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Over Ten People Killed In Renewed Clashes In Heraale

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Details are coming out of a deadly fighting that has resumed in Herale town in Galgaduud between Ahlu Sunna Wal Jama’a militia and local residents. Thursday’s clashes claimed the lives of over 10 people and scores others were injured, mainly combatants from both sides of the warring militias.

The situation is said to be calm this morning albeit there are fears of a resumption of the clashes between the two sides. The fighting caused the displacement of hundreds of families. There are ongoing efforts by the local elders and religious leaders to quell the tension and convince the rival sides to stop the conflict. It is not the first time the two sides clashed over the control of the town. Recently, President Farmaajo has urged the warring parties in Heraale town to cease the bloodshed and negotiate a peaceful settlement.

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  • Over Ten People Killed In Renewed Clashes In Heraale (
  • Former Somali President Appeals To  Somali Citizens (Goobjoog News)
  • Information Minister Attends Dinner Party Hosted For A Group Of Chinese Tourists (
  • Somali Referee Dirah Killed By Gunmen (VOA News)
  • Six Injured In Landmine Blast In Mogadishu (
  • Puntland Misread The Supreme Law On Gulf Crisis-Expert (Goobjoog News)


Former Somali President Appeals To  Somali Citizens

18 August- Source: Goobjoog News – 205 Words

Former President of Somalia, Abdulkasim Salad Hassan appealed to the Somali population to join hands and abandon internal strife. Speaking to Goobjoog News, he shared his good hope for the Somali nation to be back on track in the near future and at the same time urged the administration of President Farmajo to exercise extensive working relationship with the people. “I appeal to all Somali people wherever they are to work with the government who are doing their best and extend peace to it till the end of its tenure, stop all fights and end any uprising” said President Hassan.

The former leader insinuated that the country will immerse in peace if the above issues are implemented. President Hassan also touched on the multiple problems facing the country including the severe drought indicating that it was mostly an answer to the transgression of the people and forgiveness and prayers will mostly relieve these dilemmas. He stressed mostly on joining hands which is a prerequisite for unity and supporting the incumbent government which will make the country prosper. Dr. Abdulkasim Salad Hassan was President of Somalia from 2000 to 2004, and previously served as Interior Minister and Finance Minister in the government of Mohamed Siad Barre.

Information Minister Attends Dinner Party Hosted For A Group Of Chinese Tourists

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Somalia’s Information Minister, Culture and Tourism, Abdirahman Omar Osman (Yarisow) has attended a dinner party hosted for a group of 27 Chinese tourists who have been touring the capital city Mogadishu in the past few days. Eng Yarisow thanked those who hosted the Chinese tourists to Somalia, saying that it is important to let the outside world know that Somalia is a peaceful nation where foreign tourists can arrive and visit.

During their stay, the visiting Chinese tourists were shown around key sites including Liido and Jazeera beaches, Hamarwayne district, the national theatre among others. Speaking to the tourists, Eng Yarisow said Somalia was once a hotspot for tourists before the start of the civil war, saying that even the city had Chinese restaurants where Chinese dishes were served. He asked the departing tourists to come back and invest in the country.


Somali Referee Dirah Killed By Gunmen

18 August – Source: VOA – 195 Words

Popular Somali referee Osman Jama Dirah was shot to death Thursday evening near his home in the Somali capital, Mogadishu. “The sports officer was killed after leaving mosque on the way to his residence in Wardhigley district. Two men armed with pistols shot him several times,” said Anas Ali Mohamud, a former Somali National Team player who was a friend of the deceased. He said the killers fled the scene before the arrival of Somali security forces, who conducted an unsuccessful search for the culprits.

The motive for Dirah’s murder is unclear, and so far no one has claimed responsibility. “Somali sports figures and members of the Somali Football Federation have never been a target for the armed groups because they did not get involved into politics, they were entertainers. But the killing of this official has created a fear and uncertainty among us,” Mohamud said. Mohamud says Dirah contributed to Somali soccer for more than 25 years.

He had been one of the most popular referees in Somalia since the1990s and refereed regional and international games. Dirah was an active member of the Somali Football Federation and served as the head its referees committee.

