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Somali Chief Justice Suspends 18 Judges

05 September – Source: – 114 Words

Somalia’s Chief Justice, Ibrahim Iidle Saleeban has suspended 18 judges in Mogadishu from the judiciary. The suspension circular issued on Tuesday by the office of Supreme Court has detailed the 18 judges that have been suspended. Six judges appointed by the former President are among the suspended judges. Other notable figures are: the Banadir Regional Court Chief, Abdiaziz and Hamar Jajab District Courts Chairman, and three other judges from the Banadir Regional Court.

Three judges from the Regional Appeals Court are also among those suspended.  The decision also saw the suspension of Chairpersons of the Courts of the following districts: Shangani, Yaqshiid, Dharkinley, Hamarweyne, Dayniile and also four judges operating in Hamar Jajab, Dayniile, Yaqshiid and Dharkinley district courts. Although, the motive behind the suspensions is not yet clear, but it may be the beginning of the much awaited reform of the country’s judicial system that has borne the brunt of public criticism for being too corrupt.

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  • Somali Chief Justice Suspends 18 Judges (
  • Despite Outrage Somalia’s Elders And MPs Back Handover of ONLF Rebel Official To Ethiopia (Horn Observer)
  • Former President Sheikh Sharif Arrives In Mogadishu (
  • Strike Balance Between AMISOM Phase Out And Somalia Force Capacity – Simon Mulongo (Soft Power)
  • South African Government Refute Mass Killing Of Somali Nationals (Xinhuanet)
  • Hanging By A Thread: How Jama’s Family Is Surviving The Drought (Adeso)


Despite Outrage, Somalia’s Elders And MPs Back Handover of ONLF Rebel Official To Ethiopia

04 September – Source: Horn Observer – 394 Words

Somali elders and lawmakers defended the Somali government’s decision to handover the ONLF rebel commander to Ethiopia. Members of the Somali elders and the lawmakers argue that the Somali government has the right to extradite any rebel member fighting against neighboring countries under the country’s national interests. “The government has done so many things good in a such short time, secured the capital, lessened the explosions.” Mohamed Hassan Haad, a renowned traditional leader said. “It’s not right to undermine the government’s achievements by spreading lies in social media.” “I think that the anti-peace people are behind this propaganda against the government” Mr. Haad said.

Lawmaker Dahir Amin Jesow believes that Ethiopia has the right to hunt members of any armed groups if they try to sneak into Somalia, but only through the assistance of Somali government. “I want to be clear. ONLF is not fighting for the interest of Somalia and we are not ONLF.” Lawmaker Dahir Amin Jesow said. He continued “if they are fighting against Ethiopia then let Ethiopia look for those people, we, as a recovering nation, can not back any individual trying to destabilize our neighbors.” he added. Somalia government handed over Abdihakim Sheikh Muse a.k.a Qalbi-dhagah, a member of ONLF executive committee member to Ethiopia, which the Ethiopian government confirmed.

Other lawmakers argue that the handing over of the Qalbi-dhagax to Ethiopia was a breach of the Federal constitution.  “This was a tragic incident against our constitution. The government has violated the laws of this land”, lawmaker Mohamed Abukaate told reporters referring the transfer of Sheikh Muse to Ethiopian hands. “Handing over a fellow Somali to an enemy known to harm and torture of its opponents is unacceptable and we must act on that”, the lawmaker added calling a parliamentary action on the matter.

The transfer of Sheikh Muse drew public outrage as most of politicians and members of the public described the act a breach of the Provisional Constitution. Ethiopian government considers ONLF as terror group. Ethiopian Diplomat, Gen. Gabre who is Senior Political Advisor to IGAD took to the social media this week praising the Somali National Intelligence Agency (NISA) while accusing the Somali President and Prime Minister for aiding terrorists, an act that many analysts said the handover of the ONLF rebel commander to Ethiopia was a pre-planned act to disrupt Somalia government politically.

Former President Sheikh Sharif Arrives In Mogadishu

05 September – Source: – 134 Words

The former president of Somalia Sheikh Sharif Ahmed  arrived in Mogadishu this morning from Nairobi. Sheikh Sharif received a warm welcomed at the airport and was escorted by security guards to ensure his safety. This is the third time that the former president has visited Mogadishu after the elections in February of this year. It is stated that he plans to make Mogadishu his permanent home this time around.
Sources close to the former president said that Sheekh Sharif will hold a press conference and meet with political members and various other groups to discuss about the current situation of the country. His arrival has coincided with political turmoil that is currently engulfing President Farmaajo’s government in regards to the incident in Bariire town and the hand over of ONLF member Abdikariin Muse Qalbi-dhagax to the Ethiopian government.


