04 Oct 2011 – Morning headlines

Key Headlines:

  • Bakaara market to be reopened
  • Benadir administration is to tax businessmen
  • Somali Parliament committee: warn government against long time detention without trail
  • CAN International Distributes Dry food to IDPs in Mogadishu
  • Demo against corruption in scholarships held in central Somalia
  • Officials from TFG AMISOM in central Somalia
  • Somalia’s military court warns against people insulting army soldiers
  • US sentences two more Somali pirates to life
  • Shabaab capture Dhusamareb town in central Somalia



Bakaara market to be reopened

03 Oct- Source: Radio Bar-kulan, SNTV- 94 words

The federal government of Somalia is anticipating the reopening of Bakaara market, the largest and busiest marketplace in Mogadishu city. Bakaara market has been brought to a standstill after TFG in collaboration with AMISOM forces launched premeditated attacks against al Shabaab-controlled areas in Mogadishu, confiscating the key military bases near Bakaara market.

Officials from TFG, AMISOM in central Somalia

04 Oct – Source: Shabelle – 108 words

TFG officials on Monday reached the central Somalia town of Galka’yo to meet with the selfstyled administration of Galmudug on security-related matters. Spearheaded by Abdulakadir Sheikh Ali Dini, Somalia’s military chief and accompanied by officials of AMISOM, the delegation held talks with military, police and political leaders of Galmudug.


Demo against corruption in scholarships held in central Somalia

04 Oct – Source: Shabelle – 107 words

Crowds of people on Monday gathered in the district of Adado of Galgudud region in central Somalia to demonstrate against the corruption in Turkish scholarships for Somali students. The area is controlled by a self-styled administration called Himan & Heb. The demonstrators could be seen inside Adado chanting slogans against corruption.


Somali parliament still discusses nation’s territorial waters

04 Oct – Source: Shabelle – 230 words

The transitional federal parliament of Somalia on Monday met in Mogadishu for a second day to discuss the territorial waters of the horn of African nation. Some 300 Somali parliamentarians attended yesterday’s session and debated about the selling of Somalia’s sea to Kenya by former Somali government led by prime minister Omar Abdirashid Sharma’arke.


Benadir administration is to tax businessmen

04 Oct – Source: Shabelle – 157 words

The Benadir regional administration on Monday disclosed that it will launch taxation of business community in Bakaara market. The secretary of Benadir administration, Abdikafi Hilowle Osman told reporters in the Somali capital that all businessmen in the main market will be registered and spelled out that the tax will be used in covering the basic needs for social life, such reconstructing streets, bringing the grace of the city back.


Al Shabaab capture Dhusamareb town in central Somalia

03 Oct- Source: Radio Shabelle, Kulmiye,Risaala- R47 words

Al Shabaab insurgents have seized control of a strategic central Somali village after a brief confrontation with fighters of Ahlu Sunnah Wal-Jamaa, witnesses said. At least 3 people were killed and a number of other people injured in the battle, although the exact number of casualties is not yet known. Ahlu Sunna fighters could,still be seen in some of the neighborhoods there, according to certain accounts.

Somalia’s military court warns against people insulting army soldiers

03 Oct – Source: Shabelle – 130 words

The military court of Somali government on Monday warned people against insulting the soldiers of the Somali national army. Hassan Mohamed Hussein Mungab, the Military Court Chief told reporters the government would take strict measures against anyone seen insulting or humiliating a TFG soldier.


Somali telecommunication, money transfer companies closed yesterday restart their work today

03 Oct – Source: Mareeg Online , Bar-Kulan – 111 words

Three of Somalis biggest telecommunication and money transfer companies operating in the south and central Somalia and forced to close by al Shabaab on Sundays resumed their operations yesterday, reports said. This includes companies such as Dahabshiil, Telcom Somalia and Nation- Link offices in south and central Somalia.


CAN International distributes dry food to IDPs in Mogadishu

03 Oct – Source: Somaliweyn – 611 words

Over 200 IDP families living in Zone K neighborhood camps in Mogadishu were distributed dry food by CAN International with the funding from Hope International. The distributed food includes 25kg of rice, 25kg of maize, 25kg of sugar, 25kg of flour and 4kg of cooking oil which were handed over to each family representative. The security of the area was managed by government soldiers.