Six Injured In Landmine Blast In Mogadishu

18 August – Source: – 154 Words

At least six people were injured following a roadside landmine explosion outside a restaurant in Somali capital Mogadishu’s Wardhigley district Thursday evening. The mine went off targeting people who were seated at the front side of a coffee restaurant in Laba Dhagah junction in Wardhigley district.

Police officer Dahir Mohamed confirmed the incident to Xinhua adding that security officers were already conducting investigations. “I can confirm that six people have been injured. Almost all of them were outside the restaurant. Security forces are already combing the scene for details,” said Mohamed.

A resident told Xinhua the explosion went off shortly after he left the restaurant. “I was there with my friends having coffee but I left early. After barely 25 minutes I heard a huge explosion from that direction. Some of my friends were injured,” Abdi Mahdi told Xinhua. The motive of the attack was not immediately clear and no group has claimed responsibility.


“Regional governments have no business with foreign affairs, Warsame observed adding leaders can only express personal opinions but not aver an official position.”

Puntland Misread The Supreme Law On Gulf Crisis-Expert

17 August – Source: Goobjoog News – 565 Words

The announcement by Puntland distancing itself from the Federal Government’s neutral position on the Gulf Crisis in favour of Saudi backing is inconsistent with the Provisional Constitution, a senior lawyer has said noting the regional governments can only petition Parliament or seek the court’s intervention. Professor Isse Ahmed Warsame an independent practitioner in Mogadishu told Goobjoog News the decision by Puntland’s President Abdiweli Gaas did not have a place in the country’s Supreme Law and amounted to a misreading of the law. “The Constitution gives sole responsibility and power the Federal Government to handle Foreign Affairs and regional administrations have no power to make their own decisions regarding this matter,” said Warsame.

Article 54 of the Provisional Constitution vests sole responsibility on Federal Government over Foreign Affairs besides National Defense, Citizenship and Immigration and Monetary Policy. Warsame added the only available options for the state governments is to petition Parliament and in particular the Upper House which represents the states. Another option is to head to the high court for intervention, said Warsame. Puntland announced Wednesday it was breaking ranks with the government to support Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates in the ongoing Gulf Crisis which started late May. It noted Somalia’s neutrality was posing security and economic challenges to the Horn of Africa nation.“We acknowledge the fact that the Middle East issue will not be resolved anytime soon and the continuing crisis will have security as well as developmental implications throughout Somalia,” Puntland said.

President Mohamed Farmaajo announced early June that his country would maintain a non aligned position in the feud which is now entering the fourth month. Somalia has allowed Qatari flights to use its airspace following the closures by Saudi Arabia and its allied nations. “Regional governments have no business with foreign affairs, Warsame observed adding leaders can only express personal opinions but not aver an official position”. The announcement by Puntland points to increasing pressure on regional administrations in Somalia most of whom depend on Gulf Crisis to prop their budgetary needs and security support. UAE’s DP World signed a $442 million 30 year concession last year with Somaliland to operate Berbera port while its affiliate company P&O Ports secured a 30 year concession April to operate the port of Bossaso in Puntland billed at $336 million.

Somaliland earlier inked a military naval base agreement with Somaliland granting the Emiratis rights to establish a military base in the breakaway region. President Farmaajo has expressed his opposition to the deal. Some lawmakers have however expressed reservations over the government’s decision to stand on the fence warning the country was bound to experience severe economic consequences given the close economic ties with the Gulf.


@maowyare: Discover the hidden treasure of #Somalia‘s forgotten music of the 1970s and 80’s. @AJEnglish

@SomaliPM: I strongly condemn the terrorist attack in#Barcelona , my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.

@TheRayAhmed:More than half of the world’s oceans belong to no one, which often makes their riches ripe for plunder.#Somalia

@ntvkenya: Suspected militia behead 3 people, burn houses at Maleli Village in Lamu; County Commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo says police dispatched to area.

@HarunMaruf: 5 were injured in explosion outside a shop in Laba Dhagah junction, #Mogadishu; 1 account says #IEDcaused it, other reports suggest mortar.

@AbdulBillowAli: Authorities in #Mogadishu say that seven militants have been killed in a US airstrike in Jilib,a rich agricultural town in southern #Somalia

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