13 Jun 2011 – Daily Monitoring Report

Key Headlines:

  • Somali President: Mogadishu rallies funded by some politicians
  • The government announces three days of National Mourning
  • Al Shabaab arrest elders from Bakol region
  • TFG Minister of Defence expected to close training in Gedo
  • UN to help Somalia evacuate its citizens from unstable countries
  • Somali parliament must vote on PM’s dismissal: cabinet

Titres Principaux:

  • Les manifestations financées par certains politiciens selon le président Somalien
  • Le gouvernement annonce trois jours de deuil national
  • Al Shabaab arrête des doyens dans la région de Bakol
  • Le Ministre de la Défense du GFT attendu afin de conclure l’entraînement de soldats à Gedo
  • L’ONU aidera la Somalie à évacuer ses citoyens de pays instables
  • Le parlement Somalien devra voter au sujet de la démission du premier ministre selon le cabinet


13 June – Source: UK Senior Representative for Somalia, Mr Matt Baugh condemns killing of

TFG Interior Minister – 100 words

The UK Senior Representative for Somalia, Matt Baugh, has condemned the killing of the Interior Minister of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia in a suicide attack last Friday.

Matt Baugh has offered his sincerest condolences to the TFG and the family of the Minister of Interior and National Security, HE Abdishakur Sheikh Hassan Farah, who was killed at his home on 10th June, and was given a state burial on Saturday.

“This was a cowardly and callous attack. The tragic and untimely death of the Minister only serves to strengthen the cause of bringing stability to Somalia,” said Matt Baugh.


Somali President: Mogadishu rallies funded by some politicians

13 Jun – Source: Mareeg Online – 155 words

The president of Somalia Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed on Sunday said that some government officials are funding Mogadishu rallies and demonstrations against the resignation of the country’s popular prime minister and against the Kampala accord extending the government’s mandate for a year.

Ahmed made the statement in a news conference held in Mogadishu’s Villa Somalia. He warned that al Shabaab fighters can take advantage of the rallies and commit explosions, citing the attacks that killed Somalia’s Minister of Interior and as well as on Mogadishu’s international harbor.

The president also talked about the proposed resignation of the Somali premier, saying that the deal was signed because the parliament said they had some difficulty in working with the prime minister.

Talking about the death of al Qaeda leader in East Africa, Ahmed spelled out that Somali security forces have managed to kill Fazul Abdullah Mohammed. The president has cordially welcomed his killing saying is setback to al Qaeda and al Shabaab.


Somali govt: We will prevent al Shabaab terrorist attacks

12 Jun – Source: Shabelle – 129 words

The TFG on Sunday said that it will prevent al Shabaab terrorist attacks against government officials. Speaking to the reporters in Mogadishu, the Deputy Minister of Interior and Home Security, Ibrahim Isaq Yarow said that the security forces will step up their efforts towards assuring the security.

The Deputy Minister of Interior also offered sad condolences to the people of Somalia and the family of the deceased interior minister. Taking about the latest Mogadishu street demonstrations, the official called for them to stop in a bid to avert attacks against them by al Shabaab.


Fighting between al Shabaab and the people in Bay region

13 Jun – Source: Radio Mogadishu – 124 words

At least two people died and ten others were wounded in fighting that took place between al Shabaab and people from the Dambal area. The people are animal herders and it was reported that they captured a senior al Shabaab leader in the fight.

The fighting which took place yesterday evening in Dambal came after the militias attacked the area, intending to forcefully take the people’s animals. One of the dead people was from al Shabaab while the other was from the attacked people. Another seven members of the militias were injured in the fighting. Four people from the area also sustained injuries.

The government announces three days of National Mourning

13 Jun – Source: Radio Bar-kulan – 164 words

The TFG has announced a three day National mourning which would mean three days off for the government staff while the former Minister for Security and Internal Affairs is mourned. The Assistant Minister of the Security and Internal Affairs and the acting minister, Ibrahim Issack Yarow who held a press conference in Mogadishu sent his heartfelt condolence to the Somali people and particularly the relatives and families of the deceased, Abdishakur Sheikh Hassan Farah.

The interim and Assistant Minister for Security and Internal Affairs said the government and the security agencies will put more emphasis on the security of the people. Mr. Ibrahim Issack called on the public to maintain calm and to refrain from holding demonstrations during the national mourning thanking the public for revealing their sentiments. The minister said that the decision to hold a three day national mourning came from the government.

Al Shabaab arrest elders from Bakol region

12 Jun – Source: Radio Bar-kulan – 158 words

At least 15 elders from Huddur of Bakol region are in prison for the second day after al Shabaab detained them while they were in a meeting held to discuss the issues of the region. The elders are in custody for the second day and requests from the public are streaming towards their release as they were arrested for no reason.

