say continuing political and security stabilization progress in Somalia, along with growing pressures in hosting countries, makes this a critical moment to renew efforts to find durable solutions for Somali refugees.


“There’s a sense of unity in the country in a different way in which civil society, religious leaders, women and youth and every other group in society are now willing to join, contribute, take part and people see hope,”

UN Under-Secretary-General Expresses Support For Progress In Somalia

24 August – Source: UNSOM – 547 Words

The United Nations Under-Secretary-General (USG) for Political Affairs, Jeffrey Feltman, visited Somalia and held a series of meetings with the country’s leadership to show solidarity with the government and people of Somalia, as well as to reiterate the United Nations’ support to the new government and discuss ways to address the country’s challenges such as the recent drought and security. The Under-Secretary-General was welcomed by the President of the Federal Government, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo; Prime Minister, Hassan Kheyre; the Speakers of the Upper House and the House of the People; the Minister for Constitutional Affairs and the Chairperson of the National Independent Electoral Commission (NIEC). During his visit, he was accompanied by the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General (SRSG) for Somalia, Michael Keating.

Speaking at Villa Somalia after meeting with the NIEC Chairperson, Halima Ibrahim, the Under-Secretary-General said the aim of his visit was to shore up support for the political progress the country is making as well as to explore how best to assist Somalia to overcome some of its challenges. “I am here to reinforce and to demonstrate the support that the United Nations has for the people and the government of Somalia as the country addresses a number of challenges ranging from the drought, to security to the political agenda going forward,” Mr. Feltman said.

Mr. Feltman noted that despite the challenges facing the country and the recent drought that affected more than 6.2 million of its population, things were looking up for the Horn of Africa nation. “I sense a real forward momentum in terms of political developments, in terms of reforms and transparency and of things moving forward to one-person one-vote electoral system for the 2021 parliamentary elections,” the USG added.

The UN official lauded the work undertaken by the NIEC in putting structures in place for the next parliamentary and presidential elections in 2021 and urged the leadership to move forward on the country’s constitutional review process. The NIEC Chairperson said they are committed to setting up an institution that is acceptable to all Somalis ahead of the next election. “We have been working on how to build the capacity of this institution and also how to gain the political acceptance from Somalis whether they are politicians or civil society or governments [federal and state governments],” Ms. Ibrahim said.

Mr. Feltman expressed United Nations’ commitment to work with the people and government of Somalia in addressing these challenges in order to support the country realize its potential. At a morning meeting with the country’s Prime Minister, Mr. Feltman was told of the renewed optimism in the country following the election of President Farmaajo in February. “There’s a sense of unity in the country in a different way in which civil society, religious leaders, women and youth and every other group in society are now willing to join, contribute, take part and people see hope,” the Prime Minister said.

The Under-Secretary-General later met with the Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission, Ambassador Francisco Madeira, and acknowledge the role of the African Union and AMISOM. This was Mr. Feltman’s first visit to Somalia since the election of President Farmaajo and the swearing-in of the tenth Parliament. This is his fifth visit to Mogadishu since his appointment in 2013.


@HassanIstiila#UPDATE: Gunmen assassins have shot dead Abdulle Mohamud Ali, who was an official in Karan district administration on Thursday. #Somalia

@AmbGamal: Today the Cabinet has unanimously approved the bill establishing the National Statistics Bureau. Great step forward!@MoPIED_Somalia.

@GEEL_Somali: Banana & lemon farmers re-invest in #Somaliaafter posiitve returns in internatinal market-read Saamynta #2  for more

@PPRMOFA#Dhaanto is an authentic part of contemporary#Somali folklore#dance, and has merged with drums & music to express joy or sadness. #Somalia

@HarunMaruf: Al-Shabab fighters have attacked Somali military base in Qaansheeg village near Bal’ad (30km n of Mog) tonight, casualties reported: reports

@abdishukrihh#Somalia is a home for millions of children living in difficult circumstances, but always happy when you see their faces. #SeeSomalia #hope

@HassanIstiila#UPDATE Somali police successfully dismantled bomb fitted into vehicle owned by intelligence officer in Mogadishu’s Waberi district.#Somalia

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Image of the daySomali President H.E Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo met with Jeffrey D. Feltman Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs for United Nation at his office in Villa Somalia to discuss the country’s political progress since his election to office as well as plans for political reforms.

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