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Al-Shabaab Fighters Seen Near Erigavo After Raid On Puntland Military Camp

30 June – Source : RBC Radio – 166 Words

About 80 Al-Shabaab fighters have moved out of Galgala mountains in Puntland following deadly raid on military base in Af Urur on June 8, locals who sought anonymity reported. The heavily armed militant were seen between Hadaftimo and Erigavo, a town in Somaliland’s Sanaag region. “Around 80 men armed with machine guns passed near Hadaftimo on trucks and pickups.” said one woman in the region.

The moving fighters are alleged to be those who carried the attack on Af Urur military base in Puntland on June 8, killing more than 50 soldiers and civilians. The locals said the militants moved toward Somaliland controlled area in Sanaag. There were no comments from Somaliland authorities in the region as to wether any operation against the terror militia reported.

This comes as senior security and intelligence officials in Puntland hinted that Al-Shabaab fighters were enjoying free movement within Somaliland regions. Last week Puntland President Abdiweli Gaas alleged the neighboring administration in Hargeisa to have supported Al-Shabaab activities in Puntland.

Key Headlines

  • Al-Shabaab Fighters Seen Near Erigavo After Raid On Puntland Military Camp (RBC Radio)
  • Southwest State Sends Reinforcement To Abal (Jowhar.com)
  • Somaliland Denies Puntland’s Allegations On Terrorism (Goobjoog News )
  • Inmates Released From Mogadishu Central Prison (Jowhar.com)
  • Diaspora Returnees And Locals Resolve To Work Together In Rebuilding Somalia (AMISOM)
  • Somalia Security Forces Kill 6 Militants Southern Region (Xinhuanet)
  • A Mother’s Tough Decision In Somalia (Care Blogs)


Southwest State Sends Reinforcement To Abal

30 June – Source : Jowhar.com –126  Words

Reports from Southwest State indicates that the administration has sent reinforcement to help former Al-Shabaab leader, Muktar Robow to fight militants who have besieged his hometown of Abal near Hudur. Al-Shabaab also sent hundreds fighters to the rural parts in the area aiming to arrest or kill the former Al-Shabaab leader. The United States has recently dropped a cash reward for information leading to his arrest.

The soldiers from Southwest State have arrived in the district of Baano which is 8 kilometers to the area where the former Al-Shabaab leader and their aim is to support the militia led by Muktar Robow. The leader for Southwest State, Shariff Hassan is said to have convinced the former Al-Shabaab leader to open talks with the Somali Federal Government.

Somaliland Denies Puntland’s Allegations On Terrorism

29 June – Source: Goobjoog News – 81 Words

Somaliland Minister of Information, Abdullahi Osman Sahardid Adani refuted the allegation of supporting Alshabab fighters. The allegation was made by  Puntland President who indirectly referred Somaliland as a sponsor of terrorist groups. He mentioned how Somaliland is thoroughly engaged to maintain peace in the region and have no relationship of any kind with groups affiliated with terrorism. The Minister said  it is a common secret where the source of terrorists is and called the accusation from Puntland as a mere allegation.

Inmates Released From Mogadishu Central Prison

30 June – Source: Jowhar.com – 100 Words

Reports from Mogadishu indicates that 71 prisoners who are among those pardoned by President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo this week have officially been released from the Mogadishu Central Prison. The Commander of the Somali Custodial Corps, Husein Hassan Osman who spoke to the press has said those released are petty offenders who were been held in the central prison.  Each of the released prisoners was given $20 for their transport. The list of names of petty offender was prepared by a committee tasked by the President to do so. Previously 13 inmates were released from the Mogadishu Central Prison.


Diaspora Returnees And Locals Resolve To Work Together In Rebuilding Somalia

30 June- Source : AMISOM – 666 Words

A symposium bringing together Somali diaspora returnees and homeland communities ended yesterday with a call for regular dialogue to strengthen relations with between the two groups. Participants at the two-day meeting said it was important for diaspora returnees and locals to dialogue regularly to understand each other and iron out the false perceptions that exist among them. The symposium also agreed to embark on awareness campaigns to highlight the importance of peaceful coexistence and the need for stronger partnerships in rebuilding the country after decades of conflict.