The senior leader of al Shabaab for Bakol region Maalim Adan Yare said they are not going to release the elders until they are brought before a court, also asserting that the elders showed support for the government and AMISOM.

The leader who spoke to the militias-owned media in Baidoa said the people in Huddur are suspected to be supporting the government and that the elders are behind such ideas. There were many similar incidents in which elders were arrested in the regions of Bay and Bakol.

Puntland Chief justice says al Shabaab killed his colleague

12 Jun – Source: Radio Kulmiye – 193 words

The chief justice of northern Puntland has accused al Shabaab of being responsible for the killing of Mahmud Aw Muse Timajilic, the acting senior judge of Mudug regional court. He was shot dead in Gaalkacyo in the north of Mudug Region by gunmen.

TFG Minister of Defense expected to close training in Gedo

13 Jun – Source: Radio Bar-kulan – 120 words

The TFG’s Minister of Defence Abdirahman Haji Mohamed and his delegates have yesterday evening reached Dolow town in Gedo region. The minister is expected to finish training soldiers, who are estimated to be a 1000.

The preparation for the ending of the training is reported to be ongoing in Dolow and is organized by government officials, government soldiers and AMISOM. Sources close to the minister say he is expected to talk to the Ethiopian government about the release of a government parliamentarian, Bare Adan Shire Hiirale, who is detained by the Ethiopian officials. The soldiers who are to end their training program are scheduled to be deployed to Gedo region, particularly the areas under the control of al Shabaab.

National Funeral held for late Home Affairs minister

11 Jun – Source: Bariga Afrika – 144 words

The TFG held a National Funeral for the death of the Interior Minister Abdishakur Sheikh Hassan Farah who was killed in a bomb explosion on Friday. The cabinet Ministers declared a mourning day and a highly organized funeral were held at the Presidential Palace on Saturday. Government officials, lawmakers and military officials took part in the national day.

Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullah Farmajo also denounced the murder of the Minister for which al Shabaab claimed responsibility. “I can say that Abdishakur was our beloved colleague and will be remembered for his tireless efforts to save this country.” Mr. Mohamed said.

The Interior Minister, who was also the National Security Minister, was killed by a female suicide bomber at his home in Mogadishu, the Information Minister Abdikarin Hassan told the media the body of the deceased minister was buried in graveyard near Hodan district in Mogadishu.


UN to help Somalia evacuate its citizens from unstable countries

13 Jun – Source: Shabelle – 132 words

The TFG has stated that the United Nations is to help the evacuation of Somalis in troubled and unstable countries in the Middle East and North African countries.

Osman Mohammed Adam, the General Director of Somalia’s Foreign Ministry said they are planning to evacuate Somali nationals from unstable nations like Yemen with the help of the UN agencies concerning refugees’ issues. Mr. Adam disclosed that before doing any step the ministry of Foreign Affairs will hold discussions with the Somali embassies in those countries.


One person dies as al Shabaab shoot teenagers playing football

13 Jun – Source: Shabelle – 91 words

A woman died and three others were wounded after fighters loyal to al Shabaab opened fire on a group of teenagers who were playing football in Mogadishu Yaqshid district, witnesses said today. The reason is still unclear, but a witness told Shabelle that the murdered woman was pregnant. He added that a very young child was among those injured in al Shabaab’s shooting of football players. All wounded rushed to the medical facilities for treatment. Al Shabaab has not released any comments about the violent event.


Somaliland called for to withdraw its troops from Las Anod town

13 June – Source: Shabelle – 128 words

The break-away republic of Somaliland on Monday was called to withdraw its troops from the town of Las Anod, the regional capital of Sool. After a key and lengthy meeting in Las Anod town, local elders said the presence of Somaliland forces in the region is a great problem for residents. They accused the self-declared republic of using the region a base to launch raids on other regions in northern Somalia. The local elders urged the semi-autonomous state of Puntland not to interfere with the matter and try to remove the burden of Somaliland on the region of Sool.



Fallen officer was a pan African, says Somalia Deputy Premier

13 Jun – Source: Daily Monitor (Uganda) – 302 words

The Somali government has described a UPDF soldier killed by al-Shabaab militants as a pan African and a battle-hardened man who sacrificed his life for Africans. Lt. Colonel Patrick Sibihwa Mulefu Byuki was among a contingent of Ugandan soldiers, forming the African Union peace keepers in Somalia. Sibihwa, who commanded Uganda’s Command Seven of the 23rd infantry battalion in Somalia, was shot dead on June 4 in Mogadishu. He was buried in Nyakatonzi village, Kasese District, on Friday.

Somalia’s deputy Prime Minister, Dr Abdilweli Ali, said Sibihwa’s death on the battlefield with militants whose ideology is to kill and destabilise Africa, makes him a hero. The commander of UPDF Land Forces, Lt. Gen. Katumba Wamala, apologised to Sibihwa’s relatives over the delay in delivering his body home.

