August 10, 2018 | Morning Headlines

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Suspected Al-Shabaab Militants Abduct Five Aid Workers In Bay Region

09 August – Source: Halbeeg News – 167 Words

Suspected Al-Shabaab fighters abducted five aid workers in Southern Somalia on Thursday, in the latest series of abductions in the country. The spokesman of South West administration, Nuradin Yusuf Gacma, confirmed to the media that five aid workers, three females and two males were abducted.

According to Nuradin, the aid workers who left Baidoa were abducted by Al-Shabaab militants.“We suspect that Al-Shabaab militants are behind the abduction of the aid workers. The aid workers left Baidoa and were heading to Awdinle town” said Nuradin. The abducted aid workers were working for Red Cross society operating in the region.

They were taken to unknown locations. In July 2017, Al-Shabaab militants abducted seven aid workers from Gasarta village that is between Baidoa and Deynunay towns in Bay region. During that previous abduction, the aid workers were working for GREDO, a local NGO  that conducts Nutrition campaign, at drought stricken areas under Deynunay town. Al-Shabaab has banned all humanitarian UN programs and International NGOs from areas under its controls.

Key Headlines

  • Suspected Al-Shabaab Militants Abduct Five Aid Workers In Bay Region (Halbeeg News)
  • PM Suspends Deputy Minister Over Fraud Claims (Garowe Online)
  • Nearly 700 Arrested In Security Swoop In Mogadishu (Mareeg News)
  • UNHCR Praises ERC’s Aid To Somali Refugees In Aden (Emirate News Agency)
  • AMISOM Force Commander Commands Troops In Jowhar Calls For Enhanced Coordination With The SNA (AMISOM)
  • Death By A Thousand Cuts (


PM Suspends Deputy Minister Over Fraud Claims

09 August – Source: Garowe Online – 244 Words

Somalia’s Prime Minister, Hassan Ali Khaire has on Thursday suspended the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Mukhtar Mahad Da’ud over graft allegations. According to a statement released by the office of the PM, Mr. Daud has been suspended days after, the country’s Attorney General, Ahmed Ali Dahir accused him of corruption and “stealing public funds.”

Meanwhile, Banadir regional court was reported to have issued an arrest warrant for the suspended Deputy Foreign Minister, to face graft charges levelled against him. Police forces, raided the deputy’s office this week, acting on the orders from the Attorney General.  However, it  failed after the PM Khaire has intervened in the case while he was in Garowe, the capital of Puntland.

Mr. Dahir said, there has been an investigation into the fraud case in the past few months, blaming Mr. Da’ud for using the office for personal interest. Last Monday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a strong-worded statement to deny the accusation against Mr. Da’ud and terming it as “a charge far from the truth”.

Also yesterday, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, Mohamed Omar announced his resignation, citing lack of cooperation in the Ministry. His decision comes after the security forces arrested the Director of IDPs resettlement department at Ministry, Dahir Mohamud Nur, accused stealing $84,000 of public funds. Somalia has held the title of being the world’s most corrupt country for the decades.

Nearly 700 Arrested In Security Swoop In Mogadishu

09 August – Source: Mareeg News – 233 Words

Somalia security officers arrested up to 700 people on suspicion of being Al-Shabaab members, in an operation.  The security crackdown was carried out by police, soldiers and security forces, in Wabari district and its surrounding area, a security officer, who asked to be anonymous told reporters. He said that the joint forces raided several houses in neighborhoods of Waberi to flush out Al-Shabaab suspects in Mogadishu.

The allied troops searched houses, suspected to be hiding Al-Shabaab sympathizers, after a tip-off from members of the public, he said. The joint operation was reportedly meant to beef up the security of the capital,  which has been experiencing suicide bomb attacks and assassinations in past weeks.

“It was a well-orchestrated sweep and came after a tip-off from members of the public”, he said. He added that nearly 700 people, who were detained in the crackdown, were taken to police stations for further investigations. The operation saw the arrest of a man, who is suspected to have carried out several assassinations. Faisal Hassan, a witness told Somali police and security forces have searched several houses,  in search of Al-Shabaab assassins.

“The allied soldiers conducted a house-to-house search and arrested several people from our district,” she said. Somali forces often carry out security operations to prevent militants from launching attacks, but Al-Qaida affiliated group Al-Shabaab, which is battling the federal government is still waging attacks in the country.


UNHCR Praises ERC’s Aid To Somali Refugees In Aden

09 August – Source: Emirates News Agency – 113 Words

Jacqueline Parlevliet, Head of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, UNHCR, Sub Office in Yemen, has extended deep thanks to the Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, for supporting its commissioners. Parlevliet also hailed the ERC’s partnership with the UNHCR, to provide humanitarian assistance to the Somali refugees in Yemen in general and Aden, in particular.