The recommendations were read by Naima Aden Elmi, the Chairperson of Save Somali Youth Organization (SASOYO), at the end of the symposium which was attended by government officials, members of the civil society, businesspersons, women and youth among others. “We have agreed to set up committees in our subsequent sessions. Both sides will be represented in these committees which will be tasked with taking forward the process so that we deepen collaboration and we arrive at a common objective,” Ms. Naima stated at the end of the symposium organized by the Department of Diaspora in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and SASOYO with support from the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).Ms. Naima added; “the outcome of the workshop exceeded our expectations and we intend to hold more discussions as requested by the delegates so that we accomplish the tasks ahead. This will be an ongoing programme.”

Muna Hassan Mohamed, a local participant, hailed the workshop, saying it provided both groups the opportunity to engage and resolve their differences.“It was an important workshop in that it brought together diaspora returnees and the locals. The engagements were amicable as the diaspora returnees and their local counterparts held discussions so as to get to understand each other,” Ms. Muna stated.

Somalia Security Forces Kill 6 Militants Southern Region

29 June – Source : Xinhuanet – 156 Words

Somali security forces on Thursday killed at least six Al-Shabaab militants and injured others in fierce fighting in Middle Shabelle of southern region. Somali National Army Commander, Abdulahi Ali Anod said the insurgents ambushed the SNA soldiers when they launched attack at their base in Ali-foldhere location near Mahaday town, sparking gunfight that led to the death of the militants. “Al-Shabaab militants attacked SNA base in Ali-Foldhere location then fighting broke out but we killed six Al-Shabaab fighters who fled with the dead bodies and injured several others,” Anod said.

The commander said that they lost one SNA soldier during the fighting this morning, saying the operation will continue. The military development comes as Somali National Army began operation against the militants in Middle Shabelle region this week. There was no comment from the Al-Qaida allied militant group which has increased assault against Somalia government and African Union mission bases in the Horn of Africa nation.


“Once at the hospital, Fawsiyo comforts her sick baby, relieved that Mowlid will get treatment, but worried about her other children back home without her,”

A Mother’s Tough Decision In Somalia

29 June – Source : Care Blogs – 305 Words

Fawsiyo sits on a bed in the hospital rocking and soothing her crying six-month-old son Mowlid. About 10 days ago, Mowlid started vomiting and having diarrhoea and it continued for days. Fawsiyo’s husband had traveled into the city looking for work, so she was caring for their five children alone. Now, Mowlid was extremely ill. She knew she needed to get him to the hospital, but she couldn’t leave the other four young children with no one to care for them. She didn’t know what to do, but wait and hope Mowlid didn’t die before her husband got home.

For two days, Fawsiyo waited in agony for her husband to return before she was able to get Mowlid to the hospital. Luckily, she arrived in time for Mowlid’s life to be spared. Many children are not so lucky.“This is a very common problem. After the drought has killed all of their livestock, many of the men are leaving their wives and children at home to come into the cities to find work,” said Hamdi, from CARE’s team in Somalia. “Many mothers who are alone with no one to help them with their young children, will find themselves in a position where they have to compromise the life of one child to save the others.”

In the camps where people are fleeing hunger to, CARE has treated over 11,000 severely malnourished children, and is caring for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and their babies. Children are weighed and their arm circumferences measured to determine their nutrition level. Children like Fawsiyo, who are severely malnourished and have a medical complication, are then referred to the nearby hospital more advanced emergency treatment.


@IOM_Somalia: @IOM_Somalia reached 1,246 persons in Dhobley w/awareness raising activities on gender based violence between Jan & May 2017 #EndGBV

@HarunMaruf: Stand off between Al-Shabab fighters and Abu Mansour loyalists continues in Abal area of Bakool region, Somali regional forces 8kms away.

@TC_Mogadishu: 13.000 tons food is ready for distribution in the seaport hangar. @TheVillaSomalia @SomaliPM @DrMaryanQasim @TurkKizilayi

@MofaSomalia: PM Hassan Khaire receives #Norwegian FM Børge Brende and discussed with him the strengthening of bilateral relations & cooperation.

@engyarisow: #Somalia hosts symposium for diaspora returnees and local communities https://vimeo.com/223495406

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Image of the dayPresident Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo hosted Norwegian delegation led by Foreign Minister Borge Brebde at Villa Somalia in Mogadishu.

Photo: @TheVillaSomalia


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