13 Jun 2011 – Morning headlines

Key Headlines:

  • Somali minister killed in Mogadishu suicide attack
  • Somali government confirms the death of Fazul Abdallah
  • Somali premier says “public opinion” should be respected
  • Mogadishu is calm after two days of demonstrations
  • Somalia PM says he will quit only if parliament agrees

Titres Principaux:

  • Un ministre Somalien tué dans une attaque-suicide à Mogadiscio
  • Le gouvernement Somalien confirme la mort de Fazul Abdallah
  • Le premier ministre Somalien affirme que l”opinion publique’ devrait être respectée
  • Mogadiscio calme après deux jours de manifestations
  • Le premier ministre Somalien déclare qu’il démissionera selon la volonté du parlement


Press release COM’s decision on 11 June 2011

11 Jun – Source: Office of the Prime Minister – 270 words

An extraordinary Council of Ministers meeting, chaired by Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, the Somali Cabinet discussed the death of the Minister of Interior and National Security, demonstrations inside and outside of Somalia and the Kampala Accord.

The Council expressed profound grief over the assassination of the Minister of Interior and National Security, Abdishakur Sheikh Hasan Farah, whose life was taken in a suicide terrorist act perpetrated by the anti-peace al Shabaab fanatics. The Cabinet conveyed its sincere condolences to the Somali people, the family and relatives of the Minister.

The Council of Ministers welcomed the expression of strong support of the Somali people inside and outside of the country towards Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed and his Cabinet; this has been a show of encompassing and selfless solidarity rarely manifested in Somali politics.

Finally, Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed briefed the Council on the Kampala Accord, and the discussions that ensued. To that end, the Council made the following decisions:

  1. That the Kampala Accord requires the deliberation of the Parliament and the compliance with the Charter and the laws o the land.
  2. Resignation of the Prime Minister and his government and the implementation of the other provisions of the Accord could only be implemented with the assent Parliament. The Cabinet shall abide by the judgment of the Parliament.
  3. The Council of Ministers is still convinced that it’s in the national interest of Somalia to postpone the elections of the leaders of the national institutions in one year in order for the Cabinet to complete the Transitional tasks. The Council is ready to serve the Somali people and work closely with the national institutions.

AMISOM Press Statement – Minister of Interior

10 Jun – Source: AMISOM Force HQ – 145 words

AMISOM offers its condolences to the TFG and the people of Somalia after the tragic killing of His Excellency Abdishakur Sheik Hassan Farah, the Minister of Interior and National Security at his home this evening.

Major General Nathan Mugisha, AMISOM Force Commander, said: “Minister Abdishakur was devoted to the cause of peace in Somalia and his committed service will be greatly missed. We worked together closely over the past months since his appointment and he was a driving force in much of the good reform and progress that we have seen recently. “He was a dedicated leader, working for the people and determined to do what he could to improve the security situation.

“I and my force convey our great sadness and condolences to the President, the Transitional Federal Government, the people of Somalia and his family. It is a sad and senseless loss.”

Somali government confirms the death of Fazul Abdallah

12 Jun – Source: Ministry of Information, Posts & Telecommunications – 275 words

The TFG’s security forces of Somalia killed Fazul Abdallah Mohamed, Al-Qaeda East Africa operative the night of June 08th. He was killed at a security checkpoint in the vicinity of ex- Control Afgoi in the southern outskirts of the Somali capital subsequent to a routine security check of a suspected vehicle (4WD) carrying two passengers, one of whom was later identified as Fazul Abdalla.

The two men refused to stop, tried to escape exchanging fire fight with security forces and were shot dead by Somali security forces. Mr. Fazul Abdalla, suspected to have masterminded the 1998 bombings of US East Africa embassies, was wanted with a $5m (USD) prize on his head.

Further DNA tests proved his identity confirming that he indeed was Fazul Abdalla. Documents recovered in the operation indicated that he traveled from South Africa on Mar 19th, 2011 entering Dar el Salam, Tanzania on March 20th, 2011, and is suspected to have further entered into Somalia through the ground borders or the sea.

In his possession, Mr. Fazul Abdalla was carrying a South African passport, photos and documents with the signature of Sh. Hasan Dahir Aways, one of the top leaders of Al-Shabaab, an affiliate of Al-Qaeda which carried out terrorist operations in Somalia and elsewhere in East Africa; some of the documents were dated March 05th, 2011 a day after the killing of Osama bin Laden, Al-Qaeda’s late commander.

Somalia’s transitional federal government will reward the officers who carried out the operation that ended in the killing of the most wanted man in East Africa. This is a testament to the dedication and commitment by government’s forces to eradicate Al- Qaeda, its affiliates, and operatives out of Somalia.