Strike Balance Between AMISOM Phase Out And Somalia Force Capacity – Simon Mulongo

05 September – Source: Soft Power – 406 Words

The newly appointed Deputy Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission for Somalia (D/SRCC), Hon. Simon Mulongo has toured sector one headquarters of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) as part of his familiarization tour as he takes on the mantle of overseeing AMISOM operations in Somalia. He was welcomed to the sector by the Uganda Contingent Commander Brig Muhanga Kayanja who briefed him on several issues, congratulated him upon his appointment and wished him good luck in his new role.

Brig Muhanga said that Somalia still has a lot of problems that need to be addressed, among them; persistent clan rivalry, land disputes and other economic conflicts especially at Marka port. “These conflicts have made the situation more volatile as Al-Shabaab has for many times exploited them to launch attacks on AMISOM forces” he said.

Brig Muhanga also informed the new D/SRCC that issues like lack of air capability, expanded area of operation visa vis inadequate number of personnel, and poor conditions of Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs) continue to hamper AMISOM operations. He also cited shortfalls in communication, poor road network, threat of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and inadequate defense stores to fortify own defensive positions among others. Nevertheless, Brig Muhanga stated that the AMISOM has registered successes, among others, creating an enabling environment for the recent Somali general elections, capturing Mogadishu and key towns of Marka, Afogoye, Barawe from Al-Shabaab, as well as the relocation of all partners including UN agencies from Nairobi to Mogadishu where they hitherto operated from.

South African Government Refute Mass Killing Of Somali Nationals

04 September – Source: Xinhuanet – 319 Words

The South African government on Monday refuted claims that foreign nationals in South Africa, and in particular Somalis, are being killed every second day in Cape Town. “The discourse of Somali isolation to crime is incorrect,” said Jeff Radebe, Minister in the Presidency and Chairperson of Inter-Governmental Committee on Migration (IGCM). He was responding to claims by the Somali Community Board of South Africa (SCBSA) that Somali refugees have become the target of crimes as a result of xenophobia. Crime affects everyone irrespective of nationality or race, said Radabe.

This type of isolation may foster strong identification within a community and lead to relatively conflictual relations with other groups, he said. The SCBSA claims that dozens of Somalis have been murdered in South Africa since the beginning of this year, with most of the murders taking place in Khayelitsha, an impoverished area in Cape Town.

Referring to reports that Somalis are arming themselves in an attempt to protect themselves and their properties, Radebe said firearm owners in South Africa have to be legally licensed and follow the protocols as required by law to obtain a firearm. South Africa is a country that is governed by the application of the rule of law which applies to all people equally, said Radabe. “Government calls on Somalis and their respective structures in the country to work with South Africa’s established law enforcement agencies to fight crime instead of addressing it through their networks,” he said.


“We faced one of the hardest situations ever in our life. My family would go hungry and I couldn’t do much to feed them.  At the same time I wasn’t able to find an alternative source of income, pastoralism is all I know. I took debt again and again in order to survive and I ended up with a pile of debt”

Hanging By A Thread: How Jama’s Family Is Surviving The Drought

05 September – Source: Adeso – 440 Words

Meet Jama Hussein Mohamed, a thirty-five years old father of eight who lives with his family in the coastal village of Durduri, in the Sanaag region of Somalia.  Before their livelihood in pastoralism was disturbed by the current drought, Jama’s family lived off their livestock which sustained and provided them with an income. As a devastating drought bites, depleted pasture, high levels of water shortages and massive loss of livestock result in pervasive food insecurity and malnutrition of which millions are victims in Somalia. Jama’s family was no exception. The loss of almost their entire herd of goats, sheep, and camels was the beginning of their struggle to eat and live one day at a time. “Our animals started dying gradually then rapidly in big numbers. We had 400 sheep and goats and 25 camels, today I have only 20 livestock and 3 camels. Without the income and nutrition that our livestock provided we were at risk of starvation. My main concern became getting through the drought without losing a member of my family”

The remaining of Jama’s livestock are in a bad body condition and can only be sold at a very low price. All this comes against the backdrop of market inflation, rising food and water prices and reduced household purchasing power. Leaving their lives and the lives of many others who share their reality in the balance.“We faced one of the hardest situations ever in our life. My family would go hungry and I couldn’t do much to feed them.  At the same time I wasn’t able to find an alternative source of income, pastoralism is all I know. I took debt again and again in order survive and I ended up with a pile of debt” Jama said explaining his family’s predicament and the coping strategies they have exhausted before becoming a beneficiary of Adeso’s Somalia Emergency Response Project (SERP).

In April 2017 Jama started receiving unconditional cash transfer through SERP with the support of the Somalia Humanitarian Fund (SHF). Jama’s family received $150 for three months. “The money we got revived my hope of making it through the drought. I was in constant fear of losing one of my children. I am grateful that we got a second chance at life. ” said Jama. Jama uses the cash to purchase food for his family and the rest he pays his debt with. As one of the lucky ones who are at least left with some animals. If his family survives this drought, he hopes that with the little livestock he has left he might be able to resume his traditional way of life.


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