Al Shabaab injure stockbroker in Jowhar

03 Oct- Source: Radio Bar-kulan- 52 words

Al Shabaab militias on Sunday wounded a dealer working in the market of Jowhar district in the middle Shabelle region. The broker, named as Abdi Abayle, was shot in the stomach and was immediately taken to intersource hospital in Jowhar district for treatment. Reports from middle Shabelle are indicating that al Shabaab are shooting civilians in the region aimlessly.

Somali Parliament committee: warn government against long time detention without trail

03 Oct – Source: Mareeg Online – 148 words

The Information Committee of Somali parliament on Monday said it is illegal for Somali nationals to be in jails inside the country or abroad for a long time without trial. With the complaints of Somali nationals jailed in Somalia, Angola and Libya increasing day after day, the information committee of the Somali parliament said the government is needed to help release those victims.



Lamu Police question suspect in abduction of French tourist

03 Oct- Source: Coatweek, Xinhua- 249 words

Kenya’s authorities on Monday questioned a suspect who was arrested over the abduction of a French tourist but later confirmed the man was irrelevant. Security forces confirmed that Kenyan youths who were formerly trained as al Shabaab for the last six months may have been directly involved in the kidnapping of foreigners in Lamu.


Arab Social Affairs ministers hail Kuwait’s role during Somali famine

03 Oct- Source: Kuwait News Agency- 177 words

Participants in the 58th Executive Office of the Arab Social Affairs ministers Council meeting praised Kuwait on Monday for its supportive role during the Somalia famine crisis.

http://www.kuna.net.kw/NewsAgenciesPublicSite/ArticleDetails.aspx?id=2194149&Language=e n

Attacks on tourists bad news for Kenya

03 Oct- Source: Daily Nation- 259 words

The highly-publicised attacks on, and abductions of tourists in Lamu, an idyllic holiday destination, has jolted the country and brought to focus security along the coastline. In less than three weeks, three tourists have been abducted in similar circumstances by suspected al Shabaab militants.

http://www.nation.co.ke/oped/Editorial/Attacks+on+tourists+bad+news+for+Kenya+/- /440804/1247358/-/2kmg1u/-/


Jolie appeals for Somalia at UN refugee award ceremony

04 Oct – Source: Reuters – 307 words

Angelina Jolie made a surprise appearance on Monday night at the U.N. refugee agency’s ceremony to honour a Yemeni aid group credited with rescuing thousands of desperate Somali and other African refugees who arrive in southern Yemen each year. The Society for Humanitarian Solidarity and its founder, Nasser Salim Ali Al Hamairy, were awarded the annual Nansen prize for their “dedicated service to providing life-saving assistance to thousands of refugees and migrants”.

http://af.reuters.com/article/eritreaNews/idAFL5E7L33K820111003?rpc=401&feedType=RSS&f eedName=eritreaNews&rpc=401

US sentences two more Somali pirates to life

03 Oct – Source: AP / Washington Post – 502 words

A US court sentenced two more Somali pirates to life in prison on Monday over the hijacking of a yacht off the coast of Africa in February that left four Americans on board dead. “A life sentence sends a strong message to anyone who chooses to engage in piracy against US interests that they will face severe consequences,” US attorney Neil MacBride said after the sentencing in Norfolk, Virginia.

http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5iwtONCACkpho30vCMhyAoFE1Tbhw? docId=CNG.cc5f76b56ab63ced6a0bd74dc8327e47.5d1

Somaliland in first humanitarian mission to Mogadishu

03 Oct- Source: Irinnews- 284 words

A humanitarian delegation from the Republic of Somaliland donated relief aid for 9,000 droughtdisplaced families in the Somalia capital, Mogadishu, during a visit on 30th of September, the first such visit since the region declared unilateral independence from the rest of the country in 1991.


EU allocates emergency aid to combat drought in the Horn of Africa

03 Oct – Source: Elnashra -149 words

The European Commission announced ‘the allocation of emergency aid worth 60 million euros to support additional efforts to combat drought in the Horn of Africa and the worsening famine in southern Somalia.’ Kristalina Georgieva, EU Commissioner for International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid said more than 13 million people in urgent need of humanitarian aid in the Horn of Africa’.


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