The Bishop South Rwenzori Diocese, Jackson Nzerebende, appealed to the Ministry of Defence to compensate for Sibihwa’s death by promoting other UPDF soldiers who hail from Kasese. However, the army spokesperson, Lt. Col Felix Kulayigye, said a soldier can only be promoted through hard work but not through prayers or requests. “Sibihwa was not promoted because of prayers but he worked hard for his ranks and he deserved it,” Col. Kulayigye said.

Meanwhile, Defense Minister Crispus Kiyonga has said the UPDF’s work in Somalia is not in vain and lashed out at other members of the African Union who agreed to send troops to Somalia for a peace mission but never delivered. “All African Union members had agreed to send soldiers to Somalia but when it came to execution of mission, only Ugandans and Burundians sacrificed,” said Dr Kiyonga. Sibihwa’s death brings to 13, the number of soldiers from Kasese who have died in the peace mission in Somalia. But only two of the soldiers’ relatives have been compensated, according to Mr Kiyonga. Sibihwa is survived by a widow and five children.


UPDF hails killing of al-Qaeda chief

12 Jun – Source: New Vision – 534 words

UGANDAN security chiefs have welcomed the killing of al-Qaeda’s East Africa chief Fazul Abdullah Mohammed. They have described it as a positive development in the fight against terrorism in the region. UPDF spokesperson Lt. Col. Felix Kulayigye yesterday said: “It is significant because he has been the brain behind al-Qaeda. He was also named as a mastermind of the July , 2010 bombings in Kampala.”

“With his death, the threat of attacking Uganda becomes less and it reduces the ability of the terrorists to attack Uganda. He was a prominent person and it is a great success in the struggle against terrorism,” Kulayigye said over the phone.

The director of counter-terrorism in the Police, Abbas Byakagaba, also welcomed the news. “He has been a fugitive and his death is a positive happening because he has been one of the key planners of terrorist activities in the region,” he said. The two security chiefs, however, added that elements of al-Qaeda and al-Shabaab were still operating within the East African region.

Fazul, 38, who had a $5m price on his head, was travelling with another man when they were shot and killed by Somali Transitional Government (TFG) forces at a roadblock in Mogadishu. The bodies of the two men were picked up by Somali intelligence services and given to US officials for identification. Fazul was also the mastermind of the two US embassy bomb blasts in Nairobi and Dar-es-Salaam in 1998, which killed 224 people.



Somali parliament must vote on PM’s dismissal: cabinet

12 Jun – Source: AFP – 451 words

A deal signed by Somalia’s president and parliament speaker providing for the dismissal of the prime minister and his government needs parliament’s approval, the cabinet said. The ministers said late on Saturday they had met with Prime Minister Mohamed Abdulahi Mohamed to discuss the agreement signed two days earlier that extends the mandate of the transitional government by one year and defers elections to August next year.

Abdullahi Mohamed has so far not commented publicly on the deal signed by President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and speaker Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden in the Ugandan capital Kampala. “After discussing issues in the Kampala accord, the cabinet members decided the accord must be sent to parliament for endorsement,” the cabinet said in a statement.

“The resignation of the prime minister, his cabinet members and the implementation of other articles in the agreement will depend on the approval of parliament,” it added. The mandate for the UN-backed government was supposed to expire on August 20 and the United Nations had been pressing for the parties to decide when elections could be held in the strife-torn Horn of Africa country.

Somalia’s transitional government, which was set up in 2004 in Kenya and owes its survival to the international community, has been weakened by infighting between its leaders which has worsened as the end of the mandates approached.

Sharif had previously called for the extension, saying Somalia was too unstable for elections as it battles Al-Qaeda-inspired Islamist militants. Parliament and the government earlier announced unilateral prolongations of their respective mandates but came in for international criticism.

The signing of the Kampala accord was followed by two straight days of clashes between supporters of Abdullahi Mohamed and security personnel in Mogadishu. Friday’s clashes left two civilians dead. They died when hundreds came out to protest President Sharif’s demand for the prime minister to resign within 30 days. Sharif on Sunday condemned the protests.

“The political disputes of the Somali leadership had been solved in the Kampala meeting,” he told a press conference in the capital.”The violent rallies in which protestors burned civilian properties were illegal,” he said, calling them “the work of some elements with particular agendas”.

He said Shabaab Islamist insurgents were taking advantage of security gaps caused by the protests. “The enemy taking advantage of the protests has already targeted the seaport and the interior minister,” he said. He was referring to two suicide attacks, one in Mogadishu’s port Thursday that killed one civilian and a second on Friday that killed Somali interior minister Abdishakur Sheikh Hassan at his home. Both attacks were claimed by the Shebab.

The Kampala accord got the approval of the international community, with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni and the United Nations’ Somalia representative Augustine Mahiga both witnessing the signing.

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