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Somalia Holds Talks With The Government Of UAE On Diplomatic Tensions

16 April – Source: Halbeeg News – 348 Words

Officials of Somali Federal Government have held discussion with United Arab Emirates  (UAE), on the recent diplomatic raw, just a week after Somali government confiscated three unmarked bags of money at Mogadishu Airport. In statement, Somali Ministry for Foreign Affairs said, the government has sought to clarify and resolve the misunderstanding between the two countries.

“The Federal Government of Somalia has sought to clarify the facts surrounding the developments in order to remove any room of misunderstanding, between the two the government and peoples. This effort continues,” reads the statement. The statement said, the government of UAE explained the purpose of the cash which was deposited at Central Bank in pending an investigation. “As part of these efforts and after lengthy celebrations between the two governments on the recent incident involving funds that were intercepted at Adan Adde International Airport on 8th April 2018, the UAE has explained the purpose and the utilization of the said funds and the federal government will work together with UAE on their utilization,” reads the statement in part.

The Ministry said, the two countries share a strong economic, political and culture that dates back centuries. It noted that the government leaders had been committed to strengthening of its bilateral relationship with traditional and valued partner. “Somalia is making great progress to implement critical political and economic reforms to rebuild its institutions of government and financial system to deliver security services and rule of law to the people of Somalia. Somalia hopes UAE can be a contributing partner,” explains the statement.

In an interview with VOA Somali, Ahmed Issa Awad, Minister of Foreign Affairs confirmed the talks between the two countries, saying the leaders of the countries met over the issue. Minister Awad ruled out existence of third party as a mediator to spearhead the talks. “There are ongoing talks between governments of Somali and the UAE, the top leaders of Somalia and UAE are engaging in the talks, there is no exact appointment but, there is existence of deliberations between the leaders of the two countries that took place,” said the minister.

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  • Somalia Holds Talks With The Government Of UAE On Diplomatic Tensions (Halbeeg News)
  • Somali Forces Carry Out Massive Security Operation In Mogadishu (Shabelle News)
  • Police Officer University Lecturer Shot Dead In Mogadishu (Jowhar.com)
  • Somalia Changes Position On Millions Of Cash From UAE (Daily Nation)
  • Turkey Offers Somalia A chance At World Stage In Ex-FETÖ Schools (Daily Sabah)


Somali Forces Carry Out Massive Security Operation In Mogadishu

16 April – Source: Shabelle News – 103 Words

Somali government forces have conducted a massive security operation in Mogadishu, on Sunday night amid a rise in killings and attacks. The security sweep targeted Yaqshid, Deynile, Howl-wadag and Heliwa districts in the capital, during the night and arrested dozens of people linked to Al-Shabaab militants.

Police and Intelligence officers did not specify the number of the people detained in the overnight operation however, the local residents confirmed the troops seized young men. The security operation came hours after Somali PM Hassan Ali Khaire, held a meeting with security chiefs in Mogadishu and urged them to tighten the city’s security and protect people.

Police Officer, University Lecturer Shot Dead In Mogadishu

15 April – Source: Jowhar.com – 144 Words

Gunmen on Sunday night carried out two separate assassinations in Mogadishu’s Dayniile and Yaaqshiid districts, killing a police officer and a university lecturer. In the first incident in Yaaqshiid, gunmen armed with pistols shot dead a police officer attached to the Banadir Criminal Investigation Department. The victim was identified as Hassan Dheere. The assailants managed to escape from the scene before security forces arrived to conduct a search investigation. However, no arrests were made.

The second incident took place in Oodwayne neighbourhood in Dayniile district where gunmen shot dead a university lecturer. The victim who was identified as Ismail Addow,  was one of the lecturers at the Sharia Faculty of the Somalia University in the capital. It is not yet clear why he was murdered, but his killing becomes part of the series of assassinations taking place in the capital in recent years.


Somalia Changes Position On Millions Of Cash From UAE

16 April – Source: Daily Nation – 304 Words

The Somali government has said it will utilise millions of dollars from United Arab Emirates seized last week at the Aden Adde International Airport for their intended purpose. The country’s Foreign Affairs ministry acknowledged that there was a misunderstanding earlier between the two countries concerning UAE’s intention of transporting $9.6 million to the country, but it has since been clarified that the money was for military assistance. “The UAE has explained the purpose of the said funds and the government will work together with the UAE on their utilisation. To this end, the FGS (Federal Government of Somalia) welcomes the international community’s support to Somalia’s security,” the ministry said in a statement to newsrooms on Monday.

The statement came hours after UAE announced its decision to halt its military training programme in Somalia which has been running since 2014 as part of international efforts to build capacity of the Somalia army. Besides training, the Gulf nation said it has also been paying salaries for 2,407 Somali soldiers and building infrastructure such as training centres and hospitals in the war-torn country. “The UAE has expressed its denunciation of the seizure incident which flies in the face of diplomatic traditions and ties between world countries and contravenes the agreements signed by both countries,” read part of the statement.