Somali premier says “public opinion” should be respected

10 Jun – Source: Radio Mogadishu – 359 words

The TFG’s Prime Minister, Muhammad Abdullahi Farmajo, has said the opinion of the protesting public should be respected. The prime minister, who spoke to Radio Mogadishu, thanked the residents of Mogadishu and other regions in the country, who took to the streets in protests against his planned resignation, adding that he would respect their wishes.

UN, AMISOM and Djibouti condemn Somali minister’s murder

11 Jun – Source: Radio Shabelle – 219 words

The United Nations, AMISOM and Djibouti have strongly denounced the suicide attack that killed Somalia’s Minister of Interior and Home Security, Abdishakur Sheikh Hassan Farah. The United Nations Special Representative for Somali condemned the attack, describing as national tragedy.

AU force in Somalia on alert after minister killed

11 Jun – Source: Shabelle, AP – 107 words

A spokesman for African Union peacekeepers says his forces are on high alert a day after a suspected female suicide bomber killed the country’s interior minister. Maj. Paddy Ankunda said on Saturday that the AU force is on alert after al-Qaeda-linked militants of al Shabaab vowed to carry out ‘brazen attacks deep inside enemy territory.’


Somali Minister killed in Mogadishu suicide attack

10 Jun – Source: Shabelle, Garowe Online, Mareeg Online, Hiiraan Online – 130 words

Somalia’s Minister of Interior, Sheikh Abdishakur Sheikh Hassan Farah has been killed after a suicide bomber attacked his home in seaside Mogadishu. Initial reports suggested that the suicide bomber was a female who was inside the minister’s home near Zope junction. Some of the minister bodyguards have also suffered injuries.


Puntland soldier shoots civilian in Galka’yo

10 Jun – Source: Shabelle – 93 words

One of the soldiers of Somalia’s semi-autonomous state of Puntland on Friday shot and killed a civilian man at the center of Galk’ayo town in Mudug region in central Somalia. Local residents confirmed that the murdered man was a businessman who is known in the town. The shooting is said to have come after the businessman did not pay tax.


Some MPs, military officials agree to remove al Shabaab from Gedo

12 Jun – Source: Radio Shabelle – 112 words

After a lengthy meeting in region in southern Somalia town of Garbaharey, some Somali MPs and Somali military officials agreed to dislodge al Shabaab from the region of Gedo. Jamal Hassan, Somalia’s Military Commander of Gedo region said that they discussed the best ways al Shabaab could be forced to leave the region as soon as possible.

Senior Puntland judge says al Shabaab responsible for killing of colleagues

11 Jun – Source: Radio Garowe – 245 words

The Interim Senior judge for Mudug’s Regional Court, Mahmud Aw Muse Timajilic, has been shot dead in northern Galkacyo, Mudug Region by gunmen armed with pistols. Speaking on the killing of the senior judge, Puntland’s Chief Justice said the official was gunned down in the period between early evening prayer and night prayer.

Mogadishu is calm after two days of demonstrations

11 Jun – Source: Mareeg Online, Shabelle – 256 words

After two days of demonstrations in support of Somali Premier Mohammed Abdullahi Mohammed, calm has reportedly returned to Mogadishu. Businesses and public transportation resumed their activities on Sunday morning.


Somali MP blames government over protester’s attack on Hotel

12 Jun – Source: Radio Shabelle – 266 words

Some MP’s who were in Mogadishu’s Madina Hotel spoke to the media about their ordeal and how they managed to escape the hotel after it was attacked by angry demonstrators. Demonstrators set Madina hotel ablaze, forcing some Members of the Federal Somali Parliament residing inside to flee on foot.

Al Shabaab: no woman bomber assassinated the Minister

11 Jun – Source: Hiiraan Online – 345 words

Al Shabaab on Saturday refuted the involvement of a woman suicide bomber in the assassination of the country’s Interior and National Security Minister on Friday. Al Shabaab, which claimed the responsibility following the bloody incident, said they instead planted bomb under the bed of the minister in his downtown Mogadishu home.

http://www.hiiraan.com/news2/2011/Jun/al_shabaab_no_woman_bomber_used_to_assassinate_ minister.aspx

An independent Somali Political Party condemns Mogadishu rallies

12 Jun – Source: Shabelle – 101 words

An independent Somali Political Party on Sunday vehemently denounced the rallies that lasted two consecutive days in Mogadishu. Abdullahi Sheikh Hassan, the Chairman of Somalia’s Peace and Democratic Party said that the office of the Somali PM had organized the demonstrations.


