10 Nov 2011 – Morning headlines

Key Headlines:

  • Official: ‘Invovement of Kenyan army is an opportunity for al Shabaab” (Source: Shabelle)
  • Somali lawmaker killed in Mogadishu (AP)
  • Al Shabaab asks for weapons and young fighters from traditional elders (Source: Radio Bar-kulan)
  • Kenya’s Somali incursion cuts piracy costs in Indian Ocean (Source: Daily Africa)



MP assassinated in Mogadishu

09 Nov – Source: Radio Mogadishu, Bar-kulan and Shabelle – 205 words

A member of parliament identified as Aden Bulle Mohamud has been shot and killed in Dharkenley district in Mogadishu. Abdi Ibrahim Abdi, a lawmaker confirmed the killing of the legislator to the media saying that the deceased MP was murdered by three unidentified men.

‘Roadblocks will soon be removed from Mogadishu’ says local government


Officials on Tuesday declared that roadblocks in Mogadishu will soon be removed. The General secretary of Banadir Administration, Abdikafi Hilowle Osman said that plans to clear checkpoints in the districts of districts of Benadir region, reports said.


Official: ‘Invovement of Kenyan army is an opportunity for al Shabaab”

09 Nov – Source: Shabelle – 171 words

General Mohamed Nor Galal, a senior Somali military official of the former government of Somalia has said that the involvement of the Kenyan army in Somalia is a great opportunity for al Shabaab.


Al Shabaab militants in Eelbur district arrest 9 residents

09 Nov- Source: Radio Mogadishu, SNTV, SONNA – 120 words

Nine residents of Eelbuur district, Galguduud region have been arrested by al Shabaab for allegedly failing to obey orders issued b the group.

Al Shabaab asks for weapons and young fighters from traditional elders

09 Nov- Source: Radio Bar-kulan- 207 words

Al Shabaab leaders in Juba regions of southern Somalia on Wednesday asked traditional elders in these regions to contribute weapons and fighters. In a closed door meeting with 60 traditional elders from Juba regions, the rebel leaders asked the elders to contribute their youths into the militia group to counter Kenyan and TFG forces in the region.


Al Shabaab in show of military might

09 Nov- Source: Africa Review- 235 words

Militants loyal to the radical Islamist group al Shabaab put up a dramatic show to demonstrate their military might to the residents of Marka town, the capital of Lower Shabelle region,110km south of Mogadishu. Using loud speakers and minibuses, the group opposing the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) of Somalia, invited the residents to come out and watch their big military show.


Five held in Nanyuki town in Kenya

09 Nov- Source: The Star- 184 words

Five people suspected to be members of al Shabaab were arrested in Nanyuki town on Monday. They five who include a former Laikipia councillor and his younger brother were arrested after one of the suspects informed the police that they were members of the Somali based militia group.


Kenya’s Somali incursion cuts piracy costs in Indian Ocean

09 Nov- Source: Business Daily Africa- 502 words

Kenya’s operation against al Shabaab in Somalia has helped reduce ransom demands on captured ships as pirates seek to close deals before a battle between the militants and Kenyan forces at Kismayo. Shipping experts said that the amount of ransom demanded by pirates for vessels had dropped by about 50 per cent and could fall further in coming days once “Operation Linda Nchi” (Defend the Country) is completed.



Grenades kill two in Somali capital, MP slain

09 Nov- Source: Reuters- 241 words

Gunmen shot dead a Somali lawmaker in Mogadishu on Wednesday, a day after al Qaeda-linked rebels killed at least two people in a series of grenade attacks and said they would step up assaults in the capital.


Somalia famine baby back from brink of death

09 Nov- Source: AP- 780 words

As Minhaj Gedi Farah lay silently on a hospital bed three months ago, even his mother had given up hope that the skeletal Somali baby would live. Weeks of intensive feeding, though, have transformed him into a chubby-cheeked boy who crawls. The is one of several stories highlighted Wednesday in an annual New York fundraising event held by the aid group International Rescue Committee, which helped nurse Minhaj back to health.


Somali lawmaker killed in Mogadishu

09 Nov – Source: AP / New York Times – 246 words

Several armed and masked men on Wednesday shot to death a Somali deputy in front of his house in the capital Mogadishu, witnesses and colleagues said. Adan Bule Mohamed was killed after being shot several times in the head and shoulder in front of his house in the Dharkinley neighbourhood in the south of the capital, they said.


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