20 Jun 2011 – Morning headlines

Key Headlines:

  • Somali prime minister resigned due to “pressure from international community”
  • Protest-angered Somali President reaches to the elite population
  • Ahlu Sunna have plans to chase al Shabaab from the whole of Somalia
  • Pro-PM demos held in Nairobi
  • Al Shabaab sentences death to 2 teenagers accused for spying the TFG
  • Lawmakers resume parliament session despite speaker’s absence
  • Obama urged to support democratic change in Somalia
  • Political expediency may forfeit reform in Somalia

Titres Principaux:

  • Le premier ministre Somalien a demissioné à cause de la ‘pression venant de la communauté internationale
  • Le président Somalien frustré par les manifestations s’adresse à l’élite Somalienne
  • Des manifestations pro-premier ministre à Nairobi
  • Ahlu Sunna planifient de chasser al Shabaab de Somalie
  • Al Shabaab condamnent deux adolescent à mort accusés d’espionner pour le GFT
  • Des membres du parlement poursuivent les sessions parlementaires malgré l’absence de leur porte-parole
  • Obama supplié d’encourager le changement démocratique en Somalie
  • La convenance politique pourrait fausser la réforme en Somalie


Somali prime minister resigned due to “pressure from international community”

19 Jun – Source: Radio Voice Mudug – 83 words

The TFG’s Prime Minister Muhammad Abdullahi Farmajo has resigned due to pressure from the international community, neighbouring countries and the UN in order to end prolonged political deadlock between President Shaykh Sharif and parliament speaker Sharif Hasan Sheikh Aden.

Somali prime minister steps down from his position

19 Jun – Source: Radio Shabelle – 109 words

Speaking at press conference held in Mogadishu, the premier noted that he is leaving the office in respect the interests of the people and the nation. The announcement of his resignation came hours after relentless pressure from Somali leaders, Ugandan president and UN’s special envoy to Somalia.

Somali government troops seize weapons destined for al Shabaab

18 Jun – Source: Radio Mogadishu – 96 words

The TFG forces stationed at Ex-control Afgoi have seized weapons heading to al Shabaab at Eelasha Biyaha locality in Lower Shabelle Region. Deputy Army Commander at the ex-control checkpoint, Hassan Abukar Muhammad, told the media that his forces have seized public vehicles packed with small arms and ammunition belonging to al Shabaab.

Somali Prime Minister resigns

19 Jun – Source: Radio Mogadishu – 66 words

Somalia’s Prime Minister Muhammad Abdullahi Farmajo has resigned, government-owned Radio Mogadishu reported on 19 June 2011. In a press conference held at the Presidential Palace, the prime minister announced his resignation and his deputy, Abdiweli Muhammad Ali was appointed as acting prime minister.

Malawi frees 200 asylum seekers from Somalia, Ethiopia

19 Jun – Source: Mareeg Online – 333 words

A court in northern Malawi has freed 200 Somalis and Ethiopians, jailed for four months after they pleaded guilty for illegal entry into the country seeking refugee or asylum status, according to a court ruling. “It was not easy to establish whether they were refugees or not,” high court judge Dingiswayo Madise, said in his ruling in Mzuzu.


Protest-angered Somali President reaches to the elite population

18 Jun – Source: Hiiraan Online – 326 words

Somalia’s president Sharif on Friday criticised Mogadishu’s recent pro-Farmajo protesters who took to the streets in a way to express their anger and frustrations against the controversial Kampala Accord. Addressing a function attended by Somali professionals at government headquarters in the capital, the president asked them to avoid organising and taking part in unnecessary demonstrations.

http://www.hiiraan.com/news2/2011/Jun/protest_angered_somali_president_reaches_to_the_elite _population.aspx

Ahlu Sunna fighters claim victory over al Shabaab fighting

18 Jun – Source: Radio Risala – 60 words

The Spokesman of Ahlu Sunna Sheikh Abdullahi Abdurrahman Qadi claimed victory after two days of fighting in central region. Sheikh Qadi said that his fighters were closely approaching Beledweyne town,which is under control of al Shabaab, adding that ASWJ killed 35 insurgents in the last combats.

Pro-PM demos held in Nairobi

17 Jun – Source: Bariga Afrika – 141 words

Huge demonstrations against the resignation of Somali Prime Minister Mohammed Abdullahi Mohammed Farmajo have been staged in Nairobi on Friday. Hundreds of people marched in the streets of Eastleigh waving flags of Somalia, photos of the premier and chanting slogans supporting the prime minister.


Rally in support of killing of al Qaeda operative held in central Somalia

18 Jun – Source: Radio Shabelle – 170 words

A rally in support of the killing of al Qaeda leader in East Africa, Fazul Abdullahi, who was shot dead in Mogadishu, was held in Dhuusa Mareeb, the provincial capital of Galgudud Region, central Somalia. The celebration was organized Ahlu Sunna Wal Jama’a administration. It is the first rally in support of Abdullah’s killing to be held in the country.

Fighting between Somali government forces claims three in Mogadishu

18 Jun – Source: Radio Kulmiye – 55 words

Government forces have clashed in Mogadishu’s Waberi District resulting in deaths and injuries. Three people, two fighters and a civilian, were killed last night after government forces clashed near a bridge in Waberi District. The reason for the disagreement remains unclear.

