August 13, 2018 | Morning Headlines

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AU Urges Somalia And AMISOM Troops To Accelerate Fight Against Al-Shabaab

12 August – Source: Halbeeg News – 221 Words

African Union has urged the commanders of Somali and AMISOM troops to launch joint offensives against Al-Shabaab fighters. Over 21,000 soldiers contributed by Uganda, Kenya, Djibouti, Burundi and Ethiopia back Somali national army. Commander of African Union Mission, Lt. Gen. Jim Owoyesigire has called on battlefield commanders of both SNA and AMISOM to accelerate the fight to annihilate Al-Shabaab. In a statement, Owoyesigire said the forces should carry conduct joint operations to liberate areas under the control of Al-Shabaab.

“The Force Commander tasked the forces with intensifying the training and mentorship of their SNA counterparts through joint planning, coordination and execution of operations in line with the AMISOM transition plan,” a statement issued by AMISOM official noted. Mr. Owoyesigire further urged the troops to strengthen relations with the local community through co-operation with the regional administration and undertaking of quick impact projects to address pertaining social infrastructural challenges.

The AMISOM commander said joint security operations with the Somali National Army will improve peace, security and also equip Somali forces with the necessary skills for the sustainable stability of the country. He emphasized the need to secure the Mogadishu-Johwar supply route blocked by Al-Shabaab fighters. The mandate of AMISOM was in July extended by the United Nations Security Council resolution 2434 underscoring a gradual and conditional withdrawal of boots by 2020.

Key Headlines

  • AU Urges Somalia And AMISOM Troops To Accelerate Fight Against Al-Shabaab (Halbeeg News)
  • Somali Security Forces Shot Dead Suspected Militant In Mogadishu (Caasimada Online)
  • Mogadishu Seaport Set To Operate 24 Hours (Shabelle Media)
  • Fed: Man Living In Tucson Was Member Of Terrorist Group (AP News)
  • Salad Yusuf Abow: Making Inroads In The Digital Space To Transform The Youth (UNSOM)


Somali Security Forces Shot Dead Suspected Militant In Mogadishu

12 August – Source: Caasimada Online – 159 Words

Somali security forces have on Sunday shot and killed a gunman, thought to be a member of the Al-Shabaab terrorist group in Mogadishu. Mohamed Abukar Islow, Somalia’s Security Minister, said, the security forces killed an Al-Shabaab assassin armed with a pistol, who previously assassinated a civilian at Suq-Bacad market in the capital.

“Our security forces killed a culprit, shortly after he shot dead a civilian man in Suq-Bacad market in Mogadishu”, Islow said. He says the security forces would continue targeting Al- Shabaab members, accusing group’s assassins of killing unarmed civilians in the capital of Mogadishu.

In the aftermath of the killing, Somali government security forces sealed off the crime scene and launched an operation to hunt down other suspects. No arrest has been reported yet. Mogadishu has witnessed an increase of targeted assassinations, mostly the elders involved in the election of the current lawmakers by the militant group, amidst tight security in the city in past weeks.

Mogadishu Seaport Set To Operate 24 Hours

12 August – Source: Shabelle Media – 82 Words

Somali government officials have announced last night that the main Mogadishu seaport will begin a 24-hour port operation from now on. The move is aimed to improve Mogadishu port service and, ensure it to become a competitor harbor as country slowly  healing from  the wounds of war and conflict.

Somalia’s deputy Prime Minister, Mahdi Mohamed Guled, the Ministers of Ports,  Sea and Transport, as well as the Minister of Trade, along with the Police commanders have attended the launching of the event.


Fed: Man Living In Tucson Was Member Of Terrorist Group

11 August – Source:  AP News  – 138 Words

Federal authorities say an Ethiopian man using a fake identity while living in Tucson was a member of a terrorist group. The U.S. Attorney’s Office said Friday that Mohamed Abdirahman Osman was indicted in federal court on eight counts of making false statements to immigration authorities. Authorities allege his wife, Zeinab Abdirahman Mohamed, also hid his identity. She faces three charges.

An indictment filed this week shows that Osman used a fake Somalia passport to get to the U.S. He told authorities he sustained injuries in a terrorist attack in Somalia but had actually been hurt while handling explosives, according to the indictment. Police believe Osman was a member of al-Shabab, a Somali militant group responsible for major attacks that have left hundreds killed. It’s unclear if Osman and his wife had an attorney to comment.


“Recent studies indicate that Somalia’s digital space is one of the most robust in the Horn of Africa region, due to its young and tech-savvy population. Mobile phone penetration in the country, is also one of the highest in Africa.”

Salad Yusuf Abow: Making Inroads In The Digital Space To Transform The Youth

12 August – Source: UNSOM – 663 Words

By his own account, Salad Yusuf Adow had an epiphany in 2015 that convinced him to launch his digital startup company Danleey. His interest in digital space soared that year after he realised that social media was the best way to reach out to young people and change their perspectives about Somalia. Salad marvelled at the possibilities and opportunities offered by digital space to turn his ideas into action.

“The majority of youth in Somalia who have access to the internet use social media. It is a powerful tool in this country,” explains Salad. Orphaned during the war at the age of four, the Mogadishu University graduate saw social media as a useful instrument to address the growing phenomenon of illegal immigration out of Somalia. Salad has seen tens of thousands of young people sneak out of the country through dangerous routes in search of greener pastures elsewhere.

Determined to curb this trend, he devised a plan to keep these young women and men in their home country. “I started packaging compelling videos with messages about the perils of illegal immigration and uploaded them on social media. These short awareness videos were viewed widely,” he states.

To sustain his project in its initial stages, he sought support from his circle of friends and was able to raise enough money to rent a physical space in central Mogadishu. Salad then recruited three staff members and hired interns from universities in the Somali capital to film and edit the videos.

Salad soon realized he needed to tap into the rapidly growing social media community to expand his networks. Beyond the money he was earning on the social platform, Salad felt obliged to help young Somalis find meaning in their lives. He stepped up the output of his videos and peppered them with motivational and inspirational content that gives purpose and hope to youth.

Today Danleey, which loosely translates into “interest” in English, is a fully-fledged organisation that conducts training on innovation and entrepreneurship for young people from different regions of Somalia. Support for Danleey has come from far and wide, owing to the positive impact the organisation has had on young people.

According to Salad, one of the beneficiaries of his entrepreneurship classes has set up a successful solar energy business in his home on the outskirts of the Puntland capital of Garowe, where residents use the energy source to charge their mobile phones. Danleey’s rapid growth in the digital space is not surprising or unique. Progressive and forward-looking Somalis are increasingly embracing technology to provide solutions to their common challenges.



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