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Somali Military Says It Killed 30 Al-Shabaab Fighters In Hiiraan Region

17 April – Source: Halbeeg News – 327 Words

At least 30 Al-Shabaab fighters has been killed in Hiiraan region after the group engaged in deadly fighting with Somali forces, Military official confirmed. Somali National Army (SNA) soldiers backed by AMISOM troops have been carrying operations to secure the region since February when Somali President declared new offensives against the group.

Speaking to state owned media, SNA spokesperson in Hiiraan region, Mr. Mohamed Noor Agajof, said Somali forces seized military equipment from Al-Shabaab following fierce fighting with the group. “We killed about thirty Al-Shabaab fighters, our forces captured areas from Al-Shabaab, the fighting occurred in areas along the road linking Mataban, Mahas and Beledweyne towns, ” said Agajof.

Somali government with help of troops contributed by six countries has been trying flush out Al-Shabaab fighters from Somalia for the last decade. Despite the security challenges, the government took control over many towns in South and central Somalia from Al-Shabaab. According to UN Security Council Resolution, AMISOM troops drawn from Uganda, Burundi, Kenya, Djibouti and Ethiopia are expected to withdraw from Somalia at the end of 2020.

Last week the Mission vowed to rump up the operations against Al-Shabaab, capacity building of Somali forces as actualize by the AMISOM transitioning plan. After conclusion of a weeklong evaluation meeting in Mogadishu, the Mission stressed the need to step up offensives to flush out Al-Shabaab as the Mission cut down its troops 1000 further in October this year. The first batch of AMISOM left country in December 2017 in line with UN Security Council Resolution.

AMISOM called for multipliers and enablers to enable its forces to their agenda of complete pacification of Somalia. “If the transition plan is to be realistic, without losing our hard -earned gains, AMISOM needs to be urgently supported with force multipliers, like attack and retreat helicopters, to conduct pre-emptive operations against Al-Shabaab,” said AMISOM force commander, Jim Beesigye. African Union sent its troops to Somalia in 2007 to support Somalia in peace and stability restoration.

Key Headlines

  • Somali Military Says It Killed 30 Al-Shabaab Fighters In Hiiraan Region (Halbeeg News)
  • Somali Military Dismiss Looting At UAE-Vacated Military Camp In Mogadishu (Jowhar.com)
  • Former President Calls For Mediation Between Somalia And The UAE Rift (Shabelle News)
  • AMISOM Campaigns Against Roadside Bombs In Somalia (Daily Monitor)
  • Turkey Teaches Somalis Valuable Skills Through Tangible Projects (Daily Sabah)


Somali Military Dismiss Looting At UAE-Vacated Military Camp In Mogadishu

16 April – Source: Jowhar.com – 149 Words

The Somali military command has strongly dismissed local media reports that, looting has taken place at the General Gorod military training camp in Mogadishu, shortly after the United Arab Emirates military trainers had left the camp.

Senior Somali military commander General Sheikh Ali Haidar termed the reports made by some of Mogadishu’s local radio stations as baseless. “No clashes or looting took place inside the camp. Senior Somali military commanders visited the camp today, and everything at the camp seems alright. Both the military trainers and Somali military officers are still stationed at the camp,” he said.

The defence ministry recently declared it will take over paying and training the soldiers in the UAE-programme. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) ended its military training programme in Mogadishu in response to the seizure of millions of dollars, and the temporary holding of a UAE plane by Somali security forces last week.

Former President Calls For Mediation Between Somalia And The UAE Rift

17 April – Source: Shabelle News – 170 Words

Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, former President of Somalia has called for a mediation to bring an end to the soaring tension between the country and the United Arab Emirates. Speaking in an interview with Al Arabiya, the Saudi-owned Television, Ahmed urged the two countries to seek a solution for their differences and mend strained ties through talks.

The former leader said Somalia and the UAE share a strong economic, political and cultural bond that dates back several centuries linking the citizens of both countries. Sheikh Sharif’s remarks came as Somali government said that it has opened talks with United Arab Emirates leaders to resolve a diplomatic spat.

The UAE said on Sunday that it would halt a training program for Somali military forces in protest over the seizure of $9.6 million from an Emirati civil aircraft at Mogadishu’s Airport on April 8. Relations between Somalia and the UAE worsened since the Federal government took a neutral position on a dispute between the Gulf countries which began June 5, 2017.


AMISOM Campaigns Against Roadside Bombs In Somalia

17 April – Source: Daily Monitor – 216 Words

The African Union in Somalia is calling for concerted efforts to end use of roadside bombs by Al Shabaab insurgents who use the mines to target peacekeepers. Ambassador Francisco Madeira, the Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission (SRCC) for Somalia said in a Mondaystatement that the Improvised Explosive Devices [IEDs] are a major threat to Somalia’s stabilisation process. “The best way to defeat IEDs is to have our politics right. If the politics is not right, no matter how much technology we put on the ground, we may not succeed. And to have politics right, will require everyone to play his or her role,” Ambassador Madeira said.

He urged the military, the police and the federal government of Somalia to cooperate, in order to effectively counter the indiscriminate use of the IEDs. Ambassador Madeira was speaking during the opening of the fourth Bi-annual Counter IED Conference in Mogadishu on Monday.

The conference convened by AMISOM and supported by Britain, seeks viable ways of building the capacity of AMISOM and Somalia’s national security forces, to effectively counter the Al-Shabaab’s weapon of choice. Col Richard Maundrell, the Commander of the British Forces in Somalia, said increased collaboration between stakeholders and security agencies in the country will rid the country of the IED menace.


“The Turkish Red Crescent is estimated to have spent nearly $40 million on Somalis since 2011. It has also provided more than 80,000 tons of humanitarian aid in this respect. Somalia was one of the four regions singled out by the U.N. in 2017 in a $4.4 billion aid appeal to avert catastrophic hunger and famine.”

Turkey Teaches Somalis Valuable Skills Through Tangible Projects

16 April – Source: Daily Sabah – 531 Words

For the past seven years the Turkish state has been mobilizing all governmental and nongovernmental organizations to lend a helping hand to Somalia, a country that has been reeling under the weight of a decades-long civil war, drought and poverty. Basic humanitarian needs, camps for internally displaced people, food and such efforts have been delivered.

While doing so, Turkey has distinguished itself by offering Somalia sustainable and tangible projects on the ground, staying true to the ancient proverb: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Starting off with then Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s historic visit to Somalia in 2011 during a time when the country was considered one with the highest risk of famine, Turkey’s development projects have steadily continued. In a short time, the Turkish government has initiated plans for structures like hospitals, housing projects, schools, water wells and military training facilities.

The agriculture school project in the capital city of Mogadishu, for example, was also unprecedented. Unable to feed its own people through agriculture and farming, Somalia is left vulnerable from even the slightest drought. The agriculture school project, though, is working to teach young students how to plant and harvest on their own.

Jointly realized by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) and the Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) in late 2012, the project was only one course at first. In 2014, however, the popular program was turned into the Anatolian Agricultural School. Today, Somali students gather practical agricultural experience on a vast 2,000-square-kilometer section of land.

During the training period, students are equipped with practical agricultural training on issues such as seeding, irrigation, hoeing, spraying, harvesting and reseeding. Around 500 students have graduated so far. Furthermore, a master’s degree opportunity in Turkey is offered to Somali students through the program.The TİKA also makes sure that Turkish agricultural experts monitor the training program and plants regularly so the project continues to be successful. The development agency has so far delivered tractors, prime movers, pulverizers, silage machines, plows, seeders and anchors to the Anatolian Agriculture School.


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