“Scholarship opportunities by the Turkish government is also a chance to make a comfortable living in the country. The Turkish foundation asserts that the idea is to sow the seeds of loyalty in the minds of Somali students to their homeland and help the country move forward with qualified fellow citizens.”

Turkey Offers Somalia A chance At World Stage In Ex-FETÖ Schools

16 April – Source: Daily Sabah – 634 Words

The bloody coup attempt on July 15, 2016 by the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) killed more than 250 people and injured over 2,000. Less than a day after the ferocious attempt to overthrow the democratically elected government in Turkey, the Somali administration said: Enough is enough. The door was shown to Gülenists as their schools were shut down, effective immediately.

As the Somali government made a brave decision to get rid of all the terrorist group-linked members in the country, Turkey’s Maarif Foundation (TMV) has taken charge. Today, hundreds of Somali children and teenagers are in pursuit of a chance at world universities thanks to the education offered at TMV schools. TMV authorities in Mogadishu, Somalia believe that the brotherly ties, Turkish investments and humanitarian projects in the country since 2011 triggered the very swift response to the FETÖ issue.

The Turkish foundation provides education to around 600 students in two separate buildings. The classes are neat, high-technology materials are at the disposal of children and teachers from Turkey place the utmost significance on the quality of the job they are performing. Somali children are taught four languages in the schools, namely Arabic, Somali, English and Turkish. The administration said the students can speak all four at a very advanced stage at the end of the school. Furthermore, the Somali students receive the same courses as their peers around the world without any hindrance or deficiency.

According to the TMV authorities, the main goal here is to prepare them for international universities. Turkey, indeed, is among the top destinations for Somali students for a dream-like university life. In fact, scores of Somalis move to Turkey to receive university or master’s degree education. Scholarship opportunities by the Turkish government is also a chance to make a comfortable living in the country. The Turkish foundation asserts that the idea is to sow the seeds of loyalty in the minds of Somali students to their homeland and help the country move forward with qualified fellow citizens. “The development of Somalia requires such things,” the authorities said.

Apart from the usual education at TMV schools in Somalia, the foundation is gearing up for vocational schools. Such schools will train students for specific areas of work. While the Turkish foundation continues to deliver sustainable and high quality education to Somali students, the FETÖ-era in the country was different. The TMV authorities said that FETÖ picked out targets among the students to shape the domestic politics in the country. As one of the most well-known strategies of the terrorist group, FETÖ provides education to the children of the elite and political class to meddle in internal affairs of that respective country. While doing that, FETÖ used to portray its educational activities abroad in Turkey as reaching out to the poor and providing them education.


@DalsanFM: BREAKING: Puntland regional  President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas apologizes to UAE following Saturdaystandoff at Bossaso airport. He requests UAE to continue training and supporting Puntland Maritime Police Forces (PMPF).

@SomalNews#BREAKING: Puntland regional leader Abdiweli Mohamed Ali says he has requested from #UAE to continue supporting Puntland Maritime Police Forces, apologises for “any mistakes that happens”. “There is no better replacement to UAE support,” Ali told  police camp in Bosaso #Somalia

@MoPIED_Somalia: The two-day workshop will be participated by all FMS plus BRA reps & Federal line Ministries. The aim is to understand how this Bill works and to further elaborate on the current consultation process and implementation, and to have one national NGO law for both Federal and State.

@Goobjoognews: SOMALIA SAYS will work with UAE as Gulf nation halts military support –

@GeedBeer#Team #Hargeisa #SomalilandNationalTreeDayOur volunteers in Hargeisa have started planting trees alongside the road next Ministry of Foreign Affairs.#LetsMakeSomalilandGreen

@MoPIED_Somalia: @MoPIED_Somalia is conducting the implementation workshop of the National NGO Bill for #Somalia. all Federal Member States and Benadir Regional Administration are attending. DRSG @UNdeClercq and @JustinTBrady of@OCHASom are all present in this event

@TheVillaSomalia:President @M_Farmaajo jets back into the country this morning from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where he has attended the 29th Arab League Summit in Dhahran.

@RAbdiCG: Personally upset by this ruling which is a blot on Somaliland – a state whose peace and progress is a source of pride for all Somalis in the Horn.

Adam‏ @adancabdulle: After exploiting a routine transaction to score political point against domestic opponents,@TheVillaSomalia has now written what reads like a regret letter to salvage relationship with the UAE. Underscores the mindless, directionless & pointless foreign.

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Image of the dayPresident, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo jets back to the country after attending the Arab League summit in Saudi Arabia.

Photo: @TheVillaSomalia


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