AMISOM vows to seize Bakara Market

13 Jun – Source: Garowe Online – 198 words

AMISOM threaten that they will capture the remaining areas of Bakara Market from al Shabaab. “We are now moving toward Bakara, we want to liberate Bakara” AMISOM spokesman Mr.Ankunda said in an interview. http://www.garoweonline.com/artman2/publish/Somalia_27/AMISOM_vows_to_seize_Bakara_ Market.shtml


Nairobi bomb blast mastermind is dead

11 Jun – Source: Daily Nation, The Standard, Star – 375 words

The mastermind of the 1998 twin bombings in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam Fazul Abdullah has been killed by Somalia government forces in Mogadishu. Mr Abdullah, who holds a Kenyan passport, was wanted for the fatal bombing of US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania that left at least 250 people dead and many injured. He was reportedly killed by the TFG forces on Wednesday at a roadblock.


Secret DNA test proved death of ‘wanted terrorist

13 June – Source: Daily Nation – 499 words

DNA samples of terror mastermind Abdalla Mohammed Fazul, who was killed in Mogadishu last Tuesday, were flown to Nairobi and matched with his children’s before it was confirmed he was the one, it was disclosed on Sunday. A security officer, who spoke to the Nation on condition that he was not named, said US intelligence officials had samples of Fazul’s wife Halima and children.

http://www.nation.co.ke/News/Secret+DNA+test+proved+death+of+wanted+terrorist/- /1056/1179472/-/5bwuj9/-/


Somalia PM says he will quit only if parliament agrees

11 Jun – Source: Reuters – 168 words

Somalia’s Prime Minister said on Saturday that he would not resign unless the country’s parliament endorses an agreement signed by the country’s president and speaker that stipulates he leaves office within 30 days. The deal extended the mandate of a transitional government for a year rather than hold elections.


Al Qaeda leader in East Africa killed in Somalia

11 Jun – Source: VOA, AFP, Reuters, LA Times etc. – 462 words

Somali authorities say the man believed to be al Qaida’s leader in East Africa is dead, killed during a confrontation with police. Fazul Abdullah Mohammed was believed to have played a key role in the deadly bombing attacks in 1998 that caused mass casualties and damaged U.S. embassies in Nairobi and Dar-es-Salaam. The US considered him among the most wanted international terrorists and offered a $5 million reward for his capture.

http://www.voanews.com/english/news/Al-Qaidas-Leader-in-East-Africa-Killed-in-Somalia- 123685609.html

Fazul Mohammed: Clinton pledges justice in Tanzania

12 Jun – Source: BBC – 471 words

US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton pledged justice for victims of terror attacks as she visited a memorial at the new US embassy in Tanzania. The visit comes a day after news that al Qaeda militant Fazul Abdullah Mohammed was shot in Somalia.


Fazul Abdullah Mohammed’s death celebrated in Kenya and Somalia

12 June – Source: The Guardian – 417 words

Kenyans and Somalis are celebrating the death of al-Qaeda mastermind who planned East Africa’s deadliest terror attack in recent history and had eluded capture for 13 years, and Somalia’s president has congratulated the troops who killed him.


Fazul Abdullah Mohammed obituary

12 June – Source: The Guardian – 729 words

Fazul Abdullah Mohammed was fluent in five languages and adept at disguise, with several aliases. He also used his expertise in finance and logistics to assist al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). Most recently Mohammed was military commander of al Shabaab (“the youth”) a militia group vying for power in Somalia.


Somalis kill mastermind of 2 U.S. embassy bombings

12 June – New York Times (J. Gettleman) – 1200 words

The killing, after Mr. Mohammed accidentally encountered a Somali checkpoint, was a major loss for the terrorist network, still reeling from the assassination of its founder, Osama bin Laden, in Pakistan last month. “Fazul’s death is a significant blow to Al Qaeda, its extremist allies and its operations in East Africa,” Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said.


Somalis, Kenyans welcome death of al-Qaeda mastermind of US Embassy blasts in Kenya, Tanzania

11 June – Source: AP – 647 words

A Kenyan man blinded in an al-Qaeda attack on a U.S. Embassy 13 years ago said Sunday he welcomed news of the death of the mastermind who planned the blasts in Kenya and Tanzania, as Somalis said they hoped his death in their war-torn country would bring peace.

http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/africa/somali-official-senior-al-qaida-suspect-wanted-for- 1998-us-embassy-blasts-killed-in-somalia/2011/06/11/AGpVcIQH_story.html?wprss=rss_africa

Clinton: Embassy bomber’s killing is `a just end’

11 June – Source: AP -116 words

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is the first U.S. official to publicly confirm the death of the al-Qaida operative behind the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. A Somali minister earlier Saturday said officials in that country have determined that a man killed by security forces on Tuesday was Fazul Abdullah Mohammed.


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