The remarks of the UNHCR head were made after the ERC’s distribution of 5,000 food baskets to the Somali refugees in al-Basateen neighbourhood of Aden. The beneficiaries thanked the UAE’s leadership, government and people for the humanitarian gesture. The ERC in Yemen is working in partnership and coordination with various international organisations operating in Yemen including the UNHCR.

AMISOM Force Commander Commands Troops In Jowhar, Calls For Enhanced Coordination With The SNA

08 August – Source: AMISOM – 261 Words

The AMISOM Force Commander Lt. General Jim Beesige Owoyesigire has tasked his forces in Hirshabelle region to intensify joint operations with the Somali National Army against Al Shabaab for improved peace and security. He was speaking during a visit to Jowhar, as part of the ongoing security assessment across all areas of AMISOM responsibility in Somalia.

Lt. General Owoyesigire who was accompanied by senior AMISOM staff officers met with the Sector five commander Brig. Leonidas Niyungeko, commending the effort and commitment of the AMISOM troops in Hirshabelle region. Brig. Niyungeko said operations would be undertaken to improve the general security of the area, enhance free movement of the local population and enable an environment for trade to thrive.

The Force Commander tasked the forces to intensify the training and mentorship of their SNA counterparts through joint planning, coordination and execution of operations in line with the AMISOM transition plan. Lt. Gen Owoyesigire further urged the troops to strengthen relations with the local community through cooperation with the regional administration and undertaking of quick impact projects to address pertaining social infrastructural challenges.

The Force Commander, accompanied by the Sector five commander also paid a courtesy call on the president of Hirshabeelle state, H.E Mohamed Abdi Ware at the presidential palace in Jowhar town. Discussions focused on the security situation in the region, the need to secure the Mogadishu-Jowhar supply route and the necessary stabilization efforts. The Force Commander has undertaken similar visits to Baidoa, Beletweyne and Baledogle as part of the ongoing assessment of the AMISOM forces and their operational environment.


“In 2016, it was reported that Britain has the highest number of Somalis in Europe with over 98,000 Somalis residing in Britain. Across the Atlantic, the Somali population is estimated to be as high as 150,000 in the U.S.”

Death By A Thousand Cuts

09 August – Source: Townhall – 498 Words

Last month, a 10-year-old Somali girl bled to death as a direct result of being subjected to female genital mutilation. In Somalia, FGM is not outlawed and is universally practiced, despite its enormous serious health consequences. The 10-year-old was rushed to a local hospital and Dr. Abdirahman Omar Hassan, the doctor who treated her, described her injuries:

“Her whole female genital tract had been removed…it’s type 4 FGM,” he said. “She was brought in two days after they cut her, she was already infected with tetanus. I have never seen this kind of mutilation. And I have treated many bad FGM cases here because it is so common. She was bleeding and convulsing. We tried to save her, but she died an hour later.”

In Somalia, the cruel reality is that 98 percent of girls are subjected to FGM. In 2016, it was reported that Britain has the highest number of Somalis in Europe with over 98,000 Somalis residing in Britain. Across the Atlantic, the Somali population is estimated to be as high as 150,000 in the U.S. The reality is that immigrants bring their ancient practices with them when they migrant to a new country.

Despite attempts by proponents to minimize the practice of FGM as a mere “nick” or “pin prick,” FGM causes lifelong pain and suffering, and sometimes—as in this tragic case—death. There cannot be tolerance or indulgence of cultural or religious practices that are clearly anti-female and most importantly, potentially fatal and blatantly dangerous child abuse.

The defense in the pending federal case of Dr. Jumana Nagarwala and two others in Michigan describes the procedure of FGM practiced in the Dawoodi Bohra Shia Muslim Sect as a ritual nick or prick. FGM survivor Mariya Taher, however, rejects that categorization and describes FGM as “a form of gender violence. It’s a form of child abuse. It’s oppression.” Taher demands an end to FGM.

“We can’t have this happening … Whether it’s a tradition, for religious reasons or for sex, I see all of it as controlling someone,” Taher told the Detroit Free Press. F.A. Cole, another FGM survivor, describes it as a “demonic practice.”  The Center for Disease Control estimates that 513,000 girls and women are at risk of female genital mutilation in the United States. As incomprehensible and barbaric as this practice is, FGM is growing exponentially right here in America.

Incredibly, there are still 23 states that have not criminalized female genital mutilation. Shockingly, Maine failed to pass an anti-FGM bill after several attempts. The bill failed along party lines with Democrats voting down the FGM crime bill. New Hampshire was the latest state to stand up for girls and women, as Gov. Chris Sununu signed an anti-FGM bill into law this summer.  Do not be fooled. Female genital mutilation is not a nick or a pinprick. Just ask those that must live with its devastating consequences every day.


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