Ahlu Sunna have plans to chase al Shabaab from the whole of Somalia

17 Jun – Source: Mareeg Online – 93 words

Sheikh Abdullahi Abu Yusuf (Al Qadi), the spokesman of Ahlu Sunna Waljama’a said on Friday that the group has plans to chase al Shabaab out from whole the country. Heavy fighting between the two groups continued in several villages of Hiiraan region, causing many deaths, mainly from both warring sides.


Somali PM resigns from his position

19 Jun – Source: Diirad Online – 88 words

Somali PM Mohamed Abdullah Mohamed has resigned after pressure from the international community. The ex-minister said that he hoped to stay in Somalia to assist the next cabinet. Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed spoke to reporters and confirmed that Abdi Weli Mohammed, deputy PM, will be acting as premier until the next prime minister is named.


Al Shabaab sentence to death 2 teenagers accused of spying for the TFG

18 Jun – Source: Mareeg Online – 202 words

Al Shabaab militias on Saturday sentenced to death two young teenagers accused of spying for the TFG’s National Security Agency, according to officials.


Lawmakers resume parliament session despite speaker’s absence

18 Jun – Source: Radio Risala – 56 words

MP’s had their first sitting in Mogadishu on Saturday after four months of parliament closure, despite the absence of their speaker. Nearly 150 MP’s gathered to show their support to the government as they called to end the feud between the top TFG leaders. MPs have accused their speaker of delaying the reopening of parliamentary sessions.

Transport minister says current government is being fought because of its achievements

19 Jun – Source: Radio Mogadishu – 34 words

Transport, ports minister, Ahmed Abdirahman Abaade, has said that the current government led by Prime Minister Mohamed Abdulahi Farmajo is being fought because of the achievements made in terms of security, corruption and good governance in Somalia.

Medics say health conditions in Garbaharey very bad

18 Jun – Source: Shabelle – 98 words

Medical officials in Gedo region on Saturday said that the health conditions in Garbaharey town are very bad and precarious.


Britons, Kenyans and American citizen are jailed in Mogadishu for bringing in $3.6m

19 Jun – Source: Diirad Online – 167 words

After one month in jail, Banadir region court on Saturday sentenced six foreigners to 10-15 years for bringing millions of dollars intended for pirate ransom into the country, persecutor announced.

http://www.diirad.com/news-in-english/3219-britons-kenyans-and-american-citizen-are-jailed-inmogadishu- for-bringing-in-36m.html


Obama urged to support democratic change in Somalia

19 Jun – Source: The East Africa – 183 words

The Obama administration is being pressed to support Somali’s embattled Prime Minister in a political showdown that holds the key to ending the country’s two decades of war. PM Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed has refused to resign, ignoring the terms of an agreement recently reached between Somalia’s President and Speaker of Parliament.

http://www.theeastafrican.co.ke/news/Obama+urged+to+support+democratic+change+in+Somali a/-/2558/1185176/-/1508uwcz/-/

Al Shabaab grows East Africa wings as security chiefs warn of new threat

19 Jun – Source: the East Africa – 677 words

The killing last week of Fazul Abdullah, the terror mastermind of the August 1998 twin bombings of the US embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam, removed one of the biggest threats to East African security.

http://www.theeastafrican.co.ke/news/Fazul+is+dead++Shabaab+lives+on++all+over+EA/- /2558/1185174/-/jueopjz/-/

Denmark to hand over 24 pirates to Kenya for trial

18 Jun – Source: Capital FM – 298 words

Twenty-four pirates arrested in May off the Somali coast and held on a Danish warship will be handed over to face trial in Kenya, the Danish foreign ministry said Friday.

http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/news/Kenyanews/Denmark-to-hand-over-24-pirates-to-Kenya-fortrial- 13248.html

Two under probe over terror funds

18 Jun – Source:Daily Nation – 276 words

Police in Mombasa are questioning two people suspected of funding terrorism activities. The American and a Somali were flushed out of a hotel in Bondeni on Thursday night by a special police force, which has been trailing them for weeks.



Somali PM announces resignation

20 Jun – Source: Xinhua

Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Abdulahi Mohamed on Sunday announced his resignation in accordance with an agreement reached by the president and the speaker of the parliament.


Britons, US citizen handed long jail terms in Somalia

18 Jun – Source: AFP – 193 words

Six foreigners including three Britons and an American were jailed for between 10 and 15 years in Somalia after the seizure of a small aircraft carrying $3.6 million allegedly destined to be paid as ransom to Somali pirates. “The American and one of the Britons who carried the cash were sentenced to 15-year jail terms and to pay $15,000 each,” Hashi Elmi Nur, chief justice of Mogadishu’s Banadir court, told reporters.

http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5gEUOaucaspsE8MmjPtwhtOw4aOaQ?d ocId=CNG.ded665ce519942066fc596f3278101ce.ed1

Political expediency may forfeit reform in Somalia

19 Jun – Source: worldpress – 292 words

The worst thing that could happen to Somalia at this critical juncture—in its recovery from two decades of bloodshed and chaos—is to disrupt the momentum of security improvement and to derail the reformation process led by Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed and his cabinet.


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